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  • Aperion Care Moline East Moline, Illinois 61244

    This facility is a mess! There are BUGS in the dining hall and unsanitary conditions in the shower areas! You will not believe the poor staffing and unhealthy conditions of Aperion Care in East Moline, Illinois. It is one of the worst places I have ever seen. The health inspectors need to get serious and check this place out.

  • Aperion Care Bloomington Bloomington, Illinois 61701

    The place is filthy. The room floors are always dirty. The bathrooms are a mess. There are rooms that have urinated clothes laying on the floor. Smelling up the room all the way into the hallway. There are a couple of rooms that have fecal matter smeared on the floor and nobody will go and clean it up because the resident is mean and it smells too much.

    Resident call alarms go off for 25 to 30 minutes sometimes while nurses and CNA's sit at the nurses station and play with their cellphones.

    I would get rid of nearly every staff member there, nurses and housekeepers and start over. Nobody wants to do their job.

    Residents sit in their own fecal matter and urine for hours. I would not keep a loved one at this facility.

  • Alpine Fireside Health Center Rockford, Illinois 61114

    Caring staff with an incredible therapy team. The company motto of "family taking care of family" is very visible. My sister in law comes for outpatient therapy after a stroke and I have several friends who have loved ones at the facility. I have watched residents interact with staff and as a visitor have felt extremely welcomed and comfortable. I wouldn't tell anyone to put a loved one anywhere else.

  • Integrity Health Care of Wood River Wood River, Illinois 62095

    I am a resident at Integrity of Wood River and I am not safe.  There is a nurse and a CNA whom have decided to make my life as miserable as possible because I have complained about them.  We have  a resident who calls everyone the "N" word.  I wonder how they treat her?  She is unable to tell anyone how badly she is treated. My room is 307, please come by and ask me about it.

  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    The first time my mother was there, things went pretty well, but now it is the third time and things are horrible. She is unable to get up and out of bed by herself and when she pushes her call light it sometimes takes hours for a response. What if it was an emergency? No one even comes to check to see what she needs, they just don't acknowledge it at all. Today she was still in bed at 10:30 and waiting in agony to go to the bathroom. The last time she was there, she was home for one day before ending up in the ER again with Congestive Heart Failure and a severe UTI. They say there are only two CNA's on the floor, but that's not the patients fault. If they need extra help, there are a lot of people who would love a job. When seniors need extra care, it sure is a shame that they can't or aren't treated with respect. Something needs to be done to make this facility better. Maybe the state needs to be called and have them reported for neglect.

  • Integrity Health Care of Alton Alton, Illinois 62002

    Of I could choose a half star I would. With the exception of a few nurses and aides that do their jobs this place is terrible. The administration is absolutely terrible. They don't return phone calls to family and the receptionist lady screens all calls and not in a good manner. The food looks like puke on a plate and the way they treat their residents is just sad. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone!!!

  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    My mother was just released from Aldens, she has been there 2 times before. The first time there i couldnt say enough good things about the facility. The second time there i could see that the level of care had gone down somewhat. The 3rd time there was very bad. I understand that everybody is working shorthanded but this beautiful on the outside facility has gone to the dogs. My next call is to inform Senior Services about the level of care at this facility. Mind you there are some very good workers there and the PT staff is wonderful. The problem is the higher up people, maybe they should be there to see how things are run there. I feel bad for the poor people that have family any distance and cant check on their loved ones on a regular basis.

  • Dixon Rehab & Health Care Center Dixon, Illinois 61021

    VERY HAPPY with the care our family member received. Nurses very attentive, compassionate and kind. CNAs very helpful. The whole place is very clean, smell is good, residents are well kept and taken care of, fed well. Lots of activities for them to do. I highly recommend this home for your loved ones.

  • Symphony of Hanover Park Hanover Park, Illinois 60133

    Completely incompetent staff my mother was there for a couple days for rehab after knee replacement surgery, they tried to give her the wrong medicine on multiple occasions she is allergic to iron and she told them multiple times and they still tried to give it to her, she asked them to clean her pick line for an entire day they never cleaned it and it got clogged then they had to replace it which is very painful, she ordered dinner and the nurse forgot to place her order and when she asked about it the nurse said that the cafeteria was closed.


  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    I am truly disappointed with the level of care that my mother in law has received at this facility. My mother was transferred here from the hospital for rehab for a broken clavicle. Two weeks in and my mother looks worse. She is left to her own most of the time and is really only taken from her room for PT. She is not encouraged to move or eat in the cafeteria, she is always in her bed with a wet diaper as she has become incontinent recently. Her son or I have had to bathe her because according to them if she says "no" to a bath or a walk or going to the cafeteria, they leave her. Every time I am there to see her she is in bed and her diaper is full. At home before this accident, this did not happen, so obviously something is wrong. My mother in law has dementia, and they know this but they do not take care of her like a person with this illness needs. She needs to be reminded, she needs to be told to move or go to the bathroom or to bathe, she will always say no. I don't know how a nursing facility does not know this. I know she must be less "work" for them, but its more stress and frustration for the family, especially if we need to bathe her, walk with her, and even have to change her linen. I do not recommend this facility if your loved one has dementia, or needs memory care because they are just left to their own devices and then family has to take of them. Also the cna's and nursing staff need to be reminded that patients are their first priority, and should be off their phones.

  • Grove of Lagrange Park, The La Grange Park, Illinois 60526

    One review I read started out "If you want your loved one to die without care in a snake pit , this is the place". I would have a tendency to agree with this assessment except not for the same reasons. My wife was diagnosed with lymphoma and was placed in this home because her body was so weak she lost the ability to walk. The grove was very good in getting her transported to UIC for her infusions and back again. We found the nurses, CNAs and techs to be at the very least adequate and in some cases better than that. So why do I start out with such an assessment? Because the uncaring did not come directly from the nursing staff but from the PCP. To illustrate this I am going to focus on the last four days of her life. When I got to the Grove on Monday, Dec 25th my wife could not speak above a whisper.. A speech therapist was brought in to see her that day and she was worried about her throat. When given a drink od water she sometimes cough. What worried the speech therapist was that the cough was not strong enough to expel anything that may have gone down the wrong pipe. The Wednesday after, the day the PCP was there, she could not talk at all. She gasp for breath when she tried and something weak and unintelligibly came out. We had to have her write down what she wanted to say. But the PCP was talking to another Dr or a nurse practitioner and then turned to me and said to me that he was prescribing over the counter throat lozenges. .I knew right off the bat this was not a sore throat. He seemed to be ignoring anything the speech therapist was telling him and ignoring all her medical history that he had at his fingertips and even the signs that he could observe. Like constant swelling of legs and ankles which can be indicative of a heart problem. At the very least it is always better to err on the side of caution than to spit into the wind. Would sending her to the ER saved her life? probably not But at the very least that may have determined to be terminal and we could have gotten her to hospice where family and friends could visit her one last time. Even that is speculation, but we will never know. I have never seen a doctor act with such carelessness and stupidity.

    I often have wondered what his reaction was when he was informed of my wife's death. Did he just shrug it off or did he say oops. the management or administrators at the Grove also showed a little uncaring attitude. For I have never received and contact from them whatsoever to express their sympathies or condolences for my loss.

    it is for these reasons that I can not recommend the grove in La Grange Park. At least not as long as that Doctor is practicing there

  • Aperion Care Moline East Moline, Illinois 61244

    DO NOT put your family member in this facility or any other Aperion facility! They are neglectful, the food is disgusting, medication is not being given as prescribed and the place smells of urine. Their DON is not allowed to come into contact with controlled substances because she's been caught steeling them.The corporate office and the office workers treat the patients, the families and the workers like dirt. They don't care about people at all and none of them should be in this business. The entire company needs to be shut down!

  • Bria of Geneva Geneva, Illinois 60134


  • Symphony of Joliet Joliet, Illinois 60435

    Family of Herbert Dowler. After visiting many local facilities, Symphony stood far above the rest. The care, respect, and treatment our father received while in their care was amazing. Dad flourished while in your care. We will forever be grateful for the quality of life that you returned to him while with you. The staff and administrator are extremely qualified and most respectful to patients and family members. Again, we can not Thank each and everyone of you for treating our Dad as if he was your own family member. Forever Grateful. Family of Mr. Dowler

  • Alden Estates of Shorewood Shorewood, Illinois 60404

    Horrible recent experience for my elderly parents. Dad had knee replaced for second time at 86 yrs old. Lack of attention to detail and total lack of compassionate service was evident at the rehab center. At home care was a nightmare. No calls, no follow up or at home rehab after several days and numerous complaints. Finally, we had him connect with ATI for his physical therapy. No excuse for the horrendous service at this place. Total lack of concern for my 80 year old mother that was trying to communicate and cope with their lack of attention.

  • Aperion Care Forest Park Forest Park, Illinois 60130

    DO NOT!! send your loved one to this facility. The only good thing about them is their PT, other then that the care is awful. I was on my light and asked for help with being wet or dirty, they would come in and say they would be back in a few minutes but not show up for more than an hour. If I put my light back on, they would get very annoyed with me. No, I was by no means a light rider. I am a middle aged paraplegic who went in with perfectly clear skin and came out with 5 wounds on my body, 2 of which could be life threatening. I was even told by an aide that "She didn't have time for this" when I was so saturated with urine that there were puddles on the floor. When I reported these things to supervision and the director, nothing was done, and the care became worse! This means instead of being confidential, they repeated what I said and my name to the staff. Major confidentiality breach! I was given the wrong meds on more than one occasion, and when I did come home I was sent home with someone else's meds, and I was so sick, I ended up in the ICU 4 nights later. There is so much more that happened but I feel I have covered the worst topics. I don't think they deserve any stars at all, but the PT was amazing, so he gets one star from me.

  • Bria of Palos Hills Palos Hills, Illinois 60465

    The place is absolutely disgusting smells like urine and feces almost all the time. Has gotten a little better during the week, but if you stop by at nights or weekends it is absolutely horrid. You have alarms that are going off for hours and a caregiver does not even go to check if the patient is OK. When I asked, they said you just learn to ignore it.

    I had a real hard time ignoring peoples cries for help, pleading to be fed, they need to be changes, along with individuals coming up to me to help them they are being abused. On how they do anything in their power to process someone as long-term and cause issues with medical coverage even though they are just there for rehabilitation, so they can milk extra money from the government. Individuals stating that they transfer there disability checks without approval; If we did this it would be considered THEFT especially from the disabled and elderly. I cannot see why the state would allow this facility to continue to operate.

    They have opened a new building but will put you in the older builing that should have been condemned years ago. Faulty wiring, exposed electrical wires, no ac in rooms especially during hot summer days, roof leaks water every time it rains, and another number of issues that need to be addresses.

    If your planning on putting a family member in here DONT, put them out of their misery before admitting them into Bria. Even if for 2 weeks, because it will be an agonizing hell for them and they will make sure to make it difficult when they come home to reestablish medical coverage. Cross your fingers if you will be able to get any of your material possessions back after going to this facility also.

    Horribly mis-managed, I wish the state would monitor security cam footage from these facilities and shut down the ones that are in it for corporate greed and not for the patients. To the employees that work here Picture yourself in that situation and how you would like to be treated. If its too hard get a job at your local fast food restaurant where all you'll have to do is ask if "they way fries with that".