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  • Allegra Nursing and Rehab Jackson, Michigan 49202

    Often told "we are understaffed" as reason for untimely patient care. Often had to call the front desk to get staff to respond to patient needs. Patients with special dietary needs (diabetics, those with celiac disease, heart problems) are not accommodated. Their meals are the same as patients on a regular diet. We were told by the person delivering meals that the kitchen goes by calories only. A patient given daily insulin shots was also given pie, pasta, pudding, rice, etc. Smells in the hallways and rooms was unpleasant. Rooms are bland. Many don't have suitable chairs for patients or guests. After 20 days in this facility, patient was no better than when admitted -- could not walk to bathroom or sit up without help. Very little PT or OT done to improve patient's ability to be independent. Would not recommend this facility.

  • Nurse Care of Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia 30305

    This place is not kept very clean, maybe it is the fact that it is outdated that makes it look dirty. My family member has been complaining that his medication is not given on time, he waited for several hours for them to distribute his meds. he said it took several hours for them is not changed him in a timely or more so sanitary manner he has stayed in a dirty diaper for 2 - 3 hours.

    He stated that on the day he should have been taken to physical therapy, the aide told him that he would be back and never returned. My cousin is a veteran and has 3 purple hearts and should be treated better than he is.

  • Lancashire Hall Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601

    For 2 weeks, I stayed in the "Rehabilitation Center at Lancashire" - their name for a wing of the building where they installed some grab bars in the bathroom (that do not meet ADA requirements) and called it by a fancy title. The rooms and bathrooms in their entirety fail to meet ADA compliance standards. The only good thing about this facility is the people - nearly all of them are friendly, competent, kind and caring. That includes employees in all areas, from social workers, aides, physical and occupational therapists, activities staff and food workers to the housekeepers and maintenance men.

    That being said, everything else ranges from barely acceptable to completely terrible. The food varies wildly, from pretty good to barely edible. It is usually lukewarm and tasteless. The portions are too small, the menu selections don't provide enough variety, there aren't enough vegetables and I was not told until close to the end of my stay that there are additional items that I could select. One meal consisted of a little meat and peppers on a big bun and 4 oz. of milk. Nothing else! An aide was able to find me a small dish of coleslaw. Oddly enough, the coleslaw, which is served frequently, was very tasty. One very bad meal was pasta with tasteless fake Alfredo sauce and a broccoli/cauliflower blend so overcooked that the broccoli was almost white. Barely edible! And the "Holiday Meal", which family and friends could buy for $14.50, consisted of turkey or prime rib, mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, one vegetable and a small dessert. My prime rib was overcooked, 1/8" thick and very small. The dessert was, as usual, fairly good. When I was done, I ate a bunch of pretzels and popcorn. I'm trying to maintain a certain weight and the meals were never big enough. In addition, I was never given Ensure or a comparable product. For my last few days I was given an additional item, usually mashed with gravy, probably so they didn't have to provide the Ensure - it's fairly expensive.

    The staff is overworked because there are not enough of them, particularly the aides. Their experience and training varies wildly, ranging from uncertified to LPNs, some of whom are unfamiliar with medications and care requirements for post-surgical residents. In addition, due to the time waiting for my call bell to be answered and having to make multiple requests, I sometimes had to wait up to an hour and a half to be given my pain medication. There seemed to be confusion about medication procedures, too. One side told me that two certain meds had to be taken an hour apart, another gave them to me at the same time. Sometimes they missed one of my meds and I had to ask for it.

    One time I couldn't get the footrests onto my wheelchair and pushed the button to call an aide. In a while, it was answered by a woman from housekeeping, who didn't know how to do it. But one of the plumbers working in the bathroom did know how and did it for me! I think that's indicative of the care provided at this nursing home - the staff does its best, but there aren't enough of them.

    There are so many things I observed and experienced during my stay, most of them unacceptable, that I could write a book. Cleanliness of the room and bath was just terrible - floors not swept during not entire stay, feces on the toilet seat for days, no wiping of surfaces and so forth. Residents left all day in a bed or chair by the nurse's station. Residents not checked on for hours at a time. Residents wandering around at night - once a male resident went into the room next to ours, then was in the bath talking to one of the women in that room, then tried to come into our room. My roommate had to yell at him to make him leave! These are important issues and could be dealt with if only they had more employees.

    I cannot say much about the other wings, which are for long stays, only for conditions in "rehab." But I'm guessing they're about the same. And I feel very sad for the people living there. And wondering why a comatose man is living in the "Rehabilitation Center" when all he requires is a bed and regular care. Wondering why my roommate, victim of a stroke that affected her movement and speech, never gets speech therapy or physical therapy. Wondering what the aides get paid for their hard work. Wondering why the nicest, cleanest area in the building is the part seen by visitors. And wondering about the profits Wilmac, the owner, makes.

  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

    The place was dirty, smelled of urine and the furniture in the rooms were broken.. sheets worn so thin you could see thru them. My family member was suppose to get physical therapy 5 times a week and never received one .. after a week being there in a bed and never taken out unless demanded he got a bed sore that required a wound doctor which he was taken to North Broward Hospital in an ambulance…

  • Aspire Physical Recovery Center at Hoover, LLC Birmingham, Alabama 35226

    I give it one star . It's beautiful and very clean : in fact , the housekeeping staff and the aids were the only compassionate branches of aspire's team .

    Our 93 year old father was there after a heart attack ,(despite Aspire and daddy's GP's bad reviews : we were warned !) because we were impressed by the looks of the place. WRONG ! DO NOT be lulled by the glamorous appearance of Aspire !

    We are not a demanding or spoiled family , but WE were the ones to bathe him , change soiled 'brief's , clean dried vomit from him and change his sheets . WE were the ones who had to research his meds and find out which one made him violently ill *. WE were the ones who BEGGED to have it stopped , only to have them dose him with it AGAIN in three days. WE were the ones to notice signs of a serious UTI …

    Nurses often seemed to take offense when we went to their station asking for help and frequently , help never came.

    Bedsores developed , oozed and bled.

    We're lucky he lived .

    * Lasix diuretic removed more fluids (and electrolytes) than he'd taken in , in two days .he was drained almost dry.

  • Concord Village Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Painesville, Ohio 44077

    If you are looking for someplace to care for your loved one, look elsewhere. This place is a total joke. The Director of Nursing (Deborah) and the Manager (Vivian) are the most cold hearted, uncaring “Leaders” you could imagine. That same negative tone is forced down to their staff. Staff turnover is high. While some are very caring and compassionate, theirs hands are tied to do anything beyond below average care due to inadequate staffing and negative leadership. They don’t have time for discussing concerns of patients. The nursing director told us to call and “leave a voicemail. I'll call you back”. They are constantly in “meetings” to which they use as an excuse not to talk to family. Staff takes a long time to answer call buttons. We once waited an hour and a half! Their excuse was that staff was busy handing out food trays…For an hour and a half? That shows how short staffed they are. Bedding wasn’t changed for almost two weeks. Dressing changes were ignored until we raised concerns. We now ask them to write the date on the band-aid so we know when it was changed last and it still goes for days without changing. Our relative fell out of their chair 3 times in five months. Each time the director of nursing was full of excuses. When we came back from the hospital after one of the falls, the aide was sleeping on a couch in the hallway while two residents were still in their wheelchairs sleeping. That was at 2am. And that aide still works there. Once when we were late in coming to feed our relative (because we don't believe the staff will take the time) we found her alone in the dining hall eating puréed food with her hands and no one noticed. Each time we tried to meet with the director of nursing to discuss our concerns and ask how we can work together, her response was that we “family” are there too much and our expectations are too high…

    We are asking for basic care. This place can not fulfill that. We are looking elsewhere but moving our relative can’t come fast enough.

    Don’t believe the 5-Star rating from the state or the new clean environment of the facility. They are both facades of incompetent leaders steering the Titanic. It’s only a matter of time before they strike the iceberg. Pray that it’s not your loved one who is the victim of their neglect and incompetence. STAY AWAY!!!

  • Harmony Court Rehab and Nursing Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

    Over a year ago, my mother was going in the right direction as much as she could given her condition. With the overall change in management, I feel they failed her. And not because family wasn't present. Someone was there at least 5 out of 7 days. The aides for the most part were good to her. The highest paid nurses in the building are 100% horrible. If your loved one can't speak for themselves, this is not the place for them.

  • Senior Care of Weston Inn Temple, Texas 76504

    Sadly, my mother passed away after being at the Weston for a couple of years.We paid out of pocket for almost the entire two years - a month in advance. The low rating is due to the fact that after she passed, (on the 4th - so with a large refund due) the business office suddenly "discovered" an insurance payment from TWO YEARS earlier that was 'not accurate'. I have been in contact with the office for three months now - at first they were unaware that the insurance provider (through her retirement) had changed. Then, they said the company did not ever get a claim (and yet I had provided them with statements showing otherwise.) I am still waiting. I cannot say if this is due to INCOMPETENCE or being UNETHICAL, or both. However, it is traumatic enough to lose a parent - much less deal with a business office that makes me feel like I am being cheated. Just do not bring your parent here. Go where there are competent and ethical business practices.

  • Grove at North Huntingdon, The Irwin, Pennsylvania 15642

    I give the groveat irwin a 0 rating dont go in thinking your just getting theropy for a hip replacement my elderly mother was to got there for a weeks theropy…ended up they planned not to discharge her using her early dimentia as an excuse when we have complete home care 24 7 for her already. Bottom line we had her sent to upmc fir evaluation she was perfectly healthy going in just thought we get more help for her to be using walker and for her home care person her son to learn to handle mom if she needed help shrz now recovering from sever dehydration a UTI and bad duaper rash because of hygene neglect.

  • Spring Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center Brooksville, Florida 34613

    A lack of cordinated communications a major problem in delivering total and effective care. Food services deplorable - poor qaulity- wrong menus - lack of management / supervision- complaints go unanswered- nursing can do NOTHING! Therapy - once confronted OK- we had to force doctors goals. Housekeeping - sanitary conditions poor. CAN A 50 50 shot depending who u get. Nursing for the most part caring- attentive- Administrator - by opinion -there for a paycheck. Never could speak to him. Assistants excellent but with limited authority and capability. It's all in how much YOU care but do not expect CARE in the equations-

  • Oneida Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Utica, New York 13501

    Staff on third floor skilled do not brush my loved ones teeth. With his dementia he cannot do this for himself. I have asked them repeatedly to do this for him but they still do not. They do not seem to understand how important good dental care is to a person's overall health and how traumatic the experience will be if he needs major dental work done.

  • Regalcare at West Haven West Haven, Connecticut 06516

    This building is dirty, unkempt, extremely unprofessional and they are also very racist!! The DIRECTOR OF NURSING is rude. He hung up in my face. The administration staff walk away from you while you are talking. They are rude and have no respect for staff/residents/humanity!!!! Customer service sucks and I would never bring my loved one here. The reviews tell it all!!! Terrible service!! The worst!! Regal Care Of West Haven is a sorry excuse for a nursing home and I can only imagine the care they provide when family is not present!! Run away fast!! 11/14/18.

  • Alaris Health at Cedar Grove Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

    Elderly parent admitted to Alaris as a last resort. The hospital Social Worker & Alaris Social Worker both insisted it was a new facility. I was skeptical. If this place is where I think it is; then, it is not new. It is & I called them out on it too. This place changed hands at least 3 times over the past 15 years.

    The care was absolutely unacceptable as usual. As others stated, do not consider this place. If, you have Medicare Advantage; then, you will be relegated to inferior nursing facilities. I am probably not allowed to recommend preferable nursing facilities.

  • Silver City Care Center Silver City, New Mexico 88061

    THE worst.

    Della, social worker, is a pathological liar who will get your loved one to sign things while they are drugged. Several employees are good, but most don't give a rip and have a bad attitude. "That's how things work in small town Silver City," like we are supposed to feel sorry for them that they live there and chose to apply for the job they have. Their entire attitude is one of entitlement. Watch out for Marie, the billing lady. She's a liar, too, and will say whatever she has to to scare you into opening your wallet, even though she fails to do her job and submit bills to insurance. Path of least resistance… The place is filthy, the food unhealthy, patients left unattended for hours on end in soiled diapers, falling out of their wheelchairs. Oh, and want to talk to the doctor about your loved one? Forget it. He shows up ONE time, when your loved one is checked in, and never again after that. "Dr. Janie", physician assistant, handles all patient care, or lack thereof. She is NOT a doctor, contrary to what everyone there calls her. She supposedly checks in on every patient ONCE in a MONTH. If you want her to check in on a loved one more frequently, you are supposed to call her office and set it up. But, don't expect any changes, becaue i called three times and requested twice a month checkups. It never happened. The place is NOT a care center. It is a euthansia center. If should be shut down.

  • Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Schenectady, New York 12309

    back in 2013, i toured this place twice. it was one of those suggested for my brother's sub acute rehab. it was supposed to be good, was recommended by the hospital for rehab. the facility itself was run down, with torn wallpaper in the lobby. dirty and depressing. they didn't have real patient rooms in the rehab section, i don't know what they had elsewhere. very little room for patients, separated by hanging cloth. both times went to the rehab room no one was receiving therapy. one time one therapist was there, that's it. we crossed it off the list.

  • Shaker Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Beachwood, Ohio 44122

    This place is NASTY……Ice chest in the hallways for patients…Beds are all malfunctioning/mattress are old and ragged.The floors have not been vacummed in 2 weeks…..Do they know what a mop is for???? The doors are wide open after the sign says enter code ---at 10:30pm I just walked in…..Never challanged.

    This place is so under staffed ---not freindly at all. Staff members were very defensive and rude when asked simple questions. The dinning room still had plates, cups, food on the table - 10:30pm……

    The staff --when they respond to phone calls - are very good at pushing off on somebody else has the answer ----not responsible or compassionate.