Review of Valle Verde Health Facility

5 Star User Review

My wife and I are residents here, and have been here for three years. We live in the independent homes, and love it. Regarding the nursing facility, my wife had two hip replacements last year, about eight weeks apart. After each replacement, she chose to transfer to the skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. The amount and quality of care was outstanding; she received much more attention that she would have in an at-home setting, and she was very impressed by the caring approach and personal care that was given to all of the other patients. WIthout question she (and I) would give the skilled nursing facility the highest rating for quality of service and results. And we love the full spectrum of services offered at Valle Verde - the staff is truly exceptional. If you are considering a retirement community, you can't beat Valle Verde!

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We are so grateful to create real home for so many residents and rehab guests.


Melissa Honig, Executive Director