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  • The Hillcrest of North Dallas Dallas, Texas 75252

    We removed our dad from this facility as soon as we could. The level of care was very poor and we believe that the facility is unable to provide what was promised. Unfortunately, our dad’s level of dementia did not allow him to verbalize how poor his treatment was. Our dad was on the second floor and it was a truly traumatic experience for him and for our family. The smell of urine is strong, the sound of the incessant call button alarm is distressing and the chairs and carpets are filthy. The facility is understaffed and the staff that are there do not work as a team and accept no responsibility for patient care. Frequently we would ask for help and were told that my dad was not their patient and that they would call someone else. That ‘someone else’ would never arrive. We frequently arrived to find our dad completely disheveled, ungroomed, in a dirty diaper and if we did not care for him, he would have been left like that for hours. Residents would beg for help and not get it. Residents would ask us, visiting family members, to please help them. Food is very poor quality, cold and served late every mealtime. The worst aspect of our experience was the injuries that our dad incurred while in their care. Our dad fell frequently and if it had not been for other mentally sound residents telling us, we would never have known the truth. A resident told us that our dad was treated with excessive roughness. The severe bruising and cuts and nicks on his body were extremely distressing. The injuries to our dad were noticed by inspectors from the state and we were called in to talk to them. They had some serious concerns about the care provided at this facility. Medications were well managed and that is the only positive comment that we can make. For the safety of future residents, we feel that our opinion is important. We would not want anybody else to suffer the level of anxiety and poor treatment and care that our dad did.

  • The Villa at Mountain View Dallas, Texas 75211

    Poor, disappointing place to take your loved one. The two hour checks don't happen. And when they do, they do the bare minimum. More than once was our loved one left with BM after a supposed cleaning. They never bathed our loved one during our stay, family was the one who started to give bed baths because of the fact. No one gets held accountable for their actions, complaining to the DON and administrator doesn't go anywhere, they will find a way to excuse the staffs behavior and will even blame family for being their and taking notice. Our loved one was shown negligence that put them in the hospital. Please be warned, do your research, make your own mind up by staying even one day to see how it goes. Weekends are especially unfortunate, understaffed and call bells constantly going on. Do not recommend.

  • The Lennwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Dallas, Texas 75237

    I am in this home often and I fine the people and staff caring and friendly. The care my love one gets is very good. They are not perfect, but they make a great effort to get it right. The one thing I do not like about nursing homes is the smell they carry. I do not get this smell when I walk in to this nursing home. This tells me that that keep their patients clean. Not the newest or updated place, but they take care of their people.

  • The Villa at Mountain View Dallas, Texas 75211

    The facility is nice, but the receptionist, Hr and management crew are very unprofessional and only in it only for your money. Staff is always short due to lack of nurse aides, nurses and physical therapist. Floors are always dirty, kitchen never serves what patients need or want, this facility rarely have clean linen, toiletries etc. The only time this place is in tact is when the state arrives, but other than that the nurses and management all neglect their patients; leaving everything up to the nurse aides. Think several times before moving your loved ones here.

  • Golden Acres Living and Rehabilitation Center Dallas, Texas 75228

    I have a family member who resides in Golden Acres and I have visted her on many occasions. Their is not enough staff on her floor to take care of the her. She does not get a good bath- she smells bad and I give her a good bed bath when I am there.You push the call light and it is a long time before it is answered. The desires and wants of the patient are not handled by the nurses- they do what they want to do. I feed my family member when I am there-the staff comes in and never offers to take over to feed my aunt. When I request to speak with the administrator or DON they never come to the room to speak to me. The staff never appears happy. My aunt is in bed everytime I come see her and she is often bored with no activities to do in her room, This facility works with limited staff and pays their workers cheap and cheap service is what my aunt ends up with every day. Please take your love one to another facility in the metroplex

  • The Highlands of Dallas Dallas, Texas 75243

    If your looking for a caring enviroment for your loved one stay clear from this one. My mom was there for months & it breaks my heart to know that it was probably the worst months of her life. The nursing staff is horrible, hard to understand since most of them are foreigners. They DO NOT give medication as directed my the MD or hospice personnel. They ignore patients & there needs they are impossible to find, to busy congregating amogst each other. The whole place is a HUGE & heartbreaking disappointment!! I witnessed the lack of empathy for patients first hand & realized if you complained it went on deaf ears. The administration in this facility doesn't want to know what's going on. Please don't make the same mistakes we did & intrust someone with your parents care who doesn't care. Do your research visit the facility often before you make the desicion to leave your loved one in it. Visit in the evening to see how the staff behaves without supervision, all these small details can make a huge difference & our loved ones deserve the best care.

  • Villages of Lake Highlands Dallas, Texas 75238

    Large turnover of staff in the short time my family member has been a resident. While most are friendly enough, many seem put out when they have to do something, when it is their job. Some are attentive, some are not. It's the luck of the draw. Most of the good staff has left. Replaced with people I have a hard time understanding due to their dialect.

    The food is awful. Have never eaten such poor food in all my life. It is sad to see the residents try to eat it. Many just push it back with a turned up nose and don't eat.

    There used to be a bus driver that took the residents out on drives and outings. The driver quit over a year ago, and I haven't seen the bus in months. If you like bingo, that's about all the activities they do.

    We are in the process of looking for another skilled nursing residence for our family member. Sadly, what we have found so far, this place is better.

  • The Hillcrest of North Dallas Dallas, Texas 75252

    Our experience was that this facility is very understaffed. Care is poor, weekends are worse than other times. Staff often runs out of needed supplies such as briefs and wipes for toileting. Lots of staff turnover due to management issues. Family Council Minutes should be requested to see abundance of monthly concerns..Do not send your loved one there.

  • The Hillcrest of North Dallas Dallas, Texas 75252

    If I could give a zero star review that's what Premier would have received. My mother was admitted there for a five day respite, which is supposed to give a home hospice primary caregiver time off to rest. It turned out, I spent four of the five days in her room 24 hours a day after seeing the care that she was NOT receiving. There were multiple medication errors which I discovered while watching her caregivers do their job, and by requesting a copy of her MAR's. (medication administration record) Medications that were supposed to be applied after each diaper change to help heal skin breakdown were not being used. Pain medication was given in doses that far exceeded what she had been receiving at home. At times it was recorded on her medical record that they were giving her 4 times the dose that she had been receiving at home. Her diaper changes were so roughly done that it caused a skin tear on her upper thigh along with bruising. She was so over medicated that she was like a zombie. They would deliver her daily meals, set them on the tray and leave the room. Because she was so over medicated she was unable to feed herself, and had I not been there she would not have eaten. There were more incidents that I could talk about, but this review would go on for far too long. All I can say if you're thinking of placing a loved one in this facility , DON'T DO IT!! I have documented everything that happened during my mothers stay and will be filing a complaint with the BFCC-QIO / KEPRO in the hope that changes will be made and no one else will go through what she went through. Don't be deceived by the pretty building. Premier looks like a wonderful place, but looks are deceiving.

  • Villages of Lake Highlands Dallas, Texas 75238

    I have a family member at this facility, don't let the beautiful surroundings fool you! The nursing staff is not trained in the skilled area, the administrator is not paying attention to any protocols or medical procedures. There are no standard operating procedures! This facility is run by very incompetent staff. I am afraid for my family member. Nobody knows medical procedures here. If you have family in the skilled unit get them out.

  • The Hillcrest of North Dallas Dallas, Texas 75252

    If I could give a place 0 stars I would. The 1 is for the nice building. Food is inedible and inconsistent. Staff is comstantly changing and undertrained. Administration gives lip service. Minimal activities to fill time and inadequate time in therapy. The doctor was never seen himself. His assistant occasionally appeared. Steer clear of this facility!

  • Golden Acres Living and Rehabilitation Center Dallas, Texas 75228


    An elderly lady friend of mine (we'll call her Jane), who's cousin was charge of her affairs, was sent here, after being taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

    She was placed here for rehabilitation because the cousin had nowhere to place her at the time. I visited Jane a couple weeks after she was placed here and was pleased to see she was doing very well, much better than she had been at home. I knew she wasn't able to go home and would need to go into a facility where she would have help. She was alert and very aware of what was going on, asking about what was going on with her house and her 2 dogs, which were her life and she cared so much about. I reassured her that her dogs had been placed with a friend of hers, and that gave her some peace of mind. Amongst our visit she stated that "she just wanted to go home".

    Now comes the hard part.

    After being out of town, I returned to see her 2 weeks later. I checked in at the front desk and was told she was moved to the first floor (from floor 4, which is the rehab floor). The first is for rehabbed patients go waiting to go somewhere else.

    Trying to find her room, I asked the desk where Jane was, and was told she was on the SECOND floor.

    We went up to find this was the Alzheimers/Dementia floor. Why Jane was there, I have no clue! I asked at the desk why Jane was on this floor. I was told that she had left the building trying to catch the bus because "she wanted to go home".

    I assure you she was not in state of dementia, She truly wanted to go home to her house where she had lived many years and see her dogs.

    The only reason they put her on the this floor is because it is locked and she couldn't get out. REALLY?! The other people on that floor, I'm sorry to say, but were insane, one of which was abusive. There was no one at the desk or on the floor to witness this. Most of the time I was there, there was never an attendant to monitor the residents on the floor.

    Jane, who only wanted to go home was placed on this floor is so she couldn't "escape". She had no other reason to be there except for that reason only. Not because she had dementia. I did notice a decline in her state of mind since I had seen her when she was on the rehab floor.

    When we were leaving, there was no one one to give the code to let us down the elevator. We found a girl in the room behind the desk in a room talking on her cell phone. These people need to be monitored! I feel for my friend. Not only is her cousin (caregiver) not paying attention to her needs, neither are these people at this facility.

    Please beware if you care about your family member(s)!

  • The Highlands of Dallas Dallas, Texas 75243

    I love this place they are showing a great effort to fix problems in the past they have had. Change in any situation is not an overnight thing it takes time and they are doing it. Great place for a loved one! Staff is very helpful with needs. Of residents . The administrator is aewsome and takes time out of hi busy day for any one .

  • Signature Pointe on the Lake Healthcare Community Dallas, Texas 75254

    Signature Pointe Rehab Review -

    My Aunt was on the 4th floor of the Signature Pointe Skilled Nursing Care/Rehab part of the Facility for 5+ days. (She is not part of the permanent residency so this review is Not about the Assisted Living apartments). There are serious issues with some of the medical staff & aides not doing their basic jobs. The call signal went unanswered, sometimes for ~30 minutes (the room was right next to the nurse's station). They would not come to help her to the bedside toilet, and several times would leave her sitting alone on it - totally against the rules due to possible injury from falls. We spoke with the Director of Nursing who twice briefed the staff (we heard her) but the aides ignored her. We spoke with the various Head Nurses, the Social Worker, the Admissions Office, and tried to catch the director. We never had a visit from the facility’s Doctor during the entire time, despite our requests for his attendance. When we asked if she had been given any of her particular medications, the staff’s answer was "we don't know". Is it time for more Tylenol to reduce her fever, "we don't know". When someone comes to their facility from a hospital, after being treated for congestive heart failure and fluid/infection in the lungs, you would expect them to take medicating more seriously. We hired private-pay Care Sitters to sit with her 24/7 and the majority of the time a family member was there as well - that to say that we are informing you from firsthand knowledge which is logged below. We finally had her moved to another facility due to the absence of necessary basic care by the medical staff aides and the fact we had communicated many concerns with several levels of supervision/management with no results. When we moved her, the room temperature was over 81 degrees and had been hot for days.


    Unnecessarily long response times to call bell

    Staff repeatedly left room while patient on bedside commode

    Unnecessarily long response time to request for pain relief

    Confusion over medications given, lack of records

    No communication with or from Doctor

    Lack of required basic medical care

    Our Aunt, 91 years old, was admitted from Medical City Hospital on Wednesday, 1/30/13, for skilled nursing rehab after congestive heart failure, and discharged Monday, 2/4/13 to be moved to a better facility.

    Wednesday, 1/30/13: Aunt was admitted to room 431. Air conditioner not working, toilet not flushing properly and ran water all the time. Staff continued to work on the AC every day through our departure on 2/4, room very stuffy and uncomfortable at 80+ degrees, family complained many times. Aunt was very weak. We were never offered a different room. Admissions Director said that the family and hired sitters could not assist Aunt in and out of bed, that we needed to push the call bell and wait for staff assistance due to liability.

    Thursday, 1/31/13: “Mom's Best Friend” agency sitter reported 10-15 minute response times to call bell, Aunt was having to wait too long to use the bedside toilet and Aunt was being left on the bedside toilet without staff attendance. Aunt's niece spoke with Director of Nursing and she assured niece that response time would be shorter and staff would remain in the room while Aunt was on the bedside toilet. She said this was their policy even if family members or sitters were in the room and that she had already spoken to the staff about it. Admissions Director told niece that family and MBF sitters could assist Aunt onto the bedside toilet if wait time was too long after pushing call bell.

    Friday, 2/1/13: Aunt still being left on the bedside toilet. Niece spoke to Director of Nursing again. Director of Nursing asked Niece to start writing names for staff who left Aunt. Aunt complained about continuing ear pain with no response. Niece asked nurse to contact the facility’s Doctor

    Saturday, 2/2/13: Aunt continued to complain about ear pain. MBF sitter rang call bell because Aunt was nauseated. After 5 minutes, RN stuck his head in the door to see what was wrong. MBF sitter was holding Aunt over a plastic tub as she wretched. When the MBF sitter asked for help, RN did not come into the room, just said he would send a CNA. Call bell remained lit from 1:10pm to 1:47pm before a CNA came to assist. MBF sitter called Aunt's niece who called Signature Pointe and asked to speak to Director of Nursing. Was told only person available was the Nursing Manager on duty, and call was sent to voice mail. Niece left a message about the incident and Nursing Manager to go up to room 431 and find out what happened, that niece was on her way. When Niece arrived, Nursing Manager had left for the day, no action taken. Niece questioned RN and he said he misunderstood the MBF sitter, he thought Aunt was “OK”. He said he did ask a CNA to come to the room and that the MBF sitter should have left the room to go and find someone. Niece told him that the sitter was hired to stay in the room with Aunt and that the call bell was on from 1:10pm to 1:47pm. Niece told him he should have come into the room to assist Aunt and asked why no vital signs had been taken. RN said he was very busy and that Aunt seemed OK. Niece asked him to take temp and blood pressure but he said it was not necessary, they had been “fine all day”. Niece asked if Facility Doctor had been to see Aunt about the ear pain, RN said no but he would put a note in the chart.

    Call bell lit from 5:53-6:20pm, Aunt needed to use toilet, when CNA came she told Niece that a different CNA should have come but she was busy with other patients. CNA left Aunt on the toilet unattended while she went to find other CNA.

    5:30pm, Niece told RN that Aunt's feet and ankles were swollen and asked him to call Doctor due to Aunt's history of pulmonary flash edema. RN said would give Lasix which was due at 5pm but had not been given, then he came back and said Lasix had been given at 2pm but he did not know why. Propped ankles on pillow, said he would wait till the morning to call Doctor.

    Sunday, 2/3/13: When Niece arrived at 7:45am, MBF sitter said Aunt had taken a Tylenol due to eye and ear pain. At 8:30am, Niece told CMA that pain was getting worse and asked if glaucoma eye drops had been given the night before. She said she could not tell from the medication record but she would find out. At 9:30am, Niece told RN that pain was getting worse and asked again about the Lumigan eye drops, also asked what time Tylenol had been taken. RN said there was no record either medication had been given and he did not know if they had been given or not. He brought Tylenol and eye drops at 10am and Aunt went to sleep. Niece asked if Doctor had been to see Aunt about the pain, RN said the Doctors do not usually come on weekends and would probably come on Monday.

    9:35-9:58 am call bell lit because Aunt needed to use the bedside toilet, CNA left the room with Aunt on the bedside commode after Niece asked her not to leave and explained what Director of Nursing had said about staff remaining in the room

    12:30-12:35pm CNA left the room while Aunt was on the bedside toilet after Niece explained again that Director of Nursing had said not to leave Aunt unattended.

    2:45-2:50pm CNA left the room with Aunt on the bedside toilet, even after Niece explained what Director of Nursing had said about staying in the room.

    Monday, 2/4/13:

    Aunt still complaining of ear pain. At 8:30am, RN told Niece that Aunt had been running a fever all weekend. Niece asked RN when Doctor would arrive. She said that Doctor would not be coming, that the Doctor's PA usually comes on Mondays. Niece asked if Doctor had been notified about the ear pain, RN said she did not know. Niece asked for Doctor’s first name and phone number but RN said it was against policy for her to give out that information. Since family had asked every day if the Doctor had come and were told no, it appears that Doctor never saw Aunt during her whole admission. Around 9am, someone introduced herself as the Assistant to the Doctor's PA and listened to Aunt's chest with a stethoscope. She said she did not have a scope to look in Aunt's ear and left the room, never returning. Toilet in room 431 still not fixed, AC still not working and room was 81 degrees. Both Nieces met with Director of Nursing, to talk about all of these complaints and to say that we were moving Aunt to another facility.

    The new facility we moved to, immediately responded to her complaints about the ear pain and found blockage and removed it. The new facility responded to her weakness by doing lab work and finding her sodium levels low – they corrected that and had her up showering and feeling much stronger. The new facility responded to her nausea discomfort and found reflux – which they treated with medication. All this in the first day at the new facility. This is the kind of Doctor directed medical care we expected at Signature Pointe, but they seem unable to provide it. Safety procedures were repeatedly not followed even with a private-pay professional and a family member observing. It is disturbing to us to consider patients who are alone.

    Signature Pointe on the Lake is a place I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend for medical recovery from a serious hospital stay. In my opinion, it borders on dangerous, as instead of my aunt’s health improving, it kept deteriorating while there due to negligence and inefficiency.

  • Monarch Pavilion Rehabilitation Suites Dallas, Texas 75235

    It is unfortunate that Premier Transitional Care of Dallas is a nice facility (building) but when it comes to the CNA staff it is terrible: their attitudes is NASTY in all sense of the word. They do not even fake that they care about the residents, their license, or their job at that. What is more sad is that upper management sees and hears the complaints yet no corrective action is taking place - and yet their PRIORITY is the RESIDENT!

  • Autumn Leaves Dallas, Texas 75218

    We were very disappointed in Autumn Leaves when our mother needed to go in for rehab after a bout of her congestive heart failure getting out of control. After leaving Baylor in a balanced well-managed state, the nursing and physician staff at Autumn Leaves repeatedly ignored family concerns of swelling and shortness of breath. In her 4 week stay, she repeatedly was brought into distress with her CHF.

    When we were touring Autumn Leaves, we were told the doctors were Baylor doctors. We were thrilled as all of mom's doctors are at Baylor. Access to all of her electronic records was the main reason we chose Autumn Leaves. Either the Director of Marketing was lying or was ignorant--either case is unacceptable.

    Mom's internist is part of the Palliative Care Team at Baylor. Our greatest hope is that doctors talk and they will steer patients away from this facility. Mom left after 4 weeks as the staff could not even get a reliable daily weight after much coaxing and education from the family (to be weighed in a soiled/wet diaper will reveal nothing helpful). Unnecessary breathing treatments were used instead of adjusting her lasix. Really sad as so many elderly have Congestive Heart Failure.

    Apparrently a nice place to live if you have no medical problems, but eventually we will all have medical problems. Sad and frustrating experience for our family. We should have chosen CC Young.

  • The Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center Dallas, Texas 75231

    This is by far the worse building I have ever seen, they have this resident name Charles, that practically runs the facility, I removed my mom because he stayed in her medical business, they have roaches on every hall the administrator is clueless and residents are not showered!!!! I wish for the well being of others they would just close the doors!!!