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  • Field Home - Holy Comforter Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

    Rehab was great. PT was very good. Fails at intermediate care because there is none. Patients who require total care may receive decent care but if you are someone who requires help ambulating, dressing, etc. you are out of luck. Our mother was left behind in the dining room 3 times because they "forgot" to go back to help her after they wheeled the other patients to their rooms. Also, when she moved into her room upstairs it was filthy - cobwebs and bugs in the bathroom. The floor had not been stripped and cleaned in ages. Also, when her roommate coded they left our mother in the room during the resuscitation. She was traumatized by that. There were many more things but the bottom line is she will never go back there

  • Parker Jewish Institute for H C & Rehab New Hyde Park, New York 11040

    It is not right that Parker remains open. This is the worst place that anyone can send a loved one. The state is totally aware of their problems but they do nothing and the state health department helps Parker cover up all the bad stuff . For example if you report mistreatment of a patient , The health department doesn't count that statistic - instead they only count if they themselves on their once annual visit see with their eyes an abuse of a patient. How ridiculous . Parker does bother to give the patients any of their previsikus prescribed medicine, and they dont two or crucial care information . If you try and give it to them they will NOT allow it. This place is operated by pure evil. The devil himself has more

    Compassion than these phonies.

  • Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center New York, New York 10021

    They are short of staff, short on supplies and if you ask them for a diaper, they say that they have to go downstairs because there is no diapers on this floor, the staff are extremely lazy and they do not care about none of these patients, they just care about the money!!! He was admitted at 6:00pm on September 16th,2017, so why the lady who was assigned to him,comes in here close to 9:00pm when her shift is almost ending, if I was not there, he would have been soaking in pee?!!! So the next day on September 17th,2017, my uncle is there with my grandfather, and the first thing that he notice is that my grandfather is drenched in urine, they did not change him at all and he also notices that its cold in the room but my grandfather is drenched in sweat and he is having difficulty breathing, my uncle literally had to go off and get mad, and it seemed like they didn't care, they did come though. so they take his vitals, the lady named Grace, that took his vitals slips and say "this equipment is always broken, doesn't even really work." checks his oxygen "97" ,but he is in pain so they gave my grandfather "Morphine", they do this thing when it is time to give medication they ask you to step out of the room for some reason, made me wonder if they are giving the correct medication. So my sister, his other granddaughter ends up coming to see him, he looks worst than before, his body is cold to the touch but he is still drenched in sweat and his breathing has gotten worst, so my sister calls the nurse and tells her, all she says is that she is going to call the" supervisor", supervisor never came or called back. To find out there is only 1 doctor there at this facility of 400 patients, my sister asks for the doctor and they say "he is feeding somebody right now" this whole time they keep saying oh he looks fine to me. My uncle from the beginning kept on telling them that something is wrong with his father but nobody didn't care or listen. So my sister ends up calling "911", the EMT shows up, they check his oxygen, and its "78" like are you kidding me?! The entire time his oxygen was "78". Grace his nurse lied and said she noticed this at 6:00pm, she lied because my uncle kept saying something is wrong from this morning. My grandfather was suffering from a Cardiac Arrest this whole time and this facility did absolutely nothing!! The nurse was literally running out the door with her purse and jacket leaving to go home and not caring!! If my sister was not there, no 911 would have been called. My grandfather was rushed to lenox hill hospital, they did a x-ray on him, you couldn't even see his lungs because there was so much fluid, to find out he had gotten pneumonia, the hospital gave him a C-PAP machine, he started throwing up, suffered a seizure and unfortunately passed away yesterday night on September 17th, 2017! I blame this facility the cause of my grandfathers death because if they would have rushed him to the hospital in the morning he definitely would have had more time being alive and us spending more time with him! If you care and love your family members, I highly suggest and recommend that you please take them out of this facility! This facility and the whole entire Staff, Doctor, and Supervisors does not care about these patients at all, they do not check up on them, they neglect all of them, they mistreat them, abuse them, disrespect them. So if your family members are still alive, take them out of here! This is not a place for nobody to be in! THEY NEED TO GET SHUT DOWN!

  • Schervier Nursing Care Center Bronx, New York 10463

    Be forewarned it is under new owners who are developers not Nursing Home people. They have gotten rid of all the nursing staff that was there and the replacements are not polite. They have new rules on being sick and when they will do anything besides giving out aspirin so you will be real sick almost dead before they call anyone or an ambulance. Sept 2017

  • Schervier Nursing Care Center Bronx, New York 10463

    Schervier Nursing Care Center used to be great until it was taken over by another company. They let go most of the staff & hired people who don't seem to care about the residents. My father was sick for 2 weeks & we weren't notified until he had to go to the ER. My mother was sitting in a wheel chair with trouble breathing & they wouldn't call an ambulance until we said we'd call for one ourselves. We wouldn't recommend this place under any circumstance with the current new owners.

  • Village Care Rehab and Nursing Center New York, New York 10014

    VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center claims that it is a place where patients receive recovery care to prepare them to return home. If that is truly the case, then why are many patients sent back to the hospital during their stay at VillageCare? VillageCare does not call 911 to transport patients back to the hospital, as this would affect their rating. VillageCare transports patients to the hospital via private ambuluttes, and there are delays in transporting these patients which delays the proper care, etc. There are many other issues with VillageCare which can be found on various social media sites.

  • Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center Albany, New York 12203

    While the rooms and overall environment seem nice, the level of care and compassion by the staff is just poor for this type of facility. The only time they seemed to become interested in a resident was when a family member brought something to their attention or complained. My 82 year old step-father was recently placed there for rehabilitation after a fall which left him immobile. The following is a quick summary of events (he was only there for about 2.5 weeks) that will show the lack of compassion this organization has for its residents.

    My concern about care immediately arose on my first visit. He was complaining that he could not urinate. We (my sister and I) did question the validity of this as his mental state was also starting to concern us, so we asked his aide (Flower) if they did monitor his bathroom trips since he needed assistance and if she knew if he was not able to go. She right away was defensive and told us he did have output. She even said she would take him at that time and upon finishing said his output was fine, asking if we wanted to look at it. Trust me when I say we really did not make a big deal out of this that warranted the attitude we were given. We were just concerned there was another issue we were not aware of.

    Next time I visited when he was in the dining area (lunch time), I witnessed the aides (including Flower) had no regard for the fact that he was not eating his fruit cup which I believe was a first course. I ended up feeding him myself while the aides watched but never spoke to me. Then I left the dining hall and stopped back 3 times in the next hour waiting for the main course to be served to make sure he was eating. While all others were served he was still sitting there with his trash in front of him. As I decided to take him out of the dining area, I finally mentioned to the nurse exiting that he never received his main meal and commented on how he seemed to be regressing since he was brought there instead of progressing. This seemed to finally spark some interest from them as Flower and a Nurse followed up with me back in his room. They then informed me that his meal was still coming and he had not waited long enough so I said OK and brought him back but mentioned he was not able to feed himself. They finally offered to feed him. Why should I have had to tell them this? Wouldn't you think they could observe it themselves and isn't that why he was there so he could be monitored? Also I was growing more concerned about what was happening when I was not there.

    After another week and a few more visits where we did not see progress in his rehab, we finally consulted his social worker, Nicole. She made it sound like they were progressing in therapy and would meet with us in the next week or so to discuss it more. In the meantime, as a quick aside, my sister mentioned our concern that certain staff may not be the right fit for him and asked how they normally handled this concern. Nicole said she would look into it.

    Finally the other day while my sister was visiting, she was suddenly informed that he had made a comment earlier that day which concerned them. Apparently, when asked what could they do for him he said "take me out back and shoot me". Of course they interpreted this as him being a risk to himself and now were talking about having him transported for a psych eval. And, who was the aide reporting this comment, Flower, who simply left a note on the desk of the head nurse. Coincidence? This concern was also raised to Nicole who simply dismissed it.

    I have to wonder when common sense comes into play for this type of situation. I mean really, we are talking about an 82 year old man that is barely moving. How much of a risk to himself can he really be? This one stupid general comment (I thought back to how many times I myself say "Shoot me now" and know I do not mean it) now generated a commotion and a trip to Albany Medical Center Emergency Department in the late afternoon. Anyway, I understand protocol, but again the lack of compassion in carrying this out was crazy. First Nicole told us he was going to Samaritan. Then the head nurse said no, Albany Med. My sister tells me the head nurse who signed the order for this had the nerve to tell her to explain the situation to the paramedics when they arrived. I was so happy to hear that she simply replied "no, this move was your call, you do it."

    He arrived at the hospital emergency dept at about 5:30pm on a very busy night where he now laid on his gurney in the overflow area (aka hallway) until 3:30am and did not get into an actual room until about 2 the next day. Wouldn't you think there was a better more controlled way to do this?

    After discussing the chain of events, Albany Med agreed (this was yesterday) that in addition to checking his frame of mind they would run a battery of tests like CT, Blood-work, UTI, etc. This may be the only bright spot in the matter. Especially because, low and behold, the first thing they found was that he had a UTI. I am no doctor, but maybe this has something to do with his original complaint about not being able to go to the bathroom?

    The final straw that provoked this rant is while we are still waiting for the rest of the tests, I just got the news from my sister that she had a message from the Daughters of Sarah social worker, Nicole on her voicemail asking that we go collect his belongings at the front desk ASAP. Apparently, once he was admitted yesterday, they no longer keep his room. Keep in mind this whole incident just happened 2 days ago and all they are worried about is cleaning up while we are still concerned about his welfare!

  • Excel at Woodbury for Rehab and Nursing, LLC Woodbury, New York 11797

    I wouldnt even give it one star. This place is horrible, horrible. There is never anyone at the front desk, anyone can walk in. The alarm on the door that they have when no one is at front desk, what a joke. No one ever comes to see what is going on. The staff is rude and nasty.

  • Parkview Care and Rehab Center Inc Massapequa, New York 11758

    My husband and I, Registered Nurse were investigators for NYS Dept. Health. My Professional Observations of the Abuse and Neglect our Mother Received, were REPEATEDLY reported to ADMINISTRATOR, SOCIAL WORKER, and Agencies. Consequently, they are PROHIBITING my 102 yr DYING Mother from having Me at her side!!! Abuses: BLACK AND BLUE BRUISES AND CUTS, ARMS - LEGS, Witnessed MANHANDLING BY AIDS, Property Missing, Food ALL over Clothing and Face, Failed to Provide APPROPRIATE TIME Assising with meals, Mother UNMONITORED, FALLING OFF WHEEL CHAIR, OFTEN, IN FRONT OF NURSES, DOING NOTHING TO HELP HER!! Telling Residents to SHUT UP!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  • Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Syracuse, New York 13215

    They left my 92 yr old grandmother in bed for 6 days in pain with her leg. They said they took an x-ray and there was no break. They never contacted the family that she fell. After seeing her we requested that she go to the hospital and they put up a little argument about sending her. Turns out she had a shattered pelvis. For 6 days AND they kept trying to move her!!! She ended up having to have surgery and we are still waiting for her recovery. She will not be returning to this facility.

  • Pathways Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Schenectady, New York 12309

    I was very impressed with Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The staff seems to genuinely care about their patients. Everyone was very nice, and willing to hear and address my concerns. It’s a good feeling to leave a facility knowing my loved one is safe and in good hands.

  • Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Albany, New York 12204

    A nightmare. Most of the staff there don't care nor have respect for the sick and elderly there. They yell and talk to them in a disrespectful manner. I've walked in the dining room and would see urine under the wheel chair of several residences, one sliding out of wheel chair with alarm going off and no aide in the room to assist them and several of them asleep in their chair leaning forward and looking as if they are going to fall out of the chair. I've even witness aides taking food from the cart for themselves and eating it. One night I visited my dad at dinner time and watched a very elderly lady standing in the middle of the floor with her pants and pamper down to her ankles and she couldn't bend down to pick them aide in the room…You need to get rid of most of the aides there and hire more caring people…Most importantly review the cameras..My dad is out of there now. Wouldn't put a dog there.

  • Parker Jewish Institute for H C & Rehab New Hyde Park, New York 11040

    I cannot imagine a caring place has this much ignoring to the poor helpless people who stay this place for help. No one cares this place, when poor patients call for help none of them their for help, if you complaint the management all turn as team and will kick you out from with before the patients is able to walk or get up from the bed. The therapist would make false assessment and would say to you insurance would not pay any more, and take the patient to home. Definetly the families and communities join together and fight for this hell place and should complaint to the heal dept, and NY state. If you ask for help the nurses or CNA would say they do not have enough people, every 15-20 people they have only one person. They are taking from insurance around $1,000/person from insurance company and no help at all, so sad, it is money making place. State has to do something for this place, theay should interview the patients and families for how much care they are getting.

  • Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center Albany, New York 12203

    one of the worse nusing homes around, my mom was in there, they gave her medicine that was discontinued, Let her fall on her back out of bed, they said the side rail broke, One morning I went down, they had my moms door shut, I could hear my mom crying, I opened the door, they had her on a commode and was trying to force feed her, My mom was getting too much oxygen and was scared, I told them get out of her room, and I would take care of her, When my mom passed, my sister went down the next day to get her things, they had gone in stole her box of brand new candy my brother gave her for mothers day, they tried to tell me she ate it, I told them she didn't eat cause that day when we were there mom was unconscious I was sitting next to her and opened her drawer and the box was never opened, they stole a person container my mom had , nothing expensive, just something special my mom loved, this place is the worst place going

  • Four Seasons Nursing and Rehab Brooklyn, New York 11236

    This place is a death trap and needs to be shut down immediately. They killed my relative who had a stage four bedroom sore from their negligence. They are just collecting money. These money grubbing demons I hope everyone suffers the same fate or worse. If you have a relative here check on them get them out. If you see something wrong please report

    Medicare Fraud 1-800-HHS-TIPS

    Medicaid Fraud Hotline - 1-877-87FRAUD

     Nursing Home complaint  - 1-888-201-4563

  • Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center Woodmere, New York 11598

    My relative is at Woodmere. Overall, she is very satisfied with the services and care at Woodmere. She says that the nursing staff and physical therapists “know what they need to do” and do it with care and a professional attitude. The quality of the food is fine as is the laundry service. She also tells me that patient safety is important there and this makes her feel safe. Lastly, Woodmere works hard to respect its multicultural residents.