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  • Crawford Manor Healthcare Center Cleveland, Ohio 44106

    This facility was appointed divinely, by God.(fact) Since(2009) approximately my Mom's residency, I have been completely satisfied with her care. Of course there often times will be pros and cons to every situation and facilities; however, I have been very pleased with my mother's care. I have been notified of any health, falls if one should occur, or any concerns regarding my mom. My mom is very comfortable at Crawford Manor. She has made a few friends since residing there. The staff has been wonderful to her……Each year, the facility has worked tirelessly to keep the smell of odor down with great success. Over the past several weeks the facility has been undergoing redecorating with new flooring, paint and furniture. .. my mom's is a resident at Crawford Manor

  • Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Inc Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

    We visited the facility before we admitted our mother. Staff was friendly and the atmosphere appeared to be pleasant and clean. We were happy with the appearance. She was being admitted for rehab from a fall down 15steps. She is 83years old. She had a deep laceration on her shin and a broken ankle. She was to put NO weight on it. there was trouble swallowing so she was on a nectar diet.

    There were several problems right away. The staffing that came into the room, including the nurses were clueless as to what the status was of their patients. Her leg was to be cleaned three times a day and that did not happen. We were lucky it got cleaned once a day. The diet was always wrong. Staff gave her regular water and it would cause her to choke. If she needed help she would ring the help button. It could take an hour or more to answer(I was actually there and timed them). One weekend my sister arrived in the AM to find a very distinctive smell throughout the facility. Urine. Our mother was soaked with urine along with all bed clothes. Come to find out all residents were. The night staffing either was not there or never responded to calls. It was terrible. We had family consultations with the facility and addressed our concerns and was assured it would be taken care of and never was. We actually started investigating other facilities to move her but nothing was available. I would not recommend this facility to anyone or at least make sure someone is there 24/7 with your family member and DEMAND the care they are to get. Basically, you have to be the patient advocate. It was Wayyyyyyy to expensive for the care they gave. I am sorry to write this review. It actually took a month to decide to write it but it needed to be done.

  • Otterbein Gahanna Columbus, Ohio 43230

    Totally unorganized, food was not good and menu was not followed. Very hard to get alternative food on the menu. Medication mistakes. Aids didn't show up for work. Nurses not very well trained. Necessary equipment for taking blood pressure not even in every house. Aids expected to do everything. They have to do the housekeeping, cooking, plan activities, cleaning of rooms and facility. It is no wonder aids don't show up, there is too much for them to do. The aids that did show up were excellent and caring. They need to hire a chef. Nice idea, but it is not working unless they get more help. They don't have a chef, housekeeper, or a laundry person. It all falls on the aids. The morning aids especially have it tough because they have to make 2 meals and do everything else. When we were there there was no structure. Employees were stealing food. For the 365.00 a day they charge the care should be much better. We didn't stay long.

  • Highland Pointe Health & Rehab Center Cleveland, Ohio 44143

    Highland Pointe is terrible due to the response time and level of care given to the residents. Must wait sometimes 20 minutes for an aide to come when the assist button is pushed. Most not all are rude and not very compassionate to the residents. Nurses are very nice and knowledgeable but they can not control the aides. The in house Dr, well lets just say you wouldn't accept this level of service from your physician on the outside but you are stuck once in there. Sorry not much nice to say the performance of the overall facility is severely lacking and I was told due to call offs and short staffed continually. Meals sometimes cold and served from trays due to shirt staff and cooks that call off. Not a pleasant experience and I would not recommend this facility.

  • Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Community Marion, Ohio 43302

    For the past 4 years Kindred has been providing total loving care for our niece. At the age of 46 she was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's, several years prior to her caretaker mother's death. Following that death, our niece’s condition rapidly deteriorated and we could no longer maintain her in a home setting. After shopping around we determined Kindred to be the best solution for her, and entrusted her to Kindred's care, which has proven to be the absolutely correct decision. Kindred personnel have attended to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of our niece as she has continued to slip away from her children, friends, and us. Kindred staff always interact with understanding, with tender personal physical care, with comfort, and with love … knowing that she is slipping away. Kindred could not have done a better job.

  • Patriot Ridge Community Fairborn, Ohio 45324

    the nursing aides that acturally do the work and help and care about the welfare of your loved one is super. Upper management ( Administrator, Don, Social Service), is totally useless and care more about their position and salary held than the people they are suppose to represent and support. They say if you want results, go to the top…Forget it. They only try to correct the problem if State complaints or the Ombuseman is involved. Only then do they react. They will tell you anything and do nothing. As a nurse who has worked the nursing home as well as hospitals for over 40 years, I know the ropes, I know how to write up plan of corrections to pass State inspections, I know that staff is notified that "State is in the building". Everyone goes into action. All of a sudden, management is out on the floor helping, answering call lights, and delivering food still warm. In other words, your loved one is taken care of for the 8 hours State is there. As soon as they leave, management leaves. Your Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew or anyone you cared about should be taken care of on a daily basis just because.. You expect this, somebody is paying for their help. Think twice about going to Patriot Ridge, go on line and research State surveys, complaints,.. I have no objections to the caregiver staff. They do and care, and often connect on a familiar bases with the one they follow. It is not out of obligation, it is out of genuine empathy for giving the best care in your absence.

  • Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Community Marion, Ohio 43302

    I am the daughter of a resident and I'm hear to tell you I am truly impressed with Kindred.The people there are very kind and helpful.They are taking good care of my Mother and she is happy with the care that she is getting.If you are looking for a great place to have a loved one in Kindred is the place.

  • Bath Creek Estates Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223

    Our mother is thriving at Bath Creek Estates. Our experience has been totally the opposite to the other review. Our mother is always clean, happy (as one can be in a long term care facility), and there are always staff around, from housekeeping all the way up to administration. Is everything perfect, no, but when someone finds that place let us know and we will sign up. Bottom line, our mother would no longer be on this earth if we had not found Bath Creek Estates!! Show up often, get to know the staff, be involved and you will see the positives.

  • Signature Healthcare of Galion Galion, Ohio 44833

    I would not recommend this facility to anyone with a dementia loved one. The aides are wonderful, but the nurses and nursing staff only want their patients to be calm and quiet. They use medications to keep them as such and even when they are shown that the patient is calmer without the medicines. They do not toilet as needed, but make the majority of patients use one bathroom because it is closer for them. Ive seen patients have to "wait" to go because it is dinner and they don't toilet during that time. They do not give patients water except for dinner. And I've never seen them use gloves to care for patients. Please use your due diligence!

  • Kingston of Miamisburg Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

    This review may be lengthy, but I assure you, if you have a loved one that is seeking long-term placement or a short rehab stay, you will want to take the time to read it. I have worked full time at Kingston of Miamisburg for 6+ years. I have worked both night shift and day shift.

    First of all, this facility claims to "specialize" in respiratory therapy. This itself is laughable. "We have a respiratory therapist on staff 24/7" is what is marketed to the public. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!! After 11p (and most of the time much earlier, say 930p) and before 7-8a the nurse is the one left to deal with respiratory issues that a lot of times, he/she isn't even qualified to do! And good luck if their nurse is trying to reach someone on the phone for an emergency during these off hours! It seldom happens, but if you ARE lucky enough to get an answer or return call, it's about an hour before anyone reaches the facility. And with an attitude. Trachs get dislodged/pulled out/coughed out all the time. People often times get weaned from their trachs too early. Which just sets up more problems for the patient. This is not to even mention how lazy these respiratory therapists are. Oh my God! You would think someone making $30 per hour would be happy to have such a job. Not all are lazy, but seriously, most are.

    Working short staffed is a common problem anywhere you work. Any field. But in this type of facility, adequate staffing is a MUST! But not at Kingston! Expect the facility to be short staffed nearly Mildly to severely. DAY SHIFT AND NIGHT SHIFT! And please don't expect anyone to come out of their comfy little office to help out. The last I heard someone in the office be asked to come to the dining room and help feed patients? "I'm getting really tired of this!!" No joke folks.

    You also have here at Kingston some great nurses and some really really bad/incompetent/lazy nurses. The latter, I'll go with them. Does your family member have a bed or chair alarm for safety? Better keep an eye on that! Your nurse doesn't want the aggravation of an annoying alarm sounding frequently. Does your loved one have a treatment? Doesn't matter how bad/infected/draining it is. Those don't get changed for days at a time! Don't believe me? Start checking! You need their nurse? Excellent chance they can be found in the smoking area. Doesn't matter if it's an emergency, or the Dr calling, or a pharmacist checking on their medications. Doesn't matter. Not one bit!! At least once an hour around the clock for about 15 minutes per cig. Smokers 24/7. And as far as having an RN on staff at all time? That is also laughable. DOES NOT HAPPEN!

    Let's talk about those friendly and not so friendly nursing assistants. Pretty much the same as the nurses. Some great and some absolutely not. Day shift throws responsibilities off to night shift and night shift reciprocates. So who is getting left out of the equation? Your loved one! Their supposed to get a shower twice per week or more often? Most likely doesn't happen. Bed alarms? Same thing. I've seen many many falls/falls with injuries happen because someone didn't answer a call light soon enough for the patients liking. Some justified, some not. Some folks are just too impatient and refuse to wait for help or doesn't call for help at all.

    But some nursing assistants like to sit and chit chat with other staff/play on their phone/smoke too much to be bothered with that call light. And most of the staff, and I mean MOST, are big time buddies or sleeping with each other so they dare not tell on each other. I really don't think they care enough to anyway. It's all covered up by the buddy system. And by all, I mean all.

    Those little white badges they make us wear? The Versus badge? When the smokers need to light up they just take those off and toss them to the side, usually their desk to make it appear as though they've been hard at work. Management knows all about this too but nothing is ever done, because, u see, it happens on both shifts. And management smokes, also.

    I'll just put his here as a short comment: folks in the admissions office will accept ANYONE into this facility. Appropriate placement or not. Especially if their census is down. Some of these folks that are not appropriate and require one-on-one care (such as Alzheimer's patients/combative/high fall risk, etc) do just that. Take a nurse or nursing assistant off the floor to personally sit with you to keep you safe and off the floor from a fall. Leaving the other residents at risk due to short staffing. But keep that census up $$$.

    The turnover rate? Beyond laughable. I've literally seen hundreds of nursing staff come and go. No joke folks. Nurses, nursing assistants, DON's, Team Lead/Supervisors. And when the State of Ohio comes to the facility for their annual survey? Everything is in tiptop shape. Until they're gone.

    Now, I'm sure as you read this your thinking, if you've been there 6+ years. Why haven't you reported these things? Why do you still work there? Or various other questions I may have riled up in you. 1) I have reported all the above mentioned. AND MORE! Numerous times. Doesn't matter. 2) I love the residents.

    Needless to say, I would seriously think about having a loved one stay at Kingston. I don't even refer people to this facility. That's sad.

  • Larchwood Village Retirement Community Cleveland, Ohio 44135

    This nursing home has poor care. They have sent one of their residents/patients out for an appointment in soiled clothes with colostomy and urostomy bags leaking as well. She could barely bare her own weight. When we called to complain and insist that this patient be accompanied for her following appointments they showed little to no interest in what happened. I would like to rate this facility with NO STARS!!! This is a neglect case and we WILL be calling the elderly neglect line! They are also giving us the run around and will not connect us to the DON! Very poor attitudes from all staff that was spoken to on the phone!

  • Altercare of Hilliard Post-Acute Center Hilliard, Ohio 43026

    This facility although brand new and clean . its all they got going for them. the lack of staff is major residents are not getting the attention they deserve. And if they can get a fast result from the patient, they kicked them out of the facility accusing them of being non compliant.There is no such thing as trying another approach to help,they are supposed to be the professionals. well anyway i just wanted to warn people looking into this facility.

  • Covenant Village of Green Township Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

    Please do your homework on this facility. I read many reviews and should of paid more attention to the care and not the facility itself. It is a new building and very clean which obviously is important since many residents are immune compromised. The on floor staff is caring and forms nice relationships with the residents. The issues arise when the family informs staff/management of health issues concerning their loved one and no action is taken. The lack of action leads to more serious issues for the resident/patient. Please be aware your loved ones Dr will more than likely not be allowed in the facility and is only seen by a Dr once a week for maybe 3 minutes. Which even impacted test results, medications being filled etc…

  • Residence at Salem Woods, The Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

    our son was a resident at salem woods for one year .the have the most skilled and compassionate care that you will ever find in our area. he had md and needed a significant amount of care. we were there a lot .nearly every day and observed the way that most all situations were handled.l would not hesitate to go there myself if the need arises.

  • Oak Hills Nursing and Rehab Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

    Terrible! My father was there three days. They missed 2 out of 3 meals and gave him nothing to drink one of those days. They left him in bed for three straight days. The place is dirty and has an overwhelming smell of urine. Rooms are very small, shabby furniture. My fathers bed was small with no safety rails. The TV never worked despite multiple requests to fix it. No one answers the phone at all on the weekends. What more can I say!

  • Rehabilitation and Health Center of Gahanna The Columbus, Ohio 43230

    I would be miserable here. My father is. He has fallen once there already, has not received his flu shot as asked (5 days ago),nor had any consultation with anyone, He does not know what he is supposed to be doing there since he sits all day. He is a fall risk and needs assistance but they've not given him any. Physical therapy came to get him but he wasn't dressed because he needs assistance. His clothes were laying on a chair - and he is a fall risk! He was there because he fell at home and wound up in the hospital. He's fallen once there already.

    He was given a wheelchair with a broken foot rest. A nice employee rounded up another one, but it was also broken (it honestly was the best she could do at the time). After calling and contacting everyone, they are meeting tomorrow and NEVER CALLED ME so I could be there.

    There is no excuse.

  • Heartland at Promedica Flower Hospital Campus Sylvania, Ohio 43560

    My mother has been there for several weeks. The constant errors on a daily basis display an amazing level of incompetence. For example, every day she gets the wrong meal. She has to send the order back and tell them what was ordered. They then bring her the correct meal. Next thing is they deliver lunch for patients that cannot walk to the lunch room at 1 to 2PM. Yes, 2PM lunch! Dinners are also late. For the elderly this is unacceptable. One nurse was unable to figure out how to plug in a normal electric plug for the bed. My Mom had to go out and demand another nurse figure out the problem. Simple electric plug into the wall was easy to figure out! I ordered a gift to send her via Amazon and delivered via UPS. A day later after delivery I called and alerted them. They found the box in the mail room. So, a day later and mail had not even been sorted! The outpatient team that handles checking patients out seems to not know how to return phone calls. It took three calls over 2 days to get to talk to staff there. Terrible customer service all around. I would avoid this place at all costs.