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  • Valle Verde Health Facility Santa Barbara, California 93105

    My wife and I are residents here, and have been here for three years. We live in the independent homes, and love it. Regarding the nursing facility, my wife had two hip replacements last year, about eight weeks apart. After each replacement, she chose to transfer to the skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. The amount and quality of care was outstanding; she received much more attention that she would have in an at-home setting, and she was very impressed by the caring approach and personal care that was given to all of the other patients. WIthout question she (and I) would give the skilled nursing facility the highest rating for quality of service and results. And we love the full spectrum of services offered at Valle Verde - the staff is truly exceptional. If you are considering a retirement community, you can't beat Valle Verde!

  • Mckinley Park Care Center Sacramento, California 95816

    My mother entered the Sacramento, CA McKinley Park Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 2:45 p.m. where she arrived in good condition. She was admitted to room 12A.

    My husband and I arrived at 4:00 p.m. and found the room HOT and stuffy. The air-conditioning was not working – each bed had a small fan on the nightstand. My mother was weak, pale, dehydrated, and extremely fragile. We contacted multiple staff members including the administrator, Jeff. Finally, a swamp cooler (that was being used down the hall) was placed across the hall pointing towards the room. It provided a minimal amount of cool air. We also requested water, some fruit/crackers – some sort of nourishment, and cool towels. They were brought in and we assisted her with getting cooled down and re-hydrated by holding the fan over her, feeding her bites of watermelon, giving her sips of water and Boost, and by wiping her face and body with cool cloths. She was still weak when we left at 8:30 p.m. but in better shape than when we had arrived.

    At this point she was so frail she needed assistance to use the commode, as she could not make it to the restroom. During the night, she needed to use the toilet three times and had been told if she needed to use it to call for assistance. The first two times she pushed the button several times and called out for help. No help came and she wet the bed. After she wet herself her roommate called the facility and asked for assistance. After the phone calls, they came in and changed her bed and clothes. The third time when there was no response from the calls, she got up and used the commode on her own. In her condition that was very unsafe, but she didn’t want to wet herself again.

    At 11:30 p.m. a nurse came in and told her she was giving her a TB shot and, as my mother was refusing it, the nurse inserted the needle and gave her the shot. NO consent was given for that shot. I spoke to administration about it and it was “notated in the file”. On June 4th, (again at 11:30 p.m.) they tried to give her another one – perhaps a booster shot – and she refused before they could administer it. No communication regarding unauthorized shots was in her file.

    This room (12A), in addition to having no air-conditioning, had a light behind her bed that was broken and the bathroom smelled of urine and mold – it was also out of toilet paper. The floors we dirty and the curtains were torn.

    The next morning when there was still no air conditioning and, per my firm request, she was moved to another room – 30A. That rooms air conditioning vent was shut and had to be “forced” open, but not until the maintenance man arrived - the next afternoon. (Mohammad was the maintenance man and he was wonderful – attentive and professional). Unbeknownst to us, the thermostat was broken and now that the vent was open it made the room so cold that she and her roommate needed several blankets. When Mohammad arrived the next morning, he fixed it. Mind you this occurred in June - in Sacramento heat.

    That afternoon, I lay on her bed while she sat in her wheelchair. When I returned home – about an hour later – I was covered in bedbug bites. They hurt. I looked on line and confirmed they were indeed bed bug bites. I called (not telling them why) and had them change the bedding and wipe down the bed. They did so. I called later in the evening and asked the nurse to keep an eye on her skin to make sure there were no bites on her. She did not have bite marks.

    On June 2nd, after she had been moved to room 30A, at 11:30 p.m. a nurse came in and woke her and informed her that they needed to go through her belongings to find her hearing aids. For half an hour, they went through everything she had leaving her belongings in shambles – they did not find them. The next morning when I arrived I pulled them out from one of her bags – that had been gone through – and took them home. We advised the nurse. The next two days the staff continued to ask about where her hearing aids were. Again, no notation had been made in her file.

    The nights of June 4th and 5th she was able walk to the restroom on her own; however, it was blocked by her roommate’s wheelchair, which she could not move. Both nights she pushed the button for help and, again, no one came. One of the residents heard her calling out and helped her move the wheelchair. Too late – she wet herself both nights. Three nights (four times) of my mother’s six day stay she wet herself, not because of incontinence, because of lack of proper care.

    Please note – physical and occupational therapy had begun and the therapists were phenomenal. They were professional, kind, attentive, helpful, and provided appropriate exercises that she could perform and was able to do on her own. Likewise, her nurse, Geraldine, was very kind and professional.

    The medication was not corrected the entire time we were there. They continued her on high levels of Norco and Acetaminophen. On the 5th, per my request, they stopped the Norco. I asked for an anti-inflammatory, as that had been stopped while on the Norco. They continued to try to give the Norco to her for the entire stay. The times that she was given medication were never consistent, the day she was released the schedule and dosage had still not been corrected. She was either being over medicated or under – it was never regulated.

    During her stay phone calls were basically nonexistent. Her friends took turns calling to attempt to speak with her. On occasion, someone would get through…I too was unable to speak to her on several occasions. Either the phone rang endlessly, I was put on an indefinite hold, or I was transferred somewhere that never answered.

    On the Tuesday, June 6th I received a call from the Social Services Department wanting to set a date for evaluation and to see about how to proceed with her care. The date they wanted was ten days away!! Friday, June 16th. My mother lives on her own, attends chair aerobics for an hour a day – five days a week, walks around her complex, plays tournament level scrabble twice a week, and has an excellent social network.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and requested that she be considered for release. She checked with physical and occupational therapy as well as nursing. Everyone concurred that she was ready to be released and was authorized to leave. Not surprising, as several therapists, nurses and various staff mentioned how well she was doing and did not understand why she was still there. She was released on the 7th at 9:45 a.m.

    The Social Services Department referred us to Healthy Living Home Care (HLCC) which is where they prefer to refer their patients to. They “highly recommended” it and I was told that I could request somewhere else, but that it would take longer to process and that it would probably not be completed until the following Monday the 12th, which meant she would probably not have someone come out until Wednesday or Thursday. We went with Healthy Living.

    I received a call from HLCC and was told that I would receive paperwork and a phone call later that day. Neither happened. I called the next morning (Thursday) and was told I should get a call later in the day and that they would text the paperwork to me. When I still didn’t hear anything, I called the next morning and I was told that the nurse would be out that day between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. No one showed up. When I called to tell them that we did not want to use their service they said someone would be out the next day and that it was too late for me to change places as 48 hours had almost passed.

    I contacted American River Home Care Center, whom I had originally wanted, and guess what? They could accept her and they were able to contact the other facility and get the referral paperwork. They called me back that evening – after hours – to let me know that everything was processed and that we would receive a call in the morning. I was also informed of who her in-home care team would be. They are wonderful. They provide a 15-minute time frame – not an hour one, they showed up and are beyond professional. We are happy with every aspect of this company and would highly recommend them to anyone needing quality care.

    That is not what will be happening with McKinley Park Care Center, nor with their referral facility Healthy Living Home Care. I will in no way, shape or form being giving a good recommendation to either facility. In fact, quite the opposite. Due to the lack of care, professionalism, and attention to detail I will be leaving poor reviews. This kind of treatment is deplorable.

  • Cedar Mountain Post Acute Yucaipa, California 92399

    Extensive Back surgery recovery.. 3 weeks for scoliosis, and spinal stenosis. I was cared for with great care, and compassion. medications were administered efficiently, and timley. The facility was always always cleaned daily. Therapy was very helpful, and administered twice daily. The entire experience was possative, caring, and professional. I would recommend Cedar Mountain Post Acute to anyone who needs help in rehab. etc. I would give it a 5 star review. The only thing I would like to see is to keep any Dimentia, Alzheimer patients separate from other patients for safety reasons.This might already be in place, but i'm not sure.

  • Saylor Lane Healthcare Center Sacramento, California 95816

    Saylor Lane Complaint. Look for a better nursing home if you can afford it. You can tell it is a low quality, second-rate nursing home as soon as you walk in the door. There is a tiny parking lot that never any parking spaces available. I think the staff must park in it. They love the patient to have guests so the visitor can do all the work for the patient.

    They are so unorganized. They lose all of the patients’ clothes and just dress them in anything they can find available. I see other complaints about patients’ losing items and having them stolen. It is a problem. They do not have the inventory check in sheets out where you can just update them. You have to request it from the nurse. They do not do it for you. They hand you a pen and the inventory sheet and make you do it. When I brought hearing aids in I stopped and asked the nurse at the desk for the sheet. She was not sure what I was referring to, made a note, and said she would ask and take care of it. She failed to update the inventory checklist and when they lost the first one, they would not replace it because that nurse had not updated the inventory list, even though physical therapy staff was using the hearing aids every day. When we brought our loved one home, they sent her home without the other hearing aid saying they could not find it.. The next day I went in and they said they would not replace that one either, even though they were aware they were in her inventory at that point. I made the nurse open up her cart and showed her where they had been keeping them. It was right where I told them it would be.

    Our loved one was there for Chronic Heart Failure. Her discharge orders from the hospital indicated her bed should be lifted up because her lungs were filled with fluid., Also, a cardiologist needed to examine her within seven days of leaving the hospital. Every day when I went to check on her, she was sleeping with her bed completely flat. She was coughing and choking on phlegm. The little rolling table with Kleenex and water was pushed far from the bed, and the first thing she asked for was a drink of water. She was there for almost six weeks and they never had her see a cardiologist. She also went for weeks without a shower of having her hair washed. They waited until we asked them before bothering to do it. I do not think they ever had her brush her teeth. The plaque on her teeth had built up so thick her teeth need to be cleaned by the dentist when she is up to it. They also sent her home without all of her medication. I immediately called them and they could not order it until the next day and made me drive back out there to pick it up.

    I guess what I am saying is this….. If you care about the family member you need help caring for, then you should look for a better nursing home. The few dollars you save at Saylor lane might just cause your loved one their life.

  • Grossmont Post Acute Care La Mesa, California 91942

    The worse care I have ever seen. Charge nurses and staff are never available when patient is in need of care. So disgusting when you see your friend sitting in dirty dirty diapers. A friend of mine had a stroke and the staff didn't assist her with her needs. My friend had to call her granddaughter and have her call the facility to get help because she couldn't breath. They left her sitting in a wheelchair for hours and didn't even give her lunch. So horribly sad when a nursing facility won't take care of you.

  • Providence Lindsay Gardens Lindsay, California 93247

    this place really really really stinks my dad was placed in here for rehab the food drinks and only really bad sink water to drink no other can of drinks availble worth speaking of no sodas my dad left early before finishing his therapy good thing he did his leg was swollen we told the therapists they would not listen the nurse neither we discharged out of dad and took him to a emergency room his leg was swollen had pain redness they did a ultron sound checking his vein in his leg and found deep vein thrombosis bloot clots where lodge in his leg if he would have stayed at lindsay gardens convalscent home he could have lost his life and where thankful to god that he left that place shame to the staff and thrapists at lindsay gardens convalscent home for whating to contining therapy on his hurting leg if he had it could have broke loose those clots he doing ok know his on coumadin therapy i know coumadins harsh but its giving him a second chance godbless you all how deserve it.

  • Providence Lindsay Gardens Lindsay, California 93247

    lindsay gardens is for profit and they sure show it they ignore there inspections from the fire department not having enough staff of any field required not repairing there outside garden walk way and serving the residents banned tap water for drinking and serving powder drinks made from it lindsay water has been banned from consumtion but they dont care bad food high in salt fat and several occasitions under cooked foods served sour milk watered down sometimes all pre frozen foods full of fat and salt no sodas are allowed in this facility to cut there cost down i cant belive this many residents had tvs but no way to control them and they did not help on these issue this facility dont care about making its residents comfortable just getting rich off them and cutting there costs down even if it endangers there residents stay away from this facility cant say you werent warned.

  • Providence Lindsay Gardens Lindsay, California 93247

    my grandfather was put in this place all they serve is really really really bad tap water drinks made from it and they dont allow patients to have soda i cant belive it and food not great even sometimes under cooked and to much salt made from high salt prepcked foods my grandfather needed a low cholesterol low sodium diet spoke to dietician he promised everything would be taken care of never was what a disgrace this place is horrible to not enough staff nursing you name it small cafteria small physical therapy room my grandfater grew ill pretty fast and wanted to be discharged we took him back home to live with me and iam telling you his doing better than he would have than if he would had stayed at lindsay gardens convalscent home my grandfater told them before leaving that he was going to the public gardens and we did to the park they had a little fishing pond our lake it was fun i love my grandfather hes filling better back home with me and we got life alert instead push of a button and where glad shame on lindsay gardens shame on you, god bless you all who deserve it.

  • Providence Lindsay Gardens Lindsay, California 93247




























  • Claremont Care Center Pomona, California 91768

    This facility unfortunately was the only option that was given to my mom for rehabilitation after her five and a half hour long lower back surgery. She was operated on Thursday and released to this facility Sunday evening and we arrive there at 10 p.m. Upon arrival ambulance personnel and myself were directed to go down the hallway to room #1. We were not escorted to this room. As we entered the room I noted when empty bed and a bed that was occupied next to the window. I could not help but look on the floor and found myself very disgusted with food particles and popcorn kernels around my moms bed. When we were finally greeted by the facility staff I immediately pointed out my findings. I told them I was not happy and felt that the facility was dirty and since they knew my mother was going to occupy that room this evening they should have at least attempted to clean it up. I told him my mom was there due to lower back surgery she had that past Thursday and this was a potential slip and fall hazard. I advised the staff that my mom was able to get up from bed, walk up and down the hallways and go to the restroom with assistance. I also told them that she needed help with getting back into bed and was instructed by the hospital and her surgeon to be repositioned in bed every 2 hours to avoid bed sores. The nurse advised that they were unable to assist my mom with getting out of bed until she was assessed by the physical therapy unit which opened at 9am. They did however advise that they would be able to reposition her every 2 hours that that would not be a problem. Unfortunately there was nothing I can do that evening and was forced to leave my mom in their hands. I was very uncomfortable with this and cried my way home , it was the most agonizing night of my life. The next morning I arrived at the facility so I can help her with breakfast which they told me would be served at 7 a.m. . It was already 7:20 and she had not been served for breakfast nor was she given the opportunity to clean up and brush your teeth before breakfast Intel they brought her tray in. It was at that time that she told the nurse that she would like to clean up before eating. Staff Personnel did not seem pleased with having to do this extra Duty as I'm sure she had other trays to deliver. The staff member then asked my mom if she would like coffee, and as she is not a coffee drinker she requested hot chocolate. My mom was then given a cup with hot water and powdered hot chocolate poured into same without stirred. I asked my mom how many times she was repositioned in bed during the evening. To my disappointment she advised only one time. It was now 8 a.m. and I was able to get a hold of the insurance company to request that she be moved to a different facility and filed a grievance report. Within no time I was given to other facilities to go tour. I again was forced to leave my mom in their care and asked when Physical Therapy would tend to her. I was instructed by the staff member that physical therapy had other priority patients they had to tend to that had appointments and was on dialysis. I was told that physical therapy probably would not be able to get to her until 1 p.m. . As I left the facility to go tour the others I noticed several other patients being changed in their rooms with the door wide open. There was also several staff members in the hallway to include patients which made the facilities seem like something other than what my mom was there for. I was gone for approximately one-and-a-half hours and found my mom soiled in her diaper to which she requested to be changed 15 minutes prior to my arrival. After 20 minutes of my being there a staff member finally responded to her request and said she had just changed or 15 minutes ago. First of all this was a lie cuz I had already been there 20 minutes and even if she was just changed why make a comment just changed her again. As she was being change, the staff member through her soiled diaper on the floor next to the empty trash can. During this time there was other staff members that walk by my mother's room that saw the diaper on the floor and did not say anything. Physical Therapy then came in to assess her. They found my mom was strong and cleared her to be assisted getting out of bed to go to the restroom. She however was not able to exercise throughout the day with a nurse walking her down the hallway due to their rules and regulation. Physical therapy is the only unit that can assist my mother was walking down the hallway. They also advised me that Mom was cleared for physical therapy 6 days a week however they were only able to provide her with one session. Being that my mom is there for Rehab purposes I felt this was not enough for her to get back on her feet on her own again. One session 6 days a week was also being offered by the other facilities I toured. Since I felt more Physical Therapy was needed for my mom I felt the only way she would get the exercise needed is to bring her home. Thankfully I was able to take five weeks off from work and she is home resting peacefully and comfortably. This is not the facility for your loved one. While my mother was in physical therapy I got to spend some time outside with other patients to hear their disappointment with theft of clothing if they opted to have the facility do their laundry. My mom was given hand towels that were extremely frayed at the bottom not to mention debris and trash found in the hallways during the daytime hours. It does not appear that housekeeping keeps up with this facility as it seems that the only clean and sweet once a day. Please keep your loved ones away

  • Beachside Nursing Center Huntington Beach, California 92648

    I chose this facility for my mother in law due to the fact there were so many great reviews. It was one of the highest rated and highest scored in Orange County. Please do not let online reviews and score fool you on this place. My mother in law said that she pushed the call button the day after christmas and no one came for over an hour. I was there today 12/27/2016. It was my first time to actually go there and visit. The place looks nice, but she was brought back to the room and left in her wheelchair and she kept telling me im slipping. I pushed the call button and no one came, so after 15 minutes I went to find someone to help me. I saw a female who worked there with a name tag on..JoJo Rogers. I went up to ask her how I could get some help for my mother in law and she said I am not her nurse! I was like what? I do not care if you are her nurse or not, proper customer/patient services would be to direct me to someone who could help me or assist with finding someone who can help me. I was floored by this level of service from a PT. My mother is in a 5 star medicare facility and those Therapists would bend over backwards to assist a resident. They are so wonderful. She looked down at me and flat out said I am not her nurse. I was livid and went off on her. Then she came back at me to ask me what my problem was and why I was so angry? She said I went and got someone for you and had someone here within 2 minutes. She did after the entire thing needed to end up ugly. Something that could have been super easy. I am still debating on contacting the OIG on the entire issue. She even had the nerve to go up to two nurses standing at a cart after and say can you believe this? I went behind her and said its so unprofessional for you to go up to these two ladies and talk behind my back. She was looking for someone to back her on her poor behavior and said I did nothing wrong and two people saw it. I said you were way out of line and what you are doing now is even worse. I went to find the administrator, but he was not in the office and no one was able to help with the out of control rude employee. I love my mother in law just like my own mother. She has osteoporosis and shattered her hip in three places. Had surgery and we were so glad she survived and tried to find the best place we could for her to recover. Review sites do not always have the complete picture. This place is not what the reviews represent and to condone this type of behavior from an employee against a residents family is unacceptable. I am seriously comtemplating going to the OIG with this issue as well. She has only been here for a few days and if she slipped out of that seat while waiting for someone to come, it could have killed her. The family is seriously considering relocating her to another facility for care. The Physical Therapy room is also extremely tiny. Other families were also complaining about the wait time for a staff member to answer call lights.

  • Westview Healthcare Center Auburn, California 95602

    An email was sent to your Social

    > Services Dept to Neela Blon about sending documentation to a

    > new place for my daughter. Well, I am wondering what DOCTOR

    > NOTES will be sent when there was no doctor visits from your

    > facility since she's been there. Tracy fell twice and NO

    > DOCTOR VISITED TRACY C.!!! And after she was having trouble

    > breathing a nurse promised to have your doctor see her AND

    > HE NEVER SHOWED UP!!! Now the 1st time she fel;l she was at

    > tation 2 & the CNA had the nerve to tell her while she

    > was in her wheelchair so she wont fall "Just use the good

    > side to scoot back" So now I am curious what yopur going to

    > put in your doctor notes!!! Are they going to be

    > FFF(Fony,Fake & False) notes to cover up your

    > discrepencies!!! That CNA Sheryl Johnson who we reported to

    > the proper authorities had the nerve to fix her mouth

    > telling me that Tracy did not fall completely on the

    > floor!!! But she's really stuuuuuuuupid to say that because

    > the fact is she fell to the point that it made my daughter's

    > condition regarding her foot WORSE>The point is she fell

    > completely out of her wheelchair!!!!!! So are the nurse's

    > notes going to be phony also? Your place made her miss her

    > MoyaMoya appointment scheduled for July 11th because of your

    > negligence because Patty asked for gurney transportation

    > & you had Westview wheelchair transportation instead.

    > You also cause her to have a urinarty tract infection because

    > of improper cleaning. You never Xrayed her for the 1st fall

    > either. Well get this I am working with an advocated of

    > Cool, CA>Now how COOL is that? PLUS many

    > organizations about this matter. And the list goes on. Too

    > bad I had to go there with your unorganized, disrespectful

    > & shady facility.


    > Lynn-Tracy's mom

  • Grand Valley Health Care Center Van Nuys, California 91405

    My mom hated this place. Was referred by Kaiser and it only gets 1 star for being clean.

    She couldn't get any rest as the other guest were screaming and hollering for help up and down the halls. She wouldn't eat the food and the nurses didn't try and help her eat at all.

    We got her out after 20 days on the 16th of June and now this Facility is trying to get us to pay for the remainder of June (an extra 14 days she wasn't even there)

    it gets WORSE, two days after we moved her to a Board & Care that they recommended she passed away. We had to prepay $2,500 to move her in & the owner said she would refund us $2,200. Problem is she wrote a check on a CLOSED ACCOUNT. We had to chase her down for 12 days to get the CASH refund.

    Never let your loved one go here. You will not be happy with the experience.

  • Kindred Nursing and Transitional Care-Pacific Coas Salinas, California 93901

    I have been a patient for Kindred Nursing and Transitional Care many times in the past first time here was back in the year of 2009. My previous stay there I didn't think I was going to make it out. I had been admitted totally debilitated to the point that I had already received a hospice consult. I didn't want to give up and so I went to Pacific Coast to try one more time to get back up on my feet. My stay here was exceptional I have been sick in the past and rehabilitated home but this time around was different. The nurses and CNA were wonderful each and everyone one in the building made me feel safe and comfortable. I did not have any issues with their pain management program. I was placed in a room with another roommate but she was very kind. The room was spacious for both of us. Thank you for all your help Pacific Coast Care!

  • Kit Carson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Jackson, California 95642

    This place needs to be closed the facility is dirty ran down the cna's are always calling in so they have a lot of the cna's working doubles they are worn out but continue to keep pulling doubles due to no one gets reprimanded for calling in .I wouldn't give it a star but it won't let you submit with out one …fyi the facility is rated 1star out of 5, 1 is the worst 5 is the best this is posted at the facility..

  • Life Care Center of Menifee Sun City, California 92586

    This place is horrible. The stafff are rude and act very annoyed when you inquire about your loved one. They delay tests to keep the patient in the facility longer or run them on Friday to delay discharge. My mother would push her call button and no one would come for 20-30 minutes. One time someone came in and then told her she couldn't help her now because she had to pass out trays. If a patient is sick enough to be there and needs to push a call button because they can get out of bed don't leave them here because they will not get any help. One CNA got on the phone with me and was so rude and said there you got some information at least you got something and hung up on me!!! I will never allow my mother to go here again.

  • Redwood Cove Healthcare Center Ukiah, California 95482

    I was stuck at Redwood Cove for 2 and a half years. The experiences I had there would give you nightmares. The doctor there is a complete moron who thinks he's God. There were 3 Admins during the time I was there and every one was self centered, egotistical, lazy, uncaring, and worthless to their job. Only there to collect the paycheck. The food is so bad two thirds of all residents lose weight substantially. Repetitive garbage that makes mealtimes depressing. Many of the residents are homeless people right off the street. Some are mentally ill and I don't know why they're even there. One assaulted me for no reason and slugged me right in the face. A roommate snapped and began telling me I was responsible for his wife and daughters death, then started threatening to kill me over and over before they removed him. I would hear women screaming and moaning nearly every single night. It would take up to 45 min sometimes before anyone responded to my call. Read my daughter's full expose on the Redwood Cove Facebook page, if they didn't delete it already. Only send your worst enemies there.

  • Kindred Nursing and Transitional Care-Pacific Coas Salinas, California 93901

    When we chose this facility we did not have a lot of time to research it. We chose it based on their website. The facility turned out to be very nice and the staff was great. The doctor always called me back when I had a question about my mother. The Social Worker was wonderful. He always took the time to explain everything and seemed to really care about my mother and all the residents. The whole staff was wonderful as well. Going through what my family went through was not easy, but the staff at Kindred made it possible for us to get through it.

    Thank you to everyone at Kindred.

    Maria Garibay

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    My mother was a resident there after a stroke for a bit over a year. We found only a minority of the staff acted professionally. Most were poorly trained. We saw one stealing from a resient's room, reported it and were treated as if we were lying. Stopped another staff member from stealing from my mom. When mom ran out of Medicare coverage we were urged to take her to another facility because the place was going to receive less money for her care. The first floor was the only place where she received good care. At all costs avoid the second floor. We learned too late that cannot force a patient to be moved from their originally assigned room. in the end mom chocked to death by being force fed. Note this is a "for profit" facility.