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  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

    The place was dirty, smelled of urine and the furniture in the rooms were broken.. sheets worn so thin you could see thru them. My family member was suppose to get physical therapy 5 times a week and never received one .. after a week being there in a bed and never taken out unless demanded he got a bed sore that required a wound doctor which he was taken to North Broward Hospital in an ambulance…

  • Wilton Manors Health & Rehabilitation Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311

    Good Morning this Review is in reference to one of the facility Staff.

    Ms Tina Long , it was such a pleasure meeting and seeing how dedicated she was to the residents and my Dad and making sure the discharge and transition went smoothly. We need more people like her in the nursing field and she is definately an asset to the facility. If I have to recommend friends or family again if would be my great pleasure to do so.she went above and beyond the call of duty. need more quality like that in the nursing field..



  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064


    This facility has a serious problem with roaches and ants. The staff do not speak English. The court yard is unattended and in poor repair. The courtyard is the only area that the residents and family are allowed to go to for fresh air. There is no mental stimulation for the residents. Residents are provide little if any activities during the day. Call bells go unanswered and the residents can be heard calling out for help actually begging for help to go to the toilet or to be turned. The C.N.A's ignore the residents calls for assistance or help. The facility is in need of generalized repair. During recent rain storms the facility has free standing water next to the building and in the parking lots. The water needs to be evacuated as it can be a breeding ground for mosquito (Zika). There is a room that sustained fire damage which appears to have come from the air-condition unit. The room windows are boarded up with out repair. Some of the exposed windows are broken allowing entrance of varmint or bugs. The smell of smoke can be found in the resident care areas. Broken glass from the fire remains on the ground . How long are they going to wait for repair of the fire damage maybe until the next fire occurs. What type of preventive maintenance program do they have here? -None-- This facility is poorly run with insufficient nursing care hours for each resident. The Rehab care is poor to say the least. The Phy Therpists are abrasive and condescending to the residents I would ask that the PT staff remember the individuals may be older not stupid. All of the healthcare providers need to be mindful that it is only by the Grace of God that the persons there are not them or their loved ones. The physician visits once a month and a NP comes twice a week. I believe there is a connection between the Court at Palm Aire and this facility as they are the ones who recommended that most of the patients come here. The Board of Health needs to do periodic inspections and have the Administrator be responsible/ accountable for the residents safety and care.

    As you can tell from this review this is not a facility to leave your loved ones….. The owner needs to be taken to task and be held accountable. He/She is making money (profit) from Medicare and Medicaid . The owner is getting rich off of the federal funds at the safety and expense of the poor unfortunate individuals that have been admitted to the Deerfield Beach Rehab Center.

  • Hillcrest Health Care and Rehabilitation Center Hollywood, Florida 33021

    STAY AWAY. Do not send your loved ones here. This place needs to be shut down and insurance companies need to hold them accountable. My grandmother was admitted on 12/29/15 after a surgery for a broken hip. Within one week, she fell while in the bathroom (she was wearing a diaper and should not have been in the bathroom as she has not sat or stood on her own). As a result of her fall, she broke her tibia and fibula. No one from the facility called us. The fall happened on Monday January 4th. My mother went to visit on Wednesday January 6th and the roommate of my grandmother told my mother that she fell. No one from the facility said anything. My mother looked at her leg and it was very swollen and demanded that they xray it. Of course, it was broken in two places. She was rushed to the emergency room close by and had emergency surgery. How can a facility that is supposed to care for patients 24 hours a day allow for this to happen. Please, STAY AWAY!

  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

    My father was transferred to this facility on the recommendation of his attending physician at the nearby Broward Health hospital. Given the credentials of the doctor, we did not question this decision, until we arrived.

    This facility is subpar on multiple fronts:

    1) Incompetent/disengaged/unprofessional staff - the nurses and OT/PT were fine but the other support staff (with whom you will primarily interact) were beyond awful. They were slow to respond to calls (30 minutes being the norm for a response), they badmouthed other staff in full view of patients, were generally lax in every interaction, did not wear medical gloves when providing medication. Same staff that clean the facilities also provide the food - within minutes of each activity. Staff congregates at the main nurses station talking and unconcerned, while all around calls are going off for attention.

    2) The conditions in the facility were very dirty. Ants and terrible stench throughout. After multiple requests to have maintenance take care of the insect issue went without response, I finally brought in my own spray from home to keep the ants at bay. Also saw cockroaches in full view (not just hiding in corners!) The halls are filled with a stench of urine.

    3) Witnessed on several occasions residents' calls going on answered, so that you hear moaning and cries throughout the day in the hallways. Also, within an hour of arrival, I witnessed a resident - who had been calling out for at least an hour - in his room, on the floor, on his back, with blood pooled on the ground. When the nurses, who could clearly hear his cries, were alerted, the EMS had to be called and he was taken away on a stretcher.

    In summary this place is horrendous. Do not send anyone you care about here. It is a place that people will clearly get sicker and are put in harm's way.

  • Hillcrest Health Care and Rehabilitation Center Hollywood, Florida 33021

    My Mother had her hip broken while she was there by the exercise trainer. She was dumped in front of the door to her room and didn't tell any body.She was left there her for hours and she couldn't move.

    Also if the nurses don't like you they give you bread and water for dinner to punish you.

    I would not give this place any stars but the rating system makes you put one in. This place is criminal. She could have died from the neglect. I had to call 911 to get her out of there.

  • Manorcare Health Services Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33313

    The care is average, I would say. I would have liked to have known that most of the floor nurses are LPN's and only the nurse floor supervisor is a registered nurse. The nurses are caring, for the most part. However, my family member has a PEG feeding tube and many of the nurses do not seem to be familiar with or knowledgeable with the feeding tube and how it works. The PEG tube has been clogged twice in the last 5 days because the food was not changed quickly enough. My family member has to constantly remind staff to plug her wound VAC in. Twice in the last week the wound VAC was left unplugged and stopped completely for who knows how long until I or another family member realized and reported it. Additionally, the dressing on my family member's surgical wound was not changed for almost a week and a half (and there was no date on it). It is supposed to be changed every two days (M, W, & F), but was not. This issue is being investigated, but the administrative staff has been very defensive over this. I am in the process of seeing about having my family member transferred to another facility.

  • Solaris Healthcare Coconut Creek Pompano Beach, Florida 33073

    I cannot recommend this facility, The Health Center of Coconut Creek, to anyone looking for a safe, healthy place for their loved one because of my personal experience. The facts are that my mother got two serious bacterial diseases there despite going there only for physical therapy before returning to her home. She was transferred from the hospital to THC to regain some strength and balance and was ready to be released after one week there since she was walking on her own, throwing a ball, etc. However, she contracted pneumonia and C Difficile, Clostridium Difficile, a life-threatening bacterial infection of the colon while at THC. The nurse on the night she became so ill had a thermometer that was not calibrated correctly, and only after my brother, who is a medical professional, showed her the correct temperature on his mercury thermometer did she get a different thermometer and realize that my mother’s body temperature was close to 103 degrees, not 101 as her thermometer was reading. That’s a critical difference. Instead of moving my mother to a hospital, the doctor decided to treat her at THC. She did receive the correct oral and intravenous antibiotics but was not put on the recommended clear liquid diet, and she was discharged after two weeks when her stool culture was negative. No further cultures were done. The biggest problem is that she was discharged by the doctor at THC without any follow-up antibiotics given to her and also without any prescriptions for follow-up oral antibiotics. In addition, she still had diarrhea at THC before she was discharged which is a red flag. When we asked about that, we were told, “It will go away soon.” One week later she was in the hospital again, more ill than before, because the C Diff had not been cured. She never recovered from this second debilitating round of C Diff. When she went into THC, she was healthy, continent, and physically able to take care of herself. She contracted the diseases there that eventually took her life. As stated by the attending doctors at Bethesda West Hospital when she was taken there by ambulance after THC discharged her, she should have been sent to the hospital to be treated when she contracted pneumonia and C Diff at THC. She wasn’t. She also should have been given a course of antibiotics to take at home instead of stopped cold turkey when she was discharged from THC. She wasn’t given them, and this had disastrous, heartbreaking results for her and our family. Beware! Ratings don’t tell the entire story, but personal experiences from patients’ loved ones do.

  • Margate Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33063

    I rate this facility 3/5 because it is kept very clean everywhere, and the nurses always wore gloves when attending to me. Also calls are answered quickly by nurse assistants 80% of the time. However, it could take numerous requests and sometimes hours for a nurse to respond. There was very little attention to medical care (checking surgical site, changing dressing, bringing pain meds, attending to patient's hygiene) unless the patients took the initiative to ask for nursing services and was savvy enough to know what to request. Doesn't seem most nurses wanted to be there. Care and attitude varied greatly. It seemed "hit or miss" depending on how the care-giver felt that day.

    Food was terrible! It's cooked without salt or seasoning even for those who are not on a restricted diet. No condiments are brought on the tray so the patient can add some flavor. Vegetables and fruits are canned. Food is bland, cold; mostly inedible. Such a waste! Nursing care and food reflect little compassion or respect for the patients!

    PT and OT is good but not enough for someone there primarily for therapy. I was covered by insurance for 3 hrs/day but usually received 45 mins. in the AM only. Would like to have had sessions morning and afternoon. The therapists I had seemed to take their job seriously and really want to help the patient!

  • Regents Park of Sunrise Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33351

    17-18 hrs in my mother was mugged for her religious gold items and a diamond ring. All Staff denied that she was admitted with them.The girl who saw her in the hospital Eve or Evie swore on Jesus Christ that when she saw her in the hospital she had absolutely no jewelry on, bonafide eyewitness proof she wasn't admitted to Regents with it! Right? Case solved! Not only that but that meant West Side Regional was the place of the crime! Just FYI this Evie works with West Side Regional to get new recruits ( just to let you know she threw your ass under the bus real fast) ( deter and deny mode from the beginning), never lets get to the bottom of this attitude, and this quickly faded to just ignore it! Yet low and behold my Moms inventory records showed she was admitted with them! I told her (Evie) I was going to have to make a police report, her reply" Do what ya Gadda Do" The sentence rang of utter street, and poor education My mom was admitted at 9pm in the evening and was bed bound(and barely coherent) up until I arrived the next day at 3pm.Subtract the non visiting hours from the total time and you will get my point later on. The roommate heard the jewelry conversation( between someone who said she didn't need all those chains on let's take some of them off) and was able to tell me how many(exact number) chains my mom had on(from hearing this conversation) but was afraid of reprisal. Her testimony(the roommate) was discredited due to Chemo brain( interesting how Chemo brain knew the exact number of chains as I haven't and will not disclose that to even this post) How many people came and went into that room with my mother never leaving should be pretty easy right? Nope.. this was very challenging to this institute. I have to give them credit if you're thinking my mother wasn't robbed. The ring and chain that wasn't made of gold remained on her body till I removed them after discovering the expensive items were GONE!. Very poor communication skills. Counselors don't know what the doctors are doing the head nurse or floor knows nothing.Unsupervised residents outisde You wait just like the paying residents.At times the feeling you get is this place it is free , and be grateful you get any attention at all ! So lets add poor attitude to the list. I have excellent cognition, and good hearing. I had a hard time understanding the workers with the heavy accents.Imagine being a senior in distress with limited hearing and communications fall to nil, and are nonexistent. I find getting answers to questions never asked is a great practice at this place. ie. What antibiotic was my mother on? Response oh she is done with that( this is so common it goes from amusing to annoying real fast). So active listening skills are lacking.Are all the staff terrible monsters?..absolutely not… but what the good few added did in no way make up for what this place lacks! The police report was filed , and I am filing complaints with the state and the local ombudsman. It is fairly clean , and I doubt they would physically harm anyone(intentionally, refer to my communication statement), this to me is bare minimum and standards should just be higher. I asked a few employees how they like it there, most common response " I am here for the paycheck. This is a BIG problem as this specific industry is a bit more of a challenging job than others. The intelligent decent staff clearly saw the same flaws and added information that this placed lacked, and many things could be corrected with little to no effort. So bonafide proof that background checks and interviews do not a safe place make! Oh for those of you who have a columbo moment and make a guess 'well it could have been a visitor" My mothers knuckles are extremely inflamed just removing the ring alone should have proved problematic. Also remember the person had no problem with the roommate hearing the conversation so this person was very comfortable. Could it have been a visitor well yeah if you believe "if my aunt had balls she could be my uncle".

  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

    THE MOST HORRIBLE PLACE, the nurses and the staff are the worst here. Nobody cares for the patient, they leave them alone without checking on them for hours. The nurses don't listen to you, they don't check patient's vital signs on regular basis, my mother died at this terrible terrible place, I give it No stars.

  • Solaris Healthcare Coconut Creek Pompano Beach, Florida 33073

    This facility is terrible. My mother in-law was there for 8 days and for most of the time she was ignored. She was in severe pain due to cancer and had to plead for pain medications. Her legs swelled up from edema to the point that fluids were leaking from them. My sister in-law had to stand by the nurses station demanding someone get up and do something.

    Upon her arrival the doctor introduced herself and was never seen again during her stay.

  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

    Deerfield Beach Rehab - Pompano Beach, FL.

    My neighbors who both stayed at this facility were sent home without a care plan! The facility knew they were going home to an unstable environment. There was no oversight to their care, no recommendations to make sure there was an aide in place to help them. No counseling or trying to get social services involved to give them direction and give them their options. Seniors without family rely on professionals for advice and direction. For this reason I would not recommend this facility.

    Denise Silvestri

  • Court at Palm Aire, The Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

    My father was in rehab there several years ago & they almost killed him. He was rushed to the hospital late in the evening as his diabetes shot up so high that they couldn't even measure it. He was most likely given some sugary food to eat from them, as this never happened in his entire life. Also, I was at the rehab center visiting him 1 hour before this happened, & asked his nurse to please be sure to change his diaper often as he was developing a rash. She gave me a very haughty answer. When he got to the hospital, again,1 hour after that, the nurse there told me that his diaper was soaked. Would not go near this place if I knew all of this ahead of time.

  • Ft Lauderdale Health & Rehabilitation Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

    I was a patient here in 2009. I have a few complaints.

    #1 I was given the wrong medicine one morning. Luckily I was young and alert at the time and noticed. If I had been elderly and not alert I would have taken this medicine.

    #2 I was giving the wrong dinner a couple of times. I am diabetic and the aide brought me a dinner with regular coke, cake & ice cream. I told her it was not my dinner and I was diabetic. She told me to eat what I can. The 2nd time they gave me the other patient in my room dinner. We switched.

    #3 they had a very mean and nasty man in rehab and I can't believe they continued to let him work there. I absolutely refused him to work on me.

  • Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

    my mother is a resident at your facility and today I accompanied her on a trip to a Dr's office while riding in the bus I noticed that there was no A/C which made it very uncomfortable for the patients myself and the driver considering that we had to go all the way to plantation FL after about 10 minutes the heat became unbearable and while we driving back to your facility we blew a tire on the bus considering that you drive elderly residents to and from Dr's offices I would think you would maintain your transportation a little better for the safety of your residents I would like to know what Co is maintaining your bus and is it being done on a regular basis the lack of upkeep on this bus could result in a tragic accident. my concern is for all the residents safety riding this bus these problems need to be addressed immediately and would like to see a safety report for this vehicle Thank you Stephanie Kree in C/O Marilyn Camacho your response to this Email would be greatly appreciated

  • Solaris Healthcare Coconut Creek Pompano Beach, Florida 33073

    This facility is awful. My mother was placed here for rehab after knee surgery. She didn't receive any pain medication until the morning after she was admitted. She hasn't been given regular therapy since she has been there and the nurses do not come for an hour after you call. The food is awful and they do not give you what you order. I am looking into moving her immediately. Do not place your loved ones here.

  • Ft Lauderdale Health & Rehabilitation Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

    I'm a healthcare provider and have visited this facility many times over the past 2 years. Their quality of care is very poor. They are understaffed and the level of medical knowledge by the staff is far below par from first hand experience. The patient to staff ratio is beyond poor and every time I've visited this facility, Ft. Lauderdale Health and Rehab, the patient is in a very high level of distress. The staff always claims "This just started 10 minutes ago" yet the condition is always so severe that there's no way it could have only started 10 minutes ago. It's because they don't check their patients enough and don't want to admit the patient has been suffering for hours and they just now noticed. They are never aware of the patient's medical conditions and are clueless when it comes to passing on vital info about the patient to healthcare providers that need that info to better treat and care for the patient. I'd never allow anyone close to me to ever stay at this facility. Obviously it's difficult in South Florida to find a nursing home that gives quality care, but this is definitely one to avoid!

  • Park Summit at Coral Springs Coral Springs, Florida 33065

    The staff here robbed my mother blind! All her jewelry was taken and some of her precious, irreplaceable ornaments. Once when I was there visiting, staff entered the apartment with their own keys and were rooting about when I came out of the second bedroom and caught them at it. Despicable!

    When there was a hurricane, the management left the residents without lights or flashlights and only provided one meal a day.

    Give away anything of value before you move in or kiss it goodbye!