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  • Pruitthealth - Covington Covington, Georgia 30015

    NO meds given first 18 hours… except one wrong one. Did not turn patient who had bed sore. At all. Long time to get to patients. Bells ringing without being answered promptly. Had to ask for breakfast. Seriously consider another place. I hear the PT there is wonderful, though. And to their credit, there are a few nice people there. Other than that -- don't go.

  • Crossbreeze Care Center Sarasota, Florida 34230

    My mother was a resident at Crossbreeze for two years plus. I cannot say enough about the staff and administration at this facility. No matter what situation arose they were in contact with me, helpful, professional, COMPASSIONATE, caring and considerate. THIS FACILITY IS A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. When you walk in you can see that the residents are cared for, you can smell that the place is well maintained and you can feel the love. My mother recently passed away and everyone went above and beyond with her care, support for my family and myself, tears, hugs and prayers.

    No one and no place is perfect….but for our family we are pleased with the care and love mom received. Many residents became good friends with my mother. They all continue to be in my heart forever and a day…..residents AND the entire staff. This will be the place I choose for myself when that chapter of my life comes around.

  • Solaris Healthcare Plant City Plant City, Florida 33566

    I was a patient in the rehab unit for two weeks. Physical Therapy staff was excellent. Dietary was okay but a little slow getting preferences correct. Nursing department was inferior. Three times the medication nurses brought me incorrect pills (glad that I paid attention to what was in the cup). Many of the CNAs did not listen to what I needed, were not respectful and were more interested in their cell phones & smoke breaks. Social services were okay but not totally knowledgeable about discharge procedures. (The patient care meeting was a waste of time; more emphasis on discharge planning than current treatment plan.) There was a huge lack of communication between the departments. And the most annoying deficit was understaffing. All in all, the only benefit of my stay was the excellent physical therapy. (I was ready and able to be discharged within ten days; however, the facility used the entire twenty days allowed by my insurance.) I can not recommend this facility to anyone.

  • Riverside Health & Rehab Center Danville, Virginia 24540

    my brothers stay at riverside health care was terrible . I think the staff need more training on patient care. My brother fell out the bed and i was not notified of this by anyone at this facility. I had to be told about his fall by him and when approached by the nurse staff all i got was im sorry for not telling you…My brother got his toe nails cut by there dr. that does them he cut them so short they were bleeding across all of his toes and i had to bring it to the nurses attention . My main concern is that my brother is a bad diabetic and every one knows that you have to be careful cutting on there toe nails . It was very poorly and unprofessionally done. I had to be told about his fall by When we get these jobs we need to treat patients like they were our mother,father, sister or brother . we will get old some day and need care .

  • Vanderman Place Willimantic, Connecticut 06226

    This nursing home has extremely dedicated and caring staff. They are under new management and have gone from 1 star to 4 stars in less than 2 years! They take the time to listen and address all of your needs. Highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to place their family member into a nursing home!

  • Albemarle Health and Rehabilitation Center Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

    The facility is beautiful, but care is absolutely awful. My elderly mother almost died from their total lack of care. She was over-sedated from their polypharmacy (narcotics/benzos/antipsychotics) and stopped eating resulting in severe dehydration with significant weight loss, fell out of her chair sustaining an injury to her head, got a bed sore and a urinary tract infection. Thankfully, we got her to another facility in time to save her. She got lots of IV fluid, treatment for her UTI and stopped all the sedating medications that they had been giving her. She is once again awake and eating. There was a total lack of compassion and no communication at Albemarle Health anda Rehab …it was all about the money. You would think that for $285/day you could at least count on receiving the very basics of care! I think that they kept adding more and more drugs to shut my mother up --she has dementia and yells at times. They almost succeeded in shutting her up permanently. Wow . . .

  • Highland Pointe Health & Rehab Center Cleveland, Ohio 44143

    Highland Pointe is terrible due to the response time and level of care given to the residents. Must wait sometimes 20 minutes for an aide to come when the assist button is pushed. Most not all are rude and not very compassionate to the residents. Nurses are very nice and knowledgeable but they can not control the aides. The in house Dr, well lets just say you wouldn't accept this level of service from your physician on the outside but you are stuck once in there. Sorry not much nice to say the performance of the overall facility is severely lacking and I was told due to call offs and short staffed continually. Meals sometimes cold and served from trays due to shirt staff and cooks that call off. Not a pleasant experience and I would not recommend this facility.

  • Momentum at South Bay for Rehabilation and Nursing East Islip, New York 11730

    My husband was a patient in this short term rehabilitation and nursing home facility fior 6 weeks and was discharged January 9, 3027. The rehabilitation staff is great! The nursing staff is great! The facility is kept very clean. They have a bakery cafe on the premises that has freshly baked goods everyday! The only problem with the facility is the nurse's assistants. They try to do a good job but the problem is the facility is under staffed for nursing assistants so it's hard for them to keep up. Otherwise, if you live in Suffolk County and are in need of a good rehabilitation facility you should check itbout. Excellent physical and occupational therapy!

  • Momentum at South Bay for Rehabilation and Nursing East Islip, New York 11730

    Where to start- well it is a beautiful looking place like a hotel -big screen TV’s free full cable access - clean nice rooms - but that is where my praise ended! The staff in nonexistent -when you do find a nurse or assistant they are pleasant and helpful if you don't ask for much. I found the physical therapist and social working would not listen to my father or my requests. The PT would speak in technical terms and expected an 87 yr. old man to change how he walks and go up and down stair or would not release him. And every time i got off the phone with them i got a call from someone who told me about how my father's Medicare would not cover the full stay they want and she will work on Medicaid - Even when i told her he was not staying pass the 20 days Medicare covered. Every time I spoke to someone i was either blown off or told he has to stay - is it a Prison and all they want is the money from insurance or you. I had the same experience when my mother was in another rehab OLOC in West Babylon- all they want in the money - no wonder why the new presidential administration wants to change Medicare. These so call Rehabs do nothing to help the person and MILK the insurance how are the elderly to have medical care if these thieves are allow to continue as they are. My dad was in there only to get his strength back from being dehydrated - and the doctors told us needed a few days only - it is going on 2 weeks now! Guess i need to call the governor to get him out! - Bottom line DO NOT GO HERE!!

  • Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Community Marion, Ohio 43302

    For the past 4 years Kindred has been providing total loving care for our niece. At the age of 46 she was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's, several years prior to her caretaker mother's death. Following that death, our niece’s condition rapidly deteriorated and we could no longer maintain her in a home setting. After shopping around we determined Kindred to be the best solution for her, and entrusted her to Kindred's care, which has proven to be the absolutely correct decision. Kindred personnel have attended to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of our niece as she has continued to slip away from her children, friends, and us. Kindred staff always interact with understanding, with tender personal physical care, with comfort, and with love … knowing that she is slipping away. Kindred could not have done a better job.

  • Wood River Village Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020

    This place is poorly managed and their staff rips you off. Take a recorder with you if you go on a tour or for an interview because once you sign up with this h*ll hole, they'll forget everything they promised. The staff is clueless and management is no help. They claim they have many activities but many are cancelled right before they're scheduled. If you care for your loved ones, go anywhere else.

  • Avante at Lake Worth, Inc. Lake Worth, Florida 33460

    To describe it in one word: HELL! It wasn't until right before my grandmother passed away (while still a patient there), that I realized what she had gone through. My grandmother had already been through Open Heart Surgery and was stuck on a ventilator. My grandmother couldn't speak up for herself so when she would write to us that she was being abused, we didn't know if it was the medicines she had been under or if this was true. The nurses all denied this mistreatment. It wasn't until I spent the entire day at this horrible place that I started to see what she was meaning. My grandmother had a terrible stool infection; one that made her septic. With this infection, she needed to be changed out immediately throughout the day. This didn't happen. It took me begging and even tracking down the nurses to finally get someone 3 HOURS LATER to change my grandmother. And that was only because I was there. I went and visited her on Christmas. I brought my two younger sisters to see her, but it was not a good visit. My grandmother had been medicated to the point where should could not keep consciousness. Turns out the nurses didn't want to continue to deal with her so they overmedicated her. She ended up at JFK Hospital because her heart rate dropped below 40 (normal is 60-70 for my grandmother). A couple weeks later, back in hell, my grandmother woke up to a nurse crushing up a pink pill. My grandmother mouthed to the nurse that she didn't have any PINK medications. The nurse left the room and never returned back. If my grandmother had been asleep during this, she would haven received medications that she was never supposed to receive. Then, during my grandmother's last week, she was rushed to JFK hospital because of an infection. She ended up having Pneumonia and another stool infection. My mother had to bathe her when she was first transported in to JFK. My grandmother was not changed before the transport and the infection, since she was septic, made her skin red and irritable. Almost like a burn. My grandmother passed away because, we believe, she had respiratory failure due to the Pneumonia. However, there is a chance that she being septic could have played a role in this as well. The death certificate will prove if the stool infection had anything to do with it, or should I say, if AVANTE of LAKE WORTH had anything to do with her passing!

    If I have any regrets, it is that I wasn't able to help my grandmother get out of that HORRIFYING place. IF I COULD RATE THIS WITH ZERO STARS, I WOULD!!!!!

    P.S. The Director Of Nursing hid ALL of this information from the Administrator. None of these complaints (written and verbal) were brought to the Head Administrator's attention. They were simply IGNORED. And now, my grandmother has passed away and their mistakes with be carried on to the next patient. Don't let that be your family.

  • Harrison's Crossing Health Campus Terre Haute, Indiana 47804

    Today I took my wife home from Harrison Crossing Terre Haute, Indiana. In some way my wife is a lot better and in others she will never be better. But Harrison Crossing of Terre Haute did a wonderful job. This facilities and its staff are top of the line. The Administrative staff and the Nursing here at Harrison Crossing of Terre Haute are the best . They care about their residents and they go out of their way to help in anyway they can. The people there like Tom, Holli, Rebecca, Stacy,

    Ashley, Emily, Wend, and the Nursing staff the nursing aids, food service staff all have my respect and gratitude , and my thanks. God Bless these wonderful people.

    Rev. James Doggett

  • Woodlands Health Care Midway, Georgia 31320

    This company cares only for the zeroes after the dollar sign and keeping their fancy cars; no compassion for the residents whatsoever. It is a depressing place to work or live. The ceilings are moldy from poorly- or un-repaired leaks; the kitchen serves stale bread and fresh fruit maybe once a year; the scabies infestation was never acknowledged and thus persists; and the administration is incompetent and racist. Patient neglect is rampant: patients are frequently left in dirty diapers, dehydration is common, showers are basically non-existent, call bells are ignored for hours, and there have been way too many avoidable deaths. Unfortunately, they seem to pass state inspections, indicating that this company is full of incredibly skilled liars. This is a horrendous company and needs to be shut down. Do not send your family members or friends here. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

  • Copper Ridge Health Care West Jordan, Utah 84088

    yet another bad nursing home still functioning in the heart of salt lake lake under the "great" administration of adolf mark , this guy needs to go clean toilets in some hotel , this place gone to the floor because of one man show administrator !

    families will never know how much their loved onese had suffered( suffering) , please do a last favor to them give them a nice final resting place better then copper ridge , some staff members are still providing exceptional service while management doesn't worry about any thing

  • Scepter Health & Rehab of Snellville, LLC Snellville, Georgia 30078

    When you go to Scepter for the first time, look at the faces of the residents. I did. You will see a calm peace on every face that comes from love and care given to them by the staff. When a resident speaks to a staff member, that person looks the resident in the eye and gives them their complete attention. The resident has a feeling of self-worth, knowing they are respected and what they are saying is important.

    My Dad was at Scepter 4 years. He lived on the "Wings of Hope" with my Mother. The morning he died, many of the staff came in very early, hours before their shift, just to be there and with him and to show their respect for him. We were in awe of such kindness.

    The executive staff knows exactly what is going on with each patient, down to the medications or changes thereof. They feel responsible for everything and make sure the caregivers have everything they need and are doing their jobs as expected. They have an open door policy for family members and residents. The nurses and CNAs are constantly on the move, NOT sitting, but checking on each person. A precise daily record is kept on each resident.

    The activities and social events exceed all expectations. They are geared for each patient's ability. They know what each person enjoys, and stay with them to help.

    My Mother has dementia. She has been in the " Wings of Hope" (a separate secured environment) at Scepter going on 5 years. They have a nurse and CNAs exclusively for them. When we visit, she is in the Community Room in the Wing of Hope. They have clothed tables to eat and for activities. It is always decorated for the next holiday. One whole side of the room is windows, making is a cheerful environment. She always tells me she is happy. On one of her better days, she asked me to make a list of each caregiver's name so she could thank them personally. She said: "I know I'm mostly in a "fog", but I also know these people are SO good to me."

    Scepter is an answer to prayer. Scepter is not fancy or showy. The resident's rooms are quite large with large windows. It is extremely clean and smells good. The food is really exceptional, carefully prepared for each person's special needs. My Mother is a chocking hazard, so her food is chopped very small. By far it is the BEST place you can let your loved one feel they are HOME.

  • Royal of Cotuit Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649

    Perhaps the last two reviews were under old management and staff but I have only good things to say about the staff at Royal of Cotuit.

    Choosing a nursing home for a loved one, as you know, can be a difficult, stressful and heartbreaking task. Having to do it for my father, and knowing it would be his final place of rest, was depressing, overwhelming and very last minute as we learned his lung cancer was advanced and he needed to be under 24-hour care immediately. Right after choosing The Royal of Cotuit we remained unsure of whether or not we made the right decision even though our initial tour was caring and encouraging and we had no complaints about the facility. But entrusting strangers to be caregivers for our loved one was a scary thing to some degree especially when his needs were 24/7, challenging and intimate at times.

    Now, after his passing, we can share that we couldn’t be happier or any more pleased than we are with the care the staff at Royal of Cotuit gave my father, and my family, during his time there. Everyone was so very caring, comforting, concerned, empathetic and just had a determination to get my dad in the best state of health and comfort that was possible for him and his situation. Knowing he only had weeks left, we wanted to be sure that he was surrounded by caregivers who provided nothing but the best. Everybody was professional, kind, friendly and just showed signs of wanting to do their job and do it well. We are truly grateful for everything they did for him including how they tried different ways to get him to eat and drink with his dsyphagia. Although attempts to get him to eat or do therapy were refused at times, I know he was content there and each staff member made him smile at some point. It should also be mentioned that the meals provided to the patients are delicious. While visiting and on his last day we were allowed to eat with my Dad and the food tasted so good that my brother had seconds one day. It’s nice to know their food options are great.

    The staff also consoled and took the time to help my mother, as well as my brother and myself, with any questions or concerns we had including everyone from the office and housekeeping to the nurses and therapists. Their patience, compassion and support did not go unnoticed for her and our family.

    All the staff members have such an important role in the care of our elderly and some of those jobs, although critical, can be unflattering. I’m sure they do not get the thanks and praise that they are so deserving of for all they do. It is my intent in this review to let others know that my family appreciates all they did for my father. They did such a fantastic job taking care of my father, and always with empathy and a smile, that we never felt the need to call in hospice care. My father had stage 4 lung cancer; most people would call in hospice but we never felt we needed to. The staff alone at RC made my father as comfortable as could be as well as our family.

    If anyone out there is considering the Royal of Cotuit for their loved one, I can tell you they do a great job.

  • Clinton-Aire Healthcare Center Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

    This facility is by far the most deplorable place imaginable. I can only assume the rating displayed is from the staff of this place because as a daughter of a patient, it took 1 hour to realize this place os only concerned with collecting a pay check. The social worker needs to be fired immediately. The conditions are filthy. Do not go here

  • Hillcrest Raleigh at Crabtree Valley Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

    My wife recently spent 3 weeks at Hillcrest Raleigh for rehabilitation from back surgery, and now that she is being released I can say in retrospect that I am glad we chose this facility for her recovery. Hillcrest is well-staffed, employing what seems like a "small army" of people, which translates into a surprisingly high employee-to-patient ratio. The employees who cared for my wife have all been very friendly, caring, and encouraging throughout her stay. We got to know most of them on a first-name basis. The facility itself is clean and well-maintained and, as far as I can tell, well-run. The food is pretty generic but nutritious and appropriate in quantity. I rate Hillcrest at 4 out of 5 stars not as a "ding" but simply because I believe there is still room for improvement (hence not a full 5 stars). If either my wife or I need rehab in the future, I would probably choose Hillcrest again.