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  • The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehab & Nursing Center Brooklyn, New York 11229

    My husband was admitted there after a very bad experience at another Rehab Center. From day one to the completion of his Rehab, the Chateau treatment was wonderful, beginning with the Receptionist, the Concierge and Nurses. They kept every promise made, overseeing his diet, physical therapy and medication. We are satisfied, and would Highly Recommend it to other families.

  • Sprain Brook Manor Rehab Scarsdale, New York 10583

    The only reason I would give Sprain Brook as high a rating as three stars is for its tremendous rehab people. Caring, knowledgeable, patient. As for everything else,it is sad. It is understaffed, with my mother having to wait a half hour for an assistant to help her to the bathroom. The nursing station does not coordinate well with the rehab, so that I had to relay the message that my mother should not wait four hours after her Parkinson's medication to make it to therapy but should really be seen an hour after. The dining room screams "institutional" with depressing colors, chipped paint, a couple of big, dark tables and a TV. I am trying to have her transferred elsewhere, but instead of quickly processing the necessary paperwork, I receive phone calls trying to convince me to keep my mom in this "5 star" facility, so that I missed out on the available rooms in another rehab. I thank God for the rehab people or my father would have kidnapped my mom and tried to nurse her at home.

  • The Grove at Valhalla Rehab and Nursing Center Valhalla, New York 10595

    Do not come here if you need any type of wound care or medical care. My mother ended up here after abdominal exploratory surgery. She required a wound vac for her recovery. Upon her admission to the Grove, it was obvious to my family that the wound vac was not working. The purpose of it is to keep the wound dry and we could see no fluid was accumulating. The staff ignored my family's concerns for 3 entire days. On the third day, a nurse agreed to change the dressing (which had been changed every 2 days in the hospital). The wound was filled with fluid and leaking everywhere. For the next 3 days, the alarm on the wound vac machine would go off for 4 hours at a time. A nurse told my family this indicated that the machine was not working properly, but no staff addressed the issue. At this point, I sent a written complaint. This finally caused the administration to step in. We were informed that the staff required training on wound care. Even after the "training" occurred, issues persisted with the wound care and machine. An actual doctor didn't even look at the wound for at least 9 days. Then, he had concerns over sloughing or dead cell build up, which could have been prevented had the wound vac been appropriately attached and functioning. A nurse tried to tell us the wound had been like that when my mom first arrived, but she later admitted that she hadn't actually looked at the wound. My father spent all day every day trying to oversee the wound care and management. My mother developed a terrible cough. She had a history of lung collapse and pneumonia but the staff ignored her "common cold" per the doctor until she developed a high fever and was having trouble breathing. They ordered a chest x-ray and it took days for the x-ray to occur. Then, when they finally did the x-ray, the computers were down so they couldn't view the results. They had put her on oxygen to help her breathe, but they kept running out of oxygen and the tanks were frequently empty. My father had to keep checking and alert the staff there was no oxygen. It turns out she had pneumonia and likely RSV. They attempted to give her iv antibiotics, but the staff had trouble with the iv. It fell out at one point. At another point, there was blood in it and they couldn't figure out how to get the iv working. Then, the wound vac machine actually broke and the staff didn't know how long it would take to get the part that was needed to fix it. The doctor did not appear to have ever reviewed her medical records, and her daily medication as per the hospital discharge was ignored. As one example, she had been on blood pressure medicine, but they didn't give it to her so her blood pressure started spiking. If my dad had not been there all day every day, with knowledgeable of her medications and medical needs, I am afraid to think what would have happened. It is so upsetting that a place like this can continue to take patients when the staff clearly does not have the skillset to handle wound care and other medical issues, especially when the website is such a glowing advertisement for it.

  • Excel at Woodbury for Rehab and Nursing, LLC Woodbury, New York 11797

    If you are close to a vulnerable family member, and you want them in a facility where the professional staff are often difficult to contact, where they give you misleading information about their condition to the point of lying in answering questions, and which does not respond to US Certified letters, then this is the place for you.

  • Sapphire Nursing at Meadow Hill Newburgh, New York 12550

    My 100 year old mother is at Sapphire now (1/8/18) and although it is rundown, do not judge a book by its cover. I think the nurses, aides, rehab PT/OT staff are great. They care about my mother's progress, they support her, they always get back to me if I call, and in general, I find them to be as helpful as they can. My mother was in another facility that "looked pretty" about a year ago, and I did'nt even know who her nurses were….no personal attention……so for those who are not giving Sapphire a 5 star rating, I think the staff is much more important as to where you put your loved one, rather then how beautiful the place is. And it is kept clean.

    Surelle C.

  • Warren Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Queensbury, New York 12804

    Seriously under staffed! Meal time is very sad as residents must wait while two or three staff members try to feed 20 or more residents. This results in cold food, residents trying to get the food and dumping it on themselves or floor. Hygiene help for residents is severely lacking, I. e. Oral care, nail care! If you criticize anything the aides get really rude to you. They need to remember these are human beings who are loved and treat them with respect!

  • Comprehensive Rehab & Nursing Center at Williamsville Buffalo, New York 14221

    Appauling is the best word I can come up with. Call buttons don't work. Bed ridden patients are given "tap bells" that are placed across the room & out of reach. My uncle fell 8 times in 12 days. Staff are unresponsive, uncaring and plain rude. When my frail & dying uncle would fall because his request to use the bathroom would be ignored, the staff would stand over him and yell at him to get up! He had withered away to less than 100 pounds at 6 feet tall. I found him abandoned in the hallway wearing nothing but boxer shorts - shivering & demoralized. He was left in urine soaked sheets for 2 hours after requests for help were completely ignored at which point I changed the sheets myself with much difficulty manuvering him. Do not leave a loved one her unless you can watch them 24/7

  • Brookside Multicare Nursing Center Smithtown, New York 11787

    DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE! The nurses and aids neglect their patients, make fun of them, mock them. My mother begged for a week straight to be sent to the hospital and they said that she did not need to. She became so sick and weak she could not feed herself and two of the aides there said to her " we are not going to feed you like a baby" so she did not eat for days. I finally threatened the night supervisor to call 911 to have her brought to the hospital. So they sent her there finally. We find out that she has congestive heart failure. If she had stayed one day longer she would have died. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!

  • Adira at Riverside Rehabilitation & Nursing Yonkers, New York 10701

    Please do not go here with your loved one. The Administration is very bad, as is the Social Worker, they will only yes your serious concerns, your family member will be doomed. A very inadequate facility, very sad for all those who are unfortunately here. I had to stop visiting my family member, my visits were making me physically and emotionally sick.

    God bless all, prayers for health to all the residents!

  • Renaissance Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center Staatsburg, New York 12580

    This place sucks!!! Hallways stink when there changing sheets, if your in pain don't bother calling a nurse because they take there time checking to make sure everything fine (if you can find a nurse at the station).

    Physical therapy, you'd do better watching YouTube.

    My husband changed in the 2 weeks he spent there. Once home he ran out of meds & we was going through withdrawal, turns out they were him & we ended up back in the hospital. My husband arrived there on a Friday & spent the weekend without meds, the rehab told us they never received them but when we ended up in the hospital… Turns out the pills were delivered to Renaissance & seemed to disappeared but the rehab knows nothing of this…

    Knowing what I know now…ALL THAT GLITERS IS NOT GOLD, the place looks nice but really look into it before sending anyone there!!!

  • The Pavilion at Queens for Rehabilitation & Nrsing Flushing, New York 11354

    I like this place because the staff treats you very good. I like the food very much and the soup is the best. Recreation always plays music which helps me relax, I dont want to leave. I like the way they are painting the floor and changing stuff around.

  • Field Home - Holy Comforter Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

    Rehab was great. PT was very good. Fails at intermediate care because there is none. Patients who require total care may receive decent care but if you are someone who requires help ambulating, dressing, etc. you are out of luck. Our mother was left behind in the dining room 3 times because they "forgot" to go back to help her after they wheeled the other patients to their rooms. Also, when she moved into her room upstairs it was filthy - cobwebs and bugs in the bathroom. The floor had not been stripped and cleaned in ages. Also, when her roommate coded they left our mother in the room during the resuscitation. She was traumatized by that. There were many more things but the bottom line is she will never go back there

  • Parker Jewish Institute for H C & Rehab New Hyde Park, New York 11040

    It is not right that Parker remains open. This is the worst place that anyone can send a loved one. The state is totally aware of their problems but they do nothing and the state health department helps Parker cover up all the bad stuff . For example if you report mistreatment of a patient , The health department doesn't count that statistic - instead they only count if they themselves on their once annual visit see with their eyes an abuse of a patient. How ridiculous . Parker does bother to give the patients any of their previsikus prescribed medicine, and they dont two or crucial care information . If you try and give it to them they will NOT allow it. This place is operated by pure evil. The devil himself has more

    Compassion than these phonies.

  • Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center New York, New York 10021

    They are short of staff, short on supplies and if you ask them for a diaper, they say that they have to go downstairs because there is no diapers on this floor, the staff are extremely lazy and they do not care about none of these patients, they just care about the money!!! He was admitted at 6:00pm on September 16th,2017, so why the lady who was assigned to him,comes in here close to 9:00pm when her shift is almost ending, if I was not there, he would have been soaking in pee?!!! So the next day on September 17th,2017, my uncle is there with my grandfather, and the first thing that he notice is that my grandfather is drenched in urine, they did not change him at all and he also notices that its cold in the room but my grandfather is drenched in sweat and he is having difficulty breathing, my uncle literally had to go off and get mad, and it seemed like they didn't care, they did come though. so they take his vitals, the lady named Grace, that took his vitals slips and say "this equipment is always broken, doesn't even really work." checks his oxygen "97" ,but he is in pain so they gave my grandfather "Morphine", they do this thing when it is time to give medication they ask you to step out of the room for some reason, made me wonder if they are giving the correct medication. So my sister, his other granddaughter ends up coming to see him, he looks worst than before, his body is cold to the touch but he is still drenched in sweat and his breathing has gotten worst, so my sister calls the nurse and tells her, all she says is that she is going to call the" supervisor", supervisor never came or called back. To find out there is only 1 doctor there at this facility of 400 patients, my sister asks for the doctor and they say "he is feeding somebody right now" this whole time they keep saying oh he looks fine to me. My uncle from the beginning kept on telling them that something is wrong with his father but nobody didn't care or listen. So my sister ends up calling "911", the EMT shows up, they check his oxygen, and its "78" like are you kidding me?! The entire time his oxygen was "78". Grace his nurse lied and said she noticed this at 6:00pm, she lied because my uncle kept saying something is wrong from this morning. My grandfather was suffering from a Cardiac Arrest this whole time and this facility did absolutely nothing!! The nurse was literally running out the door with her purse and jacket leaving to go home and not caring!! If my sister was not there, no 911 would have been called. My grandfather was rushed to lenox hill hospital, they did a x-ray on him, you couldn't even see his lungs because there was so much fluid, to find out he had gotten pneumonia, the hospital gave him a C-PAP machine, he started throwing up, suffered a seizure and unfortunately passed away yesterday night on September 17th, 2017! I blame this facility the cause of my grandfathers death because if they would have rushed him to the hospital in the morning he definitely would have had more time being alive and us spending more time with him! If you care and love your family members, I highly suggest and recommend that you please take them out of this facility! This facility and the whole entire Staff, Doctor, and Supervisors does not care about these patients at all, they do not check up on them, they neglect all of them, they mistreat them, abuse them, disrespect them. So if your family members are still alive, take them out of here! This is not a place for nobody to be in! THEY NEED TO GET SHUT DOWN!

  • Schervier Nursing Care Center Bronx, New York 10463

    Be forewarned it is under new owners who are developers not Nursing Home people. They have gotten rid of all the nursing staff that was there and the replacements are not polite. They have new rules on being sick and when they will do anything besides giving out aspirin so you will be real sick almost dead before they call anyone or an ambulance. Sept 2017

  • Schervier Nursing Care Center Bronx, New York 10463

    Schervier Nursing Care Center used to be great until it was taken over by another company. They let go most of the staff & hired people who don't seem to care about the residents. My father was sick for 2 weeks & we weren't notified until he had to go to the ER. My mother was sitting in a wheel chair with trouble breathing & they wouldn't call an ambulance until we said we'd call for one ourselves. We wouldn't recommend this place under any circumstance with the current new owners.

  • Village Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center New York, New York 10014

    VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center claims that it is a place where patients receive recovery care to prepare them to return home. If that is truly the case, then why are many patients sent back to the hospital during their stay at VillageCare? VillageCare does not call 911 to transport patients back to the hospital, as this would affect their rating. VillageCare transports patients to the hospital via private ambuluttes, and there are delays in transporting these patients which delays the proper care, etc. There are many other issues with VillageCare which can be found on various social media sites.

  • Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center Albany, New York 12203

    While the rooms and overall environment seem nice, the level of care and compassion by the staff is just poor for this type of facility. The only time they seemed to become interested in a resident was when a family member brought something to their attention or complained. My 82 year old step-father was recently placed there for rehabilitation after a fall which left him immobile. The following is a quick summary of events (he was only there for about 2.5 weeks) that will show the lack of compassion this organization has for its residents.

    My concern about care immediately arose on my first visit. He was complaining that he could not urinate. We (my sister and I) did question the validity of this as his mental state was also starting to concern us, so we asked his aide (Flower) if they did monitor his bathroom trips since he needed assistance and if she knew if he was not able to go. She right away was defensive and told us he did have output. She even said she would take him at that time and upon finishing said his output was fine, asking if we wanted to look at it. Trust me when I say we really did not make a big deal out of this that warranted the attitude we were given. We were just concerned there was another issue we were not aware of.

    Next time I visited when he was in the dining area (lunch time), I witnessed the aides (including Flower) had no regard for the fact that he was not eating his fruit cup which I believe was a first course. I ended up feeding him myself while the aides watched but never spoke to me. Then I left the dining hall and stopped back 3 times in the next hour waiting for the main course to be served to make sure he was eating. While all others were served he was still sitting there with his trash in front of him. As I decided to take him out of the dining area, I finally mentioned to the nurse exiting that he never received his main meal and commented on how he seemed to be regressing since he was brought there instead of progressing. This seemed to finally spark some interest from them as Flower and a Nurse followed up with me back in his room. They then informed me that his meal was still coming and he had not waited long enough so I said OK and brought him back but mentioned he was not able to feed himself. They finally offered to feed him. Why should I have had to tell them this? Wouldn't you think they could observe it themselves and isn't that why he was there so he could be monitored? Also I was growing more concerned about what was happening when I was not there.

    After another week and a few more visits where we did not see progress in his rehab, we finally consulted his social worker, Nicole. She made it sound like they were progressing in therapy and would meet with us in the next week or so to discuss it more. In the meantime, as a quick aside, my sister mentioned our concern that certain staff may not be the right fit for him and asked how they normally handled this concern. Nicole said she would look into it.

    Finally the other day while my sister was visiting, she was suddenly informed that he had made a comment earlier that day which concerned them. Apparently, when asked what could they do for him he said "take me out back and shoot me". Of course they interpreted this as him being a risk to himself and now were talking about having him transported for a psych eval. And, who was the aide reporting this comment, Flower, who simply left a note on the desk of the head nurse. Coincidence? This concern was also raised to Nicole who simply dismissed it.

    I have to wonder when common sense comes into play for this type of situation. I mean really, we are talking about an 82 year old man that is barely moving. How much of a risk to himself can he really be? This one stupid general comment (I thought back to how many times I myself say "Shoot me now" and know I do not mean it) now generated a commotion and a trip to Albany Medical Center Emergency Department in the late afternoon. Anyway, I understand protocol, but again the lack of compassion in carrying this out was crazy. First Nicole told us he was going to Samaritan. Then the head nurse said no, Albany Med. My sister tells me the head nurse who signed the order for this had the nerve to tell her to explain the situation to the paramedics when they arrived. I was so happy to hear that she simply replied "no, this move was your call, you do it."

    He arrived at the hospital emergency dept at about 5:30pm on a very busy night where he now laid on his gurney in the overflow area (aka hallway) until 3:30am and did not get into an actual room until about 2 the next day. Wouldn't you think there was a better more controlled way to do this?

    After discussing the chain of events, Albany Med agreed (this was yesterday) that in addition to checking his frame of mind they would run a battery of tests like CT, Blood-work, UTI, etc. This may be the only bright spot in the matter. Especially because, low and behold, the first thing they found was that he had a UTI. I am no doctor, but maybe this has something to do with his original complaint about not being able to go to the bathroom?

    The final straw that provoked this rant is while we are still waiting for the rest of the tests, I just got the news from my sister that she had a message from the Daughters of Sarah social worker, Nicole on her voicemail asking that we go collect his belongings at the front desk ASAP. Apparently, once he was admitted yesterday, they no longer keep his room. Keep in mind this whole incident just happened 2 days ago and all they are worried about is cleaning up while we are still concerned about his welfare!