Review of Regency at Shelby Township

1 Star User Review

Just like everyone said, this place is so understaffed and they kick your loved one out way before they are ready to leave. Don’t let the new building fool you. We were warned before placing our loved one here. But, unfortunately we didn’t have a choice because all of the nursing homes, close by, had no beds available. The kitchen can’t get their act together either. If your loved one is bed ridden, expect the food to be one to two hours late. They have some serious management/owner issues there. The only good thing about this place is the PT/OT staff. The social worker DOES NOT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING and is clueless on how to evaluate a patient. I have never in my life written a good or bad review. I was so disappointed with my love ones care. Seriously think about placing your loved one here if they are bed ridden.