Review of Northcrest Specialty Care

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My father was there for rehabilitation. I came to the nursing home to pick him up. When I walked in he looked fine said hey baby I’m ready to go. I packed his belongings and then ran across the street to the store so that I wouldn’t have to go back out. When I returned from the store I walked in the room and there was an aide or nurse with my father I never got her name. Anyways she was sitting there rubbing his arm his face was twisted up and his oxygen mask was off( he had to wear the mask 24/7 but did it have it on when I walked in. I asked her what’s wrong she says I found him like this. Well why haven’t you gotten help somethings wrong so I yell from the doorway call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived an took my father to the hospital down the street and he died there. I contacted all higher authorities at hospital and they looked over what I saw I even filed with the company that hears complaints like this and they ruled in their favor. But i’m not done yet. She never send family member to NorthCrest in Waterloo IA