Review of Grand Valley Health Care Center

2 Star User Review

Thank you for sharing. I could not agree with your opinion any stronger. The mentally ill patients keep the physically sick patients up at night. My mother is left trying to feed herself, when her positioning doesn't make it possible. Many of the staff are arrogant, circular gossip, and I had to scold a Nurse for treating my Mother mean. I get food complaints all the time. The RN to patient ratio is insane! Stay away from this hellhole. We're a Kaiser referral as well. Add the nurse light above the rm door has been out in two separate rooms. That's kind of important. No wonder we get haunting calls for help in the middle of the night. I've had to call the front desk to help her. The NP had the nerve to tell me it might be "perceived pain" (BS)Can't they afford regular bulb replacement for their antiquated system (circa 1960's). I would not send my dog here. She's leaving this place.