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  • Grand Valley Health Care Center Van Nuys, California 91405

    Thank you for sharing. I could not agree with your opinion any stronger. The mentally ill patients keep the physically sick patients up at night. My mother is left trying to feed herself, when her positioning doesn't make it possible. Many of the staff are arrogant, circular gossip, and I had to scold a Nurse for treating my Mother mean. I get food complaints all the time. The RN to patient ratio is insane! Stay away from this hellhole. We're a Kaiser referral as well. Add the nurse light above the rm door has been out in two separate rooms. That's kind of important. No wonder we get haunting calls for help in the middle of the night. I've had to call the front desk to help her. The NP had the nerve to tell me it might be "perceived pain" (BS)Can't they afford regular bulb replacement for their antiquated system (circa 1960's). I would not send my dog here. She's leaving this place.

  • Claremont Care Center Pomona, California 91768

    This facility unfortunately was the only option that was given to my mom for rehabilitation after her five and a half hour long lower back surgery. She was operated on Thursday and released to this facility Sunday evening and we arrive there at 10 p.m. Upon arrival ambulance personnel and myself were directed to go down the hallway to room #1. We were not escorted to this room. As we entered the room I noted when empty bed and a bed that was occupied next to the window. I could not help but look on the floor and found myself very disgusted with food particles and popcorn kernels around my moms bed. When we were finally greeted by the facility staff I immediately pointed out my findings. I told them I was not happy and felt that the facility was dirty and since they knew my mother was going to occupy that room this evening they should have at least attempted to clean it up. I told him my mom was there due to lower back surgery she had that past Thursday and this was a potential slip and fall hazard. I advised the staff that my mom was able to get up from bed, walk up and down the hallways and go to the restroom with assistance. I also told them that she needed help with getting back into bed and was instructed by the hospital and her surgeon to be repositioned in bed every 2 hours to avoid bed sores. The nurse advised that they were unable to assist my mom with getting out of bed until she was assessed by the physical therapy unit which opened at 9am. They did however advise that they would be able to reposition her every 2 hours that that would not be a problem. Unfortunately there was nothing I can do that evening and was forced to leave my mom in their hands. I was very uncomfortable with this and cried my way home , it was the most agonizing night of my life. The next morning I arrived at the facility so I can help her with breakfast which they told me would be served at 7 a.m. . It was already 7:20 and she had not been served for breakfast nor was she given the opportunity to clean up and brush your teeth before breakfast Intel they brought her tray in. It was at that time that she told the nurse that she would like to clean up before eating. Staff Personnel did not seem pleased with having to do this extra Duty as I'm sure she had other trays to deliver. The staff member then asked my mom if she would like coffee, and as she is not a coffee drinker she requested hot chocolate. My mom was then given a cup with hot water and powdered hot chocolate poured into same without stirred. I asked my mom how many times she was repositioned in bed during the evening. To my disappointment she advised only one time. It was now 8 a.m. and I was able to get a hold of the insurance company to request that she be moved to a different facility and filed a grievance report. Within no time I was given to other facilities to go tour. I again was forced to leave my mom in their care and asked when Physical Therapy would tend to her. I was instructed by the staff member that physical therapy had other priority patients they had to tend to that had appointments and was on dialysis. I was told that physical therapy probably would not be able to get to her until 1 p.m. . As I left the facility to go tour the others I noticed several other patients being changed in their rooms with the door wide open. There was also several staff members in the hallway to include patients which made the facilities seem like something other than what my mom was there for. I was gone for approximately one-and-a-half hours and found my mom soiled in her diaper to which she requested to be changed 15 minutes prior to my arrival. After 20 minutes of my being there a staff member finally responded to her request and said she had just changed or 15 minutes ago. First of all this was a lie cuz I had already been there 20 minutes and even if she was just changed why make a comment just changed her again. As she was being change, the staff member through her soiled diaper on the floor next to the empty trash can. During this time there was other staff members that walk by my mother's room that saw the diaper on the floor and did not say anything. Physical Therapy then came in to assess her. They found my mom was strong and cleared her to be assisted getting out of bed to go to the restroom. She however was not able to exercise throughout the day with a nurse walking her down the hallway due to their rules and regulation. Physical therapy is the only unit that can assist my mother was walking down the hallway. They also advised me that Mom was cleared for physical therapy 6 days a week however they were only able to provide her with one session. Being that my mom is there for Rehab purposes I felt this was not enough for her to get back on her feet on her own again. One session 6 days a week was also being offered by the other facilities I toured. Since I felt more Physical Therapy was needed for my mom I felt the only way she would get the exercise needed is to bring her home. Thankfully I was able to take five weeks off from work and she is home resting peacefully and comfortably. This is not the facility for your loved one. While my mother was in physical therapy I got to spend some time outside with other patients to hear their disappointment with theft of clothing if they opted to have the facility do their laundry. My mom was given hand towels that were extremely frayed at the bottom not to mention debris and trash found in the hallways during the daytime hours. It does not appear that housekeeping keeps up with this facility as it seems that the only clean and sweet once a day. Please keep your loved ones away

  • Grand Valley Health Care Center Van Nuys, California 91405

    My mom hated this place. Was referred by Kaiser and it only gets 1 star for being clean.

    She couldn't get any rest as the other guest were screaming and hollering for help up and down the halls. She wouldn't eat the food and the nurses didn't try and help her eat at all.

    We got her out after 20 days on the 16th of June and now this Facility is trying to get us to pay for the remainder of June (an extra 14 days she wasn't even there)

    it gets WORSE, two days after we moved her to a Board & Care that they recommended she passed away. We had to prepay $2,500 to move her in & the owner said she would refund us $2,200. Problem is she wrote a check on a CLOSED ACCOUNT. We had to chase her down for 12 days to get the CASH refund.

    Never let your loved one go here. You will not be happy with the experience.

  • College Vista Convalescent Hospital Los Angeles, California 90041

    You get poor nursing care in this hospital. You get a lot of infections due to poor nursing care. You get sick more. The staff are not nice, and some are really rude and argues with the patient. They get mad at the patient when the patient calls for help, they're very lazy and incompetent. They verbally abused patient and reprimanding them.

  • La Brea Rehabilitation Center Los Angeles, California 90036

    I received excellent care for the ten days I was there. Excellent Occupational and Physical Therapy Dept./staff who helped me walk, dress/care for myself and took care of my personal needs. Cedars staff came frequently to check my wound and make sure I was healing well. Nursing came when called. Thank you LaBrea Rehab. You helped me transition well. Elizabeth Shayne

  • Pacific Villa, Inc Long Beach, California 90807

    My mother is here now it's December 2015. First let me say she has had several health problems and has been in and out of at least 6 different facilities so I have expirence with these type of places. This place is terrible I have been told several times they were to busy to help me if I need to get my mom up it takes a. Act of congress to do anything here. The nurses are rude they don't care at all about any patient as a human they treat them worse then dogs as if they have no thought process I wish they would talk to the patients one nurse told my mom" buck up and bear it" FYI she just broke her femur bone. The food is awful so I'm told. If your a nurse you need compassion for patients and loved ones I see none of this here.

  • Canyon Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Canoga Park, California 91303

    BEWARE!!!! Most ratings written about nursing homes are written by relatives, who don't really get a chance to see the whole picture. HERE is a warning to you from someone who had the misfortune of being that patient. Yes, at first glance Canyon Oaks looks cheerful and relatively tidy. AND, Yes, the employees are usually nice and helpful to the extent they can be with what they have to work with. To put it right out on the table, however, the chief administrator, Mr. Jason Nagy, could not give a damn about you or the eventual outcome of your health. The almighty dollar is all that drives this man.

    Are you aware that to place a patient in a room with someone who has a contagious disease is against the law? Are you also aware that, thanks to the State of California's liberal policies, a patient's medical records are sealed. This law works out perfectly for a place like Mr. Nagy's, who wants to fill every bed to maximize profits.

    When I was admitted to Canyon Oaks center after a knee replacement surgery, I was placed in a room with a very sick patient. He could barely move and when he coughed the noise he made was similar to a sump pump. When I complained to Mr. Nagy, I received a "so sorry" diatribe from him, and I was forced to stay there almost two weeks. I finally did get moved, but to a room where the patient cried and screamed like a little baby. When I was finally released from that hell hole, I noted that I now, to a lesser extent, had contracted a similar cough. I met with my Kaiser doctors and asked them to find out what this guy had so my malady could be addressed. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that medical PRIVACY LAWS prohibited me or the doctor from finding out this information. Seems more to me that if I was found to have this same infection that I could hold them liable and what better way to hide it than with a privacy law.

    Over the past 6 months, it has been difficult for 3 Doctors to diagnose my problem. The cough has gotten worse and worse. I can't sleep at night because it is almost impossible to catch my breath! I have also become so weak that I find it impossible to do much more than watch TV and work on the computer. In short, thanks to Jason Nagy's negligence, my life is almost ruined!! As a warning to you, be sure that you find out about the malady your roommate has, and be VERY AGGRESSIVE about letting these people shove you in just any room like a piece of meat. Single rooms would certainly alleviate the majority of these problems but, of course, would cut into their profits.

  • San Fernando Post Acute Hospital Sylmar, California 91342

    My fiancee, at the time, was sent there for PT after a double stroke by the attending DR. He received a total of three weeks PT before his insurance cut him off due to the therapists report. I visited him on a daily basis and witnessed many a wrong doing by the staff. He just lay in bed withering away, his health was going down fast and still the staff did nothing. Finally, I married him in order to insist he get the necessary care he was refused there, and AMA'd him out. I took him directly to UCLA where he presented with Pneumonia and signs of another stroke. He was treated and sent to another facility for PT and am happy to report I will be taking him home next week! Had I let him stay at the Post Acute I'm sure he would have died there.

  • Wellsprings Post Acute Center Lancaster, California 93534

    Not enough parking for visitors. Office smells nice and clean, but residents' quarters and hallway smell like feces. Was told by an LPN that there is no AED on the premises and that patients are checked only every 2 hours. Number of skilled nursing staff is far too low. We were told doctor sees patients within 72 HRS of arrival then only monthly. Office staff is very uncooperative. Look elsewhere!!

  • Infinity Care of East Los Angeles Los Angeles, California 90033

    Very old building with poor safety and fire preparedness standards. Nurses speak mostly Filipino. No black or caucasian employees on any level. Very old equipment and building pipes elevator and heating started in 1933. Many problems with this facility with los angeles county environmental health.

  • New Vista Post- Acute Care Center Los Angeles, California 90025

    I spent over one year at New Vista Skilled Nursing 24-hr. Acute Care facility (a nursing home) located at 1516 Sawtelle Avenue in West Los Angeles, CA. Most of the staff behaves insubordinate, mean, and openly biased towards patients/residents. I overheard Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) refusing to assist his/her co-workers in situations where two “CNAs” were required to safely transfer or re-position an immobilized patient/resident per regulations. Repeatedly I observed one of the the 11:00 pm. – 7:00 am. shift "CNA". sitting in a chair in the hallway outside my room – sound asleep! The new Executive Director is (initials: C.L.) is a 2-faced trouble-maker. She is highly skilled at trouble-shooting complaints when confronted by inspecters from the State or family members. She is mean to the frail residents.

  • Highland Park Skilled Nursing and Wellness Center Los Angeles, California 90042

    I lived in Highland Park SNF for 3 1/2 years. I consider the staff as members of my family. Josie, the DON (Director Of Nursing) is very involved in the care and well being of ALL the residents. I loved the 59 bed capacity, this allows for more time with individuals.

  • Woodruff Convalescent Center Bellflower, California 90706

    I have a relative who has lived at the facility for a number of years. I would give Woodruff Convalescent mixed reviews. There have been some wonderful, dedicated staff throughout the years. However, many of those persons have left in recent years. Since their departure, there has been a flurry of less competent and less dedicated hires in and out of the doors. My relative has experienced numerous thefts at different periods of time during her stay. Additionally, she has gone without food for some meals or has not been given a bath on occasion as the staff have either been overwhelmed by the number of patients assigned to them.or uncaring and unwilling to perform the tasks if they can get away with not doing so. I have witnessed patients repeatedly screaming without anyone coming to their assistance. On one occasion, I complained about this on behalf of my relatives' roommate, and I was told that the patient is always screaming for no reason. I am very concerned for patients who can not speak up for themselves and do not have relatives to advocate for them because they will most certainly be neglected. If the patient is alert or has family visiting regularly, the treatment will be more favorable since the staff must be accountable. My relative has also been overdosed on medication. I hope that there will be improvement. If not, I hope to find a better place for my relative..

  • Grand Valley Health Care Center Van Nuys, California 91405

    The facility is clean, nursing staff is ok. Lots of theft. Took my husband headphones to use with TV. Showed to the med nurse and asked her to put them on his inventory - she said she would - never did and they were gone in 3 days - I guess she needed them for Christmas presents . Husband had septic induced dementia - tried to get the staff to keep orienting him as dementia was not his base line - he was in to get IV antibiotics -

    but they treated him as though the dementia was long term - The worst however is the Social Services "director" Elizabeth - if this woman has a degree - I am thinking she paid someone to get it for her - she has absolutely no compassion for patients or their families - - does not know Med-Cal requirements and thinks she is some one really important . Never offered forms to fill out when husbands glasses went missing -shrugged her shoulders - never gave me the forms to fill out and when I found them and filled them out she never got back to me - this does not count laundry that went missing even though I was supposed to be given all his laundry - would come in to no socks, and would find other patients clothes on him even though he had a closet full of clean clothes - also found myself doing other patients laundry - clothes 3-4 times the size of my husband - never heard from director of nurses, administrator or jack regarding my complaints. The Case Manager Joe is awesome - but I would not trust anyone else there - they do not care and treat the family as bad as or worse than the patient if you try to advocate for them. If you end up here or a family member - MAKE THEM GIVE YOU A COPY OF THE INVENTORY!! AND STY AWAY FROM THE SOCIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR ELIZABETH !!

  • Long Beach Post Acute Long Beach, California 90813

    Genesis Urology Hillcrest was a nice place to go to when it was Scripps Health care. Sice the transition,the staff is noticeably less friendly, difficult to make an appointment,on hold too long,they can't answer the phones at the moment. I am in the health care field and in my last visit last week, I noticed in the exam room that it was dirty. The table they asked me to sit on had a very dirty foot step and it had drip marks all down the side. no telling what that was and what was growing there. You would think in a medical facility with MERSA all over the place they would clean and disinfect after each patient. Good Doctors but poor sanitation and increased ruddness.

  • San Fernando Post Acute Hospital Sylmar, California 91342

    hello my name is Darci the youngest sister of Maricela Perez who recently died in your facility of a metastatic adenocarcinoma a very severe type of cancer. I just wanna thank every one of the nurses that help and took her of my sister until the last day, i thank u all with all of my heart you guys are a bunch angels, thanks again God bless you all …