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  • Heritage House at Keller Rehab & Nursing Keller, Texas 76248

    Therapy is good. Nurses & techs very good but understaffed. Of course you will smell something foul sometimes. It’s a nursing facility!!! Some folks are incontinent. They do their best. Their business office manager and activities director are great people. The rooms aren’t the Ritz Carlton, but they are private.

    I will warn you of a terrible, incompetent, quack of a doctor; Asha Abraham. Her negligence is incomparable. Zero integrity. Lying, self-serving, incapable so-called physician. We fired her. She should be banned from practicing any kind of medicine. Her actions are deadly. Heritage House should be ashamed to have her on staff. The nurses and most CNAs are good people, but beware of Asha Abraham & avoid her at all costs. As far as I’m concerned, she is Doctor Death. That’s my opinion from my experiences. I’ve heard other comments about her incompetence. If you have a loved one under her care, change doctors immediately!

  • Onpointe Transitional Care at Texas Health Arlingt Arlington, Texas 76012

    I chose this facility for my loved one based upon its CMS ratings ( site) and the fact that it was so clean and quiet inside.

    It is woefully understaffed. Your loved one can be in complete misery or need help and there is no one there for her. When I visit ( I live out of state) , I have found my mother in wet and soiled diapers. Alerting the staff, she still had to wait one hour to be attended to. There was a man in another room laying horizontally and half off the bed, calling for help, and I tried to intervene for him but no staff was found.

    Do not expect your phone calls to be returned. Sometimes the phone is not even answered at all, especially in evenings or weekends. I will be contacting the ombudsman.

  • The Pavilion at Creekwood Mansfield, Texas 76063

    My mother came here for rehab after an extended hospital stay. Due to some lingering medical issues, she was not able to participate in rehab, but this did not prevent the Pavilion from keeping her for her total number of days paid for by insurance. Then they gave me 1 1/2 days notice they were discharging her--on the weekend. On discharge, home health was not set up for 5 days, and the equipment I needed to take my non-ambulatory mother home was not arranged, either. Despite several calls the equipment NEVER arrived. She was also discharged in a totally altered mental state (after being that way for quite a while), and I was told that might be her "new normal," though when I took her back to the ER, they had her back to lucidity within 1 1/2 days. Doctors told me on two occasions they would test to see whether an infection that she had arrived with had cleared up but never did; finally just before discharge they took the sample in my presence, but **surprise!** no results, and no record of it in the computer or lab book. On several occasions I had to update the nurses and/or doctors about changes in medications or her status that didn't get passed on from one to another. The lack of adequate communication in this place could be dangerous.

  • Onpointe Transitional Care at Texas Health Arlingt Arlington, Texas 76012

    The worst experience imaginable. Very understaffed. Call buttons not working. Wait 20-30 minutes minimum if you need more than one person to help move your loved one. Who knows how long If no family member is there to hunt them down . If you need true "skilled nursing", this is not the place to go. It is impossible to say how we regret going there. Look long and hard when you need care. Wish we had.

  • Bishop Davies Nursing Center Hurst, Texas 76054

    Never trust this facility with the welfare and comfort of a loved one. Our Mother required full time care as of July 9th due to a terminal illness diagnosed with several months to live; however, she did not receive appropriate care from day one. The nursing staff appears to be plentiful but they are lazy and useless. Even though family visited daily at various times of the day, the level of care did not change. It is obvious this is a for-profit business that spends no funds on decent equipment for the patients. They charge Medicare for the use of an appalling wheelchair without foot rests and leaves black marks on the patients arms due to crude repairs. Our Mother had to be rushed to the emergency room 2 weeks after admission due to severe bed sores, dehydration and pneumonia. Bishop Davies Nursing Center is an absolute dreadful place that needs to be shut down.

  • Arbrook Plaza Arlington, Texas 76014

    I received a phone call around 1230 last night from the nursing home to inform us that Krista has passed away. I called them back this morning at 7:03am. The lady that answered the phone i do not remember her name but i will be finding out. When i told her who i was she told me i never called her back with the amount Krista drew from Social Security, i asked her if the facility was calling to let me know Krista had passed and if so i had already received 4 phone calls to let me know. Then i gave her the amount and asked how much did i owe for Krista staying there. He put me on hold and calculated the amount of $955.56. I told her i would cut her a check today and be up to pick up Krista's things.

    I waited 5 minutes then realized how insensitive she was being and is only looking at the amount of monies owed. So i called back a lady by the name Paulette answered so i asked is it usual and customary to be so insensitive when someone passes to demand payment. (Krista just passed 9 hours previously.) Paulette stated its business. You know how it is people do not pay their bills.

  • Life Care Center of Haltom Haltom City, Texas 76117

    My father chose this facility for rehab because my family was going to be out of town the day he was released from the hospital and for a further 2 days. He picked this location for convenience. The BIGGEST mistake of his life. Literally. The lack of compassion from the nursing staff, the lack of making sure he was properly fed and had something to drink was unbearable. The only thing that was good coming out of the place was the PT(physical therapy). Every time I came to check on him after work, he said they come around sometimes, but not enough. They refused to wash his clothes because he was only a rehab patient. He was in there about a month and a half. The DAY before he was supposed to be released to come home, he had suffered a massive heart attack. He called me telling me he wasn't going to be coming home, he wasn't feeling good, and that they can't do anything about it until Sunday(it was Wednesday), when the doctor would be able to come by and decide yay or nay on his release. Needless to say he was rushed to the ER by ambulance because my father's girlfriend was there that day, and she demanded it. When he was admitted, he was so dehydrated that all his organs were shut down, and had suffered one, possibly TWO heart attacks that week. When I went to gather his belongings from his room, I knew he wasn't coming back, the receptionist said "No need to worry, my dear, I'm sure he'll be checked out, and sent right back to us", like that's a common situation or something there. That boiled my blood. I got into his room, there was evidence of something amiss. Blood stained napkins and pills allover the floor. Like someone didn't care to see him take them, or bother noticing that something was very wrong. He died one week to the day he was hospitalized. Please people don't send your loved ones to such a thoughtless facility. It might just cost them there life.

  • West Side Campus of Care Fort Worth, Texas 76108

    My mother was at this facility for less then 2weeks. We had to move her out due to the social worker Leslie. Leslie was greatly concerned that my 81year old, stage 7 Alzheimer's mother, " just couldn't be reasoned with ". what - her exact words!!Many great staff members at this facility that seem to care, but if Leslie is part of the staff, I would say avoid at all costs.

  • Trinity Healthcare Residence Fort Worth, Texas 76108

    My brother, Tom Staples, was in this facility from late April until his death on July 1st. The staff in the Pulmonary Unit was friendly, caring and professional. They addressed our questions and responded quickly to any need… even to the point of remembering to charge his cell phone each evening. Their coordination with the hospice staff that was called in on June 21st was also appreciated.

    The administration of the facility is sorely understaffed. There was no full-time receptionist so phone calls rang many times until someone finally decided to answer. The business office, among other things business related, is charged with answering questions about Medicare and Medicaid. Ms. Mxxx Lxxxx is the only employee in the business office. She was of great assistance in submitting the Medicaid application and following up with me and the Medicaid folks. She was great to work with.

  • The Harrison at Heritage Keller, Texas 76244

    My mom was here for rehab after a hip injury. She enjoyed the therapy staff. She did not receive a dinner meal on two different occasions. Despite the kitchen missing her ticket the CNA's did not notice they failed to pass her a tray. CNA's were rude. My mom had a nose bleed that sent her back to the hospital. The facility did not clean the blood from her bathroom which she shared with a room mate. Upon returning 4 hours later I asked for wipes to clean it up myself. They gave me facial wipes and said they had no antibacterial wipes. She got blood on her fabric chair and it was never removed for cleaning. I am sure anther persons loved one is sitting on it now. My mom is an independent woman who went back to her home after 10days. She was uncomfortable there and did not wasn't to use her call light because staff was rude. Medication usage at discharge was confusing as the discharging nurse wasn't sure what all the medications were for.

  • Life Care Center of Haltom Haltom City, Texas 76117

    I would not use this facility again, my father was sent there for rehad, after a feeding tube was put in. He's also a diabetic with amputations, mild dementia. The CNA's there are very untrained and do not care one time I was leaving his room and the door knob was covered in ointment! the stuff they put on his behind!!, he developed a bed wound and they never reported it, we found it covered in feces, blood and ointment. He was unresponsive for a full week, before they decided he needed to be in the hospital, disregarding our concerns… Now my father is in the hospital with c-diff bacterial infection and is very septic, he's been unresponsive for 2 weeks. I'm positive he was contaminated at this facility, I would not take my loved ones here ever.

  • Heritage House at Keller Rehab & Nursing Keller, Texas 76248

    If I could give -10 on the review I would.This place is a nightmare for patients.They pay their works less than any other nursing home so they get lesser quality employees. Non English speaking taking care of people. Uneatable food, dirty, faulty pluming so toilet overflows every day. Only two employees on each hall sometimes less. The head nurse and social worker have no people skills and do not care about patients. My friend has PD and was never, in the three years she was there, taken care of properly. (She was afraid to move incase somewhere else would be worse.) Some nurse decided she needed a psychiatric evaluation even though she presented no different symptoms than PD. New nurse with no PD experience. They sent her to a place in Denton that did not have the ability to handle handicap people. She contracted a severe infection (MIRSA) and was sent to Denton Regional. D R worked to get her placed somewhere other than Heritage. They did not want her going back there either. Please do not put a loved on here. It truly is awful. So glad Heritage did us the favor of sending her out so other care facilities could see this place is bad.

  • The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park Southlake, Texas 76092

    We placed my 93 yr. old Mom here, due to a hip fracture repair. The nursing staff and Physical Therapy department has been outstanding! All concerns, such as a follow up urinalysis, were addressed immediately. The room is very comfortable and clean. Being an RN, I have very high expectations in regards to the quality of care. Even though my Mom is 93, she is very sharp and would tell me if something is wrong. I sleep well at night knowing that my Mom is receiving the best care possible!

  • Senior Care of Stonegate Fort Worth, Texas 76109

    'm giving Stonegate Nursing Center in Ft Worth two stars which are for the nursing and care staff, who really deserve five.

    The office staff deserve negative stars, which is what brings it down so far. From admitting to billing, they were condesending and almost completely rude. The director was dismissive of my concerns about therapy. Therapy, with one exception, appeared lazy. My mother, unfortunately, was having her heaing aids repaired when she needed to be in the center, the PTA told me she could hear her, when Mom has a profound hearing loss. That's just an example of the many problems I encounterred there.

  • La Dora Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Bedford, Texas 76021

    This nursing facility is very unprofessional. In fact they don't even deserve NO STARS. The reasons why: From the front desk, she doesn't take her job seriously, she just sit at the desk and look pretty just to fish for compliments. The nursing staff; they don't do their correctly and just abrandoned the residents and expect the other employees to their duties for them while the CNAS just hang out in the break room. The kitchen staff; their is a woman cook in the morning and a arrogant man working a split shift, those cooks needs to be fired immediately because they always serve the residents cold foods, comes to work with a negative attitude, and treats everybody rudely. If this place was decent, like new front desk workers, new CNAS, new kitchen staff, then it will be relaxing and comfortable instead of looking like you living in a prison.

  • North Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Lp Fort Worth, Texas 76148

    I have been visiting family at Northpoint for 5 years. Things I like, the staff is very responsive. And consistent. The kitchen is is agreeable to special meals. The food is about B+ quality restaurant akin to a Luby's cafeteria. Which is amazing considering state budget allocations for Medicaid patients. Definitely NOT standard institutional food. And the go all out for holidays to make sure residents are not missing anything they might get were they able to be at home. The nursing assistants, who provide the bulk of care, are conscientious towards the individual requirements of my family.

    What could they do better? This is the 21st century and people have electronic gadgets. It would be nice if the rooms were updated with more electrical outlets and Internet access.

  • Senior Care of Green Oaks Arlington, Texas 76016

    My mother was in this facility a day to long. My husband and I picked this facility based on location and the newness of it. I should have talked with other family members before placing her there and will forever kick myself for putting her there. Trust the saying "All that glitters is not gold"

  • Marine Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Lp Fort Worth, Texas 76106

    Marine Creek Nursing Rehab. can be a better place if they care more about the patients.The staff need to work together as a team. As a visitor, I noticed the facility was unorganized and the room wasn't cleaned. Vacant rooms beds was unmade. This facility need much improvement.

  • The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park Southlake, Texas 76092

    Beware of this place. My family and I have had some experience with nursing homes in the metroplex and this place is the scariest as far as the care. Unless your loved one has full capacity to know what is going on and some ability to physically help themselves do NOT leave them here. Aides are too overworked to be able to help patients adequately. Nurses sadly are incompetent and unable to get the training they need from a Director of Nursing who has no concern for her staff and behaves more like a corporate puppet. You will also find no assistance from the social worker here. She is never available to talk with you and if by chance you do get a meeting, she will make sure you know how valuable her time is. This company brings no excellence to the care of the elderly and should not be allowed to conduct business in the dangerous way in which they do. Do NOT be fooled by the pretty exterior and do NOT leave a loved one here.