Review of Concord Village Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

If you are looking for someplace to care for your loved one, look elsewhere. This place is a total joke. The Director of Nursing (Deborah) and the Manager (Vivian) are the most cold hearted, uncaring “Leaders” you could imagine. That same negative tone is forced down to their staff. Staff turnover is high. While some are very caring and compassionate, theirs hands are tied to do anything beyond below average care due to inadequate staffing and negative leadership. They don’t have time for discussing concerns of patients. The nursing director told us to call and “leave a voicemail. I'll call you back”. They are constantly in “meetings” to which they use as an excuse not to talk to family. Staff takes a long time to answer call buttons. We once waited an hour and a half! Their excuse was that staff was busy handing out food trays…For an hour and a half? That shows how short staffed they are. Bedding wasn’t changed for almost two weeks. Dressing changes were ignored until we raised concerns. We now ask them to write the date on the band-aid so we know when it was changed last and it still goes for days without changing. Our relative fell out of their chair 3 times in five months. Each time the director of nursing was full of excuses. When we came back from the hospital after one of the falls, the aide was sleeping on a couch in the hallway while two residents were still in their wheelchairs sleeping. That was at 2am. And that aide still works there. Once when we were late in coming to feed our relative (because we don't believe the staff will take the time) we found her alone in the dining hall eating puréed food with her hands and no one noticed. Each time we tried to meet with the director of nursing to discuss our concerns and ask how we can work together, her response was that we “family” are there too much and our expectations are too high…

We are asking for basic care. This place can not fulfill that. We are looking elsewhere but moving our relative can’t come fast enough.

Don’t believe the 5-Star rating from the state or the new clean environment of the facility. They are both facades of incompetent leaders steering the Titanic. It’s only a matter of time before they strike the iceberg. Pray that it’s not your loved one who is the victim of their neglect and incompetence. STAY AWAY!!!