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  • Azria Health at Montclair Omaha, Nebraska 68144

    Horrible place. I would advice everyone not to take your loved one there. The residents have no rights and when they cry for help no one helps them. Good staff are treated like dirt and not appreciated. This place is beyond help and should be shut down. Shame on the owners of this disgusting facility.

  • The Estates at Roseville LLC Saint Paul, Minnesota 55113

    I think most of the staff here are pretty good. There are always 2-3 though that don't respond to the help lights or are abrasive to patients who need the most care but in general I believe they are a caring, hard working group of cna's etc. at Estates of Roseville. My only issue is the commentary of some of the intake people who feel it is ok to discuss THEIR DNR opinions of future residents. If the resident chose to be resuscitated when they had their mental faculties, their wishes should not be contradicted or polluted with intake staff opinions. If the residents wishes were documented when they had their mental faculties, it's the resident and her family only who should voice their opinions.

  • The Grove at Valhalla Rehab and Nursing Center Valhalla, New York 10595

    Do not come here if you need any type of wound care or medical care. My mother ended up here after abdominal exploratory surgery. She required a wound vac for her recovery. Upon her admission to the Grove, it was obvious to my family that the wound vac was not working. The purpose of it is to keep the wound dry and we could see no fluid was accumulating. The staff ignored my family's concerns for 3 entire days. On the third day, a nurse agreed to change the dressing (which had been changed every 2 days in the hospital). The wound was filled with fluid and leaking everywhere. For the next 3 days, the alarm on the wound vac machine would go off for 4 hours at a time. A nurse told my family this indicated that the machine was not working properly, but no staff addressed the issue. At this point, I sent a written complaint. This finally caused the administration to step in. We were informed that the staff required training on wound care. Even after the "training" occurred, issues persisted with the wound care and machine. An actual doctor didn't even look at the wound for at least 9 days. Then, he had concerns over sloughing or dead cell build up, which could have been prevented had the wound vac been appropriately attached and functioning. A nurse tried to tell us the wound had been like that when my mom first arrived, but she later admitted that she hadn't actually looked at the wound. My father spent all day every day trying to oversee the wound care and management. My mother developed a terrible cough. She had a history of lung collapse and pneumonia but the staff ignored her "common cold" per the doctor until she developed a high fever and was having trouble breathing. They ordered a chest x-ray and it took days for the x-ray to occur. Then, when they finally did the x-ray, the computers were down so they couldn't view the results. They had put her on oxygen to help her breathe, but they kept running out of oxygen and the tanks were frequently empty. My father had to keep checking and alert the staff there was no oxygen. It turns out she had pneumonia and likely RSV. They attempted to give her iv antibiotics, but the staff had trouble with the iv. It fell out at one point. At another point, there was blood in it and they couldn't figure out how to get the iv working. Then, the wound vac machine actually broke and the staff didn't know how long it would take to get the part that was needed to fix it. The doctor did not appear to have ever reviewed her medical records, and her daily medication as per the hospital discharge was ignored. As one example, she had been on blood pressure medicine, but they didn't give it to her so her blood pressure started spiking. If my dad had not been there all day every day, with knowledgeable of her medications and medical needs, I am afraid to think what would have happened. It is so upsetting that a place like this can continue to take patients when the staff clearly does not have the skillset to handle wound care and other medical issues, especially when the website is such a glowing advertisement for it.

  • Bridges of Appleton (The) Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

    Severely understaffed. Several bitter and somewhat sadistic staff members. Administration blatantly ignores hazard, in humane and problematic fallout from being so understaffed. It was common to have patients stop myself and members of my family, for help - as their buzzer and voice please went unanswered. Our family has true concern for all patients who reside here.

  • Excel at Woodbury for Rehab and Nursing, LLC Woodbury, New York 11797

    If you are close to a vulnerable family member, and you want them in a facility where the professional staff are often difficult to contact, where they give you misleading information about their condition to the point of lying in answering questions, and which does not respond to US Certified letters, then this is the place for you.

  • Tower Hill Healthcare Center South Elgin, Illinois 60177

    I rated this building a 4. I was torn between a 3 and 4….

    I would give the nurse managers a 5. They are on top of everything and really helping to make sure that care is great.

    I would give the business office a 1. Kendra is never available or never answers calls when we need to talk to her. She always makes her assistant meet with us.

    I would give dietary a 3 and hourskeeping a 4. The food is ok. Somethings smell really good and others look terrible but i know its hard to accomodate everyones taste preferences. The building is old but is always clean.

    The activity girls are great! They try to make it fun for the people that live there. Always bringing in singers from the outside and coming up with new things to do.

    Over all we have had a good experience.

  • Sapphire Nursing at Meadow Hill Newburgh, New York 12550

    My 100 year old mother is at Sapphire now (1/8/18) and although it is rundown, do not judge a book by its cover. I think the nurses, aides, rehab PT/OT staff are great. They care about my mother's progress, they support her, they always get back to me if I call, and in general, I find them to be as helpful as they can. My mother was in another facility that "looked pretty" about a year ago, and I did'nt even know who her nurses were….no personal attention……so for those who are not giving Sapphire a 5 star rating, I think the staff is much more important as to where you put your loved one, rather then how beautiful the place is. And it is kept clean.

    Surelle C.

  • Dulles Health & Rehab Center Herndon, Virginia 20171

    10 reviews

    1.0 star rating 1/3/2018

    This place deserves 0 stars. I believe they are responsible for the declining health and ultimate passing of my father. I wish we never took him here in the first place, but I want to save people from this place! My sister has since filed a complaint with the health department.

    He had hip surgery in December and was doing well in the hospital, they recommended that we transfer him to a rehab facility to get BETTER. These people put him in a diaper, never had appropriate food to eat, was left alone for hours at a time, and was NOT CARED for at all. Every time I went, he was sitting by himself with cold and hard food that he was unable to eat. At the time he was only supposed to eat soft foods and every time we went he had something he couldn't even eat. The "nurses" never pushed him to eat or do his rehab exercises. They neglected him and left him to feen for himself.

    This place is also terrifying at night, many elderly people left alone and often times when we went there were people calling for help. Once, there was a person cutting their toe nails in the cafeteria. Everything about this place is terrible and it is not an exaggeration. My dad gave up hope in this place. The worst experience ever was when my sister and I went, he hadn't had a bath in a week. We asked the "nurses" to give him a shower, he had been in bed for 7 days at this point. When they got him up, he had a seizure. My sister and I obviously had no idea what to do, but the "nurses" DID NOTHING. Literally, we asked for an ambulance or something. They did not even know what to do!

    It was the most terrifying thing I have experienced, after many failed follow ups on our end to get a conversation with the imaginary doctor, days had passed. We never once met a doctor in charge of his care. The only meeting that ever took place was about money even though my family pushed and pushed to meet his care team. I am fully convinced this awful place was responsible for his decline and ultimate passing. Care takers were rude when we asked questions and had concerns about his food and daily routine. They are unprepared for actual medical needs and hate their jobs, literally I heard them talking about it. I hope this place closes. There are so many more complaints and stories, but please stay away. It is like a terrible sad movie in there. Any positive review has to be fake.

  • Indianspring of Oakley Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

    I have a very close friend who went to Indian Springs for Physical Rehab.. She is in a wheelchair and requires assistance with all ADLs. Though she is capable of using the restroom, every time I visited her she needed her clothes to be changed. When she, or we called for assistance by pressing the button provided to her, no one would show up. I would have to ask numerous times before an aide arrived to help her. The last time I visited her, she needed help changing again. I mentioned this to nurses and aides. They stated that they would be there to help but never came. We went to her room to wait. We pressed her button, but no one arrived. Her room smelled terrible. I found an aid who finally came to her room. The Aide picked up a piece of clothing and noticed that there was feces on the floor. She said she was going to find disinfectant. Another 15 minutes passed and the Aide did not return. I went to the nursing office. The nurse in the office stated that the Aide was just there looking for Clorox wipes. When I mentioned that my friend was still waiting to be changed after an hour and that there is feces on the floor of her room, the nurse stated, "I'm not her nurse today". I caught up with the aide in the hallway. She stated that she was getting Clorox wipes and would be there soon. She finally came to the room, helped my friend clean up and then left without cleaning up the feces. This aide never returned. I finally caught up with another aide who helped clean up. This was the most degrading experience for my friend. I am appalled by the lack of dignity and respect. On top of this, my friend struggles cognitively and has been attempting to get out of her wheelchair/bed without help. Without supervision, she would have attempted to get up, and slipped on the feces by her bed. She has Osteoporosis and is prone to fractures. This was a sad and inhumane situation

  • Trisun Care Center - Lakeside San Antonio, Texas 78245

    My mother was a resident at Trisun Care Center for approximately 6 months. The staff was unresponsive on issue and the care seemed inadequate. Almost every time I went down the hallways it smelled of urine. One time I found an employee using the nebulizer hospice had provided but they thought it was ok since she used her own tubing. There were a few mishaps while there. A few times I found her naked in bed next to the AC unit. They would say she would take off her pants but there would be no pants laying around her. The last incident was when she had a huge hematoma on her forward with serious bruising all over her face and down her neck. They didn't file an incident report with the state until they knew I filed a complaint. Unfortunately our laws allow them to file it days after it happens as long as it is done before the investigator shows up. Don't be fooled by appearances. I would not recommend this place.

  • The Pavilion at Creekwood Mansfield, Texas 76063

    My mother came here for rehab after an extended hospital stay. Due to some lingering medical issues, she was not able to participate in rehab, but this did not prevent the Pavilion from keeping her for her total number of days paid for by insurance. Then they gave me 1 1/2 days notice they were discharging her--on the weekend. On discharge, home health was not set up for 5 days, and the equipment I needed to take my non-ambulatory mother home was not arranged, either. Despite several calls the equipment NEVER arrived. She was also discharged in a totally altered mental state (after being that way for quite a while), and I was told that might be her "new normal," though when I took her back to the ER, they had her back to lucidity within 1 1/2 days. Doctors told me on two occasions they would test to see whether an infection that she had arrived with had cleared up but never did; finally just before discharge they took the sample in my presence, but **surprise!** no results, and no record of it in the computer or lab book. On several occasions I had to update the nurses and/or doctors about changes in medications or her status that didn't get passed on from one to another. The lack of adequate communication in this place could be dangerous.

  • Rosegate Village Indianapolis, Indiana 46237

    Both of my parents came to Rosegate in 2014 with one in long term care and one in memory care. The staff in both areas have always shown great care and compassion for them, and worked to find time for them to be together. As I have been their main caretaker these last several years, the staff has always been responsive to my suggestions about what may be affecting them and we have worked together on their behalf to give them what they need emotionally and medically.

    During the time my Dad recently took a turn for the worse, and passed away a month ago, the staff has been very compassionate and took extra special care of my Mom's memory care needs to strengthen her emotional state.

    It is not an easy task to care for the elderly, and it has meant so much to know the staff cares and stays on top of the needs of each resident.

  • Lake Pleasant Post Acute Rehabilitation Center Peoria, Arizona 85382

    This place is so bad that I cannot even submit enough words to say how bad. We were not greeted upon intake for four hours, and then only after my sister, who is a nurse demanded to be seen. The nurse was the rudest, most arrogant person I have had the displeasure of meeting. I don't even know her name. She didn't tell us. The place reeks of urine upon entering. The beds and bedding should be an embarrassment to the owners of this place. The toilet never stopped running the entire night. My husband spent 18 hours here after being admitted for skilled nursing/rehab after being hospitalized for almost 6 months, in three hospitals, in three Arizona towns. He was not given his medication and had to be transported via ambulance to a 4th hospital for another two weeks because of their neglect. While I was there, there was a patient down the hall that had fallen and no one even knew how long the poor woman had been on the floor. Pure neglect. DO NOT GO HERE!

  • Premier Estates of Crete, LLC Crete, Nebraska 68333

    Bellow 1 star….horribke horrible horrible place. They have alarm on the front door i believe to warn the staff to act like they are working snd caring!! The smell is awful…the staff appear to have little medical skills. The call for helo system is useless..a string…a string never within reach of the patient. My loved 53 yr young loved one who needed physical rehab died after a week in thier care!!!!! Horrible place..12-2017. 1

  • Greenleaf Nursing Home and Con Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901

    I recently had surgery on my leg and need extensive wound care. I spent about 3 weeks at Greenleaf Nursing and Rehabilitation Center . Overall, I had an extremely positive experience. The nurses, aides, and physical therapists were all well-trained, professional, caring, and went out of their way to be attentive and accommodating. Everyone I met was extraordinarily nice. The facility is an older building, but don't let the interior fool you, because their care was A+!! Overall a great facility that I would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Wellbridge of Rochester Hills Rochester, Michigan 48307

    When we first visited this facility, we were very impressed with the promises made and the look and feel of the building. Unfortunately, real life did not live up to the sales pitch. Upon check-in, the nurse would not even get a pillow, saying, "its not my job." That pretty well summed up our experience with the nurses. We did find one personable and conscientious nurse, but no others. The aides were good, in particular two of the young ladies.

    I will say that the PT and OT staff were outstanding. Very kind, thorough and patient. For that reason alone I will not give Wellbridge lower than 2 stars. The nursing staff, however, owes me a star!

    I cannot recommend Wellbridge at all. Be prepared to argue and do a lot of your own work if you dare to leave a loved one here.

  • Clarkston Specialty Healthcare Center Clarkston, Michigan 48346

    I am a former employee of this facility and I beg and urge you to NEVER put your loved ones in this hell hole! This place is literally a joke. Residents do not get taken care of. We were ALWAYS shorted staffed. I (a Nurse) would often get stuck taking two halls (so unsafe) which came out to be about 60 patients at one time! They don't care about you as an employee though, they will never thank you or have your back when something happens and you need the day off. The best thing I ever did was leave that place! Its nothing but drama. The CNAs will hookup in patients rooms when they are LOA, or at the hospital. The administrator sleeping with a nurse 20+ years younger than her. Just an all around bad bad bad place to work. Don't even get me started on their HR lady, Eva. She is a liar and will NEVER call you back. If she does, its literally months later and she is so fake when apologizing. All in all, IF YOU VALUE YOUR HARD EARNED NURSING LICENSE….DONT WORK AT THIS FACILITY. CLARKSTON SUCKS!