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  • Alden Estates of Jefferson Jefferson, Wisconsin 53549

    They have some good committed people but, not as many as I would have liked to have seen in the 5 months I had to deal with them. I met the administrator the night my husband was admitted and never saw her again. She has no clue as to what is going on. They do not have nearly enough people to run the place with safe committed care to our elderly loved ones.

    I have to say that I was not impressed with the care my loved one received before he died. No one should go to the hospital from any nursing home with a septic infection and dehydration among other things. The ice and water machines are locked and only employees can get a cup of ice water. So, the short staffed and overworked employees could never give those that wanted water any to quench their thirst.

    Administration is extremely poorly represented. I feel the social worker services lacks any and everything related to a caring and professional demeanor. I wish I had known more before placement was made.

    Overall, I wished I never had to step foot beyond the front door. One star is much more than they deserve in my opinion only. If you have a choice, do not place your loved one at this establishment.

  • Westgate Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083

    Westgate HELL. My 51 year old sister was dumped here by Baltimore Washington Hospital for physical rehabilitation and died within two weeks. Not staffed by enough licensed nurses and just one part time doc for what the facility says serves 120 beds. Sister went 12 hours without medication. Nurse said sister would get her medication "when she gets there."

    When she died, I was told I had to "move her out within four hours." Older patients were walking around with unzipped pants; patients sitting in their own feces,

  • Pleasant View Lodge Mccordsville, Indiana 46055

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE. My grandfather was admitted here following surgery for REHAB so he could complete physical therapy & get his strength back up before returning home. He was at this facility for ONE full week before he died and I do believe that the staff here directly contributed to his death. I am sick over it. Community North referred our family to Pleasant View, claiming they were a 5 star facility…BULL. Between nursing school clinicals & my papa being in and out of nursing homes for years, I have been in a TON of extended care & rehab facilities…and I have never seen/witnessed anything like this place. The smell here is PUNGENT. They're letting these folks sit in their own urine for extended periods of time and obviously not cleaning them appropriately when they finally do. The staff here are RUDE and incredibly incompetent, it consistently took 15-20 minutes for them to answer call lights… and when I say incompetent, I mean I literally don't know how any of these people were able to obtained licenses. After the first day, I kept track of every little "slip up" (all directly related to my sweet Papa's care) and I literally have 5 pages worth of documentation. He was only there for ONE WEEK. Let that sink in. My papa was a Navy vet, husband of almost 57 years, father, brother, uncle, grandfather and great grandfather. He was SO loved. I'm working on getting answers and hopefully some kind of justice for my papa…but if nothing else, I just want to help other families avoid this place at all costs. Send your loved one to a Kindred or American Senior Communities or something…anywhere but here. PLEASE.

  • Juniper Village - the Spearly Center Denver, Colorado 80211

    My family member has been a resident at the Speerly center for 25 years now. The facility is okay. He suffers from mental illness. The facility is a combination of both elderly, brain injury and mental health issues. They try their best working with the mentally ill population but fail miserably. Their hands are tied in many way as they do not provide mental health services themselves but outsource to MHCD. MHCD is okay but they are not progressive and no one is there to hold them accountable to be at the top of their game. The Speerly center provides a great service in that there is very little services in Colorado for Mentally Ill people to be cared for who cannot care for themselves; that said Speerly should be good at one thing not really really average with three different populations. My family member has almost died twice due to the average care there and currently there is a skin rash outbreak in the facility, which they have not solved yet. If you have few choices as we do; simply keep in mind that you need to over see and be vigilant to keep your family member safe and healthy.

  • Alaris Health at Cedar Grove Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

    This was my second time at this facility. which is warmly and professionally decorated; very large rooms with a large sofa and love seat to accomondate your guest. I received EXCELLENT treatment! The Nursing staff were very PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY, as well the Aides and very attentative to all my needs. The Therapy Dept. had me up and moving. They are very dedicated to their profession and gave warm encourgagement of a "you can do this" attitude. There is a Beautiful large garden where you can go out and relax; watch the Silver Blue Birds, Red Robins along with a large 5' rock water fall which flows into a bed of all types of beautiful fish. There are all types of religious services and many activities guided by the Activities Director. You are never bored or along during your recovery, the aides are always stopping by to check on you which I really appreciated the attention.

    I recommend this facility highly and give it a 5 star rating.

    Jacqueline Dunn-Toler

  • Sharon Lane Health Services Shawnee, Kansas 66203

    Sharon Lane is a great place to have a family member. My mother was in Sharon Lane for almost four years until she passed and they were some of the best years of her later life. She enjoyed the activities and the food but most of all the caring staff of nurses and caregivers. I would recommend Sharon Lane without reservation.

  • Heritage Manor of Slidell Slidell, Louisiana 70461

    The day after my 91 year old father was transferred to the Heritage Manor facility in Slidell from the huge Ochsner hospital next door they began trying to get large sums of money from him. Now, mind you, he was there for an insurance paid (Humana) rehab of up to 21 days and not as a permanent resident. In fact they asked him to write them a check for 15,000, dollars. Luckily , even at at 91 Dad was too smart for that. They did also pressure me to give them up front payments while not billing his insurance company. When I demanded they they seek payment from his authorized insurer they insulted me telling me I was misappropriating my father's funds. The director of the facility told me he would put my sick old dad in his car and bring him to his bank where he would demand cash payment. The deal is that if they can trick or somehow cajole the patient into paying out of his pocket they get that 100 percent instead of settling for less from the insurance company. Well, Humana says this practice is a huge no-no and their par status could be revoked and the State of Louisiana Board of Hospital and Nursing home complaints advised me to get my father out of there as soon as possible….. and I did.

    I believe these management people were being pressured from higher ups at the home office to collect money in a ruthless manner. That same management company runs three of the four nursing homes in slidell. These events took place in the recent past. Sometimes the truth has a ring to it, don't you think? I would look elsewhere for elder care.

  • Charlotte Health & Rehabilitation Center Charlotte, North Carolina 28214

    I am writing this review in response to unacceptable interaction I experienced while attempting to advocate for a church friend whose husband was a patient at your facility receiving therapy following a stroke. My limited observation as to his physical treatment led me to conclude that the effort put into his care to be adequate and acceptable. The interaction with his wife and me was dismal. There was a discharge plan meeting scheduled for 10 AM on May 11. All the participants from our end were there before 10. We waited in the paitent's room until 10:10. At that time the person in charge of the meeting came to get us, and as we were going down the hall to the conference room, she began telling us that we had to be finished at 10:30 because there were other families waiting. The paitent's wife is handicapped herself, so by the time we reached the room it was 10:15. There was another delay that was not the fault of the staff. The wife requested that her daughter be contacted for a conference call. After failing at that attempt, it was now close to 10:20. We were reminded numerous times that the leader didn't want to be rude, but we needed to speed the process along. The OT gave a good report supplying needed information. The rest of the time was spent discussing the medical equipment that would be ordered for the patient to use after arriving home. There was little/no time to absorb the information, much less to form and ask questions. Then we were informed that the discharge person would not be at work on Fri. or Mon., but the leader said to contact her with any questions, as we were ushered from the room. It was in common vernacular a bum rush job. There was actually no legitimate concern for the family at all. Later, I left the leader a voice mail asking for a call back, which I never received. On Mon. afternoon I left the discharge person a voice jail requesting a call on Tues. morning when she returned to work. At 11AM, I called her. I asked her about the arrangements for the patient's transportation home. I was told that I was told that it would cost $50- $60 depending on how far he was transported. All I wanted to know was who was in charge of making the arrangements, her or the family. None of this would have occurred if time had been even close to adequate for understanding at the meeting.

    This afternoon, I received a call from another friend whose husband and another gentleman had volunteered to transport the patient home. They arrived at the facility before 11, the time we were told he would need to be picked up. It seems that the nursing staff wasn't notified that the patient was being discharged that day, and there was some sort of computer issue going on. The patient, his wife and the others stood out in the hall for 45 minutes without any communication from the staff. The only way they got attention was that finally a "tie guy"/manager walked by and the wife approached him and asked what was going on. They were never even offered a place to sit and wait. I'm sorry, but this treatment is completely unacceptable. I realize that the staff is slammed everyday. However, they chose the jobs they have and should be ready to serve their clients accordingly. I was unaware of the rating of your facility until I came to the website. Then I realized that our situation was not a blip on the screen. It seems similar encounters are experienced by many of your customers. It is a shame that those most vulnerable receive poor, disrespectful treatment, especially since Charlotte Health… is a for profit organization. It is a lovely place which, if run with high expectations could become a 5 star center. I truly hope the effort and modifications are made with altruism in mind in order to reach that goal of being of service to those in need. Alice Bayne

  • Copley Health Center Akron, Ohio 44321

    This place puts on a good front but treats its elderly patients terribly! They put on a good show during the day but when visitors leave they yell at the patients, they do not answer the calls, rooms are not cleaned showers are not given. It is as another reviewer on another site said like a warehouse for the elderly waiting to die!

    I would not put an animal in here!

  • Cedar Mountain Post Acute Yucaipa, California 92399

    Extensive Back surgery recovery.. 3 weeks for scoliosis, and spinal stenosis. I was cared for with great care, and compassion. medications were administered efficiently, and timley. The facility was always always cleaned daily. Therapy was very helpful, and administered twice daily. The entire experience was possative, caring, and professional. I would recommend Cedar Mountain Post Acute to anyone who needs help in rehab. etc. I would give it a 5 star review. The only thing I would like to see is to keep any Dimentia, Alzheimer patients separate from other patients for safety reasons.This might already be in place, but i'm not sure.

  • Leisure Terrace Overland Park, Kansas 66207

    worst nursing home ever. do not take anyone to this place. staff does not answer call lights or phone calls because they are too busy shopping on line on the computers, texting, or talking loudly about the patients so everyone can hear them. place is dirty, staff is rude,lies about everything, treats patients like dirt. zack , the social worker, lies,does not care about patients or family members, will not talk to patients family members"because he does not have to", does very illegal things. front doors and bathroom sinks are not handicap accessable. food is really bad. why do you think there is only 91 patients, when it used to have almost 200 patients,because this place is horrible. administrator does nothing about patients and family members concerns. if you or doctor call the place ,no one answers the phone. all they want to do is make money. please do not take anyone there. this place needs to be closed by the state

  • John Knox Village Medical Center Tampa, Florida 33613

    I was admitted on 3/17/17 after having surgery for a broken femur. Upon arriving early evening, I was immobile and desperately needed assistance and equipment, which I was denied until being evaluated. Had a horrific night, not being allowed to have my pain medication and excruciatingly being forced to use a bedpan, as well as being kept awake all night by the other tenant in the room keeping her TV playing loudly while she slept. My family had to summon help the next morning.

    There are a few very qualified and competent healthcare workers, but to many it’s just a job and they frankly don’t care. There is incompetence with some of the staff, and the facility is understaffed, especially on weekends, which causes even less care to patients. There is only one private room in the facility; all others are doubles, which becomes miserable and unbearable when you get a particularly annoying one. The in-nutritious meals are the same for everybody, no matter what your dietary needs are. I left there anemic, which I have never been in my life.

    The staff and employees are very inconsiderate, talking loudly outside rooms while patients try to sleep. Doors are left open many times after visits from aides/attendants during the night, further disturbing sleep. This is a rehab/long term care/nursing home facility. Not a good mix! It is a very doom and gloom atmosphere for the most part. They have a good staff of physical therapists, if you’re there for rehab, but I cannot recommend John Knox Medical to anyone who is trying to heal or needs special care. You won’t get it. You can’t heal and rehabilitate when proper care isn’t given or proper rest isn’t attained.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation 1526 Lombard Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146

    This place is a disgrace. My family member's clothes were stolen, the social services folks were rude, condescending and not knowledgeable of my family member's medicare rights. They had absolutely no idea of what they were talking about. In addition, the social service person, along with other Powerback administrators loudly admonished me regarding my family member's options in a common area. They did not ask me to their office nor my family member's room- HUGE HIPAA VIOLATION. The therapist had very little interest in the progress of my family memebr. I chose the facility due to its location which provided me the opportunity to see my family regularly. It was not worth it at all. Do NOT send your family member to this facility

  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    My mother was just released from Aldens, she has been there 2 times before. The first time there i couldnt say enough good things about the facility. The second time there i could see that the level of care had gone down somewhat. The 3rd time there was very bad. I understand that everybody is working shorthanded but this beautiful on the outside facility has gone to the dogs. My next call is to inform Senior Services about the level of care at this facility. Mind you there are some very good workers there and the PT staff is wonderful. The problem is the higher up people, maybe they should be there to see how things are run there. I feel bad for the poor people that have family any distance and cant check on their loved ones on a regular basis.

  • Harrington Park Health and Rehabilitation Augusta, Georgia 30907

    This is a very beautiful and well equipped facility but they are NOT willing to work with people with memory issues. They kicked my mom out after only a few days. They should of said they don't want to work with patient's with memory issues in the beginning; because they knew about her mental state when they accepted her. They were extremely rude about her leaving. It is very hard to get someone placed in another facility; when they are not leaving a hospital. There's no way I would ever use this facility again or recommend it to anyone. If I taught my students the way they treat their patients then I would have been fired long ago. I think most of the problems were from the physical therapist not wanting to do their job and the rudeness of the social worker.