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  • Kit Carson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Jackson, California 95642

    I was in rehab after a broken hip surgery for over 6 weeks and am so grateful for the support I received at Kit Carson.

    The staff were most helpful and prompt to respond to personal needs.

    The rehab team was stellar, so encouraging and thoughtful of each person's unique situation.In fact, I credit them with my rapid improvement. Also, they are so "up", which is a huge healing factor.

    Even the Doctor who monitored medications was mindful of personal requests and the kitchen staff catered to my needed special requests.

    Thank You, everyone at Kit Carson!

  • Palm Garden of Sun City Sun City Center, Florida 33573

    In the realm of healthcare evaluations, reviewers are aware that "mixed purposes" lead to problems. In this case it is really quite simple. This facility operates as a nursing home catering to residents that are frequently placed there as a " holding pen" . While advertising itself as a health and rehabilitation facility, the management and staff ( while usually polite and somewhat gregarious) treat all residents as dementia laden wards. It is a pervasive and insulting attitude. If one is there for a rehabilitation course, the usual "evaluation, therapy modalities, documented improvement and discharge" path is sporadic with an overstretched PT staff. If the patient is pushy, motivated and aggressive some progress may be possible in spite of the condescending and aloof attitudes of the "nursing cadre". It amazes me to see that physicians actually send patients there even though there is an abrupt end of the patient/physician contact. Medical supervision is provided by a "hospitalist" in absentia and a PA. A "wound care" provision is advertised, but alas not readily available. Many of the nursing staff display minimal training and ability. Many of the personnel exhibit serious frustration due to staffing difficulties. While the food is tolerable, the "restrictive" attitude towards the residents/patients is counter productive. The entire operation reminds one of a dysfunctional family. Hardly a place to sentence a vulnerable geriatric patient to endure, much less the poor injured patient needing rehabilitation.

  • Valley View Health & Rehabilitation Moberly, Missouri 65270

    Wonderful place for my mother. She was happy there because of the caring and loving staff that they have there. My mother called it her home.

    I also want to thank the staff, Stefanie, for helping with all the paperwork that was needed to fill out for my mother's care, I was lost and she guided me through it.

    Thanks for taking care of our mom,

    Linda Creswell and Greg Morgan

  • Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Albany, New York 12204

    I would not send my worst enemy here. You would get better medical and personal care in jail. Lady waiting hour for her blood sugar and man waiting over an hour for a nurse. The place smells of urine and poop cause nothing getting changed. I guess either there are no regulations for this place or no one cares.

  • Evergreen Crossing and the Lofts Indianapolis, Indiana 46254

    If I could give a zero, I would. The admissions director promised that a bed would be available for my brother on Friday, September 27. When we arrived to check in, she refused to come out of her office. The executive director came out to say there are no beds and there was nothing he could do. So uncaring and unprofessional.

  • The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center At Nesconset, New York 11767

    My mom was in the rehab for 2 months. The care was horrible. My sisters and I took shifts watching and taking care of her everyday for 2 months…There was not enough of aids. And god forbid you ask the nurse for assistance, they made you feel you were bothering them. We would stay until around 8 pm. My mom ended up getting pneumonia. We had to fight tooth and nail to get anything done for my mom. There is so much more to tell I can write a book. Thank God she is home now and getting the right care. They told us in the rehab they will take good care of our mom. There was no care. I wouldn't put a dead dog in that home. Do your homework before you choose a nursing home or rehab. They elderly deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Woods Crossing at Woods Point Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520

    Greta residents who deserve nothing but good care. But the owner under pays the staff even when they lie and say you will get more with certifications. They will use you and burn you out, especially when it comes to leaving people alone to work the floor. No health benefits or even remotely good pay. You get awhole 25 cents after your 90 days, so they say. The turnover rate is through the roof because there is no changes being made to make the staff happy. Residents are at risk daily with the lack of staff. Also if you want to report someone, you better hope its not one of managments favorites or family, because they will yell in your face and tell you to quit complaining. Management truly makes this place a HORRIBLE experience and yet they wonder why they cant keep any staff when they move on to a place that is willing to pay you for what you should be getting.

  • Continuing Healthcare of Gahanna Columbus, Ohio 43230

    I must try to tell everyone about the awful care this facility give !!!!! They neglect the patients and have even abused my loved one on numerous occasions.

    They lie and try to cover up their actions over and over. Most of the time they don't answer the phone and never call back .. The administration is terrible and the nursrs and aids are so untrained… PLEASE don't ever put your loved ones in this awful place… I can't rate this place because I would give it a - mark NO STARS at all .

  • River Run Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704

    I am Marion Otway, just want to say my Brother Bobby has ben there for 5 months, the nursing staff and all the other people that take care of him are wonderful, he even loves the food, he told me if I have to stay here for a very long time I do not care I am happy here, my Mom and I are there every day, the staff, well I can not say enough good about them all, Physical Therapy program is wonderful, especially John Heinze, very serious about their job and wonderful at it, lots of activities that are fun and get the residents moving and thinking, even I enjoy it all, can not say enough good things about River Run, and thank you to all of you that are helping my Brother and all the residents there, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!

  • The Suites Rio Vista Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124


    Assisted Care Facility in Rio Rancho:

    One of the worst facilities I have ever encountered, especially when it comes to proper payment of services rendered to this facility.

    I have had extreme difficulty in receiving prompt compensation for my service rendered to the residents of this facility, providing necessary live music entertainment, as requested often by the residents as well as the Activities staff.

    Superficially this facility looks decent.

    However, the reality seems to me that from my experience of having been here numerous times in the past and even to the present, this facility is quite disorganized, especially regarding communications among the management and the staff, and including even the headquarters of this facility whose entity is not clearly mentioned.

    As far as I am concerned, the "Activities" section of this facility should be rated the worst.

    Stimulating "Activities" for the residents are a vital part of assisted care facilities.

    Yet, after providing innumerable services in this regard, I have had extreme difficulty in getting compensation for my services rendered here, i.e., providing necessary entertainment as requested by many of the residents.

    Non-payment of services rendered is a serious matter.

    The "Human Resources" of this facility should be rated the worst in Rio Rancho.

    Unless they change the present system of compensation for those who provide entertainment to the residents, I will never ever perform at this over-rated "care" facility.

  • Lake Mary Health and Rehabilitation Center Lake Mary, Florida 32746

    I have been here for three days and yesterday I had a wonderful treatment that is free. A lady named Joe Joe came in and said I’m going to get you cleaned up . I’m gonna give you a bubble bath. I thought she was just kidding and going to take me for a shower. When we got there the shower mode been transformed into a beautiful spa. Walk in tub and all. Sure enough I got a bubble bath. Can’t tell you how many years it’s been since my back was washed. Played soothing music It was so relaxing and wonderful blew dried my hair and styled it what a wonderful experience and what a wonderful lady JoJo is. She goes all out to make a wonderful experience. Thank you JoJo it was great and made a wonderful friend

  • Advantage Living Center - Battle Creek Battle Creek, Michigan 49017

    After Major Back surgery picked Advantage Living Center for my husband's rehab. They were not ready for him as promised and passed the buck saying Bronson Hospital was to blame..Not true as they did receive notification that we were on the way..His room smelled of urine that we complained about..After 4 days of them changing bedding & saying it was taken care of we checked the bed ourselves..the mattress was soaked by previous patient.. Horrible that my husband had to sleep in a bed in that condition..Rehab did not get him walking as surgeon had he lost a week of recovery.. not until surgical nurse made a call to Advantage Living did staff step up to doing their job..

  • Pinnacle Specialty Care Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

    The staff here is horrible. They do not communicate with their patients or their families. My mother was afraid to push her light because the CNAs were rude to her. It would take a minimum of a half hour if she did push her nurse button for anyone to answer and when they did they made her feel bad and weren't kind. In the 2 weeks she was there I was there every day and never saw anyone in her room. I never saw anyone smiling or be kind. Worse excuse for staff to care for the elderly I have ever seen. Management, talks the talk but never follows through with anything. The building is a nice new building but basically it's Ravenwood with lipstick.

  • Northcrest Specialty Care Waterloo, Iowa 50703

    My father was there for rehabilitation. I came to the nursing home to pick him up. When I walked in he looked fine said hey baby I’m ready to go. I packed his belongings and then ran across the street to the store so that I wouldn’t have to go back out. When I returned from the store I walked in the room and there was an aide or nurse with my father I never got her name. Anyways she was sitting there rubbing his arm his face was twisted up and his oxygen mask was off( he had to wear the mask 24/7 but did it have it on when I walked in. I asked her what’s wrong she says I found him like this. Well why haven’t you gotten help somethings wrong so I yell from the doorway call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived an took my father to the hospital down the street and he died there. I contacted all higher authorities at hospital and they looked over what I saw I even filed with the company that hears complaints like this and they ruled in their favor. But i’m not done yet. She never send family member to NorthCrest in Waterloo IA

  • Regency Prineville Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Prineville, Oregon 97754

    My father was doing better then he was not getting care needed and had to be rushed to Emergency Dept and air life flown by helicopter to ICU in Bend. He did not get proper care and I do not suggest anyone allow their loved ones to go here. Staff seems irritated when they are summoned and it takes over 15 minutes to respond to call button. Neglect, abuse and horrific behavior by staff who should never be allowed to care for anyone. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE.

  • O'Neill Healthcare Fairview Park Cleveland, Ohio 44126

    This is a Great facility although the very first day I was not impressed by its appearance (mom's room walls are all scratched up with areas where the walls have pieces of dry wall broken) and lack of staff available. Since it was Sunday I figured there are less staff scheduled to work there. I will state the Nursing staff was much better the following day. I have seen caring staff and lots of help with mom. Great customer service from all the staff. Overall I would recommend this location. The facility was recommended by many other friends and I feel I made a good decision by bringing my mom here for her temporary stay and recovery.

  • Arbors at Streetsboro Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

    Please review Medicare nursing home compare website since this website is misleading. This is a one star facility with their last survey receiving 17 citations. These citations were for basic resident care such as hygiene, nutrition, and administering outdated medications. From November of last year until March of this year they had complaint surveys every two to four weeks with each complaint resulting in a citation. I have worked here and have seen what goes on in this facility and it's not good. I am an RN and have been in LTC for 33 years and have never reviewed a facility but this one was so bad that I left after only a month and felt the need to share with others. On the surface this may seem to be an ok facility if you can get past the dirt and smell when you first walk in but what goes on that you don't see is what you need to worry about. I am aware that nurses administer all meds that are due to a resident over a 12 hour shift at one time. Yes, that means your loved one could be receiving a massive dose of cardiac medications all at once. I addressed this with the DON whose response to me was "I can't speak for what she does". Facility has the cutest little baby ducks in the courtyard that residents use for gardening and fresh air. They feed these ducks manufactured food and supply them with a small pool for water. Nice of them isn't it? Here's the problem: This area is contaminated with duck feces which carries diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These ducks are unlikely to leave the area since they have been supplied with everything they need. About a week ago there was an outbreak of GI symptoms in residents and staff but not once did they consider these ducks as the source of the outbreak. This situation is not good for the ducks come winter or the immunocompromised elderly but the DON and administrator don't see a problem with this. Makes you wonder about their knowledge base of infection control. I have seen them serve fruit with mold on it for supper. I had the DON, LPN unit manager, and LPN admissions nurse refuse to help me when I needed help with resident care. I have seen trays being left in room just out of residents reach and if I didn't stop what I was doing to feed these residents they would have never eaten, residents being left soiled for hours, call lights going off for 45 minutes with staff walking past them, and staff refusing to help residents saying they can did it themselves. I had a nurse tell me she stays because she cares about the residents (please understand this nurse gets 20-30 hours overtime every pay here and is the biggest offender of being rude to the residents out in the open and gets away with it) but I left because I couldn't bear to watch this go on any longer. Floor staff can't make the difference here but the families and residents can. You may already have a family member here and think things are fine but don't be so sure. My advice to you is: check dates on dressings, show up on off shifts, cameras, ask for itemized bills from the pharmacy, date briefs, ask questions, utilize the ombudsman and other state agencies as needed.

  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Cherry Lane Laurel, Maryland 20708

    The nursing staff are excellent. However, it seems that the better you know the staff, the more attentive the care for your loved one residing at the facility. My mother is very well treated and respected…because she can communicate well, and knows the names of all who care for her. GNAs are the staff that most frequently attends to her needs, and they have been for the most part above average. The food is, well, industrial. But every once in awhile they produce really tasty fare. (They make a killer smoked corned beef slices with au gratin potatoes!) Medications are administered (mostly) on time. Due to staffing cutbacks sometimes the nurses have to perform GNA duties--I've seen senior staff on the weekends backfilling for absent/sick GNAs. Overall the facility is clean, despite its humdrum appearance. The PT and OT staff are excellent, yet their facilities are often packed with residents waiting for their sessions. Overall, I feel confident that my mother is in Cherry Lane, and that her health, mental, and social needs are being met. Can there be improvements? You bet, but I'd wager that every nursing facility can answer the same question similarly.

  • Waters Edge at Port Jefferson for Rehab and Nursing Port Jefferson, New York 11777

    My Mom was at Water's Edge at Port Jefferson for rehabilitation from a stay at the hospital. Our experience there was wonderful. At the beginning of her stay Mom wasn't the best patient and the staff treated her with respect and care. As she came back to pleasant self the staff maintained the same care. My Dad was there every day. The staff treated Dad with the same respect and care they gave Mom. Every day they provided Dad with a delicious lunch so they could eat together. I have only wonderful things to say about this facility. Thank you all.

  • The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center At Nesconset, New York 11767

    My stay at the Hamlet was about 3 weeks long recovering from having both knees replaced. First I would like to thank Joann for seeing that all my needs were met, and the nursing staff were top notch. the other caregivers were always available when needed and everything was kept very clean. The PT and OT helped me recover very quickly. The only drawbacks for me was the food, being overweight and diabetic limited my menu options. The rest of the staff was very friendly and helpful and my stay was very positive.

    Charles Wiseman