Review of Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

In my opinion, Carlton Shores is one of the worst facilities one could go to for medical care. My mother entered Carlton Shore Rehab facility in Daytona Beach in the middle of June 2016 for rehab for a broken hip. She was admitted on a Friday night. The first 1.5 days, things were ok. Not the best, but ok. On Sunday morning when I went to visit her, I found her sitting in bed covered in her own vomit. I immediately went to find the nurse on duty and found out what was going on. She said they were shorthanded and someone was trying to get to my mother. My mother told me she had called several times and one nurse had popped in and said she would be back but never returned. She was throwing up in a cup that was by her bedside. I demanded she and her bed be cleaned up immediately. I then found out my mother still had no urinated on her own, so I asked her to be transferred to the hospital. There they placed a folly in to help her urinate. Upon returning, I spoke with the LPN on duty & explained the hospital stated the folly needed to be cleaned on every shift. She informed me only the nurses could do that and she would pass it along, but she wouldn’t be touching it. For several days in a row I expressed my concerns over the folly not being cleaned properly and it continued to fall upon deaf ears. Within the next few days, we encountered several problems with nurses and CAN’s. Her C-PAP machine out of her reach, so she could not use the machine .My mom told me several of the CNAs would come in and be extremely rude and nasty to her. I requested on several occasions during the 5 weeks my mother was there to have her hair washed. No one ever came it and washed it. It was almost 5 weeks before a special shower cap was given to her for a dry washing. I asked the LPN for my mom to have a bed bath and her linens changed, as she has been sweating all night, and she told me she had to go to lunch and would do it after lunch. This was at 10 AM and she finally came in at 3 PM only after I requested again.. The LPN came in and said to my mom, “Great way to throw me under the bus. I will remember that.”

After 2 visits with the Dr and us realizing he was not good at communicating and reading several reviews on line about him, I asked him to be removed from my mother’s case. I was told he was the best they had on staff and to give him another try. After repeatedly asking about severe swelling in my mother’s arm he never came back in the room to personally see her. I was concerned because she has congestive heart failure and her bp was bottoming out at 60/40 some days. Nothing was done on either situation. The last day she was there she had shortness of breath, burning in her arm, coughing, and pain. Her arm was VERY swollen and discolored. I demanded a scan done of the arm as though are indicators of a blood clot. The scan came back stating there was an occlusion but needed further evaluation. At that point in time the Dr. refused for her to be taken to the hospital for further evaluation. I spoke with him on the phone and he said, “I am your mother’s Dr. and no one cares about her health more than me including YOU.” He then called back and told the nurse on duty that if I removed my mother it would be against medical advice, he would make sure the insurance company DID NOT pay for anything and that she would not be permitted in any of their facilities again. It took me 6 hours to find a Dr that would release my mom for further evaluation. At the hospital it was determined she had a severe UTI, due to the lack of proper cleaning of the folly. Extremely low sodium levels and had to undergo emergency angioplasty, because a clot was pressing on her pacemaker wires cutting them off. I would never recommend placing yourself or a loved one in this facility.