Review of Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

This place is horrifying… DO NOT take a loved one there if you care about them.. i was at this facility for rehab for only two weeks and after the first week I wanted a transfer to another facility… They do not have heart healthy food there… their idea of heart healthy is no salt added NSA… that means it is also no good for anyone who is diabetic. I also waited 3 hours one night for toilet paper and they knew I had diahrea at the time.. In fact i told the second shift and the third shift is the one that finally brought me the toilet paper… Waited 4 hours one night for meds and to get a bandage changed… the nurse just kept saying she was busy… A nurse got mad when I reported her and intentionally skipped my room on another night passing out meds and made me wait 2 extra hours knowing I was in pain… Also tried to give me meds while i was sitting on the toilet… how sanitary is that… you can ring the buzzer and they will tell you be right back and you won't see them again… i would never ever recommend this place to anyone…. EVER….. if you care about your loved ones…DO NOT TAKE THEM THERE…..