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  • Alaris Health at Cedar Grove Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

    This was my second time at this facility. which is warmly and professionally decorated; very large rooms with a large sofa and love seat to accomondate your guest. I received EXCELLENT treatment! The Nursing staff were very PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY, as well the Aides and very attentative to all my needs. The Therapy Dept. had me up and moving. They are very dedicated to their profession and gave warm encourgagement of a "you can do this" attitude. There is a Beautiful large garden where you can go out and relax; watch the Silver Blue Birds, Red Robins along with a large 5' rock water fall which flows into a bed of all types of beautiful fish. There are all types of religious services and many activities guided by the Activities Director. You are never bored or along during your recovery, the aides are always stopping by to check on you which I really appreciated the attention.

    I recommend this facility highly and give it a 5 star rating.

    Jacqueline Dunn-Toler

  • Manorcare Health Services-West Deptford Paulsboro, New Jersey 08066

    Horrible facility. Removed my father, lack of care. Always find a NON-profit facility. End result, Kidney disease stage 3 upon arrival at hospital. No previous Kidney disease or issue's. Also keep an eye on billing, they double-dip. Be aware of what insurance actually covers and time frames covered. Manorcare will bill insurance and patient for covered fees.

  • Alaris Health at Belgrove Kearny, New Jersey 07032

    mwouny huband contracted one infection after another in this place . no one knew what they were doing. had to be there almost 24hrs daily. one nurse and one aid were the only ones that knew anything the wound vac treatment he needed . I took care of him myself ,cleaned him changed his bedding and also learned the wound vac treatment. the last infection he acquired in that placed put him in the hospital were he died. the place needs a complete overhaul.

  • Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center at Sewell Sewell, New Jersey 08080

    I'm a 57 yr old male who was transfered to Subacute Rehabilitation after major back surgery at Jefferson center city. Arrived 1/27/17, 1pm. I was told I didn't have any meds yet including my pain meds but did receive a shot of a very important blood thinner called heprin. Nurse informed me Jefferson was giving me it in arm which was incorrect and gave it to me in my left side abdomen.The following day I was notified my meds were in and received any pills along with a second shot of heprin on my right side by nurse Megan. That night 2am I hit nurse call button and told aid I needed pain med as I only had 1 since getting there, waited two hours called nurse again at 4am, aid said she would let nurse know again, 6am called again aid said she would let nurse know. Finally got pain meds at 7:15 am sun. Nurse Megan showed up with another heprin shot which I instructed her to no give it in stomach muscles as she did the day before. After shot my girlfriend noticed I was supposed to be getting shot every 8 hrs not every 24. At that point things got a little crazy, meaning they accused me of being out of it during the missing doses and that I was asleep. I know how many needles I've gotten in my stomach in my lifetime let alone over 3 days, at that point head nurse JP showed my girl a doctored up card with the added doses. This could have been more serious and could have caused death.Finally discharged 1/31/17 I'm a young man and ├žould not imagine my 85 year old loved one going through this. Jefferson hospital sent me there because of the 5 star rating. I found out they changed their name and added an addition. Please, do your loved ones a favor, use Kennedy's Rehab or Atrium

  • Alaris Health at West Orange West Orange, New Jersey 07052

    This is by far the worst facility that I have ever seen. My loved one is getting substandard care. The facility is understaffed and the majority of the staff are downright rude and unhelpful. Our family is disgusted with our experience here. Not to mention, the patients are underfed cold inedible food.

  • Hammonton Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare Hammonton, New Jersey 08037

    There should be an option for 0 stars.

    This facility is disgusting and the staff should be ashamed of themselves. It starts with leadership and trickles down to their staff. I requested my dad be moved to this facility based on the ratings on the medicare or medicaid site. (I do not remember) and either those ratings were severely outdated or no one ever visited the facility to see what actually goes on. My dad was transferred from the hospital directly to the facility with his cell phone, keys and glasses. My first visit- he had all his belongings. Cell phone and glasses were on the table- his wallet was in his pocket. I know- because I asked to see his wallet to make sure he had it. Cell phone & glasses aren't as big of a deal- obviously. A few days later- I spoke with his nurse, Jennifer, and she informed me that my dad was irate because he said his roommate stole his belongings when he left. Per Jennifer, she LIED to him and told him I had his belongings to calm him down (which it did). She stated she would have another aid look for them as she was too busy. I followed up and could never get a hold of Jennifer - because she never had time for family members. Either they have too high of a ratio for patients to caretakers or she was creating more work for herself. Either way, I could never get a response or update. (I'm also power of attorney)- She did let me know that they are not responsible for patient belongings… (but yet he brought them from the hospital- so what did they suggest he do with them?) Lets move on.. I call Dani who is the director (big big joke). We are now at Thanksgiving Eve… she proceeds to look for his belongings and call me back. Well- she does get back to me and tells me she found his wallet and put it in his drawer… sounds like a lie- as people were looking for it for a week now.. anywho- I visit him on Thanksgiving- the very next day… Do you think he wallet is in his drawer? Absolutely not.. because they probably never found it and probably didn't think I was stopping to visit.

    On another note- my dad was currently in a wheel chair- with medical staff all around- his wheelchair is alarming as he is trying to stand.. a group of 5 nurses standing around.. no one seems alarmed and one even says "you really shouldn't let him stand up" - my reply "I don't work here- you do." I'm confused on what they are really getting paid to do. This is completely mind boggling at the moment.. but moving right along.

    At this point- I don't know who Dani is (director) however- another patient leaves the facility without signing out and apparently he has a urinary tract infection. How do I know this? Because the nurse mentioned it to Dani and her response was "good I hope he keeps it" WAIT, what? Still- didn't know that was Dani (director) .. until she introduces herself to me in about an hour… you could imagine the look on my face.. complete and utter disgust.

    Moving along- my father gets transferred back to the hospital.. he's in there for about another month.. they are ready to send him to rehab and try to send him to Hammonton again- JOKE? I think not. I told them it was clear it was not going back to Hammonton. So the director of admissions calls me- Hershey Alter- I tell him everything I have just explained to you all… he pretends to be completely shocked that his director and staff would even act in such a manner. And he was going to look into the lost wallet- at this time.. I may not have expressed much concern about the glasses and phone as much as the wallet. However, I heard nothing back. I had to follow up with him and Dani quite a few times until I received a response.

    Here Here- now I receive a response from Hershey… at this point NO ONE knows ANYTHING about the cellphone and glasses (huh- but ok… he has a new pair of glasses and the cellphone can be replaced) and they want to know how they can compensate for his wallet - EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE… Oh my have the tables turned by Mr. Alter. Trying to persuade me to send my father back to the facility he was very accommodating- now that I sent him somewhere else- he doesn't believe they owe anything. Interesting. I am now waiting on information for the board of directors- which I was told there isn't one… but there is a complaint hotline.

    This should be interesting.. Just steer clear of this place.

  • Alaris Health at Cedar Grove Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

    This place is horrible.My mother is 92 and needs help getting to and from the bathroom. She was left alone in the bathroom for 50 min one morning. The bed sheets were thrown on the bathroom floor for 8 hours. To wash her they wet one end of a towel and used the other end to dry her, no soap. On 12/7 her dinner came with a tuna sandwich dated for the 12/3. When they dressed her, her pants were all twisted and her bra was twisted and turned inside out on the one side. In the middle of the night the aids yell to each other from one end of the hall to the other. These kinds of things happened every day. I informed the staff but nothing was done. I called the administrator but she never called me back. I pulled my mother out of there.

  • Alaris Health at Cedar Grove Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

    One of the worst facilities. My grandmother was admitted after her surgery.. worst nurses I have every seen. And aid's were just inhumane.. first day there and I saw how horrible they are not just to my grandmother but other people in the facility as well. The aid was treating her so badly I couldn't believe and that was when I was there imagine what they do when I was not around. This is the worst place. You call them and they don't show up for hours and no one cares the nurses are there the aid's are there but no one wants to come to clean up, give medicine or help and on top of that they are roud, and they yell at patients. Totally totally horrible I should have gone with the reviews but I said how bad can it be. But honestly they r worst than the reviews. Beware honestly beware

  • Venetian Care & Rehabilitation Center, The South Amboy, New Jersey 08879

    Terrible terrible place.. Way understaffed .. My mother had to wait an hour or more sometimes to get her bed pan.. They don't care about their patients.. They are not attentive enough at all. Older people are human too! My mother had to call me to call them to get attention. Do not send your family there!!

  • Rehab at River's Edge Raritan, New Jersey 08869

    Actually, it should be a rating of 1/2 star, if any. P/T was the only area that I thought did a great job and was kind and compassionate.

    The nursing staff took forever to answer the call bell. Even 98% of the aides took very long to get to the room, but mostly when she shouted for them. Therefore, she had bad bed sores. She was lucky to get a bedpan or be changed regularly, unless one of three good aides were there to do it. I found out that the rehab was under investigation and review while she was there. There were also so many problems of workers sleeping on the job during nighttime hours. We were lucky if the nurses station answered the phones at all. Days were hit or miss. Forget about the nights. It would ring and ring, then be circulated to other nurses stations and most of them didn't know how to forward the call to the correct station. On many occasions, I had to drive there to check on my mother. The one night supervisor was nice and let me in.

    Many arrogant nurses that just shook their heads to "yes" when you asked questions and if tests turned out okay….until you called the doctor directly and found out differently about her condition. For example, she had pneumonia, as did many other patients. The nurses said she was fine. Most were brought to the hospital, but they talked me and my family into keeping her there. Bad move on our part.

    Oh, there is so much more w/my mom and other I have witnessed. I wouldn't put a dog in this place. One bright note - an administrator. He was very nice, but unfortunately did not correct the problems while there. He tried, but I guess the so-called directors and nurses with "position" override everything else.

    It's not only us, but others went through the same issues. Many were afraid to complain b/c they were afraid of being mistreated if found out. I do have more to say about this rehab, but I believe I have said enough.

    Please DO NOT put your loved one in this place!!!!

    Thank you for allowing an honest critique of this awful rehab facility.

  • Woodcrest Health Care Center New Milford, New Jersey 07646

    Woodcrest is nice from the outside. From the inside, its chaos. The management is atrocious, and the some of the nursing staff reflect the same miserable attitude and behavior. The rooms are stink and you dare not complain. Documents are filled in with patient care that were never given. Its all about ensuring that forms are filled, just in case they sued, then the forms will show all is well when in reality the opposite is true. From the way they behave I strongly believe that some of the doctors and nurses who work there were refused jobs at a normal hospital and this is their next option. If you care about your mother or father etc. please, do not send them to Woodcrest unless you need life insurance money and quick.

  • Mainland Manor Nrs & Rehab Center Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232

    This facility is horrible. My aunt who has severe parkinsons disease was in this facility for 2 weeks. She went into the facility able to use a walker with assistance. She came out of the rehab refusing to walk and scared of the walker. I brought her home and got her into the bathrrom and she had poop in her adult diaper that had been there long enough to dry onto her rear end. On top of all of this she came home with a stage 2 pressure sore. I called the facility to find out why I was not told and why it was not documented in her discharge paper work. I was told that they had no record of her having a bed sore and was told there was no way to prove it. i was denied being able to speak with the facility administrator. They were also giving her incorrect medications even though I gave them a current medication list. They also had her on an antipsychotic, narcotic pain pills, and a muscle walker. All of these combined make her even more of a fall risk. They were also giving her blood pressure and cholesterol meds even though they were not needed. Please do not put anyone you love and care about in this facility!

  • Alaris Health at Cedar Grove Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

    My mother was recently admitted to Alaris at Cedar Grove for short term rehabilitation. I was very dissatisfied with the overall care of this center. The nurses were understaffed, and there seemed to be a very big turnover. They were not knowledgeable in many of the areas in the care my mother needed. The place was very dirty and the food was horrible. The aids did not come when my mother needed help in the middle of the night. Please do not send any of your family to this place. It was a horrible and a very sad ending for my mother.

  • Country Arch Care Center Pittstown, New Jersey 08867

    My mother loved the facility the staff were friendly and very helpful. She went to therapy twice a day and didn't want to leave because she was having so much fun. When I went to visit my mother she always had a smile. The food was amazing, but I must tell that once the gave my mother the wrong food and it was instantly resolved. I would highly recommend this facility.

  • Care One at East Brunswick East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816

    Terrible. Money-grubbing corner-cutters. Mom was going through a tough time and Care One made it all so, so much worse. She's scared and in pain and has some physical therapist screaming at her about her insurance cutting her off. Make the staff work in any way and they immediately quit on the patient. She was calling for help at night and instead of getting the doctor to examine her they just moved her to the end of the hall and left her there to yell. Turned out she was dying from a blood clot in her lung, which the real doctors at the hospital caught in about five minutes. I'd find her pills on the floor, she'd be sitting there all day without even a cup of water, she got a nasty rash from not being properly changed and cleaned, it was horrible.

    Real class at CO. They take a huge check from me then they discharge her with no warning at all, forcing me to scramble to get the money back, find transportation and everything else. Waited three hours to get her scripts when they booted her out, no attention to detail at all.

  • Care One at Teaneck Teaneck, New Jersey 07666

    It is an awful place. I had to get emergency surgery as a result of negligence. If You want to get rid of an older relative, this is the place!!!! Care ONe??? More like CARE NONE!!!! I was interviewed at admission time in the hall, they could care less about patient confidentiality. The food is awful and they do not handle alternative selections as they claim. They just make excuses and pretend that you're anti semetic. This place is a HELLHOLE with vomit stains on the walls, the smell of urine and fecal splatter on privacy curtains. Don't believe me? I have pictures!!!! I was injured there and had to get emergency surgery and these bastard didn't even call my wife!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS HELLHOLE!!!!

  • Care One at Ridgewood Avenue Paramus, New Jersey 07652

    Please do NOT put your loved one in Care One @ Ridgewood Avenue. The dietician is wonderful..other than that, the nursing assistants are hostile, and the nurses have NO time for your loved one. My mother was literally forced to be in diapers because no one, including physical therapy, would work with her on any transfers,and right away the tone was about what she COULDN'T do..literally from day one. The care meetings were simply a financial inquiry into how I was going to PRIVATE PAY IN THE FUTURE. The rooms are dirtydarkand isolated. Thank God I got her out in time..I pray for the others .iF YOUR PARENT IS UNABLE TO ADVOCATE FOR THEMSELVES..GET THEM OUT OF THERE!!

  • Alaris Health at Hamilton Park Jersey City, New Jersey 07302

    I try to get to see my mom every single weekend sometimes both sat and sun. My mom has been a resident there since Nov 2015.

    I work for the Health dept for Hoboken, and as such i deal with the public daily and it is my contention that most ppl who are happy when leaving my office never feel the need to compliment our excellent service it is only the people who do not get what that want who complain. Having said that it is with this letter that i wish to compliment your staff.

    There has not been one day ever where i have ever seen ANY worker; nurse, nurses asst, nurses aid, maintenance etc. treat any resident there with anything other than kindness and love and respect. It is SOOOO moving to me to see this as i know there are patients who need 24/7 care including but not limited to feeding, diaper changes, sheets changed and everytime the people performing services are so kind its is humbling to me.

    Even the woman who spins the balls at bingo; with her own money buys little gifts to give as prizes. One of the nurses actually cooked home made food to give to the residents.

    i have been through a lot in my life and i have seen the worst of suffering and the best of human spirit but i must say i was even moved by the kindness and care given by every worker at Hamilton Park i've encountered especially the nurses and the aides. It is humbling to say the least but inspiring at the same time.

    Also, i would like to give a compliment to Kelly as well; she helped me get my mom in the center and answered everyone of my annoying questions until the process was complete.

    Even after my mom was officially a resident when something needed to be addressed to make my mother's stay more comfortable kelly immediately made a phone call and got the job done. Beyond her excellent organizational skills, it is her very nice way; her politeness and her patience and her willingness to make the residents well being important therefore the family at ease.

    I cannot reiternate enough how much i enjoy going to the Nursing Home to see my mom, to see the other residents i have made frients with and the staff as well. It has made the transition so much easier than i could have imagined. it has been an adjustment for my mom and was a painful decision for me to put her there but i feel she is getting better care than i could have hoped for; when she was living alone she was just losing herself, at Hamilton Park i feel she will have a longer life and a happier and healthier one.

    One last thing, i have volunteered in homeless shelters, i've delt with immediately family members suffering from cancer, but to see so many really really debilitated people is very very sad to me. I don't think people really know how people in nursing homes are so ridden with disabilities and as god as my withness your staff has shown me the true spirit of love; to give of one's self without condition.

  • Alaris Health at Rochelle Park Rochelle Park, New Jersey 07662

    Our family wants to thank all the staff at Alaris Health for their kindness and above all their care for our loved ones. In the past 8 years my grandmother and uncle were residents at Alaris Health in Rochelle Park, New jersey and when my grandmother died and my uncle took ill with Alzheimer's and needed extra care we all knew where he was going. Now my uncle just pasted and we were comforted knowing he was with his second family (Alaris Health) and they made his last days comfortable. So again thank you all!


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