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  • Beachside Nursing Center Huntington Beach, California 92648

    I chose this facility for my mother in law due to the fact there were so many great reviews. It was one of the highest rated and highest scored in Orange County. Please do not let online reviews and score fool you on this place. My mother in law said that she pushed the call button the day after christmas and no one came for over an hour. I was there today 12/27/2016. It was my first time to actually go there and visit. The place looks nice, but she was brought back to the room and left in her wheelchair and she kept telling me im slipping. I pushed the call button and no one came, so after 15 minutes I went to find someone to help me. I saw a female who worked there with a name tag on..JoJo Rogers. I went up to ask her how I could get some help for my mother in law and she said I am not her nurse! I was like what? I do not care if you are her nurse or not, proper customer/patient services would be to direct me to someone who could help me or assist with finding someone who can help me. I was floored by this level of service from a PT. My mother is in a 5 star medicare facility and those Therapists would bend over backwards to assist a resident. They are so wonderful. She looked down at me and flat out said I am not her nurse. I was livid and went off on her. Then she came back at me to ask me what my problem was and why I was so angry? She said I went and got someone for you and had someone here within 2 minutes. She did after the entire thing needed to end up ugly. Something that could have been super easy. I am still debating on contacting the OIG on the entire issue. She even had the nerve to go up to two nurses standing at a cart after and say can you believe this? I went behind her and said its so unprofessional for you to go up to these two ladies and talk behind my back. She was looking for someone to back her on her poor behavior and said I did nothing wrong and two people saw it. I said you were way out of line and what you are doing now is even worse. I went to find the administrator, but he was not in the office and no one was able to help with the out of control rude employee. I love my mother in law just like my own mother. She has osteoporosis and shattered her hip in three places. Had surgery and we were so glad she survived and tried to find the best place we could for her to recover. Review sites do not always have the complete picture. This place is not what the reviews represent and to condone this type of behavior from an employee against a residents family is unacceptable. I am seriously comtemplating going to the OIG with this issue as well. She has only been here for a few days and if she slipped out of that seat while waiting for someone to come, it could have killed her. The family is seriously considering relocating her to another facility for care. The Physical Therapy room is also extremely tiny. Other families were also complaining about the wait time for a staff member to answer call lights.

  • St Elizabeth Healthcare Center Fullerton, California 92835

    I've lived in NOC for 40 yrs and visited about 20 different nursing/ rehab facilities. This one is in the top 3 if I had to pick one for myself or a loved one. I spent about 2 weeks visiting daily last month, I never had to ask for anything because they made sure my visit was stress free. The only complaint I can think of was the Starbucks coffee machine was out of order for several days. once you smell the coffee you notice when the machine was out of order.

  • Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center Costa Mesa, California 92627

    My father had two strokes after each he was admitted to Mesa. At first I thought it might be alright but not so much both times they did not provide needed paperwork they were useless in that aspect. The second time he got a bedsore and on his release we were not told these can be very serious. He had problems eating and they basically just gave him the food and didn't put any attention into making sure he ate. Physical therapy not so much I know it's difficult with a senior with some paralysis but an effort should be made. If you cane fend for yourself and have the energy to speak up maybe I would say it's ok to be put here but most of those folks don't have it. Not sure how to make this a better place but definitely it needs a lot of work. It helps to go visit the person there but really it is not a good place for your loved ones. There were a few really good people working there.

  • West Anaheim Extended Care Anaheim, California 92804

    My mother has been in the West Anaheim Extended Care facility for two months now. Since her admission she has received nothing but the best and most loving care. She expresses to me zdaily how endearing all the staff is. They provide for every need and is they find something of concern, they are immediately on the phone calling me. Also, it does not smell at all like many nursing homes do. They are constantly cleaning and if there is a foul smell, they immediately attend to the patient. It has a lovely outdoor inner courtyard which we love to to sit in. The staff is very friendly and they have now become our extended family. We feel blessed that Kaiser sent my mother to this facility for her rehab.

  • Crystal Cove Care Center Newport Beach, California 92663

    My uncle was admitted to Crystal Cove R.C. earlier this year. He had severe Down's Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease and had recently been admitted into hospice care. He was cared for by the sweet staff for several months until he passed away yesterday. In all that time, I never once saw unclean bedding or bedclothes. He was routinely shaved. He was fed and hydrated by a gastric feeding tube which was always carefully monitored.

    I would like to give praise to everyone we came into contact with at Crystal Cove, but for sure Jesus (the BEST!), Ulyses & George deserve pats on the back for their consistently compassionate care of my uncle. Ana the charge nurse was always helpful with our questions, and Shannon at the front desk was always kind and cheerful as we signed in.

    We were notified immediately whenever contact with family was necessary due to health concerns.

    I am sorry that not everyone who has posted here received the kind of experience we did. My uncle deserved, and got, the best care possible as he approached the end of his life. Thank you very much, Crystal Cove!

  • South Coast Post Acute Santa Ana, California 92707

    After my dad's back surgery earlier this month, he was brought to this skilled nursing and rehab facility. He ended up staying for 12 days during which time he was well cared for by a highly experienced, capable and caring staff. Vicky, the Director of Nursing, was always so friendly and available to answer questions, and on a couple occasions, jumped to action when we had specific requests. All of the doctors, nurses, CNAs, Physical/Occupational Therapists, dining and the custodial services we encountered were uniformly kind and patient. We also appreciated the cleanliness of the facility. We highly recommend this place for anyone needing post acute and rehab help!

  • Crystal Cove Care Center Newport Beach, California 92663

    please beware of this place, it looks great when you arrive, but the longer your experience is, the worse it looks! Communication is the biggest problem here. There is very little of it going on. Be prepared to be there a lot in order to make sure your loved one has proper care! It seems the mgmt is not on top of problems & never gets any problems solved even after discussion. So disappointing!

  • Laguna Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center Laguna Hills, California 92653

    I was a patient at your facility for approximately 2 weeks, recently discharged. Where some of your staff was quite attentive the opposite was the case in too many situations. Frequently my medication was placed on my night stand during the night and the attendant did not even check whether I had water to drink after taken the medication. My roommate was rather incapacitated and required the assistance of at least one member of your staff to put him to bed. A Few nights my roommate and HIS helper, a lady with a strong, hard to understand accent started the process as late as 11:30 PM and it lasted as much as 1 1/2 hours to finish the job, which normally took no more tan 1/2 hour. !The two were having a good time chatting and kept me awake as late as 1AM . I seldom had the feeling of compassion for me as a patient but rather felt as though I was a subject of your facility. Pressing the button for service usually took 20-30 minutes for a response although there were times when I needed help sooner than that. Most commendable were you physical therapy staff, especially that of one gentleman by the name of Alfred and his boss Diana (sp?)who although he did not have to checked on me frequently and made me feel that someone he truly cared for. I could cite other instances of dissatisfaction but all in all I would never choose your facility if fate would cause me to need help again.


    Nick, Lindheim

    Why would a moderator have to approve my evaluation???????

  • Windsor Gardens Care Center of Fullerton Fullerton, California 92832

    My mother recently spent twelve days at Windsor Gardens in Fullerton, California after hip replacement surgery. We were really disappointed with her short term care there. Upon arrival, I had to insist that she be added to the therapy roster. At discharged she was sent out without a walker or even a cane to assist in her continuing home rehabilitation, even as this was directed by their physical therapy manager.

    While Windsor Gardens appears to be well quipped for long term convalescent care, in our opinion it is not well equipped at all for short term rehabilitation. Our recommendation would be to NOT use Windsor Gardens for short term rehabilitation.

  • Beachside Nursing Center Huntington Beach, California 92648

    I was sent there to rehab from triple by-pass open heart surgery. I was shoved into a three bed room with two dementia patients who delighted in setting off their bed and wheelchair alarms at any time day or night. Response times for call button needs were varible - somewhat decent during the day, but at night you take your chances. I waited over 40 minutes for my nurse to respond to the call button when I need pain meds even tho I had worked my way out into the hall and had the attention of every other nurse and attendant on the floor. No attention was paid to changing medical conditions. I started having chills and fever (congestive heart failure plus infection) which was basically ignored until the third time when I insisted the doctor be called or I would call 911 myself. I was transported back to Orange Coast memorial with an upper respiratory infection (they knew I have COPD), and infection in the leg wounds used to harvest the veins for the bypass, and a bladder infection for even more fun. I think this facility is probably at its best dealing with dementia patients, but should rethink having any responsibility for post-surgical patient care.

  • Laguna Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center Laguna Hills, California 92653

    laguna hills is the most awful skill nursing facility in orange county. I asked thrm for help and they just walk away pretending they didnt hear me. I asked another nurse and she replied rudely, "what!". I asked where my wheelchair they said they'll find it, but never return. Go there and find out for yourself. Make sure you are alone and there is no family present. They eill treat you like crap. If your family is there, they will be a littlr bit more attentive when you ask for something. Two thumbs down for this facility.

  • Beachside Nursing Center Huntington Beach, California 92648

    The environment is clean and cheerful; however, beware. Staff is very friendly but not observant of patient's changing health condition. My mother became dehydrated while in their care. An IV was given, but for days afterwards, I did not see water available for her to drink and had to ask each time. A UTI was not detected nor was an infection of her incision, which necessitated a trip to the ER and hospital stay. She was left to sit in a wheelchair for 4-6 hours which also produced a pressure sore. I give one star for the staff's friendliness, but nothing for their care.

  • Anaheim Healthcare Center, LLC Anaheim, California 92804

    This is a scam nursing home. Do Not go here if you are having surgery and then have to recuperate or do rehab. They will do multiple blood tests on you to dig up more ways to make money. They will also keep you in as long as your insurance lasts and as long as you don't bitch a lot. However, I am thinking all nursing homes are like this.

  • Chapman Care Center Garden Grove, California 92840

    This nursing home is horrible; especially the staff. Their work ethic is terrible. Everyone assumes they are considerably "king"; I couldn't tell who is the subordinate. They never care about the patients nor the patients' family requests. They said, they do the way they wanted and nobody can't tell them what to do. They often furnish mis-communication among the staff and it creates more stressful to the patients' family. I was disappointed with this nursing home and the way they operated. I feel sorry and surprise for the physicians who are involving and referring the patients to this nursing home.

  • Alta Gardens Care Center Garden Grove, California 92843

    Alta Gardens Care Center has been very good to my family and especially to my father who was a resident. The facility specializes in Vietnamese program with many Vietnamese speaking staff. My father really appreciated the caring staff and he was able to communicate his needs to them in his language. Staff cares with genuine interest. After my father passed away, many of the staff came to the funeral service and gave their condolences. It meant a lot to our family. I was so glad to have my father spend the last of his days there. Thank you Alta Gardens!

  • Flagship Healthcare Center Newport Beach, California 92663

    The facility is not very clean and the staff is overworked and under paid. Staff did not remove dinner dishes from our room for over 3 hours and it wasn't until I made mention of it that something got done. Left my loved one soiled for over 6 hours because staff never came in to check on my loved one. I would never recommend Flagship Healthcare Center to anyone!

  • Sea Cliff Healthcare Center Huntington Beach, California 92648

    Sea Cliff is a great place. They recently changed the management team and the new team is wonderful. Kelly in the kitchen is great, and she'll make you anything you want and her food is like a five star restaruant. Jenny in therapy is amazing as well, they really push to do all you can so you can get better faster , and they really catered the therapy to each individual. All the staff is friendly and always willing dot help.

  • Healthbridge Children's Hospital - Orange Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility Orange, California 92866

    PT staff appears to not address understand patient needs. In the acute care side. Health Bridge's physical therapist appear to have problems meeting/understanding patient needs, knowing their patients, listening to family concerns and cultivating good facility and family relations. Other families during our stay told us various stories. One event where their child after waking from their coma defended themselves from PT staff due to the harsh therapy treatment. The child while under the coma --non-medical term-- was actually aware and felt all of the PT prior to waking from coma. The family described PT sessions where staff violently yanking their child's limb, parents asked to be more gentle but was parents requests ignored. After the incident, child defending them self against the PT staff after waking from coma, Healthbridge threatened to kick the family out and gave an ultimatum that the child was to be sedated during the rest of the stay --meaning until the private insurance ran out--. Fortunately, another doctor stepped in and listened to the family concern and found that the PT staff and administration did not understand/listen to the parents and acknowledge the child was defending themselves from lack of understanding of the patients needs. The patients needs was found to be more time to gently loosen/warm up their muscles during the PT session. Then after loosening/warming up the muscle then they could do the more rigorous PT. Unfortunately the facility decided to not really address the patients needs and pretty much stopped the sessions and the relationship of the facility and family was damaged beyond repair. The family left prior to the private insurance ran out due to the uncomfortable feelings brought about during their ordeal. The other families on the acute side of where we stayed had other various poor experiences with the PT and administration as well. It was more comman than not that most families left the facility prior to private insurrance running out for care. They only do PT till insurance runs out. We have since found other facilities and one of the best ones is Totally Kids (TK). Side by side comparrison and I think bell weather to a good childrens nursing home. Healthbridge was more about removing PT care rather than adding like TK. Healthbridge only did PT while insurrance pays for it. TK adds PT and activities during the stay, we see them adding standing assist chair to kids so children stand upright, a dynavox computer to communicate, more PT/OT etc to children’s routine. I looked at the staff/team on Healthbridge web site, it appears that the doctor who listened to the family in this example is no longer there. That’s a shame, they need more staff to listen understand the patients but they appear to want more private insurance patients versus long term patient and never got to know understand the patients on the acute side during our long stay. TK staff actual adopted some of the children of the ward at TK and spend a lot money on the kids from their own pocket --for xmas, halloween, etc--. I never heard seen of such stories from Healthbridge. TK staff seem to be more real not all fancy suits, etc in the administration office.

  • Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center Costa Mesa, California 92627

    My dad has been a resident of this facility for over two years now and haven't been impressed with their facility at all but because they down the street from my sister she keeps him there.My dad's hospice nurse called us this morning to inform us that their facility STILL hadn't found his oxygen machine and that he needed it. It had been misplaced for over a week. When I called to speak to the social worker all I got was attitude and excuses for the lack of care. I've worked in these kinds of facilities before so I know what they should be doing which she knows so she was just blowing smoke to cover up their wrong doing hoping their "problem" would go away. My sister was treated the same way and we were both told that his hospice nurse has no place to tell us, the family, that he isn't being cared for like he should. What social worker tells the family that?! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I won't even get into the lost property we've been dealing with since his arrival a few years ago. You want to see them jump and do their job though is when you show up in scrubs and they don't know who you are. Only time I've really seen they do their job and even then it's questionable. I would definitely find another home for your loved one because they certainly don't care for their residents. It may all look nice on the outside but when you have knowledge of what it can be on the other side you always wonder about it and now I am for certain.