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These ratings and user reviews of Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center will help you pick the best nursing home in Pompano Beach, Florida. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

The place was dirty, smelled of urine and the furniture in the rooms were broken.. sheets worn so thin you could see thru them. My family member was suppose to get physical therapy 5 times a week and never received one .. after a week being… Full Review

NO STARS PLEASE This facility has a serious problem with roaches and ants. The staff do not speak English. The court yard is unattended and in poor repair. The courtyard is the only area that the residents and family are allowed to go to… Full Review

My father was transferred to this facility on the recommendation of his attending physician at the nearby Broward Health hospital. Given the credentials of the doctor, we did not question this decision, until we arrived. This facility is… Full Review

THE MOST HORRIBLE PLACE, the nurses and the staff are the worst here. Nobody cares for the patient, they leave them alone without checking on them for hours. The nurses don't listen to you, they don't check patient's vital signs on regular… Full Review

Deerfield Beach Rehab - Pompano Beach, FL. My neighbors who both stayed at this facility were sent home without a care plan! The facility knew they were going home to an unstable environment. There was no oversight to their care, no recommendations… Full Review

my mother is a resident at your facility and today I accompanied her on a trip to a Dr's office while riding in the bus I noticed that there was no A/C which made it very uncomfortable for the patients myself and the driver considering that… Full Review

My mother was admitted to this place for rehab. Staff is very rude and uncaring. They do not have phones in the room so you have to call into one of the 2 cell phones available and HOPE that the staff will pick up otherwise you will not be… Full Review

This facility is poorly run. Staff is inadequate. There have been 12 administrators in 3 years. Now what does that say? Nurses present with a no care attitude. You can tell that there is no cohesion within departments, as they are always transferring… Full Review

This place is terrible, My Mother in Law was admitted after leaving North Broward Hospital. Stayed 1 week, on her day of release she had a stroke, it took the rehab a full 2 days to get her readmitted to the hospital for care.… Full Review

I've seen huge cockroaches in this place! The facility looks pretty from outside but the patient rooms are always dirty. The employees scream at each other and argue more than they seem to help patients. Granted, the patient ratio is so high… Full Review

Would not give this facility any stars if possible. Tried to reach my family memeber for over an hour via phone today. Kept getting the run around, phone in the room didn't work (nurse said it lost it charge and only 2 phones on the floor… Full Review

A bunch of Haitian and Jamacian nurses that are rude and don't acknowledge the patients, this place is nasty and so are the people who work there. It's a shame to please a loved one there.… Full Review

NO STARS The place is a dump, nurses a joke overall, this place would not pass inspection as a run down prison. recommend that anyone going there for rehab. think again … Full Review

Patient care is very poor. Once meds are given nurses hardly ever go back to see if the patients are ok. When patients press the call button for their attention it is not answered in a timely manner. Most of the CNAs are not courteous. … Full Review

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