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  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    After a recent car accident, I spend nine days at the Regency at Shelby Township in their rehab program. I would like to thank all of the staff for providing a well cared for stay. I want to commend the OT and PT departments for their excellent care and the helpful exercises that quickly brought results needed to help me to return home quickly. Special thanks to Rutul, Stephanie and Doreen. The housekeeping staff kept the room clean and comfortable. Thanks to the nursing staff (especially Tamela and Alice) for their excellent care. The Chef and crew made delicious meals and the servers worked tirelessly to accommodate the patients. Kudos to Patrice and activity leaders who planned and executed great activities and worked hard to engage all of the patients. Thanks to the administration, especially Don and Lisa, for making sure I had a meaningful experience at Regency. I highly recommend the rehab program at Regency. Lucille Burkey

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    My father John Licavoli has been at the center

    Now three times . We have had Ursula for our nurse

    She is a very sweet and understanding -and very

    Qualified !!!!!

    Trust me he’s not always the best patient to deal with at times .

    I feel safe with her in charge . I’m able to go home

    And sleep, knowing he’s in good hands!!!!

    To whom ever reads this …..

    Please never Lose her!!!! your center will not be the same and I thank you for having such a wonderful person taking care of my dad

    And one more thing….. we went to another center .. I pulled him out do to the lack of care!!! And requested Ursula !!! She needs to be nurse of the year!!!!!!!!! Love love love her !!!!!

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    The Regency at Shelby Township is by far the worst run facility I have ever encountered. Incompetency and neglect are rampant. A friend of mine was in there and the care and service was the absolute worst. They draw you in with their location and new facility but once in the nightmare begins. Nursing staff is untrained and incompetent. Management blatantly ignores complaints and requests. This facility should be shut down. Local officials need to take note and do something.

  • Wellbridge of Romeo, LLC Romeo, Michigan 48065

    Very disappointing. The staff are very pleasant and generally helpful when they can be, except that they are understaffed. But basic instructions in the patient's chart are not followed. Communication is almost non-existent. The left hand does not seem to know what the right hand is doing, and neither hand tells the patient's family what's going on.

    Pros: it is a lovely facility and pleasant environment. The therapists seem very good. Nursing staff are pleasant. Food is good.

    Cons: patient care is not great. Communication is terrible, both between team members and to the family. They often seem severely understaffed (it should not take an hour to come help a patient with toileting!).

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    Just like everyone said, this place is so understaffed and they kick your loved one out way before they are ready to leave. Don’t let the new building fool you. We were warned before placing our loved one here. But, unfortunately we didn’t have a choice because all of the nursing homes, close by, had no beds available. The kitchen can’t get their act together either. If your loved one is bed ridden, expect the food to be one to two hours late. They have some serious management/owner issues there. The only good thing about this place is the PT/OT staff. The social worker DOES NOT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING and is clueless on how to evaluate a patient. I have never in my life written a good or bad review. I was so disappointed with my love ones care. Seriously think about placing your loved one here if they are bed ridden.

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    Horrible in every way. They continually place their residents in unsanitary, and potentially dangerous situations. They are under staffed and ignore the residents especially those who cannot speak for themselves. Residents clothing disappears while in laundry, meals are not served or are brought at wrong times or are the wrong type of food from what is ordered. Residents are left all night to sleep in their own urine soaked bed. Nurse aids do not respond to residents pushing call buttons. When residents are checked in, there is absolutely no basic information describing steps to ordering food, what care is actually provided, how progress is tracked, frequency or number of days of physical therapy provided, and they do not contact relatives of residents who cannot speak for themselves before over medicate them especially those who complain about the horrible situation. Wish I was a lawyer so I could step in and get this place closed down…

  • Advantage Living Center - Warren Warren, Michigan 48093

    I am very dissatisfied with the warren facility. The staff do not come when you call for help in a reasonable time. The bathroom in the patient room need to be renovated. The patient get only one Styrofoam cup to drink out of , during there stay, which is not sanitize. All patients use the same shower room which you have to schedule twice a week only. You do not get a menu to choose from, you get what ever they cook for the day good or bad. I would not want anyone else to have to make the same mistake by taken your love one to a facility like this one.

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    The facility is new. They don't lack staff in the office for BILLING, social workers or managers but they have little to no resources to care for your loved one. The nurses are clueless medicine dispensers that "write notes" to the doctor relative to medical concerns. The Dr. is AWOL. The PA visits clutching her IPhone, doesn't listen, pats the patient on the head and leaves? The Nurse's aides are lazy and lie to the family about the care provided, as though you are too dumb or blind to see the difference. The laundry facility washes clothes like a child…………everything gets thrown in together and dried to the enth degree and then delivered to the wrong patients. The Kitchen staff are the only ones that have a clue what the patient needs are. Oh and if you need a financial advisor, the social workers are waiting breathlessly, like used car salespeople, to help. This facility is a failure. If you care at all for your loved one, consider the local hotel vs. this pathetic excuse for care.

  • Clinton Aire Healthcare Center Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

    This facility is by far the most deplorable place imaginable. I can only assume the rating displayed is from the staff of this place because as a daughter of a patient, it took 1 hour to realize this place os only concerned with collecting a pay check. The social worker needs to be fired immediately. The conditions are filthy. Do not go here

  • Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center Warren, Michigan 48089

    This place needs more help, for as large as it is not enough of staff , to cover all the people elfishly.The midnight shift does a good job in rehab. The morning & after noon shift have a lot going on. Cleaning floors & rooms & breakfast is served. In the rooms & at the dining room. Food is mostly cold & very bland tasting. Needs meager upgrade in food menu,& the serving dining ware, they use. It must be 40 years old . Out of date. The rooms need a intercom system,& boards in the patients rooms that like the hospital have to tell who you are & your nurse & C A are for the day. Plus..What wrong with you in case you can't talk for yourself. The Light system for the call button is out of date,& not taken seriously on the day & afternoon shifts. Sadly the bathrooms need a upgrade big time .I say less bedrooms & better bathrooms are needed. PT. & OT rooms need better equipment ,with hot & cold packs ready to use, on site. There very cheap about ice. On how much is being used. Really.??? It used for healing & drinking & serving food also. So always have it ready. There not enough of help ,keeping the drink stations filled . To many patients per worker I seen. Very friendly staff but over worked.

  • Regency at Shelby Township Utica, Michigan 48317

    The Facility is ill equipped to handle people with complicated issues. Staffing is inadequate and subpar. You need to look past the new building and clean surroundings. Unless you plan on spending 24 hours a day with your loved one to ensure proper care I would not place your parent or husband in the facility. It took six days to get my father an anabiotic for infection which placed him in the hospital with sepsis.

  • Advantage Living Center - Roseville Roseville, Michigan 48066

    worst rehab services. Therapists don't have a time clock to enter when they start seeing patient. most of the therapists see more than one patient at a time. Charge individually as if treating a patient individually. This is a complete FRAUD billing. It should be billed under group treatment. We told that jerk Nirmal many times to correct these issues,. This asshole never bothered correcting these issues. He himself treat patients only after 4 pm. So that no one can see him treating any patient. we all know that he is an fraud administrator, clinician and waiting to go to jail anytime. This mofo Nirmal always talked to us as if he is doing a great job in healthcare field. But the truth of the matter is "greed" for power and greed or money. We reported to this asshole numerous times. We are surprised he still have a therapist license/ administrator license in Michigan to practice.

  • Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center Warren, Michigan 48089

    I am only 47 but have a progressive spinal cord disease which will require 24/7 care eventually. So I looked at several nursing homes so I can choose now instead of my family deciding for me when the time comes. Having worked in nursing homes for several years (dietary) I knew what to look for when taking a tour. First off for a facility it lacked adequate parking spaces. First thing I noticed when walking in the door was the strong smell of urine which naturally became stronger when going down the residents halls. That tells me that it is not a clean facility. Whoever tells you different is either clueless or is lying to you. Another thing I noticed was if there was a space available in a room there was a bed. 3 to 4 residents per room, there is very little privacy with the only thing separating you is a cheap cloth curtain. Semi private should only be 2/room. I then read their most recent state survey, which every family should read when viewing or considering any facility. Bottom line I would never put myself or anyone I love in this place. Others might have different opinions, this is mine. But when you consider placing a loved one in someone else's care, ask yourself one question. Would I (meaning yourself) be happy if I had to live here? If the answer is no, then look elsewhere.

  • Clinton Aire Healthcare Center Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

    This is no place to take anyone you love. There are wonderful cna's and nurses here however the administration and the bad apples far outweigh the good. You will not be happy at all with the care here. When you do decide to lodge a complaint, the administrator will likely become belligerent as the staff does and they will ask you to leave.

  • Medilodge of Richmond Richmond, Michigan 48062

    My father was in Richmond for rehab, for 2 days he never received his eye drops and my father had to remind the RN every morning he needs them for two weeks.

    When my father hit the call button for help on average it took 45 minutes to an hour for some one to help him.

    I was at rehab with my father when we went back to his room the bed was made when I pulled the covers back the sheet was never changed, there was stains and crumbs.

  • Clinton Aire Healthcare Center Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

    Poor place to go after surgery. They were to clean and change wound twice a day but only did about half of the time. When they did do it the dressing would come lose often.

    Rooms were cleaned daily but done poorly. Toilet was left dirty and could have caused an infection.

    Seemed to be short staffed.

    Only got to shower once a week and never given bath supplies unless asked.

    Do not send your loved ones to this home.

  • Sanctuary at Fraser Villa Fraser, Michigan 48026

    Its a very clean facility. Residents should not be allowed to have candy in their rooms. Most elderly residents have limited appetites and need to eat nurtient dense food and not fill up on junk food. As people get older sugar is not a uncommon addiction. The staff are polite and patient with the residents. They should be applauded. It is not an easy job.

  • St Anthony Healthcare Center Warren, Michigan 48092

    What St Anthony's is not is a NURSING Care center. From what I could find about this 102 bed facility there are 3.5 full time nursing staff with administrative duties. My grandmother lived in this facility for the last 4 months of her life and died there with the most inadequate care. Staff are poorly trained, especially in end of life care and pain management. When problems arise, and they will in any facility, you want to know that your concerns will be heard and addressed in an appropriate and professional way. They will not be handled that way here. Don't expect to be able to get in touch with the Md on staff or to get help by the social work department. Choose a different facility for your loved ones and educate yourself on how to work the chain of command, how to file a complaint with the Local Long term ombudsman that covers the facility. This facility is owned by a for profit corporation that inadequately trains it's staff and your loved one will pay the price for that.

  • Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center Warren, Michigan 48089

    I had a relative in Warren Woods. I was there FOUR days a week to visit for almost a month! What I witness made me SICK!!!

    Many staff members (except the certified nursing assistants) were not available when you needed to ask questions. My relative never received physical therapy, He was sent there for therapy. Every time we'd inquire about it we were given the same old "excuse" (waiting approval from insurance) After being there for almost a month with more excuses & little results, he become fed up and demanded to go home…I didn't blame him! He signed himself out. He told me that he felt like he was "just rotting away there"! Well since he's left that place he started performing his OWN "therapy" at his home. HE PRACTICE ON HIMSELF LIKE CRAZY!!! EVERYDAY. He can now STAND on his own. WALK ON HIS OWN (which he couldn't before) and take care of his own hygiene (which he couldn't do while there) and has made a REMARKABLE recovery on his own!!! May God bless the CENAS there!!!

  • Pomeroy Living Sterling Skilled Rehabilitation Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310

    My mother was here for close to 3 years and left to live in a group home where it did not work out so she had to go back into a nursing home and she was not able to get back into Cherrywood…now that she is in another place she truly realizes how good she had it at cherrywood, She is a young person (58) but a stroke left her unable to care for herself any longer and unfortunately neither can I, I think she just didn't realize how good of a place it really was-but at 58 you think its the worst place to be.

    Its clean-doesn't smell like urine, they have activities, and lots of areas you can visit privately with your family and tables set up so you can bring toddler always enjoyed looking at the birds out in the front and the fish tank. The nurse aids can be slow at times but that happens just about everywhere. The nurses were always very nice. I wish my mother could get back in but this place has very limited Medicaid beds and I doubt she will ever be able to get back in. She's really kicking herself now