Review of The Rio at Mission Trails

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There are a couple of nurse assistants that need to be removed from the facility. I witnessed a couple of things that broke my heart into pieces after hearing what I heard from a CNA…her name is Brittney…she was cussing up a storm and was upset that a senior was asking for her help to change clothes because she had "already changed her 20 minutes ago." I was in my uncle's room and could hear this girl from a distance…I poked out my head and saw exactly who it was who was complaining. To make matters worse, she was complaining in front of other patients, her coworkers and a lady who was a family member visiting a patient and I believe was also needing her assistance with something. Neither one of the nurses helped the patient….I believe an RN ended up asking another CNA from another hall who was working on her own group of patients…not exactly sure…but that Brittney and her partner in crime Esmerelda, are a very evil duo who need to be FAR AWAY from these seniors who are living a nightmare when those two are around. I cannot believe those two were hired in that facility….if anyone who has a loved one who resides in The RIO located on New Braunfels road in San Antonio, TX…I STRONGLY recommend you pay more visits to your loved one to ensure they are being properly cared for during the shifts of these two CNA's