Review of University Crossing

1 Star User Review

DO NOT SEND A LOVED ONE TO THIS FACILITY!! It looks beautiful and was highly recommended so we chose this for the next step of my mother's post stroke rehab. After spending a month at the Brooks Hospital rehab, my mother was talking and starting to walk, happy and making progress. After two weeks at university crossing, she had regressed to barely walking, not participating and altogether confusion. Turns out she had an undiagnosed UTI that they had tested her for and lost the results and was also severely dehydrated. After falling out of bed, she was sent to the ER because she hit her head but was admitted for severe dehydration. They asked us to pay 300 a night to reserve her bed so she can come back. We said NO WAY! After four days of quality care in the hospital she was walking, talking and positive. She is on to another facility that can only be 1000 times better than this facility.