Review of Senior Care of Weston Inn

1 Star User Review

Sadly, my mother passed away after being at the Weston for a couple of years.We paid out of pocket for almost the entire two years - a month in advance. The low rating is due to the fact that after she passed, (on the 4th - so with a large refund due) the business office suddenly "discovered" an insurance payment from TWO YEARS earlier that was 'not accurate'. I have been in contact with the office for three months now - at first they were unaware that the insurance provider (through her retirement) had changed. Then, they said the company did not ever get a claim (and yet I had provided them with statements showing otherwise.) I am still waiting. I cannot say if this is due to INCOMPETENCE or being UNETHICAL, or both. However, it is traumatic enough to lose a parent - much less deal with a business office that makes me feel like I am being cheated. Just do not bring your parent here. Go where there are competent and ethical business practices.