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  • Texas Institute for Clinically Complex Care Houston, Texas 77064

    This place is horrible.I don't understand how anyone would allow their love ones to stay at this facility.If has roaches,ants and other dead or dried up spiders and other insects in corners of the building.The short staffed and I understand why who wants to work in a flity place where when u finish cleaning you swear something was crawling on you.If u love your mother,fFather, daughter or son don't bring them to this facility to live or stay short term if horrible,it's a nightmare.

  • Solera at West Houston Houston, Texas 77084

    Take your love one somewhere else. Doesn’t matter what the doctors anre the hospital say. Find another place nice place looks like the Sheraton hotel you won’t get the service. And if your looking for a job in anything at solera go elsewhere value you hard working liscense because you won’t keep it long working here the pay suck and we are always under staff unless state comes in. Please take all of our words are text run from this place. DON is a snake so is that EOD she doesn’t like anybody

  • The Heights of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    Some staffs are very disrespectful and rude to other staff. Caregivers, and nurses are quitting do to be disrespected, and rudeness from the head people. Nurses talk people business, and when it comes down to telling the DON or the administrator nothing done about it. They tell famil members anything just to get them in the building. The nurses does not believe in answering call lights. They will sit and wait on cnas come out of a room, and tell them they have a light on. I recommend families, and people that’s looking for a job or a place for your family this is not the place for you. They always working short handed, because they have a person that does not know how to do the schedule, and she refuse to help out on the floor. She had told patients she do not change people anymore , because she’s the boss now….. BEWARE OF THE HEIGHTS AT TOMBALL!!!!!

  • Baytown Nursing & Rehab Center Baytown, Texas 77521

    Our mother was evacuated from her home due to Hurricane Harvey. She is on hospice and she is blind. She is not able to push a button and ask for help. For several weeks my sister, who is a nurse practitioner has been staying at night with mom, our step-father sits with her during the day. The facility will no longer let my sister stay at night. Our mother cannot use her hands, she cannot see and she cannot hear. She has no way to ask for help. She is recovering from pneumonia and if she chokes she has no way to request assistance. This is deplorable. We cannot move her back home because her house was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

    This facility will not provide an adequate chair for my step-father to sit with her. He is 6'5" and walks with a walker. It is difficult to get up out of a regular height chair. We had a chair for him that he used for several weeks but they removed the risers that made it the correct height. Now has to sit on his walker all day.

    This entire situation is without humanity or caring.

  • Webster Residence and Rehabilitation Center Webster, Texas 77598

    My husband stayed here for a week for respite care. He went there was a week worth of clean clothes and no bed sores. Came back with nearly a week worth of clean clothes, open bed sores, and noticeably thinner. He can't speak and is bedridden. This is not the place to go if your love one cannot speak and is totally dependent on care. He stayed here a year ago and had a much better experience. The administrative director has changed and there has been some other turnover in personnel since then.

  • Spring Branch Transitional Care Center Houston, Texas 77055

    Trashy unsanitary rooms, uncaring staff. Everything in this place is not good. People should not be left in care of the staff, Smells like urine, one woman was literally screaming "nurse!!!.. nurse!!!" and no one showed up. Took my mother home after one day and a half . VERY DISSATISFIED . I'm not even sure HOW they are still open and helping our seniors. This place should be shut down. Smells horribly., elevators feel like you need to hold on to dear life.. staff didnt even help mother take a bath. IF I COULD GIVE IT ZERO STARS I WOULD> if you care about your loved ones please do not take them here to this facility

  • The Heights of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    Our experience with Heights of Tomball are so much like a previous review.

    The waiting in soiled diapers or holding yourself and waiting 1-3 hours to get cleaned up.

    New meds showing up without any notice to family.

    No answering the call button during meals, 3 times a day.

    In our case, there was a couple emails however not from the "business staff".

    I do not agree that ALL the nurses and cna's really care. In our case, it was all about, "the duties they didn't mind doing" versus the ones not wanting to do.

    Beware, if your loved needs a lot of help.

  • The Broadmoor at Creekside Park Spring, Texas 77389

    Extremely poorly run, understaffed most of the time. Staff is not trained in procedures to aid patients, most staff must work another shift at a different facility to make a 40 hour week, hence a very tired and overworked staff.

    Don't be fooled by the "activities" listed on the weekly sheet. There are hardly any activities and a less than energetic (lazy) activity director.

    Sad part is that the facility is beautiful and the only place with private rooms and baths in our area. Be prepared to spend a great deal of time caring for your family member yourself.

    Run….don't walk away from this facility.

  • The Medical Resort at Bay Area Pasadena, Texas 77505

    Unorganized no one knows anything nurses does not distribute the medication properly the call light stays on from 30 minutes to an hour before anyone comes into your room when you get there from the hospital they don't have anything ready I wouldn't recommend anyone to take their family member there

  • Park Manor of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    Daytime Nurses and Aides do a good job. Nights and weekends suffer from constant staff turnover. The rude administrative staff will enter a room and go through patient's personal belongings whenever patients are away at meals or therapy. Nanny cams are prohibited for"privacy" reasons resulting in widespread thievery. Do not be surprised to see more shocking details on upcoming local investigative newscasts. There are far better options than Park Manor.

  • Memorial City Health and Rehabilitation Center Houston, Texas 77055

    Husband was brought there yesterday with a broken hip from Memorial Hermann Hospital where I was erroneously informed this outfit was connected with Mem.Hermann. It is not. It's an old building that should have been razed a long time ago, clean, but decrepit, cheap furnishings. He did not receive his evening meds. it took transfer to 3 rooms to finally find one where everything worked. This am he got part of his meds, a slop of oatmeal he said was uneatable, they forgot coffee and he gave up on it. His comment - this place is terrible. Shame on his insurance, Texanplus HMO for dumping their members into such a place. I tried frantically to call him, had the old room no., called the front desk, listened to a lot of "your call is important to us", no-one at the nurses desk til the 3rd try. Husband could not reach the phone in his "new" room, says it takes a long time for anyone to show up. I'll if and what type of PT he'll receive today, check on his meds and bring him some edible food. What a dump!


  • Park Manor of Humble Humble, Texas 77338

    If you care about your loved ones do not send tem to Park Manor Of Humble the staff there are very unprofessional and very rude especially to family members the management there are some of the most incompetent knuckle heads I have ever seen the residents don't get ice water the staff do not come and check on the residents on a regular bases I have staff get residents up for breakfast and keep them up till the next shift comes without checking on them or seeing if they need changing the people that work in the kitchen are by far the worst of all they are very rude to the residents who just simply ask for more food or something to drink and the treat the family members even worse have personally seen staff in kitchen serving food without gloves a definite health code violation. when you walk into the facility the hallways smell of urine and there are flies and knats flying \everywhere if I could give Park Manor of Humble zero stars I would. so if care about your loved ones DO NOT BRING THEM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Broadmoor at Creekside Park Spring, Texas 77389

    Never again will I make the mistake of putting a Loved One here. My Mother fell and broke her hip so I had to get her in a skilled nursing facility. After looking at several I placed her here. From day 1, I had to call at lease once a day and up to 5 times another day. No one would answer her call button. Some days it was 1045 before they would even get her out of bed. With the type injury she had her feet had to be strapped down so she couldn't cross her legs. 14 or 15 hours laying flat on your back is a long time for anyone. Circle of Excellence meeting never took place. I notice that her feet and legs are swollen 3 times there normal size. I had to point this out no one there noticed. After 3 days of this. They finally run a test that showed she had blood clot in her groin. They put her on a blood thinner and stop her therapy on her legs. So they could discharge her the next day. I was given the wrong deadline to file an appeal. Because she was not at all ready to go home. Only to have them stop her therapy all togather. The nurses are nice enough but they are very under staffed. The assistance are more worried about their break than they are the welfare of the patients. Someone might answer the phone when you call but more than likely not. Therefore you have to call repeatedly and when they do answer they tell you they will take care of it immediately, but they don't. Getting medication called for in when discharged is another long story. I will be reporting them to Medicare as well. No one deserves to be treated this way.

  • Grace Care Center at Veterans Memorial Houston, Texas 77038

    I will not send my worst enemy here!! Please Please Please do not send your loved one to this facility UNLESS someone will be staying with them the ENTIRE time!! I repeat……Do Not Send Your Family Member To This Facility UNLESS Someone Will Be Staying With Them The ENTIRE time. Even if they are only there for rehabilitation.

    My family member said that they never answered the call light, the primary nurse rarely came in, not only did they not adhere to the food diet.. it was cold when served, the staff members were rude(all except for two people), they act if they were "angry" when they had to assist with anything related to hygiene and bathing.

    I thought that my family member was over exaggerating until I visited early one morning and stayed until 8pm. I was able to confirm everything that was told to me.

    Insurance/Medicare should not pay these people until staff re-training is completed and additional guidelines are set in place. They have POOR Continuity of care!!

  • Park Manor of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    My family member has been there since 2008. There have been lots of changes to continue to improve and strive to meet the needs of the residents. I applaud the administrator we have now for having an open door policy for family or residents. I have learned that if you get to know your floor aides and work with them to come up with a workable solution for any concerns you have you will have a successful relationship that will benefit your loved one and you. Park Manor Tomball has truly been a blessing for my family. All family members should consider getting involved in Family Council and the residents need to get involved with Resident Council. I have learned it really helps you navigate the whole long term care system. But it doesn't hurt that the staff are so helpful!

  • Park Manor of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    My friend RM admitted to Park Manor Tomball from Tomball Regional Hospital, for physical therapy and wound care.

    Without going into detail, we were unsure if she'd be able to return home. RM was assigned to a semi-private room, with another woman, BB. The room was spacious and clean! She became very close with her roommate BB, it was a blessing in disguise as they were each other’s greatest support.

    She did therapy three hours a day for three weeks, her strength and confidence was remarkable. Everyone was so encouraging and helpful.

    After she met her needs in therapy, Park Manor Tomball assisted in helping her access her Medicaid benefits. Today, RM is a full time resident. Although on a different hall, she still shares a room with BB. Their room is decorated with photos and family heirlooms, it’s so homey!

    Thank you Park Manor Tomball – you brought my sweet friend strength and a lifelong best friend. I’d highly recommend Park Manor Tomball for anyone needing therapy, iv’s, wound care or long-term care!

  • Paramount Senior Care Centers at Pasadena Pasadena, Texas 77504

    They ignored my mother, once all day, including forgetting to bring her meals. They treat her (and others I saw) with carelessness and lack of consideration. They will seemingly say anything to get families to write a check and admit a loved one, but they neglected and frightened my dying mother heartlessly. It took less than a week for me to realize she could not stay in that facility. Medicare paid for the entire stay, yet the Paramount Healthcare has refused to issue the full refund they promised, nor provide a written explanation of why not. They double charged. Medicare paid, and we paid also. In our experience, this is not a facility with even decent patient care nor a company with an ounce of integrity and honesty.

    Beware and be vary wary of anything they say to you to try to get you to admit a loved one. If you do admit your family member, check them every day and very closely. In our experience, this is exactly the kind of place that gives such facilities a bad name. There are reputable places. Keep looking.

  • The Broadmoor at Creekside Park Spring, Texas 77389

    This place is very unprofessional. Head department allow employees to abuse one another. They allow their nurses sleep at night. Furthermore, you cannot find nurses when they are needed at night. Please don't take your love one's here. I heard a lot of patients begging for their meds saying the nurses never give meds. Your love one's will die at the Broadmoor. Warning do not take your love one here. The Don Lydell will Lie just to keep your live one.

  • Jacinto Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, LLC Houston, Texas 77029

    For those of you having problems with the staff talking about patients, you need to report them to administration and even take pictures or videos if possible. This actions that your talking about are in violation of patient privacy laws. Take pictures of their posts too.

  • Villa Toscana at Cypress Woods Houston, Texas 77014

    I give them less than a 1 star! Horrible communication, they wont answer the phone! You can call all day and night for days on end, and either the phone keeps ringing, or they hang up on you. They refused to listen to me when I kept telling them something was wrong with my mother. They neglected her and chemically sedated her! She ended up hospitalized due to a very serious illness, and she was also dehydrated and malnourished. She remains in the hospital now almost a month later! They were even making fun of me in the hallway for causing "drama", and said that my mother wasn't sick, she was crazy! Don't send your loved ones there!

  • The Heights of North Houston Houston, Texas 77090

    My Mom was admitted into the facility under Hospice. During her short stay, she totally regained her strength, changed her diet from pureed to regular,and started walking unassisted again. The only reason we are no longer there is because my Mother's health conditions required a different setting. Words cannot express the experience we had while there. During my Mom's stay, the staff couldn't have been more professional,courteous and attentive. During very trying times of my Moms health condition, the staff was very understanding. Anytime I had any questions or issues the D.O.N Sharon always addressed it immediately and professionally. Administration and all other staff was always very impressive the entire time.

  • Solera at West Houston Houston, Texas 77084

    My grandmother was only there a week and had to be taken to the ER. She is oxygen dependent and has a history of congestive heart failure. She had been telling the night nurses she can't breathe and they told her there was nothing they could do about it. When we arrived in the morning, her face and abdomen were extremely swollen. The nurse said she heard no fluid in her chest. We asked for an ambulance and after an hour, they finally arrived, which I know was not their fault. The facility moves very slow and was in no hurry to get her the care she needed. The EMS worker said she is full of fluid as soon as he put the stethoscope to her chest. Test results at the ER confirmed this of course. She also has a catheter and we had to point out to the nurse that the cap was left off, causing urine to be draining onto the carpet in her room. Many times throughout the week she was there, we would push the button for a nurse and it would be 30-45 minutes before we would see anyone. When she is released from the hospital, she will not be returning there.

  • Park Manor of Humble Humble, Texas 77338