Review of Regency at Grand Blanc

5 Star User Review

I came to Regency in June of 2017 after being hospitalized for a broken leg. I was greeted with a great deal of warmth and kindness which brought tremendous ease entering a rehab facility not knowing what to expect. Being younger than the majority of Regency's residents I came with a ton of preconceived notions about being in an 'old folks home.'lol

Every single inaccurate notion was dispelled by the wonderful staff and their unwavering desire to make my unpleasant situation as pleasant as they possibly could. The facility itself is remarkable with a 5 star hotel atmosphere as soon as you enter the door. The food is stellar!!

Everyone from the CNA's, Nurses, Kitchen and Maintenance Staff, Laundry staff and their remarkable PT and OT crew as well as Admin were superb and took incredible pride in what they did.

Regency's PT and OT staff were quite impressive, the entire Therapy department was extremely supportive. They encouraged, inspired and celebrated me at every accomplishment…especially on the days I did not want to be there. The energy when you walk, or roll, into the therapy room was contagious and captivating it invigorated me so many days when I so did not feel like therapy. I love them all.

My stay at Regency was a little over 11 months…yes 11 months. They turned out to be 11 of the most amazing, exciting and unforgettable months of my life. They took excellent care of me.

I will be forever grateful to every single staff member at the Regency of Grand Blanc, from my 1st day until my last, for their part in facilitating my recovery and adding so much life to my life and Regency experience.

When I came I did not want to be there…when it was time for me to leave it was a very sad (and happy) moment because I had developed so many great relationships and friendships.

Would I recommend Regency of Grand Blanc to others? In a heartbeat I would!