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  • Magnolia Lane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Morganton, North Carolina 28655

    my dad was in this home, and i want to thank god i got him out. he was in there close to 2 years .they don't have enought cna, my dad smell like urine. so did his bed.he has put out of wheelchair and beat up in head.fell at least once a other things. he is 89 years old. it got so bad, he told me he wanted to died and go to heaven, and i got him out of there.then management made it hard on me to get him out.i would not put my dog in there, the place need to be closed down.i feel so sorry for all the people that still there and don' have no family to at least help them.please listen don' t take a love one there, it like throwing them in the trash.

  • Valle Verde Health Facility Santa Barbara, California 93105

    My wife and I are residents here, and have been here for three years. We live in the independent homes, and love it. Regarding the nursing facility, my wife had two hip replacements last year, about eight weeks apart. After each replacement, she chose to transfer to the skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. The amount and quality of care was outstanding; she received much more attention that she would have in an at-home setting, and she was very impressed by the caring approach and personal care that was given to all of the other patients. WIthout question she (and I) would give the skilled nursing facility the highest rating for quality of service and results. And we love the full spectrum of services offered at Valle Verde - the staff is truly exceptional. If you are considering a retirement community, you can't beat Valle Verde!

  • The Laurels of Greentree Ridge Asheville, North Carolina 28803

    I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

    This place is terrible in every way. You would be better off going to a homeless shelter. It constantly smells like a sewer and they are very understaffed. It has taken over an hour to get anyone to answer the call button and then they just came in and turned it off only to run out and make you wait another 45 min before returning to care for the patient. The nurses and C.N.A.s are for the most part OK, but they are so understaffed that they are constantly overwhelmed. The administration is the biggest problem, If you complain about the bad care of your loved one they will turn around and blame the patient and do nothing to fix the problem. The problems are a constant, Their has not been one day that I have visited my family member where the same issues I have complained about has been been addressed & the administrators have become rude and offensive when I have repeated the complaints. They do not see or treat your loved one as a person but rather a dollar sign. The social worker is horrible and pathetic. The head of the nursing department dos not do anything to fix the problems. The facility is falling apart from the leaking roof to the broken door alarms and fire alarms that go off for no reason when it rains hard. If you care about your the person, do not let them go to this place.

  • Brinton Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Sykesville, Maryland 21784

    My family member was there several times over many years and I would say that I personally have had nothing but positive experiences with this place, from the cleaning staff to the administrative team, this staff is the most caring compassionate and down to earth caregivers I have ever met. The facility is always clean, never has an odor and all staff are willing to help and answer any questions. My grandfather's roommate said nothing but how caring the staff was all the time with him, as he was more dependent for care then others and I depended on others observations to ensure that he was at the right place. Granddad was there when he could not live at home any longer and fortunately for him and my family, he was where he needed to be when he left this world. The staff went above and beyond to move him to a private room as he was actively dying to allow our friends and family to say their goodbyes. You really know who people truly are when you do not ask anything of them and they go above and beyond to provide a hospitality cart for all of us. The GNAs came in with heartfelt tears in their eyes and said their goodbyes and he looked at them with tears in his eyes and thanked them…there is not a day that goes by that in this difficult time of mourning his impending death, that I do not feel a sense of comfort knowing that those individuals and that team did not have to do or say what they did for him, but they did without even thinking twice. This is a place that I now volunteer at and see the same heartfelt and honest response to other patients that I now I saw in them with granddad. Thank you Brinton Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Winfield for going that extra mile and actually caring about the patients you take care of! I would recommend this place to anyone!!!!!

  • Carthage Health and Rehabilitation Center Carthage, Missouri 64836

    I give this facility a 0. Rude and mostly uncaring staff. Very unprofessional. Began to be harrassed by staff while my husband was there and has continued after he passed. Have contacted corp office but who knows if will do any good. Family of some of the staff works for them

  • Signature Healthcare at Tanbark Rehab & Wellness C Lexington, Kentucky 40515

    This place is terrible,and they are only interested in making moneythis place is a terrible! They are only interested in how much money they can make. They can not keep help and don't answer when residents press pendents for HELP ie, Do your loved ones a huge favor and DO NOT move them into this place!! Since it was taken over by Signature Health Care it has done nothing but go down. It is now under investigation by the state of Kentuckybecause of so many complaints.

  • Mckinley Park Care Center Sacramento, California 95816

    My mother entered the Sacramento, CA McKinley Park Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 2:45 p.m. where she arrived in good condition. She was admitted to room 12A.

    My husband and I arrived at 4:00 p.m. and found the room HOT and stuffy. The air-conditioning was not working – each bed had a small fan on the nightstand. My mother was weak, pale, dehydrated, and extremely fragile. We contacted multiple staff members including the administrator, Jeff. Finally, a swamp cooler (that was being used down the hall) was placed across the hall pointing towards the room. It provided a minimal amount of cool air. We also requested water, some fruit/crackers – some sort of nourishment, and cool towels. They were brought in and we assisted her with getting cooled down and re-hydrated by holding the fan over her, feeding her bites of watermelon, giving her sips of water and Boost, and by wiping her face and body with cool cloths. She was still weak when we left at 8:30 p.m. but in better shape than when we had arrived.

    At this point she was so frail she needed assistance to use the commode, as she could not make it to the restroom. During the night, she needed to use the toilet three times and had been told if she needed to use it to call for assistance. The first two times she pushed the button several times and called out for help. No help came and she wet the bed. After she wet herself her roommate called the facility and asked for assistance. After the phone calls, they came in and changed her bed and clothes. The third time when there was no response from the calls, she got up and used the commode on her own. In her condition that was very unsafe, but she didn’t want to wet herself again.

    At 11:30 p.m. a nurse came in and told her she was giving her a TB shot and, as my mother was refusing it, the nurse inserted the needle and gave her the shot. NO consent was given for that shot. I spoke to administration about it and it was “notated in the file”. On June 4th, (again at 11:30 p.m.) they tried to give her another one – perhaps a booster shot – and she refused before they could administer it. No communication regarding unauthorized shots was in her file.

    This room (12A), in addition to having no air-conditioning, had a light behind her bed that was broken and the bathroom smelled of urine and mold – it was also out of toilet paper. The floors we dirty and the curtains were torn.

    The next morning when there was still no air conditioning and, per my firm request, she was moved to another room – 30A. That rooms air conditioning vent was shut and had to be “forced” open, but not until the maintenance man arrived - the next afternoon. (Mohammad was the maintenance man and he was wonderful – attentive and professional). Unbeknownst to us, the thermostat was broken and now that the vent was open it made the room so cold that she and her roommate needed several blankets. When Mohammad arrived the next morning, he fixed it. Mind you this occurred in June - in Sacramento heat.

    That afternoon, I lay on her bed while she sat in her wheelchair. When I returned home – about an hour later – I was covered in bedbug bites. They hurt. I looked on line and confirmed they were indeed bed bug bites. I called (not telling them why) and had them change the bedding and wipe down the bed. They did so. I called later in the evening and asked the nurse to keep an eye on her skin to make sure there were no bites on her. She did not have bite marks.

    On June 2nd, after she had been moved to room 30A, at 11:30 p.m. a nurse came in and woke her and informed her that they needed to go through her belongings to find her hearing aids. For half an hour, they went through everything she had leaving her belongings in shambles – they did not find them. The next morning when I arrived I pulled them out from one of her bags – that had been gone through – and took them home. We advised the nurse. The next two days the staff continued to ask about where her hearing aids were. Again, no notation had been made in her file.

    The nights of June 4th and 5th she was able walk to the restroom on her own; however, it was blocked by her roommate’s wheelchair, which she could not move. Both nights she pushed the button for help and, again, no one came. One of the residents heard her calling out and helped her move the wheelchair. Too late – she wet herself both nights. Three nights (four times) of my mother’s six day stay she wet herself, not because of incontinence, because of lack of proper care.

    Please note – physical and occupational therapy had begun and the therapists were phenomenal. They were professional, kind, attentive, helpful, and provided appropriate exercises that she could perform and was able to do on her own. Likewise, her nurse, Geraldine, was very kind and professional.

    The medication was not corrected the entire time we were there. They continued her on high levels of Norco and Acetaminophen. On the 5th, per my request, they stopped the Norco. I asked for an anti-inflammatory, as that had been stopped while on the Norco. They continued to try to give the Norco to her for the entire stay. The times that she was given medication were never consistent, the day she was released the schedule and dosage had still not been corrected. She was either being over medicated or under – it was never regulated.

    During her stay phone calls were basically nonexistent. Her friends took turns calling to attempt to speak with her. On occasion, someone would get through…I too was unable to speak to her on several occasions. Either the phone rang endlessly, I was put on an indefinite hold, or I was transferred somewhere that never answered.

    On the Tuesday, June 6th I received a call from the Social Services Department wanting to set a date for evaluation and to see about how to proceed with her care. The date they wanted was ten days away!! Friday, June 16th. My mother lives on her own, attends chair aerobics for an hour a day – five days a week, walks around her complex, plays tournament level scrabble twice a week, and has an excellent social network.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and requested that she be considered for release. She checked with physical and occupational therapy as well as nursing. Everyone concurred that she was ready to be released and was authorized to leave. Not surprising, as several therapists, nurses and various staff mentioned how well she was doing and did not understand why she was still there. She was released on the 7th at 9:45 a.m.

    The Social Services Department referred us to Healthy Living Home Care (HLCC) which is where they prefer to refer their patients to. They “highly recommended” it and I was told that I could request somewhere else, but that it would take longer to process and that it would probably not be completed until the following Monday the 12th, which meant she would probably not have someone come out until Wednesday or Thursday. We went with Healthy Living.

    I received a call from HLCC and was told that I would receive paperwork and a phone call later that day. Neither happened. I called the next morning (Thursday) and was told I should get a call later in the day and that they would text the paperwork to me. When I still didn’t hear anything, I called the next morning and I was told that the nurse would be out that day between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. No one showed up. When I called to tell them that we did not want to use their service they said someone would be out the next day and that it was too late for me to change places as 48 hours had almost passed.

    I contacted American River Home Care Center, whom I had originally wanted, and guess what? They could accept her and they were able to contact the other facility and get the referral paperwork. They called me back that evening – after hours – to let me know that everything was processed and that we would receive a call in the morning. I was also informed of who her in-home care team would be. They are wonderful. They provide a 15-minute time frame – not an hour one, they showed up and are beyond professional. We are happy with every aspect of this company and would highly recommend them to anyone needing quality care.

    That is not what will be happening with McKinley Park Care Center, nor with their referral facility Healthy Living Home Care. I will in no way, shape or form being giving a good recommendation to either facility. In fact, quite the opposite. Due to the lack of care, professionalism, and attention to detail I will be leaving poor reviews. This kind of treatment is deplorable.

  • Elberta Health Care Warner Robins, Georgia 31093

    Upper management does not seem to be able to resolve matters efficiently. Staff is nice but simple matters are never able to be handled adequately. Laundry is a big issue. privacy is a big issue. Very cramped patient conditions. State inspectors could do the families a big favor by popping in unannounced. Inspection time always runs smoothly since they know you are coming. Water is not in front of all patients at all times. Glorified babysitters and medication dispensers.

  • Redwood of Raymore Raymore, Missouri 64083

    This use to be Raymore Rehab and has been sold out at least twice since my Mother was there. I Had to move an elderly couple from there due to the place be unclean, Patients were given Medicine and Med Tech would leave not knowing if they took the proper drugs that was given. Food was horrible, and patient had not been bathed. I Pray that you check this out very good before placing anyone there in the Front. Memory Care was awesome when my Mom was there

  • Golden Living Center-Oak Hill Middleboro, Massachusetts 02346

    This is a facility that you need to go in and tour staff is pleasant and very caring. The building is a bit out dated and could use some updates, but the most important is the success my father had during his rehab stay.

    Thank you to all the staff at Golden Living OakHill

  • Integrity Health Care of Wood River Wood River, Illinois 62095

    I am a resident at Integrity of Wood River and I am not safe.  There is a nurse and a CNA whom have decided to make my life as miserable as possible because I have complained about them.  We have  a resident who calls everyone the "N" word.  I wonder how they treat her?  She is unable to tell anyone how badly she is treated. My room is 307, please come by and ask me about it.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation 1526 Lombard Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146

    The place is an absolute disgrace. It looks nice and that's about it. My father was forced to leave with a UTI and bedsore. Social workers are a disgrace. Exec Dir. pretends to be interested and concerned and she isn't. HIPAA violations discussing my father's finances and treatment. Don't send anyone you care about here

  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    The first time my mother was there, things went pretty well, but now it is the third time and things are horrible. She is unable to get up and out of bed by herself and when she pushes her call light it sometimes takes hours for a response. What if it was an emergency? No one even comes to check to see what she needs, they just don't acknowledge it at all. Today she was still in bed at 10:30 and waiting in agony to go to the bathroom. The last time she was there, she was home for one day before ending up in the ER again with Congestive Heart Failure and a severe UTI. They say there are only two CNA's on the floor, but that's not the patients fault. If they need extra help, there are a lot of people who would love a job. When seniors need extra care, it sure is a shame that they can't or aren't treated with respect. Something needs to be done to make this facility better. Maybe the state needs to be called and have them reported for neglect.

  • Advanced Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation New Haven, Connecticut 06519

    It would Not be 1 star but had to, I can tell you stories that would turn your Stomach!! All I ask is why??????? Am i BLOCKED from facebook? Truth Hurt,

    There are 2 of mine there,and Boom!,BLOCKED!? Waiting to see how long till Google is Shut Off,Ill be Back! One to start,Seems the St. Of CT. Doesn't think that a Rodent Infested building for 5 MONTHS is NOT Important,,Ill Ask?

  • Wave Crest Health and Rehabilitation Center Melbourne, Florida 32901

    I was there to get an orientation for my class because we're doing clinical class on Saturday. As far as I can tell it's an little more up lifting then the other LTF I have been to and they can been a little depressing at times but that's on of the reason I'm getting into healthcare because I do CARE.