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  • Wellbridge of Rochester Hills Rochester, Michigan 48307

    This has got to be one of the worst rehabs I've ever seen. If I could give it zero stars I would. I guess the one star can go to physical therapy. The care here was awful. They are constantly short staffed. The nurses are over worked and miss things because they are trying to cover too many patients. House doctor would not return phone calls. Labs ordered by infection disease doctor and cardiologist ignored. Labs were mixed up and sent to the wrong doctors. We had to fight them for everything, even to do these necessary tests. We had to catch the fact that she was oxygen deprived and get her on oxygen. She was there a week after having a septic hip and it took them 60 hours to get her antibiotic started; that took MULTIPLE phone calls from us. Her cardiologist ordered some specific heart tests. He did not receive the results for 2 weeks. Wellbridge kept insisting they had been sent. When cardiologist did receive them they tried to call Wellbridge several times to have them send her immediately to ER. They did not answer the phone. The lab had also tried to contact them with the critical results and again they didn't answer. The next morning when the cardiologist got in touch with family, we rushed immediately to get her to ER and had to fight with them to get them to release her. They threatened her with going AMA and insurance not paying for things. The doctor tried to say they could handle this "in house" and finally got in touch with cardiologist who said she was absolutely to go to ER. We were told at ER that her potassium was critically low. There were a couple of nurses that did their very best to help our mom. The physical therapy department was very good. Unless you plan on staying with your loved one 24/7 and are prepared to fight for everything they need, I would avoid this place. What I have listed here are only the highlights. There were many many other issues.

  • Wellbridge of Novi, LLC Novi, Michigan 48374

    The decor is beautiful like a hotel rather than a rehab facility. The physical therapy department is very helpful and open to communication. That is all I can say that is good. I blame the nursing staff and doctor for my mothers death. There is NO communication with the patient advocate and the doctor or nursing staff. I asked over and over to speak to the doctor, please have him call me with my concerns about my mother. It took 4 days of constant asking for him to call me. After giving him my list of concerns he never called me back with the results. I asked for a week everyday to please have him call me, I asked for his phone number, the nurse told me he couldn't give me the phone number. I had filed a complaint about a specific nurse and while at my mothers home visit with physical therapy to bring her home she was wheezing and have a hard time breathing. When we got back to the facility the physical therapist and myself spoke to the same specific nurse and asked her to check mom out. She checked her blood pressure and oxygen level and told us mom needed to relax she was anxious from the home visit. I said I don't mean to tell you how to do your job but shouldn't you listen to her chest she said NO I go by vitals and her vitals are fine, she just needs to relax and breath. The next day the day nurse started her on breathing treatments, a chest xray and blood work was done. Mom had pneumonia! That was Friday, still no word from a doctor. I called and spoke with the nursing director, told her my concerns with the specific nurse and the doctor not returning any of my requests to let me know the results of my concerns about mom. I requested for that nurse never be moms nurse again, I don't want that nurse to care for her. I was told done and she would see about the doctor returning my call. Saturday my mom was having a hard time swallowing and had thrown up her breakfast, she was still having a hard time breathing, she was given oxygen. Saturday night the nurse I requested never be mom nurse was in fact her nurse after I was told she would never be her nurse again. I tried contacting someone with authority that night but was told no one was available on the weekend. Sunday I was 2 blocks from Wellbridge when the nurse called and said they were sending mom to the hospital 2 blocks away to get checked out, the doctor said she probably needed fluids and IV antibiotics. It took a long time for mom to arrive after being told the paramendics were already there and when she did, she was in severe critical condition and put on a ventilator. The paramedics said she was found in her room unresponsive on the floor. My mother who was suppose to come home in a few days, died 7 hours later. We went that night to collect her belongings and no one confronted us or asked how she was. The next day I figured someone would call and ask how she was, no call ever came. Something went terribly wrong and Wellbridge staff is to blame. Mom should not be dead.

  • Medilodge of Farmington Farmington, Michigan 48335

    I have had a novelty candy machine in the employee break room of Medilodge Farmington for many years without problems when Medilodge took over this facility recently an employee took a hammer and screwdriver to the quarter slots and took all the candy. If they are willing to do this to a quarter candy machine imagine what they could take from you or your loved ones…

  • Regency at Waterford Waterford, Michigan 48328

    May I state first, the nursing staff cared for my Mother. She passed away on Sept. 6th, 2016. My complaint, as I have read in previous reviews is with the office personnel & owners or management. I went to close my Mom's personal account on the day she passed away. They already had the check, made out to her due to she had went into the hospital. She was back at Regency when she died. I asked the office worker why couldn't they make the check out to me or my son, (names on account). She had to call corporate, what a laugh. Ok, left with check. They called my husbands cell to speak with me. I called his person back. They wanted the check returned to them stating there was a balance due from 2011 Another bad idea.. No money from my Mom's account was returned. They figured it was theirs to keep. My son & I put this money in her personal account for her hair etc. I feel they had no right to keep this at all. They pull this on the very day my Mom passed away. I told them they are so cold-hearted to pull this & hung up the phone.

  • Medilodge of Milford Milford, Michigan 48381

    I'm now on day 4 without my heart and thyroid medication. I keep calling and keep getting the runaround. After 16 months I was glad to get out of there. No medications given to me upon release. With the exception of the DON, the rest are worthless. You can count on one hand the good nurses over all 3 shifts. They don't take responsibility for what they do wrong, you get blamed. In addition, lying is rampant among the staff. Terrible place for long term care.

  • Medilodge of Rochester Hills, Inc Rochester, Michigan 48309

    I was appalled when I saw the facility my wife was being admitted to. Unlike the Heartland Troy facility she was in a month ago, the room and the entire building looked old, dingy, dark and tired with a urine smell. My friends and relatives voted to get her out of here ASAP.

    But I saw how the staff followed and shared all of the medical notes from the hospital with me on arrival. This transparency continued through the other shifts. I became on a first name basis with many of the staff including the social workers, the admittance and the doctor and Nurse practitioners.

    The social worker comforted us and helped with all of our insurance , hospice and funeral arrangements as my wife's condition naturally progressed. Although we brought her here with the initial idea for therapy, when it became apparent that she was not responding the therapy staff did not coerce her to participate and hurt her like the Troy facility did.

    Again in comparison she never complained about being mistreated like in Troy. Rather I saw that they changed her bandages daily(with dates on them), applied salves and ointments regularly and rotated her position from one side to the other several times during the day to avoid the bed sores she may have got in Troy. They did this gently and professionally. They were strict about us wearing gloves so that we didn't transmit infections when we touched her.

    The nurses knew my correct cell phone number and called me when they observed changes in her condition. When I came in they would tell me about medication corrections and test results without me asking. At Troy Heartland it was sometimes difficult to find this out and I felt like a stranger there.

    When it became necessary to change to hospice mode we had the full hospice level at our disposal and ready, but it wasn't necessary because the staff switched to comfort medications that kept my wife from suffering and adjusted them accordingly so that we could say our farewells in this difficult time. This place truly has Heart and the staff could not be more compassionate. We felt like our loved one was cared for by friends. When my wife passed the nurse went in and cleaned her up and gave her a dignified last pose and then everyone hugged us.

    You certainly can't judge a book by its cover.

  • Medilodge of Milford Milford, Michigan 48381

    Do not send you family members there my mother was only there no even one day and was found unresponsive. Now she's in the hospital with severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. We have no idea how long she was out. Currently she's on a ventilator with no chance of recovering. The place is smelley and untrain staff. There is no doctors or supervisior available after business hours. They had no business accepting my mother in and they couldn't handle her. I don't give it any stars. If you have a love one there please be present every day.

  • Clarkston Specialty Healthcare Center Clarkston, Michigan 48346

    Horrible care. Even the basics are ignored or slacked off on and if you are not with your loved one at all times insisting on proper basic care they will not receive it . I would not recommend this facility to anyone. EVER. It broke my heart to leave my loved one at anytime.

  • Medilodge of Rochester Hills, Inc Rochester, Michigan 48309

    Absolutely horrible. This place should not exist in America. ..It's amazing they can find peeps to work at this place….Felt so bad leaving mum there 1 night…. However, i did tell her she did not have to stay……..Getting her out today.

    Someone would have to be out of there cotton picking mind to leave anyone here,,,,,,,,,,

  • Heartland Health Care Center-Bloomfield Hills Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304

    This place is the WORST!!!! They do not care about there patients. The majority of the staff is lazy and rude,and incompetent. The nurses are just pill pushers and can't do much of anything except give you attitude! The management is no better; have complained so many times and nothing is done to correct any of the situations. This place is exhausting for the patients and the visiting family members as well. Don't place your loved one there, you will be sorry!!!

  • Whitehall Healthcare Center of Novi Novi, Michigan 48375

    This place is absolutely disgusting. My grandfather had to stay here due to the fact his income was not high enough for anywhere else and family members were not in the position to have him at their home. when you walk in, the place wreaks of old urine, the staff doesn't greet and you and most of all..they do not have a log of who comes in and out of the facility. which means, your loved ones could be at risk of strangers or enemies harming them and know one would even know who did it. the neglect the residents, denying them water, letting them sit in their saturated depends, they are just so mean to these patients. The staff members are literally there just for a paycheck. no joke.

  • Lahser Hills Care Centre Southfield, Michigan 48034

    Lahser Hill Nursing Centre looks great. I witnessed the make-over; new pictures and furniture. The staff fights among themselves. We have photos and videos of the residence not being monitored, not feed, asleep with their head in the food or on the table. Cameras were installed to watch the employees behavior.

    Nurses have been fired for selling medication. The say the residence's have a right to fall, therefore they actually allow and do not try to prevent falling. A resident was allow to fall three times in one week. Also a lot of incidents are not documented, reported or are falsified.

    Many residence are mistreated. We witnessed a nurse pouring a pitcher of iced water on a resident because he stuck his finger in the pitcher, and when he tried to hit her, she put up her fists in a boxing pose, telling him to "come on, that she would knock his ass out!" This is a place were residence stay at their own risk. The staff covers all mistakes and falsify records.

    One of the doctor's are the owner's brother and he covers up everything, and signs the death certificate; even if the person dies at the hospital. Once your relative enters this facility, you cannot let them know that you will remove them because they will make it impossible for you to remove them. They will say they are so traumatized that they will die if you remove them.

    Their bookkeeping is awful. My aunt was billed for surgery, which she never had and I always took her out to specialist, Therefore she should have never been billed for such. She was billed for a private room every month and there were no private rooms on her unit.

    I witnessed a male resident; an ex-boxer beat a female resident in the face; and the staff falsified the records; Although, she sustained about 8 blows to her face and it was traumatized near her eye; her family was told that a female resident smacked her. Another incident was that we found a female resident bent over staying that her stomach her and she didn't feel good. We reported it to all the staff. This lady was sick for three days and she died after not receiving medical treatment. Proceed with caution when choosing a facility. I lost my relative and know many others that have in this facility.

  • Canterbury on the Lake Waterford, Michigan 48329

    Canterbury on the lake is horrible. There may have been one RN that actually did her job correctly. My mother was there for eight months and during that eight months she was hospitalized eight times, each time for a week to 20 days. Each time I had to demand she go to the hospital. They walk by people and don't even act like they are there. Ignoring people My mom had her mind and was able to ask for help but did not get it. Lucky I was there every other day to check on her. Horrible place. They higher the potition the worse they acted.