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  • Westgate Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083

    Westgate HELL. My 51 year old sister was dumped here by Baltimore Washington Hospital for physical rehabilitation and died within two weeks. Not staffed by enough licensed nurses and just one part time doc for what the facility says serves 120 beds. Sister went 12 hours without medication. Nurse said sister would get her medication "when she gets there."

    When she died, I was told I had to "move her out within four hours." Older patients were walking around with unzipped pants; patients sitting in their own feces,

  • Powerback Rehabilitation 1526 Lombard Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146

    This place is a disgrace. My family member's clothes were stolen, the social services folks were rude, condescending and not knowledgeable of my family member's medicare rights. They had absolutely no idea of what they were talking about. In addition, the social service person, along with other Powerback administrators loudly admonished me regarding my family member's options in a common area. They did not ask me to their office nor my family member's room- HUGE HIPAA VIOLATION. The therapist had very little interest in the progress of my family memebr. I chose the facility due to its location which provided me the opportunity to see my family regularly. It was not worth it at all. Do NOT send your family member to this facility

  • The Gardens at Lititz Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543

    I am a Registered Nurse who happened to visit this nursing home. The patients were all smiling and the staff were very interactive with the patients. I asked a couple of the clients did they know the administrator, they all knew him by just Joe and said he is the best and works hard go keep everybody happy! I was pleasantly surprised to see faces that showed they were alert, happy and excited about life! IMPRESSIVE

  • Mon Valley Care Center Monongahela, Pennsylvania 15063

    This is a horrible place??! My family member is here now for approximately 10 days, it's her 2nd day here. They don't wear gloves when treating you or toileting you and they don't shut the door when you are on the toilet. The food is nasty ?? No butter is given and salt and pepper45 is seldom. The beds are really narrow. They constantly give the wrong drink than what you asked for. The one good thing is the staff is very nice. Also a nurse gave me a shot and when she pulled out the needle she didn't put cotton or gauze on it, she put her ungloved finger on it! Dinner was a tuna sandwich, chips, fruit and again the wrong beverage!!!!! The water sent with dinner had no ice in it! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Lifecare Hospitals of Pittsburgh Skilled Nursing Facility Unit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202

    Another place that the only agenda is to make money. My father was placed here after a long hospital stay for about 30 days. This facility is much farther away for me so I wasn't able to be there very often. The lack of care is just overwhelming. He has his leg amputated so with out his device walking isn't possible. So can someone explain to me how a facility can have patients that need to be turned and not do it. How do you know you ask? Well he left that facility and has a sore on his heel, one on is calf. Big enough now that he may lose his leg. That is called neglect. Anyway you slice it. I wouldn't send a dying animal to this place. If you cant turn them hire more. Hell call me I would have had someone down there. To me this place should be shut down. If you cant take care of people who are placed in your care for healing then you need a new job.

  • Rydal Park of Philadelphia Prs Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046

    My mother was recently transferred to Rydal Park for rehabilitation services after a fall. For a facility that has such a high rating, my family and I could not have been more disappointed.

    Upon admission, my mom was taken to her room where we waited 20 minutes for a staff member to come in. It turned out the worker was only delivering a menu for her evening meal and it was another 15 minutes until a nurse arrived.

    During the course of her few day stay, she was left on a bedpan for 40 minutes, a toilet for 20 minutes and another 40 minutes for someone to answer her call bell to the nurses station. Wheeling her back from PT, an aide told my mother she was leaving her in the wheelchair because dinner was in 1/2 hour. In actuality, dinner wasn't for 1 1/2 hours, the aide just didn't want to be bothered putting my mother back in her bed only to have her help her out of it again. I had that aide removed from any future contact with my mother.

    Nurses, PT and OT workers seems kind and gentle but there are not enough nurses. The aides are beyond pathetic. Staff is minimal during the week but almost nonexistent on weekends. Only two RN's cover one large floor on weekends, medications are late being delivered and you can see many call bells lit outside of patient rooms. The care of nurses is good but there are just too few of them. A nurse I spoke with said, "I'm not looking for a pay raise, just more help."

    Please reconsider placement of your loved one at another facility. Rydal Park falls short on many levels.

  • Juniper Village at Bucks County Rehab and Skd Care Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020

    This place is poorly managed and their staff rips you off. Take a recorder with you if you go on a tour or for an interview because once you sign up with this h*ll hole, they'll forget everything they promised. The staff is clueless and management is no help. They claim they have many activities but many are cancelled right before they're scheduled. If you care for your loved ones, go anywhere else.

  • Hempfield Manor Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

    Hempfield Manor is a disgrace. It looks promising when you first enter, but it all goes downhill from there. The staff's rude and inattentive to the patients' needs. One in particular (I won't mention her name, except that it begins with an "S" and ends with an "a") would rather stand around and socialize with co-workers than attend to my aunt's medical emergency (breathing complications); when she finally did show up, she checked her over for a few seconds and then left. I understand there are many residents and the place is probably short-staffed. However, their behavior and lack of concern is unacceptable. Not surprisingly, my aunt passed away during her residence at Hempfield Manor. She entered to rehabilitate from a minor stroke, was expected to recover, but died weeks later. Had she been taken care of in a better place, I don't doubt she'd still be with us today. To anyone considering placing a loved one in Hempfield Manor: how much regard do you have for that person? If you really love them, find somewhere else for them.

  • Pennsburg Manor Pennsburg, Pennsylvania 18073

    I really wouldn't give them on prong on the star chart. My mother arrived for rehab and it was between a circus and the three stooges. No one keeps you informed nor do they truly explain things. They also failed to put a sign stating family member will do laundry for an entire day so now one of my mothers articles of clothing is lost. So far she isn't even allowed to do much and I am trying desperately to get her moved. The bathroom is between two rooms and that means there are 4 people to share one bathroom. These are elderly people and let me tell you they use the bathroom a lot and for a longer period of time too. The toilet was clogged from 4PM until I arrived at 815PM and the CNA plunged the toilet, why didn't they call maintenance? I have no clue but it still wasn't working properly even when it was plunged. They had a water main break and no water from 3PM even after I arrived they were still using buckets to flush the toilets……..and I don't think they are as compassionate as they are when a family member is there. My mother has all her faculties and sense about her. I would never recommend this place for any type of rehab!!!! Let alone for a loved one to stay on a long term basis.

  • Slate Belt Health and Rehabilitation Center Bangor, Pennsylvania 18013

    A more than 90 day stay was very frustrating. A very important existing condition was somehow overlooked by a hospital or the facility which probably caused the onset of two urinary tract infections causing setbacks in recovery. Lack of sleep due to disruptive roommates also caused anxiety issues, loss of appetite and depression. Two offsite appointments were made without the resident's consent. Transport costs would have been the resident's responsibility. During the entire stay laundry was more than a bit of an issue. Whether done on site or by family, it was never easy for the resident or the laundry staff. All in all, this facility is by no means a well oiled machine. Yes, there are some very caring, well trained, dedicated people working there, but there is also the ever present wrench in the works.

  • Langhorne Gardens Health and Rehabilitation Center Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047

    It doesn't even deserve one star. The lack of care and concern is beyond frustration. Budget cutbacks from new Non-profit" owners have left these residents without linens, diapers, gloves to avoid spreading disease, and lack of every day attention. Residents are left in bed because there is nothing to wash them or change them. The cleaning staff has been cut back and the place is filthy. Frequent falls, and call bells not being answered. Poorest conditions I have witnessed in 6 yrs. there.

  • York Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126

    MIL is there and we are attempting to have her transferred out she has had respiratory issues for quite some time

    The nurse practioner told my husband to sign to have her none rescuscitated paperwork done because that is what is best. How is saying oh well shes a lost cause end her life and move on?

    They also didnt give her your cpap machine that keeps her going either and stated that the day before she refused it. Let it be on her if she refuses not an oh well you refused one day so we dont have to give it to you for none of the days

    i plan on writing the state with a through letter to inform them

    ps they dont document anything but if your loved one gives an once of problems they will most definitely document that and then black ball your loved one and give very limited services so be ware

  • Kutztown Manor Kutztown, Pennsylvania 19530

    My mother has Parkinson's disease. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes for someone to answer her bell to take her to the bathroom. Sometimes they shut her bell off and tell her to wait because they are busy at the time. Not acceptable!!!

    Also their food is bland and not much of a variety. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there for long term care.

  • Wexford Healthcare Center Wexford, Pennsylvania 15090

    I recently spent 3 plus weeks in Wexford Health Center and was totally impressed. The nursing and aide staff were kind and were very attentive to my needs, changing/straightening sheets, fresh water and on time medicine. Physical Therapy facility and staff were very helpful, striving for improvement and encouraging a rapid recovery.

    Like any institution, Food is the one thing which draws the most scrutiny from it's residents. I for one enjoyed the food. It was consistent, good variety, on time and warm. I also consider that it is not a normal restaurant but one of many different diets so for that I say my hats off to the kitchen and the people who operate it. I highly recommend Wexford Health Center

  • Sanatoga Center Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464

    I am requesting to get in some form of contact with anyone whom has experienced neglectful care towards themselves or a family member or friend that lead to shortening of life or neglectful death due to the lack of care from Sanatoga center located in Pottstown Pa. I currently am filing suit against the center for the wrongful death of my grandmother and am associated with a lawyer that specializes in this field. It was recently brought to my attention that a close friend of mine is about to lose their father due to the same exact to the T medical reason because of the same exact neglectful care being given to him at Sanatoga center. We are both filing individual suits with the same lawyer and with just this review board alone I have seen that yet another lost someone special the same way. I am reaching out to all of those that may have experienced or know of someone who has experienced such neglect so they too can see if they find interest in getting in contact with this lawyer to file suit against this nursing home. In turn they can protect the legacy and integrity of the patient and force change in this nursing home or even if enough individual suits are filed even shut it down so the patients still there may have a better chance at receiving proper care. You can contact me through email at where we can discuss details in more privacy and I can give you all the contact information you will need to see if this is something that would apply to your case and something you would find interest in following through. Please help change this system, please help make a difference for the lives of those still at Sanatoga center and your Libes as well. Thank you all for reading and I really hope to hear from you. Jw

  • Mountainview Specialty Care Center Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

    I do not even want to give this place 1 star! My Father was sent there without my family's approval and upon our arrival there, we were appalled at what we saw. There were patients sitting around everywhere, some in the middle of hallways, in their wheelchairs. Some were sleeping, one was crying. One resident was sleeping, with his hand in a half-eaten bag of Cheetos, drooling all down the front of himself….IN FRONT OF THE NURSES STATION! We walked in and were ignored by the woman at the reception window, so we proceeded down the hallway to the nurses station. There were 5 people working behind the counter and not one of them asked if they could help us. After we stood there for several minutes not knowing where to go or who to talk to, a woman finally came around the corner and asked if she could help. Dad was to arrive shortly, so she showed us his room. The whole place was dirty and there was a strong smell of urine. None of us slept that night because we had to leave him there. He got there at 9p.m….by noon the following day, my Mom received a call from Westmoreland ER saying that my Dad was there and would be going back to Allegheny General by ambulance. NOT ONCE did anyone from this facility call any of us to say there was a problem and that they were taking him to the emergency room. When he arrived at Allegheny General he was so out of it, he had no idea where he was and doesn't even remember being at Westmoreland ER. In the 12 hours that my Dad was in their care, he was moved to 2 different rooms and had his catheter changed incorrectly causing him pain and to get a UTI. Popular opinion of several medical professionals is that my Dad was heavily medicated and placed back on the vent so they didn't have to bother with him. This poor treatment caused a set back in his recovery…only a few days, but none the less….a set back. The so called care givers at this facility should be ashamed of themselves. Thanks be to God for answered prayers and that my Dad is now at a wonderful facility where he is getting the care he needs and deserves. I would not trust these people to care for my dog, and I think they should be investigated more closely before someone else has their loved one treated poorly.

  • Mon Valley Care Center Monongahela, Pennsylvania 15063

    I was very disappointed in this facility. Fortunately, my parent was there for a short time. In fact, we received our "welcome packet" folder the day before discharge. For 10 days, there was no information provided to us, or to the patient. I called to speak to social workers, nurses, therapists, with VERY FEW return calls. I want to be clear that of those professionals with whom I did speak, some were helpful, professional and very willing to provide information requested. I did have one who provided standard text book answers that were really non-answers. On the care side, I will say that the patients have to wait a very long time for attention. Example: over 40 minutes to get assistance to go to bathroom, and another 30 before they were helped back. I am not certain, as I have no comparison, but that seems like a long wait for a patient. I will become more educated on this type of care, and suggest others do the same prior to needing it for a family member.