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These ratings and user reviews of Spring Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center will help you pick the best nursing home in Brooksville, Florida. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Spring Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

A lack of cordinated communications a major problem in delivering total and effective care. Food services deplorable - poor qaulity- wrong menus - lack of management / supervision- complaints go unanswered- nursing can do NOTHING! Therapy … Full Review

My Mother went in for rehab in 2015 , was suppose to be released within 2 weeks ended up with an infections skin peeling off and them doing nothing about it . She Died 3 weeks Later, DONT TAKE YOUR FAMILY HERE!… Full Review

Bed sheets were not changed. They didn't bathe or even sponge bathe my mother. The food was horrible. The staff was not very attentive. They over-medicated her to the point that she didn't even know that I was there with her. After requesting… Full Review

I urged my wife to take rehab from here following her surgery and that was a mistake. The best, hands down best feature of Spring Hill Rehab is the Therapy staff. The show great care and interest in getting their patients back to health as… Full Review

I don't feel like they deserve stars honestly.. I ended up putting my mother there thinking it was be the best for her to rehab after having four surgeries in two days couldn't walk just yet and had bed sores that needed changing daily.. upon… Full Review

Had we known how incompetent this facility is, we would never have put my mother-in-law here. Housekeeping never came and cleaned the first room she was in and when they moved her to a different room they laid her on her bed without positioning… Full Review

My mother contracted c-diff back in March and if this facility wouldn't have lost both her stool samples she would not have almost died because of their lack of competence.… Full Review

My father is currently at Sprimg Hill. The rehab therapists are excellent, he is getting lots of attention and encouragement. The Lpns are busy, but his body and room are clean. Food is tolerable, but we supplement it with Haagen daz… Full Review

I owe my life to Spring Hill Rehab! The staff and employees are excellent, their Rehabilitation Center is completely focused on the patient's safety and well being, and the facility is exceptional. Barbara Benjamin, Spring Hill, FL … Full Review

My mother was in this facility in 2009 because she had broken her arm, and she needed help with getting the arm working again. We were all very happy with the staff. They were always so helpful whenever she needed their assistance. She is going… Full Review

wish I would have seen the reviews before my mom was put here. they have RN's but they are usually sitting at the nurses station chatting or just looking around. The aids and CNA are the ones that take care of the patients. The only thing… Full Review

There is only one RN on staff. The rest of the care is done by LPN's, CNA's, and students. My mother vomited black coffee-ground material, and nothing was done. Two days later, it was discovered she was bleeding internally, after she'd been… Full Review

Cleanliness of the facility appears to be good, however, while my loved one was in their care contracted C diff infection and died. (within 2 weeks) i didn't think to look at the inspection reports by the Health Department or even know that… Full Review

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