Review of The Heights of Tomball

1 Star User Review

Some staffs are very disrespectful and rude to other staff. Caregivers, and nurses are quitting do to be disrespected, and rudeness from the head people. Nurses talk people business, and when it comes down to telling the DON or the administrator nothing done about it. They tell famil members anything just to get them in the building. The nurses does not believe in answering call lights. They will sit and wait on cnas come out of a room, and tell them they have a light on. I recommend families, and people that’s looking for a job or a place for your family this is not the place for you. They always working short handed, because they have a person that does not know how to do the schedule, and she refuse to help out on the floor. She had told patients she do not change people anymore , because she’s the boss now….. BEWARE OF THE HEIGHTS AT TOMBALL!!!!!