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  • Signature Healthcare of Palm Beach Lake Worth, Florida 33461

    Went to this facility 4 days after back surgery.

    Walked in on my own, no one seemed to care.

    Showed me my room with a very nice lady who used an oxygen machine

    that made a god awful noise. There were empty rooms down the hall.

    When all but the night staff was left, I asked them to give me my pain medicine so I could get some sleep.

    I was told they were "working on it." No one came to help me get in or out of the bed or bathroom.

    Finally I told them if I didn't get my pain pill and my muscle relaxer , I was

    Out of here. They came up with someone's pain pill . They handed it to me

    with no water to swallow it.

    I asked them about the machine that my roommate used and told them that there were empty rooms. I said that I wanted to be moved.

    After that I saw no one.

    At 11PM , the night I arrived, I called my husband to come and get me.

    I walked past the night crew and told them I was leaving.

    I guess they didn't believe me until I opened the front door, and an alarm

    went off through the building.

    Only then did someone come out and ask what I was doing.

    I told them I was leaving, the same way I came in, under my own power.

    I called the next day to retrieve my prescriptions.

    I got the run a round, but told them my husband would be over to pick them


    Since then I spoke to someone who deals with this facility.

    They said new patients often don't get their pain meds the same day

    they come in.

    PEOPLE: I had back surgery 4 days before, pain meds are necessary

    at that point.

    If you're in pain, or need help, DON'T GO HERE.

  • Parklands Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Gainesville, Florida 32601

    I've never been inside, but I live next door to this place, and the staff are frankly terrible neighbors. If multiple individuals working there are willing to almost run down and then curse out pedestrians in the area, I can't imagine them being worthwhile at all for patient care. The nursing staff there have universally been jerks when I've been forced to interact with them outside the facility, and that's got to reflect on their quality of care.

  • Carrollwood Care Center Tampa, Florida 33625

    This place is horrible. The county of Hillborough need to inspect this place. The nurses attitude is to let the patients die if they want to. The workers are miserable. The nurses and the cna are lazy. There's never a smile on their face. If you want your family members to live then don't send them there. They are lucky if they get a one star from me.

  • Life Care Center of Sarasota Sarasota, Florida 34243

    I just spent one week as a rehab in-patient in January, 2017, after a total knee replacement surgery. and am now attending Physical Therapy there as an out-patient.

    I was totally impressed with the remarkable and professional care and compassion I received from every member of the staff in the Ringling Orthopedic Wing…from the doctor, nurses, aides, dining staff, physical therapists, and volunteers. No matter the hour, my needs were continually met swiftly with a smile and support, my questions answered, and my concerns addressed. Recovering from knee replacement surgery is painful, but the staff at LCC made it as easy as possible.

    I would recommend the facility to anybody in need of a rehab center, and would definitely use it again when I have the other need done.

  • Crossbreeze Care Center Sarasota, Florida 34230

    My mother was a resident at Crossbreeze for two years plus. I cannot say enough about the staff and administration at this facility. No matter what situation arose they were in contact with me, helpful, professional, COMPASSIONATE, caring and considerate. THIS FACILITY IS A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. When you walk in you can see that the residents are cared for, you can smell that the place is well maintained and you can feel the love. My mother recently passed away and everyone went above and beyond with her care, support for my family and myself, tears, hugs and prayers.

    No one and no place is perfect….but for our family we are pleased with the care and love mom received. Many residents became good friends with my mother. They all continue to be in my heart forever and a day…..residents AND the entire staff. This will be the place I choose for myself when that chapter of my life comes around.

  • Solaris Healthcare Plant City Plant City, Florida 33566

    I was a patient in the rehab unit for two weeks. Physical Therapy staff was excellent. Dietary was okay but a little slow getting preferences correct. Nursing department was inferior. Three times the medication nurses brought me incorrect pills (glad that I paid attention to what was in the cup). Many of the CNAs did not listen to what I needed, were not respectful and were more interested in their cell phones & smoke breaks. Social services were okay but not totally knowledgeable about discharge procedures. (The patient care meeting was a waste of time; more emphasis on discharge planning than current treatment plan.) There was a huge lack of communication between the departments. And the most annoying deficit was understaffing. All in all, the only benefit of my stay was the excellent physical therapy. (I was ready and able to be discharged within ten days; however, the facility used the entire twenty days allowed by my insurance.) I can not recommend this facility to anyone.

  • Avante at Lake Worth, Inc. Lake Worth, Florida 33460

    To describe it in one word: HELL! It wasn't until right before my grandmother passed away (while still a patient there), that I realized what she had gone through. My grandmother had already been through Open Heart Surgery and was stuck on a ventilator. My grandmother couldn't speak up for herself so when she would write to us that she was being abused, we didn't know if it was the medicines she had been under or if this was true. The nurses all denied this mistreatment. It wasn't until I spent the entire day at this horrible place that I started to see what she was meaning. My grandmother had a terrible stool infection; one that made her septic. With this infection, she needed to be changed out immediately throughout the day. This didn't happen. It took me begging and even tracking down the nurses to finally get someone 3 HOURS LATER to change my grandmother. And that was only because I was there. I went and visited her on Christmas. I brought my two younger sisters to see her, but it was not a good visit. My grandmother had been medicated to the point where should could not keep consciousness. Turns out the nurses didn't want to continue to deal with her so they overmedicated her. She ended up at JFK Hospital because her heart rate dropped below 40 (normal is 60-70 for my grandmother). A couple weeks later, back in hell, my grandmother woke up to a nurse crushing up a pink pill. My grandmother mouthed to the nurse that she didn't have any PINK medications. The nurse left the room and never returned back. If my grandmother had been asleep during this, she would haven received medications that she was never supposed to receive. Then, during my grandmother's last week, she was rushed to JFK hospital because of an infection. She ended up having Pneumonia and another stool infection. My mother had to bathe her when she was first transported in to JFK. My grandmother was not changed before the transport and the infection, since she was septic, made her skin red and irritable. Almost like a burn. My grandmother passed away because, we believe, she had respiratory failure due to the Pneumonia. However, there is a chance that she being septic could have played a role in this as well. The death certificate will prove if the stool infection had anything to do with it, or should I say, if AVANTE of LAKE WORTH had anything to do with her passing!

    If I have any regrets, it is that I wasn't able to help my grandmother get out of that HORRIFYING place. IF I COULD RATE THIS WITH ZERO STARS, I WOULD!!!!!

    P.S. The Director Of Nursing hid ALL of this information from the Administrator. None of these complaints (written and verbal) were brought to the Head Administrator's attention. They were simply IGNORED. And now, my grandmother has passed away and their mistakes with be carried on to the next patient. Don't let that be your family.

  • Riviera Health Resort Miami, Florida 33156

    We are very pleased with the staff and services provided in this facility. Any questions are answered promptly and required actions are taken immediately. We have no complaints about the facility.

    In our particular case, when my father was first admitted at Riviera, he was anorexic and had been hospitalized four times in a period of four months, mainly due to pneumonia and UTI, which as a result he became septic at one point.

    It is important to note that since he has been living in Riviera, he has recovered his weight and has never had to be hospitalized.

  • Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    In my opinion, Carlton Shores is one of the worst facilities one could go to for medical care. My mother entered Carlton Shore Rehab facility in Daytona Beach in the middle of June 2016 for rehab for a broken hip. She was admitted on a Friday night. The first 1.5 days, things were ok. Not the best, but ok. On Sunday morning when I went to visit her, I found her sitting in bed covered in her own vomit. I immediately went to find the nurse on duty and found out what was going on. She said they were shorthanded and someone was trying to get to my mother. My mother told me she had called several times and one nurse had popped in and said she would be back but never returned. She was throwing up in a cup that was by her bedside. I demanded she and her bed be cleaned up immediately. I then found out my mother still had no urinated on her own, so I asked her to be transferred to the hospital. There they placed a folly in to help her urinate. Upon returning, I spoke with the LPN on duty & explained the hospital stated the folly needed to be cleaned on every shift. She informed me only the nurses could do that and she would pass it along, but she wouldn’t be touching it. For several days in a row I expressed my concerns over the folly not being cleaned properly and it continued to fall upon deaf ears. Within the next few days, we encountered several problems with nurses and CAN’s. Her C-PAP machine out of her reach, so she could not use the machine .My mom told me several of the CNAs would come in and be extremely rude and nasty to her. I requested on several occasions during the 5 weeks my mother was there to have her hair washed. No one ever came it and washed it. It was almost 5 weeks before a special shower cap was given to her for a dry washing. I asked the LPN for my mom to have a bed bath and her linens changed, as she has been sweating all night, and she told me she had to go to lunch and would do it after lunch. This was at 10 AM and she finally came in at 3 PM only after I requested again.. The LPN came in and said to my mom, “Great way to throw me under the bus. I will remember that.”

    After 2 visits with the Dr and us realizing he was not good at communicating and reading several reviews on line about him, I asked him to be removed from my mother’s case. I was told he was the best they had on staff and to give him another try. After repeatedly asking about severe swelling in my mother’s arm he never came back in the room to personally see her. I was concerned because she has congestive heart failure and her bp was bottoming out at 60/40 some days. Nothing was done on either situation. The last day she was there she had shortness of breath, burning in her arm, coughing, and pain. Her arm was VERY swollen and discolored. I demanded a scan done of the arm as though are indicators of a blood clot. The scan came back stating there was an occlusion but needed further evaluation. At that point in time the Dr. refused for her to be taken to the hospital for further evaluation. I spoke with him on the phone and he said, “I am your mother’s Dr. and no one cares about her health more than me including YOU.” He then called back and told the nurse on duty that if I removed my mother it would be against medical advice, he would make sure the insurance company DID NOT pay for anything and that she would not be permitted in any of their facilities again. It took me 6 hours to find a Dr that would release my mom for further evaluation. At the hospital it was determined she had a severe UTI, due to the lack of proper cleaning of the folly. Extremely low sodium levels and had to undergo emergency angioplasty, because a clot was pressing on her pacemaker wires cutting them off. I would never recommend placing yourself or a loved one in this facility.

  • Specialty Health and Rehabilitation Center Pensacola, Florida 32526

    My father in law has been to this facility on three different occasions to receive skilled therapies. Each time the staff have been wonderful. They have gone out of their way to accommodate his needs. The therapy staff is knowledgeable and have helped him to achieve his goals. I have personally seen the staff and how they interact with the patients, they treat them as family and the facility has always been clean.

  • Nuvista Living at Wellington Green Wellington, Florida 33414

    I was a patient there from Thursday 12/1/16- Saturday 12/1/0/16 on the 2nd floor. I must say, the care was excellent. The staff members were wonderful in all the departments, from nursing to dining to OT & PT - everybody was courteous and helpful. My stay was a very positive one.

  • Wilton Manors Health & Rehabilitation Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311

    Good Morning this Review is in reference to one of the facility Staff.

    Ms Tina Long , it was such a pleasure meeting and seeing how dedicated she was to the residents and my Dad and making sure the discharge and transition went smoothly. We need more people like her in the nursing field and she is definately an asset to the facility. If I have to recommend friends or family again if would be my great pleasure to do so.she went above and beyond the call of duty. need more quality like that in the nursing field..



  • Deltona Health Care Deltona, Florida 32725

    This place is a death sentence. They lie by saying they are a rehab, get people there, then mistreat them, just trying to fill beds Dr. care is almost non existent. They let you know they don't have time for you, drug patients so they won't be a problem. Lost power for 2 days during Hurricane Matthew, no generators, some patients rely on machines for necessities, no decent food brought in. Cater to staff and patients who smoke, unsafe for nonsmokers outside. Rude, uncaring staff, no one will help during meal deliver and pick up, everyone is delivering food to rooms or are with patients in the cafeteria. Takes 30 minutes or more for someone to come when patient presses call button. Some staff are very good, but some are very incompetent, having to be shown by patients or family how to do simple things. If you complain, there will be consequences. These people, both the workers and upper management, need to think of how they would want to be treated if they had to rely on others to take care of them. My family member has gone down hill rapidly. I have read reviews of people dying in this place on other review sites. I hope to have my loved one out of there soon, and would never have allowed a stay there had I known how horrible it is there.

  • Coral Trace Health Care Cape Coral, Florida 33991

    My father was in this facility for three months and due to mother being elderly herself I feel that things were hid from her. My father had several bedsores and due to being paraplegic he could not feel them and my mother did not know enough to ask or check. He had a urinary catheter that was placed May 17th and never changed until he was dumped at the hospital in August. He was placed in isolation at this home due to a bladder infection but no one thought to have his catheter changed. We received a call that he was being taken to the hospital and when we went to pick up some of his belongings at the home 2 hours later the nurse informed us he was discharged from there. They had boxed up his things and put them in storage. We were not contacted by any management. My father could not swallow and was still given solid food with the tray left at his bed. When I arrived in August and started complaining was when they left him at the hospital. Not pleased with this facility at all.

  • Nursing Center at Mercy, The Miami, Florida 33133

    My family member has been here for a few months I did paperwork for long-term care. One day after a hospital stay when she was due to come back they said she couldn't come back. They don't care about the patient only about charging medicare . And if family is involved they will not want the patient around for long. This place is a mental Institution. Terrible organization and very unprofessional. Please don't bring your family here.

  • Belleair Health Care Center Clearwater, Florida 33756

    They meet the minimum requirements for staffing. Response time is poor even with a family member in the room. They accept patients from the community and their gym is too small to accommodate both of their inpatients and outpatients. They were rehabbing patients outside in the heat on their patio. I witnessed a patient in a wheelchair who had a pulley attached to a door (to a storage closet for walkers, etc.) on 9/28/16 She was working really hard and I praised her. Then a staff member asked her to stop her rehab as the staff member had to open the door to the closet. They took the pulley down and whisked the patient away. The communication is poor between family, patient and staff members. The patients may or may not get their allotted 2 showers a week depending upon whether they have a family member to advocate. My Mother waited 30 minutes in the middle of the night for an aide to assist her to the bathroom. She asked when she was admitted for only female aides and the aide that finally came was a male. They are attempting to clean up their act since I advised I contacted an Ombudsman and will be contacting AHCA and the Department of Insurance but this will be short-lived. Do not sent your parent(s) there.