Review of Comprehensive Rehab & Nursing Center at Williamsville

1 Star User Review

My sister was sent to Comprehensive Rehab from the hospital by her doctor last year.I was not notified until she was there as she did not have a Health Proxy. She should have been able to choose her nursing facility. While she was in rehab, things were pretty good. However, she was unable to do the rehab satisfactorily as she had trouble walking the required steps. Then she was transferred to the nursing area of the facility where she was placed with a woman that was very unresponsive. Since my sister was legally blind, this was hurtful as she became very lonely. My sister repeatedly called me as the nurses aides would sometimes make her wait a really long time before they would get her to the bathroom in time. Then they would leave her there for long periods of time. I believe they were understaffed.The room she was in had a TV that did not work for almost two weeks. I had to call maintenance myself to get it fixed. I also had to call the phone company to obtain a phone for her use. I visited every other day to make sure she was ok and she was very unhappy as some aides were not nice to her and seemed to act like she was a bother. Sometimes when I came in she would cry as due to her blindness she could not open her milk carton, etc. Some aides said they didn't have time for that. Her best friend even called numerous times to the nurses station to help me to get her better treatment. They would just stare at me. The really worse thing was that she had such anxiety at night that she would have trouble breathing. The last time I saw her I told her I was going to help her find another nursing home as soon as I possible. I talked to her later in the day and that night I was called and told that they were taking her to the hospital as something happened and she could not breath. She had signed a DNR which Comprehensive neglected to send with the ambulance to the hospital and by the time I got there, she was on a breathing machine and had a tube down her throat. I told the doctor in the Emergency Room that she had a DNR, but he said it was too late to stop treatment as they did not have the DNR. I stayed with her all night and when she came too, she could not talk and didn't know me. Things took a turn for the worse and she had to be put on Hospice. She passed away about a week later. The hospital took very good care of her. I complained to the Nurses Station at Comprehensive and after she passed I told the Social Worker what had happened and she said she would check on things, but she never let me know if anything was done.. My sister was a lovely lady who just wanted decent caring treatment. She did not get it at Comprehensive Rehab. I just don't understand why the Health Agency allows doctors to send sick people to this nursing home when it has a rating of one star. I wish I would have known that before the doctor sent her there. My sister did not have a good ending to her life due to her treatment by some of the aides at Comprehensive.