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  • Mckinley Park Care Center Sacramento, California 95816

    My mother entered the Sacramento, CA McKinley Park Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 2:45 p.m. where she arrived in good condition. She was admitted to room 12A.

    My husband and I arrived at 4:00 p.m. and found the room HOT and stuffy. The air-conditioning was not working – each bed had a small fan on the nightstand. My mother was weak, pale, dehydrated, and extremely fragile. We contacted multiple staff members including the administrator, Jeff. Finally, a swamp cooler (that was being used down the hall) was placed across the hall pointing towards the room. It provided a minimal amount of cool air. We also requested water, some fruit/crackers – some sort of nourishment, and cool towels. They were brought in and we assisted her with getting cooled down and re-hydrated by holding the fan over her, feeding her bites of watermelon, giving her sips of water and Boost, and by wiping her face and body with cool cloths. She was still weak when we left at 8:30 p.m. but in better shape than when we had arrived.

    At this point she was so frail she needed assistance to use the commode, as she could not make it to the restroom. During the night, she needed to use the toilet three times and had been told if she needed to use it to call for assistance. The first two times she pushed the button several times and called out for help. No help came and she wet the bed. After she wet herself her roommate called the facility and asked for assistance. After the phone calls, they came in and changed her bed and clothes. The third time when there was no response from the calls, she got up and used the commode on her own. In her condition that was very unsafe, but she didn’t want to wet herself again.

    At 11:30 p.m. a nurse came in and told her she was giving her a TB shot and, as my mother was refusing it, the nurse inserted the needle and gave her the shot. NO consent was given for that shot. I spoke to administration about it and it was “notated in the file”. On June 4th, (again at 11:30 p.m.) they tried to give her another one – perhaps a booster shot – and she refused before they could administer it. No communication regarding unauthorized shots was in her file.

    This room (12A), in addition to having no air-conditioning, had a light behind her bed that was broken and the bathroom smelled of urine and mold – it was also out of toilet paper. The floors we dirty and the curtains were torn.

    The next morning when there was still no air conditioning and, per my firm request, she was moved to another room – 30A. That rooms air conditioning vent was shut and had to be “forced” open, but not until the maintenance man arrived - the next afternoon. (Mohammad was the maintenance man and he was wonderful – attentive and professional). Unbeknownst to us, the thermostat was broken and now that the vent was open it made the room so cold that she and her roommate needed several blankets. When Mohammad arrived the next morning, he fixed it. Mind you this occurred in June - in Sacramento heat.

    That afternoon, I lay on her bed while she sat in her wheelchair. When I returned home – about an hour later – I was covered in bedbug bites. They hurt. I looked on line and confirmed they were indeed bed bug bites. I called (not telling them why) and had them change the bedding and wipe down the bed. They did so. I called later in the evening and asked the nurse to keep an eye on her skin to make sure there were no bites on her. She did not have bite marks.

    On June 2nd, after she had been moved to room 30A, at 11:30 p.m. a nurse came in and woke her and informed her that they needed to go through her belongings to find her hearing aids. For half an hour, they went through everything she had leaving her belongings in shambles – they did not find them. The next morning when I arrived I pulled them out from one of her bags – that had been gone through – and took them home. We advised the nurse. The next two days the staff continued to ask about where her hearing aids were. Again, no notation had been made in her file.

    The nights of June 4th and 5th she was able walk to the restroom on her own; however, it was blocked by her roommate’s wheelchair, which she could not move. Both nights she pushed the button for help and, again, no one came. One of the residents heard her calling out and helped her move the wheelchair. Too late – she wet herself both nights. Three nights (four times) of my mother’s six day stay she wet herself, not because of incontinence, because of lack of proper care.

    Please note – physical and occupational therapy had begun and the therapists were phenomenal. They were professional, kind, attentive, helpful, and provided appropriate exercises that she could perform and was able to do on her own. Likewise, her nurse, Geraldine, was very kind and professional.

    The medication was not corrected the entire time we were there. They continued her on high levels of Norco and Acetaminophen. On the 5th, per my request, they stopped the Norco. I asked for an anti-inflammatory, as that had been stopped while on the Norco. They continued to try to give the Norco to her for the entire stay. The times that she was given medication were never consistent, the day she was released the schedule and dosage had still not been corrected. She was either being over medicated or under – it was never regulated.

    During her stay phone calls were basically nonexistent. Her friends took turns calling to attempt to speak with her. On occasion, someone would get through…I too was unable to speak to her on several occasions. Either the phone rang endlessly, I was put on an indefinite hold, or I was transferred somewhere that never answered.

    On the Tuesday, June 6th I received a call from the Social Services Department wanting to set a date for evaluation and to see about how to proceed with her care. The date they wanted was ten days away!! Friday, June 16th. My mother lives on her own, attends chair aerobics for an hour a day – five days a week, walks around her complex, plays tournament level scrabble twice a week, and has an excellent social network.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and requested that she be considered for release. She checked with physical and occupational therapy as well as nursing. Everyone concurred that she was ready to be released and was authorized to leave. Not surprising, as several therapists, nurses and various staff mentioned how well she was doing and did not understand why she was still there. She was released on the 7th at 9:45 a.m.

    The Social Services Department referred us to Healthy Living Home Care (HLCC) which is where they prefer to refer their patients to. They “highly recommended” it and I was told that I could request somewhere else, but that it would take longer to process and that it would probably not be completed until the following Monday the 12th, which meant she would probably not have someone come out until Wednesday or Thursday. We went with Healthy Living.

    I received a call from HLCC and was told that I would receive paperwork and a phone call later that day. Neither happened. I called the next morning (Thursday) and was told I should get a call later in the day and that they would text the paperwork to me. When I still didn’t hear anything, I called the next morning and I was told that the nurse would be out that day between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. No one showed up. When I called to tell them that we did not want to use their service they said someone would be out the next day and that it was too late for me to change places as 48 hours had almost passed.

    I contacted American River Home Care Center, whom I had originally wanted, and guess what? They could accept her and they were able to contact the other facility and get the referral paperwork. They called me back that evening – after hours – to let me know that everything was processed and that we would receive a call in the morning. I was also informed of who her in-home care team would be. They are wonderful. They provide a 15-minute time frame – not an hour one, they showed up and are beyond professional. We are happy with every aspect of this company and would highly recommend them to anyone needing quality care.

    That is not what will be happening with McKinley Park Care Center, nor with their referral facility Healthy Living Home Care. I will in no way, shape or form being giving a good recommendation to either facility. In fact, quite the opposite. Due to the lack of care, professionalism, and attention to detail I will be leaving poor reviews. This kind of treatment is deplorable.

  • Saylor Lane Healthcare Center Sacramento, California 95816

    Saylor Lane Complaint. Look for a better nursing home if you can afford it. You can tell it is a low quality, second-rate nursing home as soon as you walk in the door. There is a tiny parking lot that never any parking spaces available. I think the staff must park in it. They love the patient to have guests so the visitor can do all the work for the patient.

    They are so unorganized. They lose all of the patients’ clothes and just dress them in anything they can find available. I see other complaints about patients’ losing items and having them stolen. It is a problem. They do not have the inventory check in sheets out where you can just update them. You have to request it from the nurse. They do not do it for you. They hand you a pen and the inventory sheet and make you do it. When I brought hearing aids in I stopped and asked the nurse at the desk for the sheet. She was not sure what I was referring to, made a note, and said she would ask and take care of it. She failed to update the inventory checklist and when they lost the first one, they would not replace it because that nurse had not updated the inventory list, even though physical therapy staff was using the hearing aids every day. When we brought our loved one home, they sent her home without the other hearing aid saying they could not find it.. The next day I went in and they said they would not replace that one either, even though they were aware they were in her inventory at that point. I made the nurse open up her cart and showed her where they had been keeping them. It was right where I told them it would be.

    Our loved one was there for Chronic Heart Failure. Her discharge orders from the hospital indicated her bed should be lifted up because her lungs were filled with fluid., Also, a cardiologist needed to examine her within seven days of leaving the hospital. Every day when I went to check on her, she was sleeping with her bed completely flat. She was coughing and choking on phlegm. The little rolling table with Kleenex and water was pushed far from the bed, and the first thing she asked for was a drink of water. She was there for almost six weeks and they never had her see a cardiologist. She also went for weeks without a shower of having her hair washed. They waited until we asked them before bothering to do it. I do not think they ever had her brush her teeth. The plaque on her teeth had built up so thick her teeth need to be cleaned by the dentist when she is up to it. They also sent her home without all of her medication. I immediately called them and they could not order it until the next day and made me drive back out there to pick it up.

    I guess what I am saying is this….. If you care about the family member you need help caring for, then you should look for a better nursing home. The few dollars you save at Saylor lane might just cause your loved one their life.

  • Gramercy Court Sacramento, California 95825

    I have been to Gramercy court numerous times. I talk to some of the residents there and to me nobody is happy. For example, the food is awful. There's never anybody around. You can pull the cord light and wait forever. Me, myself have gone in there mostly like in the evening in the Tudor House, and I could of robbed the place because there is nobody around.Or took off with the dinning tables ETC. There is not a nurse in the night time like the advertisement says. Med techs are nurses. And alot of the CNAs have additudes. Anyway I could write a b ook. Anyway that's why I give only 1 star.

  • Saint Claire's Nursing Center Sacramento, California 95823

    It is great that residents have the same CNAs during the week and the weekend so that the CNAs becomes familiar with the resident's abilities, needs, and care. I'm sure this reduces problems but in our case our loved one still got bed ulcers (stage 3), UTIs, and unexplained bruises on stomach area. They tried to hide it from us. Had to be admitted to the hospital for weeks then we moved our loved one to another SNF. At St. Clare's, our weekday, PM, CNA was not friendly, never smiled, and I wished she could have been replaced. I still think overall that the workers here are nice, friendly people but they have few workers and they don’t work much. You'll see them taking a lot of breaks - sitting outside or in their cars for longer than 15 minutes, and taking breaks more than a couple of times during the day. Very disappointed. We expected better care.

  • Norwood Pines Alzheimers Center Sacramento, California 95838

    Overcrowded and chaotic environment. Felt like a prison. Saw many resident on resident fights, hitting, knocking off glasses. My parent became agitated with the daily overcrowding and the facility responded by drugging my parent which then resulted in being wheelchair bound and then bedridden. Teeth became very decayed and eventually had to be pulled. Several times, throughout the facility, I saw residents wandering in distress, asking or saying the same thing in tears or anger, and staff would just ignored these residents - walk past them as if they didn't exist. So callous and insensitive of staff to show disregard instead of care and understanding to dementia residents. We need a movement to demand better care for dementia residents and all residents in nursing homes.

  • Asbury Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Sacramento, California 95825

    They don't deserve the Medicare 5-star rating. Friendly and nice to get you in then after they’ve used all 100 days of your Medicare Part A, they ignore you and become unresponsive (phone messages, emails, faxes, written messages, and face-to-face), or extremely slow to respond. Unprofessional, uncollaborative, rude, & will outright lie and violate your rights. They yell at people, blame the resident first then the family second. The owner and administrator live hours away from the facility, are hands off, and will actually tell you, "I don't want to hear it" regarding your issues. The owner is on 8 months probation for Medi-Cal fraud. They hire San Francisco attorneys and settle court cases before going to trial. Check the court records. High number of complaints filed each year with state licensing. On paper they say the administrator and the DON run the place but reality is that all issues go through a terrible unlicensed social worker named Phonisha and manager named Keith (whose CNA license was denied by state licensing - Criminal records). These two are the front line with major CYA attitude. All the social services workers have a CYA attitude, are unlicensed, and unskilled in dealing with death and dying. Staff lacks training and understanding of elderly issues such as dementia and depression. You will have to fight and argue for basic stuff. Check court records, state licensing, go to meetings, and talk to several visitors who have known the place for at least a year.

  • Gramercy Court Sacramento, California 95825

    Very attentive and empathetic staff - wonderful physical therapy staff -- previewed MANY nursing homes and very happy with my final choice for my wife's recovery at Gramercy -- open lines of communication, positive attitudes, cleanliness, social activities (which also provide for a feeling of inclusion and help the patients keep their minds off of their medical issues)

    I'd recommend it to my friends and family -- nursing homes are never a vacation, but Gramercy really helped make this unbearable time as comfortable as possible.

  • Windsor Care Center of Sacramento Sacramento, California 95838

    Too many residents.

    Too few staff. Too much staff turn over, both nursing and business personnel. Constantly rotating fill in personnel from outside agencies, so most don't know the residents or their needs.

    Residents left to sit in chairs in rooms with minimum supervision, mainly because too many for staff to handle.

    Stealing is very prevelant. Shoes, clothes, personal articles.

    Be advised, Windsor is a for profit company.

    Heart breaking when you have no other choice.

  • Norwood Pines Alzheimers Center Sacramento, California 95838

    If I could give this place no stars I would. This place is worn down and filthy. My grandfather died 4 months after being admitted to Norwood Pines, and he was fully functional. The first day he was admitted the staff lost his property. The facility is ran by incompetent and rude staff. This place is nothing less than a mental institution for the elderly. My grandfather caught a bad case of scabies and the staff neglected to tell my 80 year old grandmother when she went there to visit him. If you love your love ones please don't put them in this place they will sure die prematurely!!!!

  • Mckinley Park Care Center Sacramento, California 95816

    The administrative staff is useless. Never a call back, never an answer to a question, always stating "too busy." My sister would sit for an hour waiting for assistance to the bathroom and a request for pain medication was often received a day later. Some nursing staff/pt staff were wonderful. They need a new patient Case Manager. Someone who CARES about the quality of care for the patient.

  • Sacramento Post-Acute Sacramento, California 95841

    this place is disgusting. within 72 hours my boyfriend was rushed back to the ER because he was not being cared for and ended up with pnuemonia and a 104 temp. it is unclean. the pictures of the rooms are a lie and the staff not around. i had to wait 2 hours to get a basin of water to wash him because they werent doing it themselves. we had him in the dining room and the staff documented him being comfortable in his bedroom when he wasnt even in his room at the time. it smells and is way to warm for any patient in the facility.

  • Mckinley Park Care Center Sacramento, California 95816

    If you have the slightest care about you loved one do not send them here. My grandma died late september and they said they would call me back with info on how she died. No call. I call back a few days later and they say the same thing. This cycle continues for months until I finally reach my breaking point. I call them and say I need answers NOW! they said the paper work is destroyed and to ask her son how she died because she visited her everyday! I am in contact with that "son" whom hasn't seen her in over 10 years! He never saw her! When I tell them this they get angry and dodge questions. I had power of attorney over my grandma. They had nothing in order. I am now starting to believe they had something to do with her death the way they dodge the questions! If I don't get answers quick….they better get some damn good lawyers.

  • Sacramento Post-Acute Sacramento, California 95841

    This place seems disorganized and dirty. The janitors clean around everything and leave all the dust bunnies against the walls. Some of the staff are very good at their job and some have the bedside manners of a rock. They need to open a window and let some fresh air in the place. The picture of the rooms on their web site is deceiving.

  • Gramercy Court Sacramento, California 95825

    My mother has been allowed to wear soiled diapers for prolonged periods of time, thus creating urinary tract infections. When reported to administration they quickly resolved the problem and required antibiotics to clear UTI. This comes after a sever hematoma on her face that the ER says was created by a fall. Gramercy says there was no fall. Who do you believe? Mom does not remember how it happened, and I have no proof. Next episode of anything, I too will file a report with the State of CA in light of other reported complaints about Gramercy Court.

  • Sacramento Post-Acute Sacramento, California 95841

    I have a friend that's in there and several times they have ran out of his medicine you would think they would have everything the patients need in stock. This is uncalled for and very unprofessional for a care home I'm disgusted with this and btw it would help if the staff knew English

  • Gramercy Court Sacramento, California 95825

    Having "experienced" the care that Gramercy provides, our family can only state that there is a great difference in what the front office offers and what the staff can actually provide. The whole family has noticed that the staff is often there on double shifts. This is probably common for low wage earners, but it does equate to overworked and overwhelmed employees - not what Gramercy brags about. The staff also has a significant turn-over, leaving one to wonder how Gramercy treats their employees. If all Care Facilities pay about the same, one would naturally stick with the one that is most respectful of it's employees - we think Gramercy is probably no better in that regards than any other facility. We are thinking of moving our family member, but will miss the few staff members who really seem to care. Moreover, we have "spread the word" that other families should consider other facilities. Such minimal service for $250.00/day, which is the regular rate at Gramercy. We have concluded the the administration must be well paid!