Review of Palm Garden of Sun City

2 Star User Review

In the realm of healthcare evaluations, reviewers are aware that "mixed purposes" lead to problems. In this case it is really quite simple. This facility operates as a nursing home catering to residents that are frequently placed there as a " holding pen" . While advertising itself as a health and rehabilitation facility, the management and staff ( while usually polite and somewhat gregarious) treat all residents as dementia laden wards. It is a pervasive and insulting attitude. If one is there for a rehabilitation course, the usual "evaluation, therapy modalities, documented improvement and discharge" path is sporadic with an overstretched PT staff. If the patient is pushy, motivated and aggressive some progress may be possible in spite of the condescending and aloof attitudes of the "nursing cadre". It amazes me to see that physicians actually send patients there even though there is an abrupt end of the patient/physician contact. Medical supervision is provided by a "hospitalist" in absentia and a PA. A "wound care" provision is advertised, but alas not readily available. Many of the nursing staff display minimal training and ability. Many of the personnel exhibit serious frustration due to staffing difficulties. While the food is tolerable, the "restrictive" attitude towards the residents/patients is counter productive. The entire operation reminds one of a dysfunctional family. Hardly a place to sentence a vulnerable geriatric patient to endure, much less the poor injured patient needing rehabilitation.