Review of The Grove at Valhalla Rehab and Nursing Center

1 Star User Review

Do not come here if you need any type of wound care or medical care. My mother ended up here after abdominal exploratory surgery. She required a wound vac for her recovery. Upon her admission to the Grove, it was obvious to my family that the wound vac was not working. The purpose of it is to keep the wound dry and we could see no fluid was accumulating. The staff ignored my family's concerns for 3 entire days. On the third day, a nurse agreed to change the dressing (which had been changed every 2 days in the hospital). The wound was filled with fluid and leaking everywhere. For the next 3 days, the alarm on the wound vac machine would go off for 4 hours at a time. A nurse told my family this indicated that the machine was not working properly, but no staff addressed the issue. At this point, I sent a written complaint. This finally caused the administration to step in. We were informed that the staff required training on wound care. Even after the "training" occurred, issues persisted with the wound care and machine. An actual doctor didn't even look at the wound for at least 9 days. Then, he had concerns over sloughing or dead cell build up, which could have been prevented had the wound vac been appropriately attached and functioning. A nurse tried to tell us the wound had been like that when my mom first arrived, but she later admitted that she hadn't actually looked at the wound. My father spent all day every day trying to oversee the wound care and management. My mother developed a terrible cough. She had a history of lung collapse and pneumonia but the staff ignored her "common cold" per the doctor until she developed a high fever and was having trouble breathing. They ordered a chest x-ray and it took days for the x-ray to occur. Then, when they finally did the x-ray, the computers were down so they couldn't view the results. They had put her on oxygen to help her breathe, but they kept running out of oxygen and the tanks were frequently empty. My father had to keep checking and alert the staff there was no oxygen. It turns out she had pneumonia and likely RSV. They attempted to give her iv antibiotics, but the staff had trouble with the iv. It fell out at one point. At another point, there was blood in it and they couldn't figure out how to get the iv working. Then, the wound vac machine actually broke and the staff didn't know how long it would take to get the part that was needed to fix it. The doctor did not appear to have ever reviewed her medical records, and her daily medication as per the hospital discharge was ignored. As one example, she had been on blood pressure medicine, but they didn't give it to her so her blood pressure started spiking. If my dad had not been there all day every day, with knowledgeable of her medications and medical needs, I am afraid to think what would have happened. It is so upsetting that a place like this can continue to take patients when the staff clearly does not have the skillset to handle wound care and other medical issues, especially when the website is such a glowing advertisement for it.