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These ratings and user reviews of The Colonnades at Reflection Bay will help you pick the best nursing home in Pearland, Texas. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of The Colonnades at Reflection Bay, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

My father was a respite patient there from January 18th-22nd, and the services or lack of services he received was truly horrible and an absolute nightmare. The logo reads committed to excellence, compassionate and delivers the best care… Full Review

One star for appearance. No stars for lack of care ! My father was recently forced to take a second dose of meds when there was a computer glitch? And then he was fearful to tell anyone due to the poor staff attitude. The state had a person… Full Review

-5 (minus five) Disgusting, Dishonest and Disgraceful…my review of the Colonnades. You can not believe ANYTHING the administration tells you. Do not take your loved one there, ESPECIALLY if they are dependent on someone to help them go to the… Full Review

I went to visit my mother on Sunday February 16, 2014. I was stopped by a nursing home employee who worked on the hallway where my lived. She told me that my mother was no longer there. At first I thought she meant they moved her to a different… Full Review

As you can see from the different reviews, some caretakers rave about the Colonnades, while others would never return...the way I see the situation is if your loved one can do for themselves partially than it is OK. If they depend on help… Full Review

This place has the most positive atmosphere i have ever seen! Workers are punctual and friendly, with an exception of maybe one or two of course, the the area is very neat, tidy, and orderly!… Full Review

Techs are lazy. My dad just had surgery, unable to get around on his own. If and when you can get a tech to empty urinal they do not return it to bedside but instead leave it in bathroom where he cannot get to it when needed. … Full Review

I well never have my father go to this place again. Nurses are plain lazy and wont respond to my fathers needs. My mother had to do there jobs and change my fathers diapers. What do they get paid for? They wouldnt listen to my father and know… Full Review

Unorganized! Very high turnover of all staff - nurses, aids, we have seen several "assistant directors of nursing". Communication seems to be a problem with day and night staff and week vs weekend staff. Do NOT put your loved one here if… Full Review

My mom and I love this place. The people and kind and very friendly and that can make all the difference. She is treated with respect and dignity. (Not so at another institution). They have a genuine concern for her and her well being. The… Full Review

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