Review of Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I stayed at this facility after a surgery, for rehab. I left in far worse condition. The aides would answer the bell but say they would be right back and never show up. (not all but most). When you need help to go to the bathroom, it's impossible to wait for the next shift who may or may not have a better NA on duty.

The food was so bad and unappealing, you either stayed hungry or ordered and had something delivered- which wasn't easy since they lock all the doors very early. When I say the food was "bad" I don't just mean cooked bad. It was old and had a bad smell. The drinks were watered down so all tasted alike. The snacks they say they provide are almost always all gone.

I complained about bed sores and nothing was done other than 'wound care' giving me a sample size lotion of some sort to put on myself.

I asked many times to see the doctor assigned to me but only saw him once. The care was by far inadequate. The on staff nurses had far too much to do to attend to anyone who really had issues.

The facility looks great when doing a tour. Those special little rooms that are decked out are for looks and not used frequently. They're for tours I guess-people looking for that special place for mom.

I left with a bad infection that could have only come from that facility. I complained to "professionals" who I trusted and they did nothing to help me.

I will always regret my stay there and I pray for the ones who will be living there the rest of their life there. My advice to anyone looking for long term care or a rehab…keep looking!