Review of The Colonnades at Reflection Bay

1 Star User Review

My father was a respite patient there from January 18th-22nd, and the services or lack of services he received was truly horrible and an absolute nightmare. The logo reads committed to excellence, compassionate and delivers the best care that is effective, WHICH IS A FAR STRETCH FROM THE TRUTH! This is one of the worst facilities that my family has ever experienced. The appearance on the outside is beautiful, but when the doors open it is absolute horror! We have all heard bad stories about nursing homes, but I can truly say Cantex/The Colonnades at Reflection Bay is one of the most disorganized, unhelpful, unsuitable and useless facilities.

On the morning of 18th at 7:15am my father left his home doing fine, eating, drinking, alert and responsive as of today January 23rd, he is no longer eating, drinking, alert or responsive. On Sunday, January 21st at 1:08pm, my sister received a call from the nurse on duty, and she said that our father was not eating or drinking and his vitals was very low. So we rushed up to the hospital to check on him, only to realize that the staff did not feed or give him anything to drink for 4 DAYS! My father requires oxygen and I am sure it was documented on his paperwork, but yet again, he did not have oxygen for 4 DAYS! I truly cannot understand why a company that prides themselves on being a caring and committed company, would allow such a thing like this to happen to an elderly patient. Words cannot express how angry and hurt I am, and what pain your staff has caused my father and our family.

Please note that I know it is very difficult to take care of the elderly and give them the attention that they need, but there is no excuse, not to do your job!

My father is 79 years old, cannot feed himself, cannot go to the bathroom by himself and sometimes does not know what the day is! But the Colonnades staff failed at doing their jobs and that is to take CARE of the patient, which is my father! I understand he was not the only patient, but he is still my father and the reason he was sent to the Colonnades is for proper care and skilled nursing, and we did not get any of that, my father came home barely breathing.