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  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    My father was a respite patient there from January 18th-22nd, and the services or lack of services he received was truly horrible and an absolute nightmare. The logo reads committed to excellence, compassionate and delivers the best care that is effective, WHICH IS A FAR STRETCH FROM THE TRUTH! This is one of the worst facilities that my family has ever experienced. The appearance on the outside is beautiful, but when the doors open it is absolute horror! We have all heard bad stories about nursing homes, but I can truly say Cantex/The Colonnades at Reflection Bay is one of the most disorganized, unhelpful, unsuitable and useless facilities.

    On the morning of 18th at 7:15am my father left his home doing fine, eating, drinking, alert and responsive as of today January 23rd, he is no longer eating, drinking, alert or responsive. On Sunday, January 21st at 1:08pm, my sister received a call from the nurse on duty, and she said that our father was not eating or drinking and his vitals was very low. So we rushed up to the hospital to check on him, only to realize that the staff did not feed or give him anything to drink for 4 DAYS! My father requires oxygen and I am sure it was documented on his paperwork, but yet again, he did not have oxygen for 4 DAYS! I truly cannot understand why a company that prides themselves on being a caring and committed company, would allow such a thing like this to happen to an elderly patient. Words cannot express how angry and hurt I am, and what pain your staff has caused my father and our family.

    Please note that I know it is very difficult to take care of the elderly and give them the attention that they need, but there is no excuse, not to do your job!

    My father is 79 years old, cannot feed himself, cannot go to the bathroom by himself and sometimes does not know what the day is! But the Colonnades staff failed at doing their jobs and that is to take CARE of the patient, which is my father! I understand he was not the only patient, but he is still my father and the reason he was sent to the Colonnades is for proper care and skilled nursing, and we did not get any of that, my father came home barely breathing.

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    One star for appearance. No stars for lack of care ! My father was recently forced to take a second dose of meds when there was a computer glitch? And then he was fearful to tell anyone due to the poor staff attitude. The state had a person there following up on elder abuse and thank goodness bc she had this aggressive male nurse fired. It is a joke …we have to be on top of my father's health needs constantly- for example- he is blind in one eye and he started to have an infection in his good eye and had we not spoke up , he could have gone blind!

    They have not been on an excursion in over a year. and recently had to cancel the trip to the rodeo, due to van troubles. It is one thing after another and the only way my father saw his 80th bday was due to family not the so called skilled nurse care..Items are constantly being stolen from my dad's room and other patients are not watched and allowed to go into others rooms!

    .If you can find another place …bottom line do so! This is a loony bin!

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    -5 (minus five) Disgusting, Dishonest and Disgraceful…my review of the Colonnades. You can not believe ANYTHING the administration tells you. Do not take your loved one there, ESPECIALLY if they are dependent on someone to help them go to the bathroom, bath or eat. However if you do end up there, watch the medications very closely,because they will give many medications that are not needed. Keep food in your loved ones room and check on them often…not that it does any good, but at least you'll know the truth about what is, and is not, happening with your loved one.

  • Park Manor of South Belt Houston, Texas 77089

    The hospital admitted my mother here after her hip surgery. The very next morning I went to visit she was laying in her own piss, cold without a blanket. Hadn't had breakfast or medicine and it was 9am. She complained she called for help but no one came to her room the entire time she was there…14 hours!

    When I told them I was taking her home they said whatever. Don't send loved ones there! The surgeon at clear lake should be fired for sending her there.

  • Park Manor of South Belt Houston, Texas 77089

    I read the reviews prior to placing my father at Park Manor of South Belt. They definitely turned me away; however, my dad’s doctor is well connected there. Had it not been for his doctor’s suggestion that he be admitted there, I had already done my homework by picking out and visiting another place altogether. But since the reviews were all over a year old, and things do change, I have a favorable review:

    My dad was there for 2-3 months over the fall/winter 2014. Both he and my mother (she has since passed) previously spent time at another place in Pearland. His time at Park Manor was for the most part positive. I’d like for the staff (and those looking to place their relatives) to know how I rated this experience. I especially want to give accolades to the CNA’s who helped him keep up with his hygiene, as well as a woman who took him on his daily walks. So very important are these people. If I were to suggest one improvement, it would be that every resident have their own (wireless) headphones. Because many residents (short/long term) are hard of hearing. This would alleviate any uneasiness amongst roommates, staff, etc. Oh, and one more suggestion, a diaper wipe warmer (like newborn babies have). Nobody wants to have their butt wiped with something cold!

    Rooms/Bathrooms (good size)

    Hot Water (instant)

    Bed Linens (routinely changed out)

    Doctors’ (kept family informed)

    Staff (big plus)

    Meals (good variety and yummy)

    Air Quality (fresh)

    Lobby (comfortable and inviting)

    Rehab/Work-Out Regiment (strict)

    Activities/Celebrations (plenty)

    Nurses Station (needs improvement--acknowledging vs. ignoring us laymen)

    Call Lights (sometimes he had to fend for himself)

    Weekends (short staffed)

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    I went to visit my mother on Sunday February 16, 2014. I was stopped by a nursing home employee who worked on the hallway where my lived. She told me that my mother was no longer there. At first I thought she meant they moved her to a different room. Then I was getting upset because I thought she had been sent to the hospital without myself or any of my siblings being notified. The employee informed me that my mother had passed away!

    I am so hurt and angry! My brother (who had arrived by this time) asked a supervisor why we hadn’t been notified of our mother being sent to the hospital or even of her passing? His excuse was they did not have the correct contact information. This was not true at all since just one month before (in mid-January) my family had a meeting with the nursing home administrator and my mother’s doctor. During this meeting my phone number and the phone numbers of all of my brothers had been shared and verified. If nursing home staff would have looked through my mother’s chart they would have found my number (and the numbers of all of her other children)!

    When we asked nursing home staff where our mother’s body had been taken and where we could find her belongings, we were told they could not tell us. They said her chart and belongings were locked up and we would have to wait until the next morning to even find out what hospital they sent my mother to!

    What we found on our own, without the help of the nursing home staff, was that instead of sending out my mother to a hospital just a 15 minutes drive from the nursing home, they sent her to a hospital that was nearly a 40 minute drive. It turned out that our mother had been admitted to a hospital two weeks prior to discovering she had passed away! Two weeks and NO word from the nursing home about her need to be hospitalized! She passed away five hours after she was transferred from the nursing home to the hospital.

    I will never get closure from this. I will never get to tell my mother goodbye. My mother died alone. My mother had family and children that loved and adored her. We need answers and justice.”

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    As you can see from the different reviews, some caretakers rave about the Colonnades, while others would never return…the way I see the situation is if your loved one can do for themselves partially than it is OK. If they depend on help, and you cannot check on them daily, then there is a major letdown on the quality of the nursing service and care.

    My father who became partially paralized after a stroke has been in the center for almost a year now. Yes it is deceivingly attractive, with its new building and cozy living room area, yet I have had to with the help of other caretakers fight for proper care in a center that is almost 5 years old. We keep hoping that the lack of communications will be resolved as we have been through numerous staff and disgruntled residents that have left due to the inadequate service…it has the potential, yet not sure if they will ever be get it, had to fight to fire an abusive aide…searching for other options, have had enough.

  • Tuscany Village Pearland, Texas 77584

    Please beware before placing your loved one at Tuscany Village in Pearland, Texas. I placed my father there and 4 days later he died. I went everyday after placing him there and when I went on the fourth day he was non-responsive, his blood/oxygen level was in the 70's (100 is the best), which he has always been between 92 - 98, and his sugar level was sky high. They gave him oxygen and that helped a little, then I had to tell them to call an ambulance. After 20 minutes passed, he hadn't changed, and there was no ambulance. I called 911 and was advised they hadn't even been called. When the nurse and her supervisor returned and I confronted them about not calling an ambulance, they said they called a private service. Needless to say, they private service never showed and thank goodness the 911 dispatcher sent their ambulance. The RN lied saying that she gave my dad 3 units of insulin an hour before and chuckled that his sugar level went up. When she said that to the 2 EMTs, they both looked at her and said at the same time "And it went up?" That's when I knew she lied. A couple days prior to this, I spoke privately to a CNA, who told me that residents who have cameras in their rooms get better treatment and care than those who do not. I didn't have the time to get that camera installed. Please…. please… if you love your loved one, don't put them at Tuscany Village!!!

  • Park Manor of South Belt Houston, Texas 77089

    My mother while at this facility had her hand started bruising come to find out she had a fracture, she was released from Park Manor South Belt with her central line attached to her, this is used to give her medication and is a chamber that is attached to the heart. How can you send someone home like this and when asked what to do they said take her to the hospital and have it removed, mind you she is bed ridden…I would not recommend anyone to place their loved ones in this place.

  • Park Manor of South Belt Houston, Texas 77089

    This place is horrible. After my mother was admitted the next day I discovered her call button was not working. She was in therapy when I got there I told the therapist that something was wrong. She could not hold her body up or stand up with out help. She told she did not know because this was the first time she had worked with her. None of the nursing knew anything. Didn’t matter what questions I asked, medication, how long has she been like this, where is the doctor, etc…. I took her back to her room and told them to call 911. She was transferred back to the hospital where she stayed for 1 month. When I called to make arrangement to pick up her things I was told they would be boxed up and sat next to the dumpster. Are you serious? I would never return to this place!!

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    I well never have my father go to this place again. Nurses are plain lazy and wont respond to my fathers needs. My mother had to do there jobs and change my fathers diapers. What do they get paid for? They wouldnt listen to my father and know he is sicker and back in Methodist Hospital. This facility is not a safe place for elders at all.

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    My mom and I love this place. The people and kind and very friendly and that can make all the difference. She is treated with respect and dignity. (Not so at another institution). They have a genuine concern for her and her well being. The facilities are beautiful. They have fun activities for her almost everyday. She loves the people that come in and have sing-a-longs with music from her generation. She tells me all the time this is such a nice place. A much bigger change from tears and depression while in another place. Thanks Colonnades!