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These ratings and user reviews of The Grove at Valhalla Rehab and Nursing Center will help you pick the best nursing home in Valhalla, New York. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of The Grove at Valhalla Rehab and Nursing Center, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

The Grove of Valhalla Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is located on grounds that during the warm weather is a great place to take your love one outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you walk in the doors it is a lovely environment… Full Review

This review is for the long term nursing facility at the Grove in Valhalla, NY. They hide all the long term residence upstairs in the disgusting ward 2 North. The rooms and floors are filthy. As soon as you walk in you can smell the urine and… Full Review

the care and nursing attention my mom received at the grove was very good, nurse's Gloria and Adjoa, and staff were kind and knowledgeable. the aides were wonderful, particularly ruby and the 2 Rebecca's . the pt&ot staff were very experienced… Full Review

Do not come here if you need any type of wound care or medical care. My mother ended up here after abdominal exploratory surgery. She required a wound vac for her recovery. Upon her admission to the Grove, it was obvious to my family that the… Full Review

Nursing care is poor at best, staff is untrained, angry and indifferent to residents and families. I did not think it was possible, but the care has worsen since the new owners took over. Do not be fooled by the new fancy lobby and wonderful… Full Review

Well the rehabilitation part is awesome. If your parent or love one could be a walk in then you are good to go. If not stay away. If your love one has no voice and can't tell you what is going on then you are in trouble. You need to go… Full Review

I wouldn't send my dog to this facility. Non nursing staff administering medication. Their rehab is nill to nothing. Family is not allowed into the rehab room. My dad was there following a stroke. We left after three days and got him into… Full Review

Bathrooms not handicap accessible, do not provide safe care, staff go to lunch at the same time leaving pts alone, administrators do not return calls or respond to complaints … Full Review

Food is absolutely horrible. After being paid $400 a day per patient, Physical Therapy Dept. too cheap to buy an $11 gait belt to put around a patient's waist to help them walk. In an undignified way they instead pull the person up and drag… Full Review

Care of my loved ones everyday needs was at times poor. Long wait times to get help going to bathroom. Bathroom needed a good cleaning as well as the floor in room. Staff at times not willing to be helpful. Took three days to fix broken headboard… Full Review

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