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  • Bishop Davies Nursing Center Hurst, Texas 76054

    Never trust this facility with the welfare and comfort of a loved one. Our Mother required full time care as of July 9th due to a terminal illness diagnosed with several months to live; however, she did not receive appropriate care from day one. The nursing staff appears to be plentiful but they are lazy and useless. Even though family visited daily at various times of the day, the level of care did not change. It is obvious this is a for-profit business that spends no funds on decent equipment for the patients. They charge Medicare for the use of an appalling wheelchair without foot rests and leaves black marks on the patients arms due to crude repairs. Our Mother had to be rushed to the emergency room 2 weeks after admission due to severe bed sores, dehydration and pneumonia. Bishop Davies Nursing Center is an absolute dreadful place that needs to be shut down.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation San Antonio San Antonio, Texas 78240

    My husband did not receive good care here. His first night, he fell trying to get to the bathroom. Eventually an aide came along, said "I can't help you get up," and left; he crawled back to bed.

    When they didn't have the food he ordered for dinner one night, they brought one small cup of pudding; that's all. I had to go to HEB to get him some food.

    They don't check to see if the bathrooms in the rooms have toilet paper, you have to ask and then wait. He was also out of towels for three days; they were "waiting for a delivery."

    After having been in the hospital for three weeks, he never saw a doctor while at Powerback, although they supposedly have one on staff.

    When my sister-in-law went to get his belongings, she was given one bag that was labelled for another patient in another room, and wasn't given all of his things.

    I would not stay there, or recommend it to anyone else.

  • Belterra Health & Rehab Mckinney, Texas 75071

    My brother (70 years old) has advanced peripheral nuropathy. About 6 months ago, he got a powered/lifting recliner. He pretty much stays in the recliner night and day. In May of 2017, he became so weak he couldn't get out of a dining room chair. Fire/ems were called and he was taken to the hospital. After 6 hours in emergency, they could find no apparent cause for the weakness. He stayed in the hospital about 6 days, and was sent to Belterra for rehab. The Physical Therapy people met with him the afternoon he arrived. He stayed at Beterra 20 days (all his insurance would allow). Within a few days, he was progressing well. By the end of 2o days, they had him walking 1,000 feet with his walker, and 75-100 feet with only his cane. He has not been able to a thousand feet in years… perhaps 5 or more. At the end of his stay, the therapy folks said if he could stay 3 weeks more, they thought they could have him walking the 1,000 feet with only a cane. But insurance wouldn't pay for it, and he didn't have the $3,000 to self pay. Some three months later, we are going to try to get him into their physical therapy as an out patient… and hopefully, 6 weeks of PT @ $100/week copay… hopefully they can work their miracles again. As for the rest of the facilty, they had numerous and varied activities… great tasting food… snacks 3 times a day, if dedired… very caring and helpful staff. Overall, I'd rate it at least four and a half stars out of five. If there was a negative, it would be that they lacked a single point of control, and they were always passing the responsibility to someone else. I feel a single person, who would then find the answer, and get back to the patient/family would have saved a lot of frustration, in my opinion… but still a fabulous facility.

  • Baytown Nursing & Rehab Center Baytown, Texas 77521

    Our mother was evacuated from her home due to Hurricane Harvey. She is on hospice and she is blind. She is not able to push a button and ask for help. For several weeks my sister, who is a nurse practitioner has been staying at night with mom, our step-father sits with her during the day. The facility will no longer let my sister stay at night. Our mother cannot use her hands, she cannot see and she cannot hear. She has no way to ask for help. She is recovering from pneumonia and if she chokes she has no way to request assistance. This is deplorable. We cannot move her back home because her house was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

    This facility will not provide an adequate chair for my step-father to sit with her. He is 6'5" and walks with a walker. It is difficult to get up out of a regular height chair. We had a chair for him that he used for several weeks but they removed the risers that made it the correct height. Now has to sit on his walker all day.

    This entire situation is without humanity or caring.

  • Remarkable Healthcare of Prestonwood Carrollton, Texas 75010

    My grandfather stayed here for a month after a hospital stay for bronchitas and UTI. I was there everyday checking on him and making requests. Everyone was very nice and followed thru. The CNA Rebecca was wonderful. The Rehab department was amazing. Sometimes the phone would get unplugged and I would have to go up to plug it back in. They have made new recent hires in the CEO and a social director. They seem to know some faults and are working on them, they would communicate with me any concerns and suggestions. My grandfather is the strongest and best he has been in a year. He would rather be home but if need rehab again we have a place to go.

  • Webster Residence and Rehabilitation Center Webster, Texas 77598

    My husband stayed here for a week for respite care. He went there was a week worth of clean clothes and no bed sores. Came back with nearly a week worth of clean clothes, open bed sores, and noticeably thinner. He can't speak and is bedridden. This is not the place to go if your love one cannot speak and is totally dependent on care. He stayed here a year ago and had a much better experience. The administrative director has changed and there has been some other turnover in personnel since then.

  • Woodland Springs Nursing Center Waco, Texas 76704

    My father has been at Woodland Springs for the last 5 years. I can truly say that the staff there are wonderful people who care a lot about their residents. The nursing staff keep my family informed of all changes. The CNAs truly deliver great care to my father. I would recommend this nursing home and skilled facility to everyone.

  • Spring Branch Transitional Care Center Houston, Texas 77055

    Trashy unsanitary rooms, uncaring staff. Everything in this place is not good. People should not be left in care of the staff, Smells like urine, one woman was literally screaming "nurse!!!.. nurse!!!" and no one showed up. Took my mother home after one day and a half . VERY DISSATISFIED . I'm not even sure HOW they are still open and helping our seniors. This place should be shut down. Smells horribly., elevators feel like you need to hold on to dear life.. staff didnt even help mother take a bath. IF I COULD GIVE IT ZERO STARS I WOULD> if you care about your loved ones please do not take them here to this facility

  • The Heights of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    Our experience with Heights of Tomball are so much like a previous review.

    The waiting in soiled diapers or holding yourself and waiting 1-3 hours to get cleaned up.

    New meds showing up without any notice to family.

    No answering the call button during meals, 3 times a day.

    In our case, there was a couple emails however not from the "business staff".

    I do not agree that ALL the nurses and cna's really care. In our case, it was all about, "the duties they didn't mind doing" versus the ones not wanting to do.

    Beware, if your loved needs a lot of help.

  • Advanced Rehabilitation and Healthcare of Bowie Bowie, Texas 76230

    I would rate this rehab as less than one. From the minute they met our transport at the door with a dilapidated wheelchair things just went down hill. We came to this rehab because my mom had two pelvic fractures. She is a type one diabetic with other autoimmune disorders. The wheel chair offered no support for her legs (one foot rest was missing) or pelvic support. She cried in pain all the way to her room. Once in the room there was no trapeze on her bed or bed rails, yet they had been told she was going to the rehab from the hospital 3 days earlier. They were not prepared and blamed it on lack of communication. They offered her a hot dog or pancake for her supper knowing she is a type one diabetic. We were told those were the only choices. I had to go to Walmart and get her evening meal. When we finally got a bedside chair it was rusted beyond belief. That chair was replaced with one without a bucket. It took 2 more hours for a bucket to arrive. We were told that the bed situation would be corrected within a few hours. After 18 hours the bed situation had not been corrected. During the whole stay her blood sugar was not taken by the staff, which is no big deal since I was taking it for her. They never asked what her blood sugar was in order to chart it. We were not put in a rehab room. They put her in the general population area instead of the rehab area. At midnight the yelling from nursing home patients was so loud that there was no possibility of sleep. The next day my sister and I decided they were not prepared to properly take care of our mother and we took her home less than 24 hours after arriving.

  • Broadmoor Medical Lodge Rockwall, Texas 75032





    My 85 yr.old husband was admitted there after hip surgery for therapy on march 27,2017. Beautiful buildings and equipment BUT NO HELP for the patients. At 11:00 pm on march 30,2017 I was ready to call 911 and police to get my husband out of that horrible,dirty,unsafe place. Even the few working there were very stressed and tired. There is no communication between shift changes and administrative staff with too much ATTITUDE!! The morning of march 31,2017 I arrived at 8:30 am to find everyone in a meeting. After 3 hrs the director of nursing Julie Hilton finally arrived in my husbands room, the adistrator and social worker were outside my husbands room listening, SHAME on them. Had I known, I would have further addressed the issue of the filthy room-having found him several times lying in urine and feces for several hours. I got him out of that place and rushed him to Presbyterian hospital in Dallas-the medical board of Texas should do a review of this business-their employees were telling me to get my husband out of their care-my mistake was choosing broadmoor for my husbands rehab. His progress of Broadmoor. Do not send anyone there-Respectfully

    Jacqueline Gleghorn

  • Baybrooke Village Care and Rehab Center Mckinney, Texas 75070

    The care at this facility is horrible. I had a loved one here and over a week they forgot to provide her with breakfast, lunch and dinner three times, they are terrible about answering the call buttons and they don't follow the doctor's orders when giving medication. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

  • The Broadmoor at Creekside Park Spring, Texas 77389

    Extremely poorly run, understaffed most of the time. Staff is not trained in procedures to aid patients, most staff must work another shift at a different facility to make a 40 hour week, hence a very tired and overworked staff.

    Don't be fooled by the "activities" listed on the weekly sheet. There are hardly any activities and a less than energetic (lazy) activity director.

    Sad part is that the facility is beautiful and the only place with private rooms and baths in our area. Be prepared to spend a great deal of time caring for your family member yourself.

    Run….don't walk away from this facility.

  • Retama Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center/Rio Rio Grande City, Texas 78582

    Beware. There are some good employees but many of the staff plainly should not be working at this type of facility. I think they only want easy peezy patients that can be kept drugged and asleep. They seem to have ongoing contagion problems and either don't have enough staff to practice good hygiene or they just don't care. You have to practically live there to ensure they take care of your family member and then they will want you to actually attend to your relatives personal needs like toileting and bathing. I don't believe they report everything to CMS such as bed sores, abuse and neglect. They seem to sweep those things under rug. They only want Medicare patients and will do what they can to get rid of those that require additional care that are on Medicaid.

  • Arbrook Plaza Arlington, Texas 76014

    I received a phone call around 1230 last night from the nursing home to inform us that Krista has passed away. I called them back this morning at 7:03am. The lady that answered the phone i do not remember her name but i will be finding out. When i told her who i was she told me i never called her back with the amount Krista drew from Social Security, i asked her if the facility was calling to let me know Krista had passed and if so i had already received 4 phone calls to let me know. Then i gave her the amount and asked how much did i owe for Krista staying there. He put me on hold and calculated the amount of $955.56. I told her i would cut her a check today and be up to pick up Krista's things.

    I waited 5 minutes then realized how insensitive she was being and is only looking at the amount of monies owed. So i called back a lady by the name Paulette answered so i asked is it usual and customary to be so insensitive when someone passes to demand payment. (Krista just passed 9 hours previously.) Paulette stated its business. You know how it is people do not pay their bills.

  • The Medical Resort at Bay Area Pasadena, Texas 77505

    Unorganized no one knows anything nurses does not distribute the medication properly the call light stays on from 30 minutes to an hour before anyone comes into your room when you get there from the hospital they don't have anything ready I wouldn't recommend anyone to take their family member there

  • Accel at Willow Bend Plano, Texas 75093

    Accel at Willow Bend

    Do not choose this facility for your love one. There is absolutely no management in this facility. Because it was normal for patients to wait an hour for someone to take them to the restroom or attend any other need. I quickly determined I could not leave my wife alone we were constantly with her. We had to watch medications because of their consistent errors. The only thing favorable I can say is that the rehab people cared and did a good job. Probably the worst part of the operation is the dining room. The food and service was so bad that patients did not eat the bad food, after meals when I examine plates and so how much they left it was obvious that many of the people went away hungry. They were constantly out of products that the patients needed and wanted. One four-day holiday the kitchen was out of applesauce & yogurt which many patients use to take their pills, nurses on the floor were giving patient pills with jelly packets. The kitchen has published hours of serving but the kitchen pays no attention consistently patients would be in the dining room for breakfast waiting an hour to an hour 1/2 to even get anything to drink. The needs of long-term patients were ignored more than short-term patients. When you walk in the halls bells were constantly ringing making you aware that somebody was in need. I cannot believe that any business can be as poorly managed as this facility.

  • Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center Coppell, Texas 75019

    OMG! I was very impressed with this place. I didn't know what to expect since I had never had to experience this. I was admitted for rehab services after a knee replacement. My wife and daughter were so worried. were The staff was very caring about me but also supportive and caring of my wife who insisted on being there with me several hours a day! They have a program where head staff were assigned to each patient to check on them several times a week to make sure everything was taken care of. The therapy department was very patient with me since I was so unmotivated at first about getting therapy. I have to have my other knee done and I will definitely go back to Sandy Lake!