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  • Life Care Center of Stonegate Parker, Colorado 80134

    My two month stay at the Life Care Center of Stonegate as an inpatient was pretty good. Staff was mostly adequate and some of the nurses were exceptional. So I would give that portion of the review 4 stars. And the subsequent Outpatient Physical Therapy for the next 5 months, was very helpful in his recovery. Good and friendly therapists that treated him with care and concern.

    HOWEVER… the billing department had many problems. Including very slow billing and bad information. I made the mistake of believing the coordinator of the PT section when she said that she would "Take care of everything" with insurance coverage. She came to us and told us that insurance had approved 60 visits of outpatient therapy (when they had only approved 20). He used 43 visits total, and the insurance only paid for the 20 visits. We are being billed for the remaining 23 visits and it will come out of pocket. The Director of the facility has refused to accept responsibility for Stonegate's error and will not reduce the cost to us for the portion that insurance didn't cover. They are now threatening to send us to collections for the $1600 plus bill. Part of this was my fault because I trusted them to tell me the truth, but mostly it is the outpatient therapy coordinator's fault for giving me false information on insurance coverage.

    Lesson to be learned - Don't trust anyone! Check it out for yourself.

  • Rosemont at Stone Mountain Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083

    Well first thing i would like to say is the nurses dont change peoples diapers like there soiled so if u bring your family here expect this for sure; second thing id mention is when your family needs therapy they dont really do that they get them out of bed to sit In front of TV my family still isnt better & was at this facility for 45 days third thing is your family needs more time & u have to work with front office people about assistance helping u getting him placed there is like a act of congress there names are marsha or Deborah williams they will argue with u & not get a thing accomplished forth thing i would say is clothes can never be found with or without there names. Over all I'd have to say this place is no good for no one not even a homeless animal. So please if u have other options go with the others unless u don't care.

  • Chalet Village Health and Rehabilitation Center Berne, Indiana 46711

    Do NOT place a Loved one at Chalet Nursing/Rehabilitation. My Mother was there for a short period of time and it was a very bad experience for her AND her family. The staff / Nurses were and are ALL young, very immature, very incompetent and unprofessional. They were also, very sarcastic towards Mom and were just totally uncaring & just incompetent. The Admin. staff ? Even worse. The Admin.Staff do NOT keep other Family members informed, They are very unkind, very unfriendly and very uncaring and Unprofessional.

  • Mcnaughten Pointe Nursing and Rehab Columbus, Ohio 43232

    A few years ago McNaughten Pointe's rehab wing provided pleasant surroundings and good care and therapy. Not so now. The entire facility lacks any service (lights not answered, requests for a shower or bed bath answered by aide throwing a towel & washcloth on the bed and walking out), poor food (often served late, i.e. dinner finally brought at 7 pm after numerous requests, no silverware, no coffee at breakfast, etc.), and general rudeness and uncaring attitude by staff. There are many options in the area, ANY would be better than this one. Beware.

  • Cartersville Heights Cartersville, Georgia 30120

    I can't give a rate of -100. This place should not even be in operation. I can't see how it is safe to put 4 residents in 1 room. If there was a fire they would never be able to get the residence out with all the furniture and medical equipment in the way. The ceiling is caving in and the weight from the roof is bowing the windows. The A/C vents haven't been cleaned in about a year and they blow down on the residence food while they try to eat. When I was there to see my Father n Law a resident used the bathroom on herself and they let her sit there soaked for over 15 min. During this time there was 2 workers sitting behind the desk not worried about it. I said something and they tried to tell me she spilled a drink on herself. I was there when it happened and nothing was spilled. The 2nd day of his stay they didn't even feed my father n law till we said something around 9 PM. The pictures they show in this site is not what this place looks like. The walls are stained and damaged, there is molded vomit on the chair, the metal doors are rusted and the plug sockets are rusted as well. I'm pretty sure there is black mold where the ceiling is falling in one of the rooms. I don't believe the bathroom has been cleaned in a few months. There is urine standing around the base and is smells awful. I will be reporting this to the State, Fire Marshal and The Health Department. I have proof of every statement in this complaint. Please don't leave your loved ones in this place.

  • Brooklyn Gardens Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Brooklyn, New York 11233

    Brooklyn Gardens is a beautiful facility. The best part of this nursing home is the rehabilitation program and the recreational department. Anthony does a wonderful job providing fun activities for the patients. Other than that the nursing staff is horrible. The patients are mistreated, yelled at, and the CNA care is very poor. My heart goes out to the patients who have to live there.

  • Dunwoody Health and Rehabilitation Center Atlanta, Georgia 30342

    Wow, where do I begin. Was admitted at 6 pm on a Friday night, April 27, 2018 one hour before shift change. We did not see any staff for 2-1/2 hours. A female staff came in and told us some things . . . not much of any on boarding. We were told her meds were ordered per the hospital records and would arrive around 9 pm. That did not happen. Her meds arrived at noon the following day. She was in tremendous pain from three fractures and had come out of a hospital stay of 9 days. She was placed in a room on a wing of all men . . . some very verbal while sitting in wheelchairs in the hallway. I actually slept with a gun under my pillow that first night. Her shower scheduled was Tuesday and Thursday of which she got neither. On her discharge day we asked for a shower and did not receive. The food was deplorable to say the least. On Tuesday, mom got a roommate at 9 pm. There were multiple empty rooms so why did we get the roommate. My mom has medicare and Humana as supplement. Most everyone at this facility was on Medicaid . . . so why did WE get the roommate? No one could answer that question for me except we did not ask for a private room. No one even asked what type of room we wanted. On Wednesday she got pork (again), a small scoop of mashed potatoes, and three pieces of zucchini for dinner. She did not get her roll, her fruit, dessert or something to drink. I took the tray back to the cafeteria and they said if she's on the third floor (of which she was), then they always run out of food. Not once in the 7 days at this facility did we ever get the food that was posted in the hallway menu. Supposedly there was a doctor on staff. We never saw her nor did she make contact with me or my sister. If you go on their website, there is no way to leave a review. There is a phone number to call 866-300-3257 to give a verbal review. Try it . . . you'll get the same attitude that most of the staff had at this facility. Rude and uncaring. The only saving grace was the OT and PT department which is its own separate company. They were awesome and my mother was able to get out in 7 days. The director of mom's assisted living facility came for a care plan meeting (which was on our 5th day!) and decided that this place looked and acted like a homeless shelter and she didn't feel it was safe for my mother to stay. So we moved her three days before the facility wanted to release her. My question is "how is someone suppose to get well" in a facility that can't even provide a good meal? If you have to put your loved one at this place, make sure you are their advocate and you can visit during the day and in the evening.

  • Aspen Hills Healthcare Center Pemberton, New Jersey 08068

    Disgraceful facility -- my mother-in-law has been there a little more than 2 weeks and during that entire time she has been there she only had her own clothes on once, has not had her glasses or her dentures since she arrived even though we were told that there is an inventory that shows she arrived there with them. We were told by management that this is something that they are bad at and need to work on!!?

    My mother-in-law has seemed to have lost weight since arriving and today she mentioned that she actually has not been eating much because she hasn't had her teeth and there is no one to help cut her food so she eats very little. This is from someone who has always had a very hearty appetite. She also mentioned that she has been wetting herself because no has been available to take her to the bathroom.

    Staff constantly making excuses that others are lazy or new or under staffed. The lack of care of the patients and the lack of caring by the staff of our concerns I astounding. Management seems to have no control over what staff do since they seem to be constantly in meetings or on vacation as we have also been told.

    Phone calls go unreturned including from management. It was 24 hours before someone even reached out to us that she had arrived at the facility and this was only because we refused to hang up until someone answered the phone. When you call you constantly get transferred to extensions that have full mailboxes so no message can be left. Even the receptionist, who we witnessed in person, could not get someone in the facility to pick up a phone.


  • Pavilion Health Center at Brightmore Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

    A friend of mine recently spent approximately 17 days in the Pavilion at Brightmore. I want to share several concerns of mine and theirs:

    • No nametags worn or position indicated by anyone who gave medication or injections. They could have been anyone, including someone off the street meaning to do harm.

    • Medication started at least 3 days after being sent to Pavilion’s pharmacy by the Eye doctor.

    • Employees, including people who gave out medication or injections, never introduced themselves and seldom-to-never spoke to the patient.

    • A therapist alerted the patient to a meeting about complaints against the staff. The issue being addressed was little-to-no communication between the staff and the patients. The patient signed the complaint form, listing their 2 major complaints. The response was an immediate visit from an angry employee who had not responded to the patient’s repeated requests during the prior 3 days.

    • All meals were cold, including a bowl of tomato soup. There would have been no difference between what was given in sullen silence and simply opening and pouring it out of a can. Like you might expect in the prison of a 3rd world country.

    • At night, there was only 1 male available to take up to 36 patients to the bathroom or attend to their needs- whether male or female. Again, no nametag, identification of role or communication of any kind. This one person was overworked and hostile.

    • Most all employees coming to the patient’s room had foreign accents, making communication even more difficult. The patient and the staff had to resort to sign language on numerous occasions.

    • The patient was in the hospital for their operation when shown the list of the rehabilitation hospitals. They chose this one- Pavilion at Brightmore- with no knowledge of it. Later, we discovered it had a 3-star rating (out of 5). This patient will never return there and we will caution others and everyone within our spheres of influence about this place.

    • If you or a loved one needs the services of a rehabilitation hospital, please consider any other alternative than here.

  • North Las Vegas Care Center North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

    What a turn around in this building. Staffing is better than most. Hands on Unit Managers and Director of Nursing. The Dietitian and kitchen team amazing. Lets talk rehab and how those who felt they didn't have a chance really have improved their quality of life. I had an issue, the Director of Nursing met with me, took care of my Mom's issues and we could not be happier. Great team work !

  • Oakwood Care Center Middle River, Maryland 21220

    Please….. Do not send any of your family members to this facility. Very poor care

    IF YOU DO PREPARE TO GO THERE EVERY DAY TO watch what goes on. When you ask questions over and over they only tell you what you want to hear.

    The food is terrible, we kept throwing out and bringing our own food. Never take your loved here .THE STAFF DOES NOT CARE. Pay someone to come to your home. The only thing I can say is therapy were on their toes.

  • Avenue at Medina Medina, Ohio 44256

    I was interviewed By a undisclosed gentleman for a nursing position at avenue at medina and all I have to say is stay far away. This man had the attitude of I am king and presenting himself as very pushy/bully manor, he would cut you off in the middle of your sentence, and would say unprofessional smart ass remarks to try to belittle you. I feel if they talk to there new future nurses that way how do they treat there residents? I will never ever recommend this place to any nurse/family/PT to deal with this type of environment.

  • Brush Hill Care Center Milton, Massachusetts 02186

    I am a Registered Nurse who worked at Brush Hill Care Center for a short period of time in 2018, but it was enough time to observe what this facility is about and to give a review. Please do not take any of your loved ones or people that you care about to this facility. Look at the findings of the Department of Public Health before making any decisions to use Brush Hill Care Center. Units and patient rooms are very dirty and the patients themselves are not cared for properly. The aides work very hard but there are not enough of them, so therefore patient care especially hygiene is lacking. There were sometimes just two aides for forty patients. There is a quick turnover of staff especially for the nurses, no consistency, mostly agency nurses. A lack of consistent staff at all levels. I could say much more but hopefully this is enough for people to make the right decision for their loved ones.

  • Pacific Grove Convalescent Hospital Pacific Grove, California 93950

    Patients Personal Rights are not met. If you are a dementia patient and roll into other people you will be kicked out of the facility. Patients are left in wheelchairs all day. Necks hanging. Patients who roll around the building are tilted back at a 45-degree angle with no head support for hours. I am physically fit and could not be left in that position for hours without acquiring a neck ache. Inhumane treatment. If you are not catatonic they will kick you out. Not how a Convalescent Hospital should ever be run. If a business advertises for "Memory Care" then they should support the patients and families. My father rolled around for months and lost 40 pounds. 10 hours a day rolling around in the building.

  • Drumright Nursing Home Drumright, Oklahoma 74030

    i am a 92 year old former resident. i as overdosed and underdosed on morphine under their watch.. also made to sit in chair until they thought i could be put to bed. always told you haven't served your time yet. you can just sit there and suffer. we are the don and administrator and we have all the power over you. thank god i had family that got me out this hell hole

  • Tyler's Retreat at Iron Bridge Chester, Virginia 23831

    I am sadden to be writing this review but I feel it is important for families that are looking for a safe and caring facility for their loved ones. My advice to you is to look elsewhere before putting a loved one in Tylers Retreat because I promise you that you will be very disappointed.

    I placed my mom in this facility based on what I was told by other people and from the get go they were awful, in the first 24 hours they gave my mother not medicine because they doctor didn't sign off on it so my mother was in terrible shape and I went home and got her medicine and dared them to tell me I couldn't give it to her. It is important you understand that my mothers health was bad but not her mind she was very aware of everything. She was dead 6 weeks after she entered the place and they didn't even call me until 11:25pm the evening she died to tell me she was gone and I had absolutely no idea so was dieding ….none at all.

    The story is too long and too painful for me to really get into but please stay clear of this place.

  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    This place needs a whole new staff. I would never recommend this place to anyone that might need to send a loved one to a nursing home for rehab. Absolutely no regard to the patient, and the poor cna's are the ones who have to do all the work on the unit. Will never return to this facility