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  • Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center Coppell, Texas 75019

    OMG! I was very impressed with this place. I didn't know what to expect since I had never had to experience this. I was admitted for rehab services after a knee replacement. My wife and daughter were so worried. were The staff was very caring about me but also supportive and caring of my wife who insisted on being there with me several hours a day! They have a program where head staff were assigned to each patient to check on them several times a week to make sure everything was taken care of. The therapy department was very patient with me since I was so unmotivated at first about getting therapy. I have to have my other knee done and I will definitely go back to Sandy Lake!

  • Willowbend Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Mesquite, Texas 75150

    Regarding - Willowbend Nursing and Rehabilitation, Mesquite, TX

    If you are looking for a rehab center from surgery for your loved one, I would reconsider your choice …. have not been pleased with the service and care of my husband after back surgery. I am going to try and keep it as short as possible … just giving some highlights. Don't know what happens during the day while I am at work with his Parkinson's medications but I come every night after work and am popping in all weekend but his medications are constantly being given at wrong times and/or sometimes not at all. When I am there I always check his pill cup prior to him taking them and have had numerous mixups - either not getting all of the meds at the correct time frame or giving the next dosage way to early. Had been taking Tylenol 3 with codeine - but repeatedly asked that it be removed from his chart and only give him 2 regular Tylenol since he does not do well with codeine …. but constantly would come into his room and he would be so spacey and mixed up mindwise for the Tylenol 3 had been given. Due to this it has delayed progress in his rehab and him being given the "two hours" of physical/occupational therapy. Had first 'care' meeting yesterday and I addressed these issues so we will see if things change. I even addressed my issues with Director of Nursing who was not in this meeting … and in the middle of the conversation was asked 'is he on Medicare?' …. what???? why would this question be asked and what difference does it make in the quality of care he should receive. This raises a question in my mind …. that is 'oh well … we are getting 20/21 days 100% paid by Medicare'. Oh my, I hope I am wrong. And last night my husband was assisted by staff in taking bath/shower and when he came out of the bathroom his walker was not there … not in his room. No one could tell me why - what happened - no reason. Well needless to say he did get a walker put back in his room before I left for the night. I am not saying that the staff/nurses are not nice and facility is ok … they for the most part are and the facility is nice, but the quality of care dealing with my husband's Parkinson's meds and the rehabilitation process has been daunting. I believe the CNA/resident ratio is so that even the hardest working aide cannot meet the workload at times.

    Thursday, 12/15/2016

    This is continuation of my review on 12/14/2016 …. this morning when supposedly the request for Tylenol 3 with codeine was to be removed from my husband's chart …. my husband said that he asked for regular Tylenol since he was hurting some. Nurse brought in the pill cup - my husband asked is that Tylenol 3 and they said yes. When he said no, the nurse responded 'oh that's right you can't take it' and he asked for regular Tylenol again. So Tuesday at 'care' meeting, I was told that they don't give Tylenol 3 - that it had been removed from his chart and that it was not happening - undoubtedly is an untruth. Also Wednesday - day after 'care' meeting - the social worker came to my husband's room to ask him some questions without my knowledge. He has been in this facility for close to two weeks, and this is the first time social worker is just now coming to see him? Don't know if this a common practice, but I do find it strange that it was a day after the 'care' meeting of which I voiced my above concerns.

    Well, on Thursday, 12/15/2016, my husband was moved to another room - to a 'private' room which was a good thing. And the Nursing Director and a gentleman helped to solidify my position and concerns about the mystery of the Tylenol 3 with codeine. While helping my husband settle in his new room, the two show up at the nurse's station. Asked to speak with me … there were some words exchanged I will not lie - pretty heated from me - for it was indicated that I - after the 'care' meeting - had wanted to move up one of my husband's Parkinson's meds. I stated that I did not indicate that and to not mess with the schedule that was now correct. I indicated that the only thing we agreed to do was adjust the time of giving his meds as close as possible to his normal schedule. I proceeded to inform Director that a nurse again that morning brought in the Tylenol 3 with codeine for my husband instead of regular Tylenol. It was indicated that it could not have happened for the Tylenol was removed from his chart. Well I said it did happen and that my husband did not lie. Director proceeded to ask charge nurse to open up the med cart and pull my husband's med bin. In it was an Rx bottle of Tylenol 3 with my husband's name and the pharmacy name was not our pharmacy. I indicated that my husband had been given Tylenol 3 in the hospital but that they stopped it once they knew that codeine and one of his Parkinson's meds don't mix. And that this bottle was probably sent along with my husband's own original RX Parkinson's med bottles in the transfer from hospital to this facility. So when a nurse who was not on the regular daily rotation probably saw this bottle in his bin and would give to my husband when he asked for Tylenol. Boom - mystery solved. Director then wrote note I guess to stop giving and then rubberbanded the note around the Tylenol 3 bottle. I said then it is done? Done was response I got. You know if due diligent had been done right in the beginning when I addressed my concerns and frustrations the day of the 'care' meeting about this we all would have been in a 'happier' place. But it undoubtedly was not done. I am hoping that we will be discharged soon.

  • The Villa at Mountain View Dallas, Texas 75211

    Poor, disappointing place to take your loved one. The two hour checks don't happen. And when they do, they do the bare minimum. More than once was our loved one left with BM after a supposed cleaning. They never bathed our loved one during our stay, family was the one who started to give bed baths because of the fact. No one gets held accountable for their actions, complaining to the DON and administrator doesn't go anywhere, they will find a way to excuse the staffs behavior and will even blame family for being their and taking notice. Our loved one was shown negligence that put them in the hospital. Please be warned, do your research, make your own mind up by staying even one day to see how it goes. Weekends are especially unfortunate, understaffed and call bells constantly going on. Do not recommend.

  • The Lennwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Dallas, Texas 75237

    I am in this home often and I fine the people and staff caring and friendly. The care my love one gets is very good. They are not perfect, but they make a great effort to get it right. The one thing I do not like about nursing homes is the smell they carry. I do not get this smell when I walk in to this nursing home. This tells me that that keep their patients clean. Not the newest or updated place, but they take care of their people.

  • The Villa at Mountain View Dallas, Texas 75211

    The facility is nice, but the receptionist, Hr and management crew are very unprofessional and only in it only for your money. Staff is always short due to lack of nurse aides, nurses and physical therapist. Floors are always dirty, kitchen never serves what patients need or want, this facility rarely have clean linen, toiletries etc. The only time this place is in tact is when the state arrives, but other than that the nurses and management all neglect their patients; leaving everything up to the nurse aides. Think several times before moving your loved ones here.

  • Millbrook Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Lancaster, Texas 75146

    This has got to be the worse facility in Lancaster. It may look good on the outside but it has the worse staff in history. Its dirty on the inside the aide on morning and evening shift and nursing are lazy and rude they are only nice till they get your love one there and then its all lies from down hill I wouldn't put my dog in that facility its very unprofessional with all if them they need to just close it down cause it isn't worth being open

  • Golden Acres Living and Rehabilitation Center Dallas, Texas 75228

    I have a family member who resides in Golden Acres and I have visted her on many occasions. Their is not enough staff on her floor to take care of the her. She does not get a good bath- she smells bad and I give her a good bed bath when I am there.You push the call light and it is a long time before it is answered. The desires and wants of the patient are not handled by the nurses- they do what they want to do. I feed my family member when I am there-the staff comes in and never offers to take over to feed my aunt. When I request to speak with the administrator or DON they never come to the room to speak to me. The staff never appears happy. My aunt is in bed everytime I come see her and she is often bored with no activities to do in her room, This facility works with limited staff and pays their workers cheap and cheap service is what my aunt ends up with every day. Please take your love one to another facility in the metroplex

  • San Remo Richardson, Texas 75082

    My dad was admitted to ICU with a blood sugar of 1450 on March 21, 2016. He was in acute renal failure, critical sodium level and critical lab. His ER doctor, pulmonary and admitting doctor stated that it was brought on by severe dehydration. Dad had been living at San Remo for almost 2 years. He was admitted into Baylor Hospital in January to simple check his feeding tube. However, was admitted into Baylor hospital for 3 days due to dehydration, severely constipation, (Graphic description the stool was the size of a single brick).

    The family constantly informed San Remo what the doctor stated at Baylor Garland that my dad was dehydrated. In addition to that he need to be given more water according to his hospital stay in January. The staff ignored us and some resented us for visiting so often. Most of them are uncaring, and lackadaisical. If you love your family members I highly suggest keep do not chose here. There is so much more I do not have the time to write all. I wish someone warn my family. San Remo nursing home need a overhaul gutted and re-evaluated with competent workers. If I could give them a negative star I would they deserve not a single star. My dad is now in ICU without Medicaid they fail to keep up on that as well; even after speaking with Connie in the office regarding his finance six weeks ago; April 2015 and according the social worker dad's Medicaid has been expired since February 2015. Neglect from the head to the tail.

  • The Highlands of Dallas Dallas, Texas 75243

    If your looking for a caring enviroment for your loved one stay clear from this one. My mom was there for months & it breaks my heart to know that it was probably the worst months of her life. The nursing staff is horrible, hard to understand since most of them are foreigners. They DO NOT give medication as directed my the MD or hospice personnel. They ignore patients & there needs they are impossible to find, to busy congregating amogst each other. The whole place is a HUGE & heartbreaking disappointment!! I witnessed the lack of empathy for patients first hand & realized if you complained it went on deaf ears. The administration in this facility doesn't want to know what's going on. Please don't make the same mistakes we did & intrust someone with your parents care who doesn't care. Do your research visit the facility often before you make the desicion to leave your loved one in it. Visit in the evening to see how the staff behaves without supervision, all these small details can make a huge difference & our loved ones deserve the best care.

  • Villages of Lake Highlands Dallas, Texas 75238

    Large turnover of staff in the short time my family member has been a resident. While most are friendly enough, many seem put out when they have to do something, when it is their job. Some are attentive, some are not. It's the luck of the draw. Most of the good staff has left. Replaced with people I have a hard time understanding due to their dialect.

    The food is awful. Have never eaten such poor food in all my life. It is sad to see the residents try to eat it. Many just push it back with a turned up nose and don't eat.

    There used to be a bus driver that took the residents out on drives and outings. The driver quit over a year ago, and I haven't seen the bus in months. If you like bingo, that's about all the activities they do.

    We are in the process of looking for another skilled nursing residence for our family member. Sadly, what we have found so far, this place is better.

  • The Village at Richardson Richardson, Texas 75080

    I recently moved my cousin out of the Village of Richardson because frankly it was terrible.

    While there they lost all her clothes, one day we came in and out of 24 ensures that we had left there in her room refrigerator only 4 were left when we check on her that week. We had an instance of a healthcare assistant ???hitting her with a shoe and I can go on and on.

    Not all the assistants were bad but they are under staff and the weekends are terrible.

    When we moved her to another home they sent her without proper clothes and she was cold, cold. She had just a night cotton shirt. I have never been able to recuperate any of her clothes.

    She was very seldom dressed properly. I finally got tired of listening to the complains and of reporting this to the social service staff.

    Believe me, I have no idea what they do with the clothes.

    A mediocre place.

  • Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center Coppell, Texas 75019

    Find another place for your loved one. Even if it's nearby, your sanity and blood pressure won't be happy. This place has been in bankruptcy twice in recent years and staff thinks that subpar effort is acceptable. We caught two medication errors with my mother-in-law for which there was no apology and explanation for one was the med nurse called in sick and some meds got missed? What?! Hello Medicare, are you listening??

    Housekeeping was poor with sticky floors and sticky rolling trays. Her glasses were always dirty and they lost one of her hearing aids. She ended up with skin sores on her bottom before she passed away due to not being kept clean and dry. We found her in a dirty diaper on more than one occasion when we came in to see her (which was every day). One day I came in at lunchtime and found her upper plate with adhesive still on it in a dry dirty glass sitting on the rolling tray. No aide or nurse was to be found so I cleaned it up and put it in a cleaning solution in a cup. Clothing was lost in the laundry and we were supposed to be doing her laundry. Save yourself some grief and heartache and go elsewhere!

  • The Madison on Marsh Carrollton, Texas 75006

    I noticed a lot of the bad remarks were from a year or more and found that my mother was in a brand new place called Remarkable in Carrollton just recently getting the same treatment as the things mentioned on this place and only to find out the director at Remarkable is the same director back when these reviews were done. We moved our mother from Remarkable to here and WOW what a difference for the better. I believe the Director has a lot to do with the problems and should be looked at by asking the Director when they started at the current location and what location did they work at before, and then go to the other place and ask how things were when that director was there (more than likely the same as where they are now, bad or good and in our case, BAD).

    So far so good in March 2015.

  • Rowlett Health and Rehabilitation Center Rowlett, Texas 75088

    This place has many of the usual problems. Food is hit or miss. I don't see how they keep

    stuff refrigerated long enough that should be. My grandmother developed bedsores. At

    the time they accepted Medicare for skilled nursing but looks like they had so many problems in 2014 Medicare would not certify them. The biggest issue we had with this place is their billing sytem.

    Sometimes Medicare doesn't cover things, so they try to make people sign papers saying they will

    assume responsibility for anything unpaid. My grandmother had dementia and did not have a way

    of knowing what she was signing, but did. My grandmother came home to her home where she lived with her daughter and grandaughter (me). This is our family homestead. We were three disabled

    people who have had that property homesteaded since day one. It was my grandmother's intention that house go to my mother and I upon her death as we have no husbands or any way of providing for ourselves. Usually when there is a billing issue a place sends you a statement. It will probably mention charges, and what they were for. Instead, Senior Care Consultants/Senior Care Centers wastes no time and hastily sends a process server to your door. A very rude one who tried to force entry into my home! That's not necesarry, you can mail those. SCC enjoys a cozy relationship with the Rockwall court system. Else I don't know how the paper to go to court was filed a day earlier and dated a day ahead. Not only did they try and go after my grandmother for the money, but also my mother. My mother had no dealings with these people! It was not her debt. She was not in charge of grandmother's finances. There was no reason to sue her. If you look up their court cases in Rockwall county you will notice they have had great success getting judgements against patients and their children. They did especially well with one judge, and when the other heard cases, their luck wasn't as good. They were awarded and abstract of judgement against my grandmother which has attached to the title of our homestead. Under the Texas constitution it is illegal to put a lien on a homestead! The title is clouded. I am stuck with a home falling apart no one will repair because of this bs lien. I can't get it repaired, I can't sell it, and most tragically I can't live in it. The only thing I ever had. When a person dies, so do their debts. You have illegallly, unfairly saddled two people who have nothing with a dead person's debt that we can't pay. We can't even pay you jerks cause we'd have to sell it and no one will take it with your clever abstract. When I asked who I would have to pay, I got the runaround that it may not even be the same company, so I could pay it, but might be paying the wrong party and the lien would still be there. I have documented how you have clouded my title and kept a record of all the sales I lost because of your illegal lien. Which means you owe me far more than the paltry sum my grandmother owed. A payment plan could have been arranged you know. I hope you're proud of yourselves for displacing two disabled women. Ruining our title and our lives. Beware these people will go after you for debts that are not yours. To make this process smoother they now have an attorney onsite to greet all patients with paperwork. DO NOT SIGN A THING even if they tell you it's just permission for treatment. If you are not the patient, DO NOT SIGN. I hope you all lose what you love most. Whether it's your wallet, or your home.

  • Northgate Plaza Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Irving, Texas 75062

    This place failed to follow express instructions about a certain anti-anxiety med. We told them to call us first and let us deal with calming her down. I lived less than 10 minutes away from the facility and yet we found out that they had been dosing her regularly every night she was there. When she ended up with pneumonia and was in pain instead of finding out why she was in pain we found out they dosed her twice on the day my sister and I demanded she be taken to the hospital. My mother weighed just over 90 lbs and the results of dosing her daily kept her from telling us she was in pain until it was too much for her to bear. The only reason we found out about the double dosing is one of the nurses made the mistake of telling us what they had done that day and had been doing daily. My mother never fully recovered from her ordeal with them and I believe died due to their failure to follow simple instructions.

  • San Remo Richardson, Texas 75082

    Wow, just because you are new on the inside and outside does not always mean you take care of your patients. My mother has never been so unhappy at nursing home. Stop thinking of people as numbers and remember that they have needs and should have good care. Staff members cannot answer the call lights like they need to. Please think twice about this place. I know I am.

  • Sandy Lake Rehabilitation and Care Center Coppell, Texas 75019

    I have never been treated so poorly in my life. My mother has never been treated and talked to so poorly in her life. Call lights are not getting answered and I don't the staff even really care about the concerns that I have shared time and time again. I think it is time to move to another location. Please take this to heart when you think about going to this place!

  • Villages of Lake Highlands Dallas, Texas 75238

    I have a family member at this facility, don't let the beautiful surroundings fool you! The nursing staff is not trained in the skilled area, the administrator is not paying attention to any protocols or medical procedures. There are no standard operating procedures! This facility is run by very incompetent staff. I am afraid for my family member. Nobody knows medical procedures here. If you have family in the skilled unit get them out.