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  • Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    This place is horrifying… DO NOT take a loved one there if you care about them.. i was at this facility for rehab for only two weeks and after the first week I wanted a transfer to another facility… They do not have heart healthy food there… their idea of heart healthy is no salt added NSA… that means it is also no good for anyone who is diabetic. I also waited 3 hours one night for toilet paper and they knew I had diahrea at the time.. In fact i told the second shift and the third shift is the one that finally brought me the toilet paper… Waited 4 hours one night for meds and to get a bandage changed… the nurse just kept saying she was busy… A nurse got mad when I reported her and intentionally skipped my room on another night passing out meds and made me wait 2 extra hours knowing I was in pain… Also tried to give me meds while i was sitting on the toilet… how sanitary is that… you can ring the buzzer and they will tell you be right back and you won't see them again… i would never ever recommend this place to anyone…. EVER….. if you care about your loved ones…DO NOT TAKE THEM THERE…..

  • Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    I stayed at this facility after a surgery, for rehab. I left in far worse condition. The aides would answer the bell but say they would be right back and never show up. (not all but most). When you need help to go to the bathroom, it's impossible to wait for the next shift who may or may not have a better NA on duty.

    The food was so bad and unappealing, you either stayed hungry or ordered and had something delivered- which wasn't easy since they lock all the doors very early. When I say the food was "bad" I don't just mean cooked bad. It was old and had a bad smell. The drinks were watered down so all tasted alike. The snacks they say they provide are almost always all gone.

    I complained about bed sores and nothing was done other than 'wound care' giving me a sample size lotion of some sort to put on myself.

    I asked many times to see the doctor assigned to me but only saw him once. The care was by far inadequate. The on staff nurses had far too much to do to attend to anyone who really had issues.

    The facility looks great when doing a tour. Those special little rooms that are decked out are for looks and not used frequently. They're for tours I guess-people looking for that special place for mom.

    I left with a bad infection that could have only come from that facility. I complained to "professionals" who I trusted and they did nothing to help me.

    I will always regret my stay there and I pray for the ones who will be living there the rest of their life there. My advice to anyone looking for long term care or a rehab…keep looking!

  • Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    In my opinion, Carlton Shores is one of the worst facilities one could go to for medical care. My mother entered Carlton Shore Rehab facility in Daytona Beach in the middle of June 2016 for rehab for a broken hip. She was admitted on a Friday night. The first 1.5 days, things were ok. Not the best, but ok. On Sunday morning when I went to visit her, I found her sitting in bed covered in her own vomit. I immediately went to find the nurse on duty and found out what was going on. She said they were shorthanded and someone was trying to get to my mother. My mother told me she had called several times and one nurse had popped in and said she would be back but never returned. She was throwing up in a cup that was by her bedside. I demanded she and her bed be cleaned up immediately. I then found out my mother still had no urinated on her own, so I asked her to be transferred to the hospital. There they placed a folly in to help her urinate. Upon returning, I spoke with the LPN on duty & explained the hospital stated the folly needed to be cleaned on every shift. She informed me only the nurses could do that and she would pass it along, but she wouldn’t be touching it. For several days in a row I expressed my concerns over the folly not being cleaned properly and it continued to fall upon deaf ears. Within the next few days, we encountered several problems with nurses and CAN’s. Her C-PAP machine out of her reach, so she could not use the machine .My mom told me several of the CNAs would come in and be extremely rude and nasty to her. I requested on several occasions during the 5 weeks my mother was there to have her hair washed. No one ever came it and washed it. It was almost 5 weeks before a special shower cap was given to her for a dry washing. I asked the LPN for my mom to have a bed bath and her linens changed, as she has been sweating all night, and she told me she had to go to lunch and would do it after lunch. This was at 10 AM and she finally came in at 3 PM only after I requested again.. The LPN came in and said to my mom, “Great way to throw me under the bus. I will remember that.”

    After 2 visits with the Dr and us realizing he was not good at communicating and reading several reviews on line about him, I asked him to be removed from my mother’s case. I was told he was the best they had on staff and to give him another try. After repeatedly asking about severe swelling in my mother’s arm he never came back in the room to personally see her. I was concerned because she has congestive heart failure and her bp was bottoming out at 60/40 some days. Nothing was done on either situation. The last day she was there she had shortness of breath, burning in her arm, coughing, and pain. Her arm was VERY swollen and discolored. I demanded a scan done of the arm as though are indicators of a blood clot. The scan came back stating there was an occlusion but needed further evaluation. At that point in time the Dr. refused for her to be taken to the hospital for further evaluation. I spoke with him on the phone and he said, “I am your mother’s Dr. and no one cares about her health more than me including YOU.” He then called back and told the nurse on duty that if I removed my mother it would be against medical advice, he would make sure the insurance company DID NOT pay for anything and that she would not be permitted in any of their facilities again. It took me 6 hours to find a Dr that would release my mom for further evaluation. At the hospital it was determined she had a severe UTI, due to the lack of proper cleaning of the folly. Extremely low sodium levels and had to undergo emergency angioplasty, because a clot was pressing on her pacemaker wires cutting them off. I would never recommend placing yourself or a loved one in this facility.

  • Deltona Health Care Deltona, Florida 32725

    This place is a death sentence. They lie by saying they are a rehab, get people there, then mistreat them, just trying to fill beds Dr. care is almost non existent. They let you know they don't have time for you, drug patients so they won't be a problem. Lost power for 2 days during Hurricane Matthew, no generators, some patients rely on machines for necessities, no decent food brought in. Cater to staff and patients who smoke, unsafe for nonsmokers outside. Rude, uncaring staff, no one will help during meal deliver and pick up, everyone is delivering food to rooms or are with patients in the cafeteria. Takes 30 minutes or more for someone to come when patient presses call button. Some staff are very good, but some are very incompetent, having to be shown by patients or family how to do simple things. If you complain, there will be consequences. These people, both the workers and upper management, need to think of how they would want to be treated if they had to rely on others to take care of them. My family member has gone down hill rapidly. I have read reviews of people dying in this place on other review sites. I hope to have my loved one out of there soon, and would never have allowed a stay there had I known how horrible it is there.

  • Coastal Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32117

    If I could give this place a negative score I would in a heartbeat. My father was transferred to this facility in December of 2015 after sustaining a traumatic brain injury and having brain surgery. He came to this facility for rehabilitation. The second day after his arrival I inquired with his nurse MiMi about him starting his rehab. I was basically told odds are he will never get better… I couldn't understand how she would come to that kind of medical decision after him only being their a day but I brushed it off as I had contact with his neurosurgeon who stated these injuries take a lot of time and rehab before significant progress is seen. The next two days I went to visit my father he was always in bed and when I again asked about his rehab I was told rehab had not seen him yet. On the 4th day my mother went to visit my father and was immediately ambushed by the social worker Debbie and a hospice nurse by the name of Darlene. My mother was told that the facility physician evaluated my father and felt the only option was to put him in hospice (in this time my father was not deteriorating, was beginning to speak, knew who my mom and I were and had been taken to his neurosurgeon the day prior for a post hospital check up where they deemed he showed signs of improvement) When my mom stated she needed to think about it they stated well we need a decision now because his Medicare stops paying in 3 days (my dad was here less than a week and Medicare has 100 days of SNF care before they would not pay and also those days may be extended if the patient is improving with the care. Plus my father has tricare secondary.) My mother stated she wanted the facility physician to consult with the neurosurgeon as my dad was just at the office the day prior where my mother was told he was improving. When my mother stated that she was told by both Deb and Darlene that the facility doctor won't do that and that the neurosurgeon was just telling my mom what she wanted to hear. My mom again stated she wanted to wait and speak with me as I work in a hospital with insurance and health care rules and regulations. Once these two heard I work in a hospital they changed their tune and stated to my mom you know what he may just need more rehab (which at this point he had only had one hour of rehab in the 4 days he was there) my mother was also told that she should keep this conversation between them and that if she told they would deny everything. Of course my mother told me as she then became concerned for my father's well being. The next day my father had an appointment with his Cardiologist Dr. Liu. When they brought my gather to the office he was in ripped up dirty clothes that were not his. He reeked of urine and his mouth smelled so foul my mother literally got sick. When my mother asked the aide that accompanied him why his mouth smelled so horrible and why he had chuncks in it she stated it was just stomach content coming up. After all this i wanted my father out of this place ASAP so I had him transferred to another facility. Once transferred the new facility stated he was not taken care of well by coastal rehab he had developed a very horrible case of thrush in his mouth due to lack of oral care provided by coastal (the horrible smell my mother inquired about at the cardiologist visit.) Needless to say this place almost killed my father. He was there for less than 7 days and this is what we went through. Never in my life have I seen such horrible treatment of patients. I never saw him obtain any rehab like he was suppose to. A few days they had him just sitting in a wheelchair in the hallway doing nothing as if they just pushed him to the side. My mother had two encounters with two other patients where those patients were yelled at by nurses and humiliated in front of my mother one nurse stating in front of the patient who obviously had mind issues "don't pay attention to him he doesn't know anything" how do you call yourself a caregiver and treat disabled people with such disrespect. My father finally got the rehab he needed no thanks to this place and has had a full recovery. Had he stayed here and my mother listened to Deb (social worker) and Darlene (hospice rep.) He would have surly died. Think twice before sending your loved one here. Go visit prior to bringing them there take in the smell (very overwhelming flowery smell which usually masks the smell of urine and feces if people are not being changed.), the atmosphere and the deemener of the employees before you allow your loved one to be treated here. This place should be closed down and as for the two that tried to put my father in hospice. Thanks to Facebook I found out they are in a relationship with each other so makes me wonder what incentive they get for changing a patient over to hospice. Rest assured I am filing a complaint with the appropriate regulatory agencies and state regarding this place. I knew better because I work in health care but someone who does not understand health care may have gone ahead and put their loved one in hospice thinking that was the only option.

  • Debary Health and Rehabilitation Center Debary, Florida 32713

    Beware! My Dad has COPD. In April 2015 he was admitted to the hospital for 11 days with double pneumonia. He was released to rehab due to weakness. Was there for approx. a week & had to return to the hospital due to C-Diff. In hospital for 5 days. Returned to rehab & was eventually moved to long term health care.

    Thursday 12/31/15

    Early morning visit with Dad. Noticed a cough. Dad said he was fine.

    Friday 1/1/16

    Dad's cough was worse. I called it to the nurse's attention. She stated she had not noticed it, but would keep an eye on it. She said she would order an X-ray of his chest, but X-ray only comes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Also the Dr. should be at the facility today since he was not there yesterday. She knew he (the Dr.) had been on vacation so he should be coming in soon…though really not sure.

    Saturday 1/2/16

    My brother checked in on Dad. No Doctor.

    Sunday 1/3/16

    I picked Dad up for dinner. And noticed he was wheezing and cough was worse. We ended up coming back to DeBary Health & Rehab. I asked the nurse if Dr. was in. No. Had the Dr. seen him. No. But, he should be in tonight since she had not seen him. I requested to take my Dad to the emergency room. They said I could. At the emergency he was diagnosed with bronchitis and was prescribed an antibiotic & prednisone. The ER Dr. wanted Dad's Dr. to follow up in 2-3 days.

    Shortly After his ER visit ( I can't remember the day.) PT came to get him for therapy & I refused it. They had no idea he had been at the ER & had bronchitis.

    Wednesday 1/6/16

    Still no Dr. follow up. Received same story- Dr. Should be in today since we have not seen him.

    Thursday 1/7/16

    I called DeBary Health & Rehab in the morning to see if the Dr. had seen my Dad. No. But, he should be there today. I informed the nurse that he needed to see a Dr. today since it was now 4 days since his ER visit. The nurse was going to fax the Dr. & inform him he needed to see my Dad. -I had been told that before. I ended up calling a pulmonologist in Deland & explained dad's situation. I scheduled him an appointment with Dr. on Tuesday 1/12/16. I received a phone call from DeBary Health & Rehab informing me the Dr. had finally seen my Father & added cough medicine to his regiment. I informed them I had made an appointment with the pulmonologist. They seemed shocked & annoyed.

    Tuesday 1/12/16

    Dad had finished his antibiotics a day or two ago. Was doing better, but now cough was returning. Pulmonologist prescribed a prednisone shot, prednisone pills, nose spray & a nebulizer- 3 xs a day AND as per needed.

    Dad's condition was improving. We had a follow up visit with pulmonologist on 1/26/16

    Tuesday 1/26/16

    Dad informed me and the Dr. he NEVER received any nebulizer treatments. When we returned to DeBary Health & Rehab, I asked the nurse on duty if he had been getting his breathing txs. She said no. He never asked for it. I said he was suppose to have it 3xs a day. She said no- as needed & he never asked for it. We went back & forth. I finally gave up & said ok he has/had no idea what a nebulizer is or that he needed to ask for it. He is a 83yr old man with dementia in your care. He's not going to ask you for it. She informed me, " oh yes he does know exactly what he needs. He is more cognizant then I realize. He tells me all the time what he wants." At that point the other nurse next to her had looked up dad's orders on the computer & stated the script/orders were for 3xs a day AND as needed. I was then told he would get his nebulizer that evening.

    Wednesday 1/27/16. My boyfriend checked with nurse that evening about if dad had received his breathing treatment & the nurse on duty was not aware. My boyfriend saw the log book and nothing had been logged in regarding dad receiving his treatment. She said he would get it tonight & seemed perturbed at him.

    Thursday 1/28/16

    My brother checked & he was finally receiving his treatments- though only 2 times a day.

    Wednesday 2/3/16

    I was washing my father's laundry when at the bottom of the basket I found a pair of his shorts doubled bagged in plastic. When I opened it up the stench of ammonia was overwhelming. It actually hurt my lungs. They felt burnt & I had to run out of the laundry room. It seems to me a) he had been allowed to "overuse " his diaper & was not changed like he should have been & b) obviously something is wrong with my dad to have such an extremely strong ammonia smell. It smelled like a bottle had been poured over his shorts.

    I received a phone call from DeBary Health & Rehab - at 8:22 am informing me dad had been diagnosed with pneumonia. The Dr. was starting him on antibiotics. He did not feel well & wanted to stay in bed. I said I was on my way & also informed her about his urine/ammonia issue.

    When I arrived at DeBary Health & Rehab, they had my father in physical therapy. When I found him he did not look good at all & said he felt very bad. They were taking his O2 level which was in the 80s. I immediately said no physical therapy. & went to the director of nursing & requested dad be taken to the hospital. She said ok & would notify the nurse's station. I asked if I could talk to her & began to explain everything above. She kept stating she was fully aware of it all. Her attitude was nonchalant. The look on her face was as if she did not care & I was bothering her. No compassion. No assurance that things would be corrected. As if she really did not care & I was out of line.

    I drove my father to the hospital. He was admitted. They could not believe the story I told them & the care my father was NOT receiving.

  • Orange City Nursing and Rehab Center Debary, Florida 32713

    This home is to be avoided at all costs. The staff is pushed into working unreasonable patient loads and this forces quality to go rock bottom in this place. Talk to any Nurse or CNA before you make the mistake of admitting someone you love here. They will tell you that patient care suffers because this facility does not staff enough people. They only flog those who work there so they can count the obscene profits they are making.

  • Parkside Health and Rehabilitation Center Deland, Florida 32720

    If this place got a 5 star rating, it must have been based on a scale from 0 - 100. It is located in a major drug/crime zone of Deland. The staff is overworked into exhaustion. They are constantly hiring new employees to replace the ones who run out the door after a couple months of working there. This place takes the worst patients available to fill their beds. Screaming lunatics, dementia cases, and problem patients will keep most of the residents awake all night, and irritate them all day. The few sane patients constantly complain about noise, but management turns a deaf ear. Hint…do not visit this place on the first shift from 7 AM to 3PM. Instead, visit after 5 PM to get a REAL feel for how this lunatic asylum is really run. Meals are sub-standard gruel like we all endured in the high school cafeteria. Overworked Nurses must often care for 30+ patients on a shift with short-staffing and frequent call-offs. Many CNA's are lazy and patients will typically wallow in a diaper load of manure for over an hour before they get some attention. Call lights do not get answered many times because assigned personnel is goofing off in many hiding spots on the premises. Management runs this place with one vision…maximum profit. Patient care takes a far back seat as any recent or former employee will tell you.

  • Villa Health & Rehabilitation Center Deland, Florida 32720

    1 star only because thy ask for a star. If you expect cleanliness, move on! If you expect timely medications, move on! If you expect management to respond to anything, move on. My mother-in-law was admitted after hospital stay. She has Parkinson's. Administering medication on time is extremely important. Within 24 hours, they had overdosed her with one med (stating orders from dr we never heard of), late on her Parkinson's meds all 2x and provided her ale medication at 5pm with her other medications to be taken with dinner. Dinner??? Oops, they forgot her. if we didn't show up all day, would they administer her meds right, on time or even feed her? Not going into detail about the feces on the shower chair in the bathroom. Run, don't question if it has changed with new ownership. It's awful!!!! One woman cece is great! Other than that, you think your mom or dad is getting care. They could careless. Btw. When food was cold, they said to use their microwave. Nurses eating food from same trays in there. So they fed themselves before they feed their patients.

  • Bishops Glen Retirement Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32117

    For residents capable of independent living, this is a nice place, although not in such a great neighborhood, and I would be concerned about residents walking to the nearby stores, as they sometimes do.

    For residents requiring more care, BG is lacking. There are cleanliness and hygiene problems, lack of air circulation and there are bad smells in the buildings. Also, items sometimes turn up missing. Not quite what I would expect of a facility that charges so much.

  • Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    There are multiple owners of CS & their bottom line is $$$!-NOT your love ones care

    & not their employees. They spend money on remodeling the building giving the false

    assumption-nice building=good care.They promise you everything & know they are lying from the start.It doesn't matter to them

    because even if they get sued they are well equipped with attorneys. They could care less about your love ones care. Nursing Homes are investments now like stocks were ONLY they bring in more $$$-How can

    these owners sleep-NO CONSCIOUS!

  • Carlton Shores Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    The director of nursing is impossible to reach. She never returns phone calls. The doctor on call did not release my family member with the proper durable medical equipment that was needed and nobody could get a hold of him. The home care nurse never received any return phone calls when she called trying to get what was needed. I guess once you leave, that's that.

    There seems to be very little concern for the patient or taking a few minutes to speak with the family member calling for information.

    The food was always cold and with little appetite, that's not good.

  • Ridgecrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Deland, Florida 32720

    I hate this effing place. The staff is the absolute worst and under unqualified. We have a relative here that is supposed to have physical therapy twice a day at the minimum and come to find out he hasnt had anytype of therapy in weeks. His condition is worse than when he first arrived and I'm afraid he will perish in this shit hole. The only reason we haven't removed him is bc its the only place that handles peritoneal dialysis otherwise we wouldve never entertained this place.

  • Signature Healthcare of Ormond Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

    My mother was at this facility after a broken hip. She received some good rehabilitation, but other service was terrible. The food was so bad, she stopped eating. She also seemed drugged most of the time. The last straw was when we found terrible bruises on her arms and shoulders from having been mishandled by staff. We filed a formal complaint, but the paperwork was not submitted to the State as it was supposed to have been. Now there's no proof. Let this be a warning to others who are thinking about taking a loved one to this facility!

  • Good Samaritan Society-Florida Lutheran Deland, Florida 32724

    The only good thing about this place is the decor, and a couple of good nurses. The aides are mean, the administrator is a liar, the therapy department is a joke. They keep the patients doped up and treat them like unwanted baggage. I've seen aides yell at patients, aides slam food trays down in front of patients, and generally mean people, with the exception of a couple. The administrator regularly breaks the law and directs her staff to do so too, and they are skilled at covering it up when inspection time comes. If you are white and rich, this place wants your money. If you are not white and/or not rich, they don't want you here.

  • Villa Health & Rehabilitation Center Deland, Florida 32720

    Some of the caregivers are very nice, but good lord nobody has any medical skill in this place. If your loved one just needs help grooming and eating, you're fine here. But if your loved one requires medical care, you'd better go somewhere else. The nurses have little medical knowledge and skill, the medical equipment doesn't work, the nurses don't know how to work the medical equipment, medical orders are not followed, medicines are routinely screwed up, oxygen is routinely screwed up, I don't even have enough space here to tell all the ways they screwed up medically. The 2 starts instead of 1 is because they follow the law and provide physical therapy to long term patients, which other nursing homes in Deland do not.

  • Avante at Ormond Beach, Inc Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

    Another scary night at Avante! I hope that says a lot. This place is great for recovering from respiratory problems but they will try to make sure you remain a resident afterwards. Stay away from the North Wing. Some of the CNA's and Nurses at night are there just for the pay and there own medical benefits. Some are not there because they care about your love ones. They are the ones who work the 3rd shift because they aren't closely watched and they can neglect their responsibilities most at the same time they can let out their own frustrations and humor themselves as they neglect caring for your love ones. I say this with deep sorrow and hopes that it will deter others from the nightmare I lived as my mother stayed here. PS- I had to give then 1 star to accept my rating.

  • Debary Health and Rehabilitation Center Debary, Florida 32713

    If you or your loved one is having a "simple" procedure, ie. knee of hip replacement, then this is an ok place for a week. If you need more re-hab after a hospital stay or fall, then I would recommend you look around. Or hire someone to be with the patient as an advocate until they are up and around. My loved one could not do much for himself when he arrived and I feel he received very poor care and help. The staff seems to be short handed at most times. Every day my loved one would be humbled and humiliated…a new shift, nurse ect, would expect things of him that he could not do. I wonder if they ever read his chart!! Things would be left out of his reach (call light, bed raiser)or things would be left on that needed to come off (breathing mask). for nearly an hour. It seemed like for most of the staff, while he was in the most incapacited state, they wanted nothing to do with him. As he got stronger and could move around more on his own, he was treated better.

    The physical therapy was outstanding, the staff there was patient and worked with him.

    I can't say that all of the nursing staff was bad, but enough to make me feel like myself or another family member had to stay with him almost constantly to be sure he was comfortable and taken care of. I lost count of how many times we caught a mistake, or had to go seeking help.

    It takes a special person to do the job these people have to do, and I just wish some of them would go find other employment…they were not meant to care for human beings.

    Lets not even talk about the food!!! The same thing over and over again…and not very good. Most appeared pre-frozen and processed.

    I hope this helps…I know this facility is rated high..which makes me afraid of what else is out there. Just be the best advocate you can be for your loved one. Don't be afraid to make waves, they deserve everything this place claims they offer.

  • Seaside Health and Rehabilitation Center Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

    This place is despicable!!! It smells of pooh all the time, the staff is grumpy all the time, they are neglectful of the elderly patients and others and the food stinks! They drug the elderly to keep them quiet around the clock and it is a very cold, disturbing place. Also, the people in charge of this place are a bunch of liars.

  • Villa Health & Rehabilitation Center Deland, Florida 32720

    Today is April 11, 2013. My mother has been at Woodland Terrace for 8 days now.

    She had a tia/stroke on Saturday March 30,2013. She was admitted to Deland Hospital where she stayed until Wednesday the 3rd. She's been gone now from her home for 13 days and she's not had one bath or hair wash since she left her home. She's been wearing the same personal night gown for 7 days now. I am not able to get to her on a daily basis, but was assured she'd be taken care of. As of yesterday, her doctor had to put her on anti-biotics because she kept telling the staff that her roommate was opening the window and it was too cold for her. So now she's sick along with trying to recover.

    There was also some incident about one of the food people, as mom calls them, that wouldn't allow her to go into the dining room. I called and spoke to her nurse two days ago and was assured I'd get a call back on what was really going on.

    I'm one step away from contacting omni-budsman and the hotline for elderly abuse if things do not change ASAP.