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  • Palm Garden of Sun City Sun City Center, Florida 33573

    In the realm of healthcare evaluations, reviewers are aware that "mixed purposes" lead to problems. In this case it is really quite simple. This facility operates as a nursing home catering to residents that are frequently placed there as a " holding pen" . While advertising itself as a health and rehabilitation facility, the management and staff ( while usually polite and somewhat gregarious) treat all residents as dementia laden wards. It is a pervasive and insulting attitude. If one is there for a rehabilitation course, the usual "evaluation, therapy modalities, documented improvement and discharge" path is sporadic with an overstretched PT staff. If the patient is pushy, motivated and aggressive some progress may be possible in spite of the condescending and aloof attitudes of the "nursing cadre". It amazes me to see that physicians actually send patients there even though there is an abrupt end of the patient/physician contact. Medical supervision is provided by a "hospitalist" in absentia and a PA. A "wound care" provision is advertised, but alas not readily available. Many of the nursing staff display minimal training and ability. Many of the personnel exhibit serious frustration due to staffing difficulties. While the food is tolerable, the "restrictive" attitude towards the residents/patients is counter productive. The entire operation reminds one of a dysfunctional family. Hardly a place to sentence a vulnerable geriatric patient to endure, much less the poor injured patient needing rehabilitation.

  • Concordia Village of Tampa Tampa, Florida 33613

    I was admitted on 3/17/17 after having surgery for a broken femur. Upon arriving early evening, I was immobile and desperately needed assistance and equipment, which I was denied until being evaluated. Had a horrific night, not being allowed to have my pain medication and excruciatingly being forced to use a bedpan, as well as being kept awake all night by the other tenant in the room keeping her TV playing loudly while she slept. My family had to summon help the next morning.

    There are a few very qualified and competent healthcare workers, but to many it’s just a job and they frankly don’t care. There is incompetence with some of the staff, and the facility is understaffed, especially on weekends, which causes even less care to patients. There is only one private room in the facility; all others are doubles, which becomes miserable and unbearable when you get a particularly annoying one. The in-nutritious meals are the same for everybody, no matter what your dietary needs are. I left there anemic, which I have never been in my life.

    The staff and employees are very inconsiderate, talking loudly outside rooms while patients try to sleep. Doors are left open many times after visits from aides/attendants during the night, further disturbing sleep. This is a rehab/long term care/nursing home facility. Not a good mix! It is a very doom and gloom atmosphere for the most part. They have a good staff of physical therapists, if you’re there for rehab, but I cannot recommend John Knox Medical to anyone who is trying to heal or needs special care. You won’t get it. You can’t heal and rehabilitate when proper care isn’t given or proper rest isn’t attained.

  • Carrollwood Care Center Tampa, Florida 33625

    This place is horrible. The county of Hillborough need to inspect this place. The nurses attitude is to let the patients die if they want to. The workers are miserable. The nurses and the cna are lazy. There's never a smile on their face. If you want your family members to live then don't send them there. They are lucky if they get a one star from me.

  • Solaris Healthcare Plant City Plant City, Florida 33566

    I was a patient in the rehab unit for two weeks. Physical Therapy staff was excellent. Dietary was okay but a little slow getting preferences correct. Nursing department was inferior. Three times the medication nurses brought me incorrect pills (glad that I paid attention to what was in the cup). Many of the CNAs did not listen to what I needed, were not respectful and were more interested in their cell phones & smoke breaks. Social services were okay but not totally knowledgeable about discharge procedures. (The patient care meeting was a waste of time; more emphasis on discharge planning than current treatment plan.) There was a huge lack of communication between the departments. And the most annoying deficit was understaffing. All in all, the only benefit of my stay was the excellent physical therapy. (I was ready and able to be discharged within ten days; however, the facility used the entire twenty days allowed by my insurance.) I can not recommend this facility to anyone.

  • Solaris Healthcare Plant City Plant City, Florida 33566

    I definitely do not recommend this facility! The average number of beds for nursing home in Hillsborough County is 129, Solaris staff brags that they have 180 patients. In my opionion they are not able to give the patients the quality care one expects when they leave their loved ones in such type of facility. My 87 year old father is used to having his dinner between 4 and 4:30 p.m. . Upon visiting him at the center I sat in the dining room with him and at 5:30 p.m. they were still waiting to be fed. I asked the patients in the dining room how they felt about eating so late in the afternoon. Shortly thereafter I was ushered into a room by administrator Michael McCarthy and his hunt Lady Mary. They then went on to reprimand me and acted as though I were attempting to incite a r,,iot! In addition to this unprofessional behavior on behalf of the staff I was also hung up on by the nurse and see when for asking the last name of the administrator. There is something Shady going on in this place and sometime in the near future I am going to have them investigated. In the meantime, please please please do not take your loved ones to this facility!

  • Brandon Health and Rehabilitation Center Brandon, Florida 33511

    My Mom was there for 34 days. They are so understaffed and what staff they do have are not properly trained in germ control and cleanliness. They left my mother in a dirty bathrobe for 5 days, despite my begging them every day to shower and change her. I had plenty of clean clothes there for her. There excuse was that a 85 yr old woman with Alzheimer's told them that she didn't want a shower! They even sent her out to a Dr appointment like that and the Dr was even appalled by it. When the Dr took my Mom's diaper off there were open sores on her bottom and fecal matter on her bottom but no fecal matter in the diaper. Needless to say I was so angry that I confronted the facility manager who basically talked to the staff, who was frantically changing Mom out of the fecal covered bathrobe (when we returned to the rehab from the Dr appointment), like they were little kids. I was, thankfully able to get Mom out of there shortly after that incident. But the worst part of it all is, and more than one Dr agrees, I believe Mom got C diff from improper care there, and she passed from the infection.


  • Bristol at Tampa Rehab and Nursing Center LLC Tampa, Florida 33612

    Having read the attached reviews on this website, I find myself wondering if some of the comments posted weren't about another facility. I learned through experience with having my dad placed in this facility after he slipped into dementia. Either mom or I visited dad on a regular basis and due to my work schedule at the time I managed to visit more frequently during the later shifts, and if I had any concerns, I wasn't shy and brought them right up to management who didn't write them down on a "Post It Note", instead we went hand in hand, right to the Head Nurse in charge and resolved the issue. Both mom and I treated the staff with the utmost respect and received the same in return. This past June, after mom experienced a problem in managing her sugar, where she slipped into a comma and after several weeks in a hospital, her doctors recommended that she be placed under close watch. I immediately went to ACCENTIA, just to see if things had changed…they hadn't! Mom, is fortunate in that many members of the staff that took care of my dad, were still there. Mom's relationship with the staff is heartwarming, and its not uncommon for one of the staff members to stop by and check in on her. One or two have squealed on her by mentioning that she hasn't been eating like she should and in the event that some issue has popped up, I have in the past received a phone call, briefing me on the situation. I am most thankful for having this facility available and having the staff who truly care about my mom. I do suggest/recommend visiting frequently and at different times and DON"T BE SHY…if you have a complaint…share it with management, for they not only listen…they respond! FIVE STARS FROM ME!

  • Solaris Healthcare Plant City Plant City, Florida 33566

    As another reviewer said, there were some good employees there and some not so good. My relative was in the Rehab unit. The Physical Therapy Dept. was great as was the Social Work Dept. I think where the main problem lies is in the fact that the facility hires only to meet State Standards, as do most other facilites, I assume. There are not nearly enough aides to meet the needs of the patient, therefore your loved one may wait up to 20 minutes for help to the bathroom.

    I felt that the nurses I came in contact were very knowledgable and competant. Most of them truly cared for the patients, but they aren't the ones who do the daily care. And most of the aides were fine. There were a few who didn't seem to care about anything except putting in their time. More aides need to be hired to meet the needs of the patients.

    In my opinion, I would not recommend anyone leave their loved ones here.

  • Woodbridge Care Center Tampa, Florida 33615

    This rehab facility has impressed me from day 1. From the admissions staff, the administrator, business office, and therapy departments to the excellent nursing care I've received, I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am. I feel that I've received very personalized care, and I have come a long way since my surgery. I plan on recommending this place to everyone!

  • Woodbridge Care Center Tampa, Florida 33615

    My aunt went to Woodbridge for rehab after a fall. We were originally considering another rehab center suggested by her doctor since we were overwhelmed with options and had no time to visit any of the facilities. Luckily, a Woodbridge representative surprised us with a visit at the hospital and boy are we glad she did! She answered our questions and made us feel more at ease. Best of all, we learned they were only minutes away from where we live.

    I must say we were beyond impressed. Though an older building, it was very clean. The entire staff was kind and caring. We were especially pleased with their exceptional physical therapy department and the amazing progress she made!

  • Central Park Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Brandon, Florida 33511

    To all people looking for a facility to place your dear ones, whatever you do, do not place them in this facility. You will regret it dearly. Of course, that is if you care!!! My mother's primary physician sent her here for 21 days of rehab and I ended up taking her out on the 5th day due to uncleanliness and incompetent staff. The dieticians had no clue on how to properly give my mother her meals and she ended up loosing 9 lbs in her stay. When things got dirty such as floors,etc they would just clean it with a towel and there they went. No such thing as calling janitorial staff to properly clean. Upon my mother's arrival at this facility, she weighted 147lbs and the main assistant nurse just wrote the info on a small sticky note piece of paper. When I asked them on the day I took my mother to another facility, I asked them how much she weighted and they did not even know, the excuse was that the nurse forgot to input it in the system. What a joke… The front staff, what rude people can they be!!! They just ignore you like you are just a bother to them.

    Thank God I took her out of this place, today she is finally back at her home after an additional 21 days of treatment and doing great.

    Please people, do not punish your family member by taking them to this facility. Remember, we all someday will get there.

  • Bristol at Tampa Rehab and Nursing Center LLC Tampa, Florida 33612

    I'd give them zero stars if I could! These ppl are the epitome of scamming money hungry nice to your face and stab you in the back type of business! None of their staff have any iota of what customer service really is and nor do they care to get any! My mother was there for all of 9 months and let me tell you each time I went to see her the place got worse and worse. Their residents were left in their beds dirty all day and night, residents were heard crying out for help from their beds and no one would come to their aid as we walked through the halls. Staff seemed very unhappy to do their jobs. Residents were depressed and did not look happy to be there. My mother was being bullies by another resident in her room and was scared to tell anyone because the resident had once worked at that same facility and my mother was afraid of retaliation.The staff cut my mother's PT/ OT and lied to me, claiming her SSI was also cut, all while collecting her insurance payments and SSI!!!! That was the final straw with that place, besides all of her clothes coming up missing and her being in a hospital gown every time I came to see her! Once I got my mother away from that dungeon, back in February, 26, 2015; they continued to bill me and my mother, at my residence! These people are scammers and very dishonest! DO NOT send your loved ones to Accentia, they are money grubbing scammers and ONLY care about $$$$$!!

  • Woodbridge Care Center Tampa, Florida 33615

    This is the worst place to put a love one. The people that work here make you think that they care but, they don't. I had to go change the bedding. Give shower. Notice that my love one was so red between leg, hurt to touch. Worker didn't care. Even the one in the office. I will never let anyone I know go to this place.

  • Ybor City Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Tampa, Florida 33602

    Our father was here for 3 months. The staff truly cares for the patients. We were especially thankful for my dads day nurse. We appreciated that he had the same day nurse 5 days a week, She truly loves her patients and treats them as family. The facility communicated wonderful with our family.

  • Bayshore Pointe Nursing and Rehab Center Tampa, Florida 33611

    Bayshore Point is beautiful, yet lacks properly trained care takers. My mother almost died under their care, and unfortunately she is back in there again. She's left sitting around in her own waste for sometimes up to 2 hours after she's pressed her call button, they treat her like it's her fault that she's in there to begin with, and the food is not fit for human consumption. I've come across only a couple staff members who were professional, the rest should not have jobs there. If your loved one needs more than minimal care, do not leave them at Bayshore Point. Not happy with Bayshore point, at all.

  • Excel Care Center Tampa, Florida 33612

    Do not use this facility! The administration , social services and PT department are deplorable. Poor communication with family members and patients. The bed/ chair alarm wasn't working my brother had two falls ! He wondered off campus and was lost for 5 hours before stranger brought him back! The staff had no clue he was even gone! He had fallen 2 and lost his wheelchair! They took no responsibility for his safety! Their lack of concern continued to his discharge process also. There was no communication from the SS personal , he was discharged at 6 pm at night without his night meds and no transition information.

  • Hawthorne Health and Rehab of Brandon Brandon, Florida 33511

    My parents are currently residing in Hawthorne Assisted Living. The care and attentiveness has been excellent. All the staff are fully skilled and trained. They have a very compastionate way with the residents. I do stop by frequently at all hours, not announced. The quality of care is always top grade. The facilities are lovely and about as close to living at home that you can get. Do not let a couple of sour apple posters steer you away. Arrange for a visit and tour. Or better yet, just pop in and they are happy to assist you..We tried 2 other places before Hawthorne and one was rated 4 stars. I fought hard for a week to get my father out of that beyond horrid place. I recommend Hawthone Inn.

  • Concordia Village of Tampa Tampa, Florida 33613

    Family friend had surgery requiring neck brace. Was getting around with walker and healing nicely except no one noticed that he could not swallow due to neck surgery. Kept putting pureed foods in front of him which he couldn't eat. Within 1.5 weeks he was severely dehydrated which caused a UTI which no one noticed or tested for. He became disoriented due to UTI and nurses/dr thought it was due to his heart and potential neurological issues in his head due to surgery. Ended up in hospital ICU for 1.5 weeks due to severe dehydration and mal-nourishment, along with severe UTI. You would think that him losing 16 pounds in 1.5 weeks would be a clue but just kept putting pureed food in front of him. Nurses really nice but that doesn't go far when patient is very ill.