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  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lutherville Timonium, Maryland 21093

    I was at the one in Voorhees. My room was very nice and the food was delicious. There was no communication between the therapists, nurses and therapists, or doctors and therapists. I kept having to retell the therapists about my hernia and other conditions every single session. There was swelling in my legs and feet that wasn't being resolved, and then I went into heart failute and the only reason it was found was because my mother, a retired nurse, insisted they have my chest X rayed. This happenwd late at night and i spent that night in heart failure at Powerback.The doctor came into my room at around 10 that morning and told me to not freak out, I was in heart failure.

  • Collingswood Nursing. & Rehabilitation Cen Rockville, Maryland 20850

    I give this facility a rating of 0. My mother entered this facility in 2/2016 after having a massive stroke. She could no longer walk or move herself and became blind from the stroke. My mother's stay started out with having good care so we thought. Every time the family visited my mother, she was always laying on her back just like the woman in the bed next to her. They were supposed to turn her every 4 hours but they never did. In July my mother became very ill and we found out that she had a full body infection. She was admitted to Shady Grove Hospital, and the emergency room doctor said he has never seen bed sores this bad. She had bed sores so bad that the tail bone could be seen. The sores were Stage 4 bed sores that takes 5-6 months to develop. Collingswood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center stated that she did not have them when they took her to the emergency room. During her stay at the hospital, they informed my dad that she could no longer return to their facility. They are terrible caregivers. The nursing assistants do not know what they are doing and aren't fully trained. Check the State of Maryland's Health inspection report on them from 2008-2015.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lutherville Timonium, Maryland 21093

    Stay away from the one in Horsham. Very unprofessional, and severely understaffed. it began when the transport service was 3 hours late picking her up from the hospital, so she was just sitting there waiting. We were just going to leave and transport her ourselves. it's not unusual to have to wait over an hour for the nurse, after using the call button. Once I was locked in past visiting hours because we had to wait for so long. One of the people in the hallway gave me the code to the back door, so now I can get in and out when ever I want. How many other people have that code? So much for security. We were also warned by some of the staff to not leave any valuables behind, because they would disappear. If you're lucky enough to get a nurse, they're usually very flustered and in a hurry, and don't have time to answer basic questions. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

  • Brooke Grove Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860

    I have a relative staying there during July 2016 so I had an opportunity to observe the facility first hand.

    The hardware is very nice. They offer semi-private rooms covered by Medicare, and private rooms for out-of-pocket charge of $50 per day. The building is well-maintained, clean and quiet. The outdoor garden is pleasant and attracts many residents weather permitting. Each wing has about 10 rooms, with its own dining area. This setting is good for the residents to get to know each other. They have a well-equipped PT facility and daily cultural activities.

    However, the management is poor. The staff members are hardly available for extra help (call buttons are left unanswered for a long time). Over the day, many staff mills around. It is difficult for the resident to know whom is responsible for what (so they can ask the right person for help). Plus, many of the staff members do not speak English well, adding to the difficulty to communications. They are always in hurry and can be rough in helping patients to turn in bed or to go to bathroom. Communications with the families is ineffective. There is no single point of contact for the family. For different issues you need to call different people, and those calls and emails are often left unanswered. There are good, responsive staff members. However, there is not a good common practice.

    During my relative's stay they dropped the ball a few times. When my relative was discharged from hospital, the doctor wants follow up in two weeks. However, the facility never scheduled it. After repeated calls to the head nurse, the visit was accomplished 5 weeks after discharge. The doctor prescribed pain killer but the family could not find out when and how much it was actually taken (the resident did not have good memory and people at the nursing station could not find record). On a smaller matter, they delivered three pieces of clothing to my relative's room, which does not belong to my relative. We kept sending them back to the nurse station and they kept coming back to the room for three times, before discharge. On an even smaller matter, the hand sanitizer dispenser at the building door is left empty 8 out of 10 times. These incidents show an ineffective operation management.

    To summarize, this is a good resource to use if you have a clear mind and can pretty much take care of yourself. If you have to rely on the staff physically or mentally, it would be a risky undertaking.

  • Fairfield Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Crownsville, Maryland 21032

    7/14/16 My Mother in Law was a patient at the Fairfield Rehabilitation Center In Crownsville, MD. She was neglected and most of the staff we encountered was unprofessional and neglectful. One particular instance that happened was when my Husband called his Mother on the phone and he heard one of the Nurses say to his Mother "You sound like a Women but I don't know are you a Man or a Women"? My Husband spoke to the Head Nurse and she stated she would speak to the Nurse.

    When the Center called 911 because my Mother In Law "wasn't acting right at approximately 3:00pm no one in the family was notified as to what happened. When a family member (cousin) came to visit around 11:30am the next day

    she looked for My Mother In Law and asked where she was. A Head nurse stated "I hear you have some concerns and was not very pleasant. My husband and I had a meeting with the Head Nurse. She stated "We apologize for the what happened but we were busy and we forgot to call you". When we went to get my Mother In Law belongings they couldn't find them. I had to go look for them with the Nurse. They were in a closet with someone else name on the bag. Luckily I recognized the clothes in the see thru bag. My Mother In Law needed to be fed and encourages to eat. Many times her tray was left on her table untouched and she was not given any help feeding her. We were not happy with this place and would not recommend anyone bringing a loved one to the this facility.

  • Envoy of Pikesville Pikesville, Maryland 21208

    The staff ratio is ridiculous. Some were indifferent, others did their best when they could. My husband was there for rehab, The therapist were great, but there didn't seem to be much coordination with nursing. He often had to lay in a soiled "diaper" at mealtime because the the techs were serving trays. He either at with it on or waited until she was available and it was cold. He could be difficult, and most people tried to be patient with him. He ended the last month on hospiceand it didn't work out at all the way I had hoped. His death on 1/27/16 was totally unexpected. The call that I got that morning was cold,abrupt, and thoughtless. I still get very depressed when I think of how the end of his life had been and what his last hours and minutes may have been like. I have never had any follow up from a letter that I wrote to the director, or a previos survey.

  • Bedford Court Healthcare Center Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

    old woman with Alzheimers and broken leg in for rehab.

    Aide service fair with a few outstanding aides

    Nursing service good with one poor exception.

    Our private hire aide agreed with us that they were neglecting her.

    Discharge planning was an abject failure! Said they would order a hospital bed to be delivered to her home--never happened. So was a week before could get home health agency to order the bed.

  • Manorcare Health Services - Ruxton Towson, Maryland 21204

    I stayed at Manor Care Ruxton for about 10 days in 2013 after hip replacement at St Josephs. At that time I got good care and the rehab personnel were excellent. The meals were not very good, but adequate. So for that stay I would give four stars. However, I once again stayed there last year (2015) after cervical spine surgery. The major problem during that time was not having WiFi working, and even their internet cafe stations could not get on-line. Two years before, it was slow and intermittent, but now it was unusable. My friend came by and took me home so I could access my email, and while there we got an angry call saying that I had violated their procedures by not properly signing out. I returned and after ten days I moved back home and was much happier. The meals at the facility were still not very good. But again, the PT staff were excellent, and the nursing staff reasonably good. So, I would give only 2 stars for the second stay.

  • Restore Health Rehabilitation Center White Plains, Maryland 20695

    My father has been in this facility 3 times in the past 9 months. The first time, it was a positive experience. Good food, attentive staff, good nurses. The second time, it looked like things were going downhill. Food was pretty bad. Example: a "steak and cheese sub" that looked like 1 thin piece of shoe leather and dried up cheese. Nothing else on it. Third time: Again bad food and what's worse was the obvious lack of staff over the weekend. You can go for hours without anyone looking in to see how the person is doing. Real lack of quality control and oversight. No one seems to be in charge on the weekend for sure. Nurse told me there was only 1 aide for 13 patients on Sunday.

  • Envoy of Pikesville Pikesville, Maryland 21208

    Stay away from this place like the plague! The entire building is full of psych pts and the severely demented. They will take anyone! People screaming constantly, falling all over the place, getting combative with visitors and other patients-it's an awful scene. The caregivers cannot handle these tough people so they call out constantly. Routinely I saw 1 caregiver for an entire unit. Incredibly long waits for care. Stay away!!!

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lutherville Timonium, Maryland 21093

    : STAY AWAY!!!!!! HORRIBLE! We chose this place based on the reviews. I don't know where these people stayed but it definitely was not Power Back! We checked my mother out after 3 days for rehab following a heart attack. First, no one greeted her or explained exactly what to expect. They basically left her in a room for 15 hours before she even saw a nurse. PT and OT came in 4 hours later. During this time no one explained to her why she could not have a shower. She became so upset I had to leave work to come calm her down. Second, the food is horrible. They are supposed to have a licensed nutritionist on staff, but they must have printed their degree on line. The food is neither heart healthy or diabetic friendly. As a result, her sugar soared to over 400. They did give her some insulin, but they gave her the wrong kind and amount and almost put into a diabetic coma. Fortunately, this was the only time she rang the nurses station and some one actually showed up immediately instead of waiting for 2 or more hours.Iif the LPN had not showed up we would have been planning a funeral instead arraigning for home health care. The grounds and common rooms are clean and beautiful, but housekeeping only came to room once in a 3 day period. My mother's bladder leaked a little, and she waited for over 6 hours for her bed to be changed. That was the only time her bed was changed and actually made. I understand that Power back is a for profit, managed health care business, but they really need to spend a little more money on more staffing and hospitality services. I will never recommend this place anyone!

  • Nms Healthcare of Silver Spring Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

    I wouldn't even give this place a 1 start review. The only nice thing I can say about this place is Im stuck in a corner next to my dads bedside because they let you stay here 24/7 because no one in their right mind would leave their worst enemy here. Its dirty run down and you can never get a nurse in a timely manner to do any thing. I could go on and on. Its only hit 24 hours being here and we are stuck in here because the Fairfax Hospital dropped us here at 9pm on a Friday night and you cant get any thing done on the weekend to get transferred. If my dad was a little more stable I would stick him in the car and get out of here. I wouldn't even feed my dog the food here. Patients wandering all hours of the night in the hallways and into other patients room. As a visitor you cant even get in or out of here after 8pm with out a nurse escort.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lutherville Timonium, Maryland 21093

    We chose Powerback in Richardson for my 90 yr old mother. I went to I went in to visit at 11:15 on a Saturday morning. Upon entering her dark bedroom, I found her half out of the bed still in her nightgown. She was soaking wet , her nightgown, the bed, and she had a depend on. She couldn't get up to use the bathroom herself. When I went to get help the nurse told me she would call her aide. I was disgusted! She had not had breakfast, nor her therapy. Right away found a new place for her to be moved. I have alerted her Dr., her assisted residence, and anyone I come into contact with . Never go to this place! I

  • Heritage Harbour Health and Rehabilitation Center Annapolis, Maryland 21401

    This place is horrible. The staff couldn't care less about their patients if they tried. They are horribly disrespectful, and most are immigrants who were given their cna as a pathway to citizenship, so it's all about the money.

    I am an emt school has been to this facility more than once and I hate that I know my patient will be returning to that facility.

  • Forest Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center Forest Hill, Maryland 21050

    This place is fantastic. My grandfather was there for the final few weeks of his life, and the staff, while short-handed, was always pleasant and helpful. They have a very family-like feel to their care and treatment of their patients and their visiting families. Highly recommend!

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    My mother has been here 3 times. The first time was great. The second time not so good very lazy staff. The 3 rd time was the last her room mate died and they left her there all night next to my mother. Needless to say they put her in a private room the next day after I went off when I found out. The rehab lied to the patients famiky that passed telling them she passed that morning, when she died 11 pm. I contacted the family and told them. Prior to that woman passing she screamed for help for hours on one helped her. Watch these people.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    Do not use this place for your loved one.My parent had several falls,black eyes,uti infections and the management made excuses instead of fixing issues.The nurse was observed hitting a man and when it was reported they said it was my word against hers.When I moved my parent they took over a week to gather necessary paperwork and we're uncooperative

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lutherville Timonium, Maryland 21093

    Horrible facility! My grandmother was transferred there after having surgery to get back on her feet and walking. They were supposed to do therapy twice a day. It was NEVER twice sometimes not even once and when they did do therapy it was for 10 minutes. She did not even begin therapy until she was there almost a week. Instead of working her legs they gave her some dumbbells so the therapist wouldn't have to do anything. Never changed her bedding unless she requested it, then they still wouldn't do it for a few days. Hardly showered her! One day the whole kitchen staff quit on the cook so the patients did not get breakfast until 2:30. She is home now and we received her bill which had no information on it at all. The bill is hand written and all it says is the total she owes and a phone number. Nothing else!. Now I have been calling for a week. They have no billing service, I have to leave a voicemail for the manager to speak about the bill or pay it. I have left 5 voicemails now with no return call!.

    Not a professional place!!!!!

  • Waugh Chapel Center Gambrills, Maryland 21054

    This place is great if you are ambulatory. If not, it takes a while to get taken care of. They have a nice building inside but rooms are not big enough if you are in wheelchair. They have been open a year but they still dont have enough staff for the size of this space. Food good when hot so if you eat in room, it's not. Distance between room and dining area is long. Beautiful courtyard.

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    My best advice to anyone considering North Arundel is to run and stay away. I've been there a number of times int the last few years and it just gets worse and worse. Beds are not changed everyday or even every 2 days and then only when 2nd shift comes in. Had one experience where my bed was not changed until 3rd shift. There are a few great nurses and aides there, but they are discouraged by the lack of help from the rest of the staff.

    Patient meds are not given on time or correctly. The facility is dirty. The food is horrible and looks like dog food. The dining room also serves as the recreation room and the tables are not cleaned before each meal. They are nasty. Patients are often given food that is not on there diet plan. If you go, take your own food.

    Even the doctors are surly and rarely take time to actually see a patient.

    If you love your family member or care about their well being, RUN the other way. Do not leave them there thinking they will get the care needed.

    The mortality rate is also high. Within a two week period that I was there, a patient died just about every other day and I'm not exaggerating, nor am I talking about patients there for hospice care. Patients fall out of wheelchairs and are not always checked for injuries.

    This place should be closed down immediately and Maryland, the health department, and the ombudsman should inspect it frequently if they are to continue patient care.

    If you want to get rid of someone, just send them there; guaranteed they will not last long.

  • Oakwood Care Center Middle River, Maryland 21220

    My 86 year old aunt was sent to Oakwood following hip surgery. From day 1 there were issues. First they moved her from one room to another, where my aunt was subjected to a TV blasting 24/7, and requests to the staff to address this were ignored. As my aunt was unable to get out if bed,she was put in a diaper, and had to use a cathater to urinate. When I visited, the odor of urine was overpowering, as well as odor from the diaper which went hours without being changed.

    When I tried to address these issues with staff, I was unable to understand their answers, as they have thick accents and tend to either mumble or look away. Also, no one has ID, so you don't have names for any of the staff.

    After two weeks, my aunt had an acute urinary tract infection, bed sores, and was disoriented (disorientation is caused by the infection), The attending physician told me that his instructions to have my aunt moved every 2 hours to prevent bed sores, and attention to the diaper were not being adhered to, and Oakwood did not have the necessary equipment to meet the doctor's instructions for IV fluids to address dehydration, and administer the anti-biotic to combat the infection. My aunt was evacuated to the Hospital, by the doctor, where it took 5 days to get the infection under control, treat the bed sores, and help my aunt get her senses back (By the way on multiple occasions, while visiting my aunt at Oakwood, I heard people screaming "HELP ME!, HELP ME!")

    Once my aunt was at the hospital I got a call from the nurse supervisor on duty at Oakwood, who wanted to tell me the name and chemical composition of the bacteria causing the infection. Of course I couldn't make out what she was saying, and asked for her supervisor,s name, which she refused to give. I got a call about 2 hrs later from the "Director of Nursing", who also wanted to tell me about the chemical make up of the bacteria that caused the infection that had actually impacted my aunt's kydneys. Again I really couldn't make out what she was trying to say, and when I asked her what she was going to do about the harm her people caused my aunt I got no answer.

    I eventually met with the Administrator of the facility, along with the Director of Social Services and the Director of Nursing. , None of these people showed any empathy at all for my aunt, or remorse for the condition she was in when she went to the hospital.

    All I can conclude is; these people and their staff are either incompetent or indifferent. Of course, my aunt is now at Riverview, where she is recovering from the physical set backs she incurred at Oakwood, and is also now her old self, and her physical rehab is progressing well.

    If you care about your family, NEVER subject them to THE LACK OF CARE my aunt suffered at Oakwood

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    Our father was in this facility for 3 months in 2015. He never received a pneumonia vaccine and got pneumonia 2 times while there. They had to cath him but never removed it to make sure it was sterilized. The bottle to empty his cath bag had mold in the bottom of it when that should be sterile. I have a picture to prove it. I watched his baths and his hair and feet were never touched. They had him on excederine migraine medicine for lung cancer pain. Even when he was at the end and had terminal agitation, his doctor refused to put him on anti-anxiety medication until he learned that hospice was called and put into effect. I could go on and on about this facility. If you have to put your loved on here, make sure you are there and question everything! We were lucky enough to be able to hire a lady to go in every day to sit with him, to bathe him and make sure he was cared for.

  • Marley Neck Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    This is the worst possible nursing home out of all of them in the area and my family member has been in and out of them for the past few years. Some staff try to do the right things but most don't know what they're doing. Everything is dirty and old. Surprised this place can stay open!!!