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My husband was in Trinity Rehab last year 2018, It was a constant struggle to get any help from all administration. When visiting one day with a friend, I was feeling bad about a man in a wheel chair in the physical therapy section, he… Full Review

I should of read the reviews. This place is horrible understaffed, management don't care and can't be found. When you complain they take it out on you. Stay away from this place.… Full Review

I just came to Trinity and I really wish I would of read the reviews 1st. I have had my 4th severe intestinal surgey I came here after 2 weeks in hospital. They have all my medications screwed up. For dinner they gave me chicken chilli in… Full Review

This rehab is very good, from nursing to administration. I had my mother there after surgery and we are happy we researched and chose Trinity Regional Rehab. The food was good - practically cooked to order. The administration did anything… Full Review

I spent the last week moving my loved one from out of state to Trinity. She had a stroke and was confused, hard of hearing and couldn't see well. From the moment we arrived at the airport, Trinity was there to make this a smooth transition… Full Review

Great place and friendly staff. Always addressed any problems and called the md right away. Many different departments involved in the great care of my moms care Would highly recommend it. Thanks to all the nurses and aides for all the great… Full Review

This place is for the birds I have stayed at Hotel's that treated me better. My Aunt was here for several days, while staying their she was given the wrong medication and was told several times to wait on pain medication. I spoke to the person… Full Review

My family member was there for rehab after a knee surgery. EXCELLENT! The staff is so nice and experienced. The food was good and if my dad didn't like the daily menu, he could get anything he requested! I would recommend it to anyone.… Full Review

I'm glad I'm home now but I will always go back to Trinity Regional Rehab Center if I ever need recovery again. I felt like I was at a hotel! The nurses, therapists, and aides were phenomenal. Everyone there genuinely cared. And my family… Full Review

What i was told in the hospital about this place was all lies. No staff and the staff they do have are under trained. I had to call my daughter at home and have her drive all the way here in order to get pain medication. I was ignored and mistreated… Full Review

I was given the wrong medication. I asked to speak with the director of nursing and was always given an excuse why she could not speak with me. I thought this place was going to be great but it was not. I am planning on another surgery later… Full Review

Wow. Unbelievable place! Every single staff member was smiling, friendly, and helpful. My husband found this place for me and I'm forever grateful. I recommend it to everyone out there! My therapist helped me walk again after my stroke… Full Review

I really appreciated the care that I received at Trinity. I had knee surgery and was an avid golfer. Now after my rehab stay at Trinity I'm back on the golf course. They offer so much more then the other facilities in the area. It also helped… Full Review

My grandma was there several times and loved the care she received on the rehab floor. Everyone really worked hard and it showed. No matter who it was from housekeeping to management they were friendly and caring. Anytime I had a question or… Full Review

The staff was very pleasant and focused on helping me recover as quickly as possible. Social services was especially helpful and arranged for medical equipment at the last minute.… Full Review

Great Place. Long Term Care Unit was amazing. My Dad Died there and was always treated so wonderful. He was so happy till the end. Thank You to Jason and his staff. … Full Review

We have gone to several rehab centers in the area, and Trinity is certainly the best! Even doctors in the area put their relatives there - while my mother was there, so was a very well know local doctor's mother. The best care ever!… Full Review

Most professional caring staff anywhere! My Mom is not just a number here. The entire staff from the administrator to the housekeeping staff all know her name, condition, what she did yesterday, etc. So glad my Mom is well cared for here. I… Full Review

I can't understand the review below! My mother was in this facility with much success. All of the administration staff was efficient and professional. The Administrator and DON came into her room everyday - even leaving us with their cell… Full Review

This place is absolutely horrible from Administration to Nursing! They try to make this place sound like a wonderful place to get you into their facility, but when you get there it's only a bunch of broken promises! It takes nursing staff way… Full Review

I recently had knee surgery and chose Trinity Regional Rehab Center for therapy. I was dreading it. All I wanted to do was go home. But when I got there, I actually enjoyed my stay. It didn't matter how long I stayed. I felt like I was… Full Review

I enjoyed my stay at Trinity Regional Rehab. The therapy staff was great. They helped me to start walking sooner after my knee replacement. The nursing staff was wonderful. I would recommend this facility to anyone for their loved one.… Full Review

Great facility. Caring staff. My loved one had a broken hip. Therapists were terrific-motivated patients to work hard to succeed. I would highly recommend this rehab center. … Full Review

This has to be the worst place to put your family memeber! They do not communicate with the family or each other! Talked to Social Services and they have never contacted me it has been 2 weeks. They really only care about the insurance $… Full Review

I agree with the last person Trouble starts from the top and works its way down to the nurses cna's food and quality of care, Really use to be a very nice place They changed manangement and from there down hill, only care about… Full Review

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