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  • The Lodge at Taylor Taylor, Michigan 48180

    They are way under staffed and try to get help they are all on there cell phones,and a parking spot the staff parks in handicap spots then we have the food if you can call it food.They have people working but they are just bodies but not to much help but I must say my father has a great nurse Kelly she has a kind and caring heart.I can say they do keep the place cleaner then some but they need more patent care help.Not happy about the place but close to home so I can visit often.

  • Westlake Health Campus Commerce Township, Michigan 48382

    My father was a patient at Westlake Health Campus for rehabilitation prior to having surgery for a aortic aneurysm. He was admitted on April 5 2017 and found deceased in the early morning hours on April 9 2017. His cause of death was listed as End Stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease yet the surgeon performing the surgery evaluated my father and gave him the green light to proceed. The responding officer failed to report a hematoma with a large bruise around it on his left temple consisted with a fall or hitting his head, therefor no Medical Examiner was called in to investigate his death. The attending nurse also failed to mention in her report about the injury on my fathers temple. I'm currently having this investigated and wanted to warn others to watch their loved ones closely in this facility!

  • Regency at Lansing West Lansing, Michigan 48917

    My mother spent 28 days at the Regency West of Lansing. For the most part the employees were good people. The facility is understaffed and not equipped very well to handle any patient that needs two people to move them to the bathroom or from a wheel chair to a bed. The aides should have some sort of communication device on their persons in order to communicate with each other instead of running around the complex looking for another person to help them to take care of a patient. The longest my mother had to wait to use the bathroom was 1 hour and 45 minutes after turning her light on. The staff had a habit of turning off the room call light before attending to my mother. At times it appeared they just forgot about her or didn't want to help her. I would turn the light back on and told her to do the same when no one was there with her. The physical therapy people were very nice and seemed to want to help. There were times that my mom couldn't go to therapy because she wasn't taken out of bed when the therapist showed up. Usually, the therapist would come back and get her later on. The machines that the nurses/aides used to take a patient's vital signs need to be calibrated or replaced. Very seldom would they work to take my mom's blood pressure and temperature. My mom now has home care and they have no problem getting her vital signs. The aides have too many patients and at times are in a hurry to move on to the next patient. My mother almost landed on the floor when two aides were moving her from her wheel chair to her bed because the head aide was in a hurry to go give another patient a shower. She ended up flopping barely on the bed on her back. Then I and the two aides had to lift and pull her up on the bed. The aides need to be trained on how to use the different slings/lifts. I watched them move my mother from the bathroom to her bed in a lift as my mother slowly slipped through the lift. Thank God they made it to the bed that time. If this is suppose to be one of the better rehabilitation centers than I feel sorry for anyone that is in one that is labeled worse. September 2017

  • Advantage Living Center - Warren Warren, Michigan 48093

    I am very dissatisfied with the warren facility. The staff do not come when you call for help in a reasonable time. The bathroom in the patient room need to be renovated. The patient get only one Styrofoam cup to drink out of , during there stay, which is not sanitize. All patients use the same shower room which you have to schedule twice a week only. You do not get a menu to choose from, you get what ever they cook for the day good or bad. I would not want anyone else to have to make the same mistake by taken your love one to a facility like this one.

  • Advantage Living Center - Wayne Wayne, Michigan 48184

    I love the layout of this building, the care is perfect, they always come to me. I don't have to ask for anything! Food is great and on time, I write notes to the kitchen telling them that their food is #1.. I came here in July because I got really sick. I lost 25 lbs. and my heart rate was really fast. I need to regain my strength and get my weight back up. I needed help and this building helped me more then I could have ever thought. This is the best place in the country! Period! This building is #1.

    This is the only place to come, you will get well here, you will get better! They people here really do care, I've made friends with everybody and I'm free as a bird here. If I want to go outside, I go outside and sit under the trees and take in the fresh air.

    I have nothing bad to say about this place, the people are so nice.

    The therapy department is really good. I can go their anytime I want and they are always helping me. The work me not to much and not to little, but just right. If you think this is a bad place then I don't know what's wrong with you. This place has helped me more than I could have ever imagined and more then any place could! Thank you to everybody at Wayne that helped me! God Bless you!

  • Fairview Nursing and Rehabilitation Community Centreville, Michigan 49032

    Unfortunately the corporate employees seem pleased that this facility has been downgraded from a 5 star to a 3 star facility. The Administrator and DON have no idea how to run a facility or engage with employees. At this point I would not recommend this facility for a loved one or as an employee.

  • Wellbridge of Rochester Hills Rochester, Michigan 48307

    This has got to be one of the worst rehabs I've ever seen. If I could give it zero stars I would. I guess the one star can go to physical therapy. The care here was awful. They are constantly short staffed. The nurses are over worked and miss things because they are trying to cover too many patients. House doctor would not return phone calls. Labs ordered by infection disease doctor and cardiologist ignored. Labs were mixed up and sent to the wrong doctors. We had to fight them for everything, even to do these necessary tests. We had to catch the fact that she was oxygen deprived and get her on oxygen. She was there a week after having a septic hip and it took them 60 hours to get her antibiotic started; that took MULTIPLE phone calls from us. Her cardiologist ordered some specific heart tests. He did not receive the results for 2 weeks. Wellbridge kept insisting they had been sent. When cardiologist did receive them they tried to call Wellbridge several times to have them send her immediately to ER. They did not answer the phone. The lab had also tried to contact them with the critical results and again they didn't answer. The next morning when the cardiologist got in touch with family, we rushed immediately to get her to ER and had to fight with them to get them to release her. They threatened her with going AMA and insurance not paying for things. The doctor tried to say they could handle this "in house" and finally got in touch with cardiologist who said she was absolutely to go to ER. We were told at ER that her potassium was critically low. There were a couple of nurses that did their very best to help our mom. The physical therapy department was very good. Unless you plan on staying with your loved one 24/7 and are prepared to fight for everything they need, I would avoid this place. What I have listed here are only the highlights. There were many many other issues.

  • Medilodge of Taylor Taylor, Michigan 48180

    Extremely poor service. This facility appeared to look good on the outside and in the lobby. I read many decent and good reviews prior to admitting my mother for short term rehab. We were shocked once we actually got into the patient area. It was obvious that the facility was understaffed and staffed with mostly poor performing employees. Many patients were left in wheelchairs sitting in the hall ways unattended, some were pushed closer to an employee area so they could be watched. As a new patient, my mother was not given any welcome information, no explanation of how to use the services available did not provide a wheelchair for use failed to provide medication when needed, did not respond to nurse call button….. I could go on. We attempted to discuss our concerns with staff but was greeted with rude behavior and poor responses. The facility manager did not even respond to listen to our concerns! The nurse admin was rude argumentative and did not respond to our needs. Something as simple as requesting additional pillows to aid a broken arm in bed was not fulfilled. Do not go hear and do not subject any loved one to this treatment!!!

  • Wellbridge of Novi, LLC Novi, Michigan 48374

    The decor is beautiful like a hotel rather than a rehab facility. The physical therapy department is very helpful and open to communication. That is all I can say that is good. I blame the nursing staff and doctor for my mothers death. There is NO communication with the patient advocate and the doctor or nursing staff. I asked over and over to speak to the doctor, please have him call me with my concerns about my mother. It took 4 days of constant asking for him to call me. After giving him my list of concerns he never called me back with the results. I asked for a week everyday to please have him call me, I asked for his phone number, the nurse told me he couldn't give me the phone number. I had filed a complaint about a specific nurse and while at my mothers home visit with physical therapy to bring her home she was wheezing and have a hard time breathing. When we got back to the facility the physical therapist and myself spoke to the same specific nurse and asked her to check mom out. She checked her blood pressure and oxygen level and told us mom needed to relax she was anxious from the home visit. I said I don't mean to tell you how to do your job but shouldn't you listen to her chest she said NO I go by vitals and her vitals are fine, she just needs to relax and breath. The next day the day nurse started her on breathing treatments, a chest xray and blood work was done. Mom had pneumonia! That was Friday, still no word from a doctor. I called and spoke with the nursing director, told her my concerns with the specific nurse and the doctor not returning any of my requests to let me know the results of my concerns about mom. I requested for that nurse never be moms nurse again, I don't want that nurse to care for her. I was told done and she would see about the doctor returning my call. Saturday my mom was having a hard time swallowing and had thrown up her breakfast, she was still having a hard time breathing, she was given oxygen. Saturday night the nurse I requested never be mom nurse was in fact her nurse after I was told she would never be her nurse again. I tried contacting someone with authority that night but was told no one was available on the weekend. Sunday I was 2 blocks from Wellbridge when the nurse called and said they were sending mom to the hospital 2 blocks away to get checked out, the doctor said she probably needed fluids and IV antibiotics. It took a long time for mom to arrive after being told the paramendics were already there and when she did, she was in severe critical condition and put on a ventilator. The paramedics said she was found in her room unresponsive on the floor. My mother who was suppose to come home in a few days, died 7 hours later. We went that night to collect her belongings and no one confronted us or asked how she was. The next day I figured someone would call and ask how she was, no call ever came. Something went terribly wrong and Wellbridge staff is to blame. Mom should not be dead.

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    The facility is new. They don't lack staff in the office for BILLING, social workers or managers but they have little to no resources to care for your loved one. The nurses are clueless medicine dispensers that "write notes" to the doctor relative to medical concerns. The Dr. is AWOL. The PA visits clutching her IPhone, doesn't listen, pats the patient on the head and leaves? The Nurse's aides are lazy and lie to the family about the care provided, as though you are too dumb or blind to see the difference. The laundry facility washes clothes like a child…………everything gets thrown in together and dried to the enth degree and then delivered to the wrong patients. The Kitchen staff are the only ones that have a clue what the patient needs are. Oh and if you need a financial advisor, the social workers are waiting breathlessly, like used car salespeople, to help. This facility is a failure. If you care at all for your loved one, consider the local hotel vs. this pathetic excuse for care.

  • Clinton Aire Healthcare Center Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

    This facility is by far the most deplorable place imaginable. I can only assume the rating displayed is from the staff of this place because as a daughter of a patient, it took 1 hour to realize this place os only concerned with collecting a pay check. The social worker needs to be fired immediately. The conditions are filthy. Do not go here

  • Advantage Living Center - Harper Woods Harper Woods, Michigan 48225

    DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE TO Advantage Living Center-Harper Woods! The staff is very unprofessional, rude, impatient with residents, have poor communication skills - with residents and resident family members. The roof in the dining area in bay four leaked after it rained and some of the rooms had no air conditioning in July and August. The culture of the facility is - extremely poor service - because the behavior of the management and cooperate team is just as bad or even worse than the facility staff. Their attitudes are bad, and worst of all they have no compassion for the residents, they seem to just be there to collect a paycheck. My husband was there for four weeks for rehab (he fell once and another day he was left in his room with the door closed unwashed and unclothed). In those four weeks I encountered only six facility employees that had any professionalism at all. I gave them one star, if it was possible I would have given them NO star because THE PLACE NEEDS TO BE CLOSED!

  • Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center Warren, Michigan 48089

    This place needs more help, for as large as it is not enough of staff , to cover all the people elfishly.The midnight shift does a good job in rehab. The morning & after noon shift have a lot going on. Cleaning floors & rooms & breakfast is served. In the rooms & at the dining room. Food is mostly cold & very bland tasting. Needs meager upgrade in food menu,& the serving dining ware, they use. It must be 40 years old . Out of date. The rooms need a intercom system,& boards in the patients rooms that like the hospital have to tell who you are & your nurse & C A are for the day. Plus..What wrong with you in case you can't talk for yourself. The Light system for the call button is out of date,& not taken seriously on the day & afternoon shifts. Sadly the bathrooms need a upgrade big time .I say less bedrooms & better bathrooms are needed. PT. & OT rooms need better equipment ,with hot & cold packs ready to use, on site. There very cheap about ice. On how much is being used. Really.??? It used for healing & drinking & serving food also. So always have it ready. There not enough of help ,keeping the drink stations filled . To many patients per worker I seen. Very friendly staff but over worked.

  • Medilodge of Livingston Howell, Michigan 48843

    Our family transferred my sister from another facility to the Medilodge of Livingston, Howell, Michigan the end of August, 2016. The facilities are very clean, and I did not witness odors nor patients yelling or screaming. The staff of nurses seem very professional and willing to answer questions. I have visited my sister many times since then and found she is in much better spirits and health condition since she arrived. They have been working with their physician to provide proper medications to improve her condition. To date, the family is satisfied with this facility and would recommend it to others. (12-13-16)

  • Medilodge of Farmington Farmington, Michigan 48335

    I have had a novelty candy machine in the employee break room of Medilodge Farmington for many years without problems when Medilodge took over this facility recently an employee took a hammer and screwdriver to the quarter slots and took all the candy. If they are willing to do this to a quarter candy machine imagine what they could take from you or your loved ones…

  • Borgess Gardens Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048

    My parent is recovering at Borgess Gardens. With two exceptions, the staff here are absolutely rude and seem to just not want to be bothered with patients needs. When my parent is handled, it is not with the gentle care that you would expect. It is with an attitude, impatience and indifference to the physical condition and capabilities of my parent. Most disturbing is that this is in my presence which really makes me wonder what happens when no one is there. This place seems to be understaffed as well. What this means to your loved one is that when they push the call button, it may take forever for someone to get around to them. We pushed the button five times at one point and observed two staff hanging out in the kitchen seemingly unaware. I don't know what is going on here but I can tell you I hope to get my parent recovered and out of this place. I feel it's an accident waiting to happen.