Review of Arbors at Streetsboro

1 Star User Review

Please review Medicare nursing home compare website since this website is misleading. This is a one star facility with their last survey receiving 17 citations. These citations were for basic resident care such as hygiene, nutrition, and administering outdated medications. From November of last year until March of this year they had complaint surveys every two to four weeks with each complaint resulting in a citation. I have worked here and have seen what goes on in this facility and it's not good. I am an RN and have been in LTC for 33 years and have never reviewed a facility but this one was so bad that I left after only a month and felt the need to share with others. On the surface this may seem to be an ok facility if you can get past the dirt and smell when you first walk in but what goes on that you don't see is what you need to worry about. I am aware that nurses administer all meds that are due to a resident over a 12 hour shift at one time. Yes, that means your loved one could be receiving a massive dose of cardiac medications all at once. I addressed this with the DON whose response to me was "I can't speak for what she does". Facility has the cutest little baby ducks in the courtyard that residents use for gardening and fresh air. They feed these ducks manufactured food and supply them with a small pool for water. Nice of them isn't it? Here's the problem: This area is contaminated with duck feces which carries diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These ducks are unlikely to leave the area since they have been supplied with everything they need. About a week ago there was an outbreak of GI symptoms in residents and staff but not once did they consider these ducks as the source of the outbreak. This situation is not good for the ducks come winter or the immunocompromised elderly but the DON and administrator don't see a problem with this. Makes you wonder about their knowledge base of infection control. I have seen them serve fruit with mold on it for supper. I had the DON, LPN unit manager, and LPN admissions nurse refuse to help me when I needed help with resident care. I have seen trays being left in room just out of residents reach and if I didn't stop what I was doing to feed these residents they would have never eaten, residents being left soiled for hours, call lights going off for 45 minutes with staff walking past them, and staff refusing to help residents saying they can did it themselves. I had a nurse tell me she stays because she cares about the residents (please understand this nurse gets 20-30 hours overtime every pay here and is the biggest offender of being rude to the residents out in the open and gets away with it) but I left because I couldn't bear to watch this go on any longer. Floor staff can't make the difference here but the families and residents can. You may already have a family member here and think things are fine but don't be so sure. My advice to you is: check dates on dressings, show up on off shifts, cameras, ask for itemized bills from the pharmacy, date briefs, ask questions, utilize the ombudsman and other state agencies as needed.