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  • Regency Prineville Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Prineville, Oregon 97754

    My father was doing better then he was not getting care needed and had to be rushed to Emergency Dept and air life flown by helicopter to ICU in Bend. He did not get proper care and I do not suggest anyone allow their loved ones to go here. Staff seems irritated when they are summoned and it takes over 15 minutes to respond to call button. Neglect, abuse and horrific behavior by staff who should never be allowed to care for anyone. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE.

  • Marquis Mill Park Portland, Oregon 97216

    While the facility is clean and the staff is pleasant for the most part, my mom had nothing but problems with the Marquis at Mill Park when she was admitted for short term rehab due to a fall and multiple broken bones. They were not giving her Parkinson's medication at the right time nor doing the correct overnight dose so her symptoms increased which only exacerbated her other issues. when we discovered the issue and addressed it, they admitted they were not dosing her correctly and said they'd correct it, but the problem continued. They did not assist her in brushing her teeth until we asked about it, even though she couldn't walk to the sink (she couldn't walk at all) and couldn't use her right arm. They continued to give her stool softeners while she was having terrible diarrhea because the person who had to clean her up was not communicating with the person giving the medication. They lost her clothes in the laundry and brought her other people's clothes. They'd have her order her preference for meals and then bring her someone else's order - repeatedly, daily. When insurance wanted to discharge her they did not provide the family with a transition meeting or a plan for us to know what her needs were. In fact, when we went to observe her PT session towards the end, we discovered that they had never worked with her on getting in and out of a car, and when we asked how we were to do that to get her home we were told, "good question". The last day they finally practiced with her getting in the car but it was very, very difficult. They didn't tell us what equipment we'd need at home until the day before she was discharged, and told us (only after we asked) that they'd prescribe home health care for her at home (because they had done so little rehab with her while there that she was no where near where she was before the fall) but did not. We were told they'd have her packed up on the morning of her discharge and that she had papers to sign. We arrived at the appointed time and nothing was packed up. After we did the packing, and after 45 minutes had gone by, we looked around for staff but no one was there, so we wheeled her out. As we were struggling to get her in the car, the woman came running out to have her sign papers and only then told us that we had to go to the pharmacy and get a new mediation she needed the next morning. Home health care was not on the discharge plan. These are just a few of the problems we had with the Marquis Mill Park. Very, very disappointed in them.

  • Avamere at Three Fountains Medford, Oregon 97504

    If you love your family member, do NOT put them here. Sister was there for 6 or 7 days. Sometimes no food until I called for it, one time her warmer plate was empty, yes empty. Came in one morning to find her totally unclothed, no blanket, spilled pop on the floor, room was a mess. I cannot say enough that this place should be inspected by the Health Dept. without letting them know first. It is a horrible place. Unfortunately, when a family member requires this type of facility, we don't always know where they should go. Thats what happened to us. Transferred her to another facility but she only lasted a couple of days before she passed.

  • Mirabella Portland Portland, Oregon 97239

    Mirabella's skilled nursing is a major disappointment. Five years ago, my mother was treated at the Mirabella skilled nursing following a broken hip. Their kind care is what brought us back: however, much has changed on the 2nd floor of the Mirabella. Today I called 911 and had to have my mother transported to the hospital due to the medial neglect she suffered in Mirabells's skilled nursing. Mirabella's nursing and therapy staff is contracted out and particularly the therapy staff have teriible attitudes toward the patients. They hurt my mother and ignored her many, complex medical issues. The staff at the Mirabella is not in the business of healing patients, rather they are in the business following minimum medicare guidelines. Do not expect to receive any type of patient support or advocacy. The social worker/case manager is particularly inept. The healthcare management and administrative staff has had much turnover lately and it shows. The lack of organization and communication negatively impacts patient outcomes.

  • Avamere Rehabilitation of Beaverton Beaverton, Oregon 97008

    This place is awful. Kaiser Permanente stuck my mother in here after she broke both arms, and needs assistance to get up since she is accustomed to rails. They don't get her up and walk her around, which if she is ever to leave a place like that must happen. They leave her unattended for hours and hours, stranded, unable to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. They did not clean her adequately when they took her potty and left her all smelly until I made it clear that will not be tolerated. They do not give her the pain pills that were prescribed as needed. The food is beyond horrible. Dinner was just a "cheese sandwich" with plastic cheese, no condiments, no vegetables.

  • Laurelhurst Village Portland, Oregon 97214

    A ten-day rehab experience at Laurelhurst Village has given me a huge boost toward recovery from a spine surgery which removed a large cyst. The cyst had caused months of immobility and relentless pain. And after daily physical therapy and occupational therapy along with very attentive care and help to maximum healing and movement, I feel better equipped to continue recovery at home. The attention, the meals, the vigilance, from all staff were above average. The premises are well kept and fresh and bright. I am grateful for my days at Laurelhurst Village Rehab.

  • Avamere Crestview of Portland Portland, Oregon 97239

    I dont even think that they deserve a one star rating my uncle just had a hip replacement and after he got out of the hospital he was sent to crestview and he called me within 4 hours begging me to come bring him home cause they wouldnt even help him wipe his butt eouldnt let him have the pain meds that the doctors gave him all they did was flop him in a bed and turned on the tv and forgot he was even there it took them fourty five minutes before even answering his room buzzer when he was trying to get his pain meds they wouldnt even help him unpack his things

  • Marquis Tualatin Post Acute Rehab Tualatin, Oregon 97062

    My sister was at Marquis Tualatin, I felt good about this about this as I worked in a Marquis facility for 12 years but I found this facility does not follow the Marquis values. She was not get meds on time or correct doses, she was left sitting I her wheelchair in the bistro, she told three different staff members she Needed to go to the bathroom all three answered I'll find someone. Any one of them could have taken her to her room. She had a a pressure sore on her leg, even after reporting it it took 3 days to get something done. It was infected by that time. The showers flood the bathrooms Danger There are other things not done in the Marquis way. Phil Fogg is one of the most open and caring persons, especially for residents. Please check into this Phil.

  • Avamere at Three Fountains Medford, Oregon 97504

    This place has some amazing people who work here, and some really bad workers as well. The really bad workers need to be trained by the really amazing people. Overall, this place was neglectful and is the perfect example of where not to place a loved one thinking they will be cared for in any way.

  • Hearthstone Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Medford, Oregon 97504

    We placed our loved one here for rehabilitation after she was hospitalized

    for suffering a stroke. Worst mistake ever. The management and staff have serious communication issues, no one seems to really know what they are doing, nor do they seem to enjoy their jobs. The receptionist at the front desk was the most unhappy individual I have ever encountered, a smile as we entered would have been nice instead of the frown we were greeted with daily.

    The doctors there make appointments and never show up, no phone calls of canceling or rescheduling were ever made, I guess only their time is important!

    Our loved one received below standard care, medications were never given on time or not at all. Constant chaos in the halls, no sense of organization whatsoever. I caught many staff members in straight up lies about our family members care. We placed her in another facility within 10 days of her admittance, where she received the kind compassionate care she deserved and needed.

  • Dallas Retirement Village Health Center Dallas, Oregon 97338

    This place is terrible. Staff are rude, disrespectful, and uncaring in the nursing home section (aka "Health Care Center"). Family wishes are ignored. After suffering a stroke, my father was locked up in the dementia unit, instead of being treated and rehabilitated. His personal belongings were stolen on a daily basis, making life miserable for him and family, but the attitude of staff was that personal property belonged to everyone in the unit. After relocating to the 2nd floor of the nursing home, my father was continuously left dehydrated, despite family voicing constant concerns with aides and charge nurses. His oxygen tanks were left on empty. Doctor’s orders were not followed regarding medication administration and keeping toxic “air fresheners” out of his room. Aides lied about causing injuries to him. Call lights for help were frequently ignored. My father’s hearing was damaged; a charge nurse admitted to repeatedly cleaning out his ears with Q-tips, despite doctors saying not to do that. After “family care conferences”, the residential care manager would rewrite care plans that totally ignored family input and requests. The RCM also verbally abused residents in the dining room. Requests for timely assessments on ability to use his legs and help with mobility were ignored, and my father was forced into an avoidable decline, simply for the convenience of the facility. Problems brought to the attention of the administrator were treated like dirt. This facility has had bad ratings with the nursing home rating system for the past several years, and is currently rated at the very bottom. I hope that those who are considering aging in place in this community will reconsider other alternatives and locations, ones that offer quality of life, excellent care, and have good ratings. Do thorough research on ratings, reviews, and complaints of facilities before moving anywhere. Please stay away from this place.

  • Glisan Care Center Portland, Oregon 97220

    My mother was at the Glisan Care Facility for a matter of 6 days.

    I addressed the administrator and head nurse with my safety concerns on day 2, of her stay, every safety concern that I addressed was ignored upon my return on day 5 of her stay, I had to be extremely diligent regarding the items that were addressed to get any result.

    Even very small issues were discovered to be incompetent, such as personal items with wrong room & bed #, the removal of hospital admit band that was clearly marked on the wrist band, DO NOT REMOVE was cut off and a lame excuse was given as to why this happened, Safety rails request was ignored until my diligent remarks were addressed the administrator gave me nothing but excuses. Meals were not given to my mom as requested on the daily food menu,

    As far as a rating i would give them a minus 1 for attention and care.

  • Laurelhurst Village Portland, Oregon 97214

    Horrible service. My mother who is paralized on her left side and cannot even maneuver her wheelchair is left alone with her call button out of her reach and left sitting in her soiled diapers until she has a urine puddle on the floor. I would not recommend anyone to leave your'e loved ones in this hellhole.

  • Hearthstone Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Medford, Oregon 97504

    My family member went there for rehab and was not provided proper medical support for health conditions to be able to meet rehab goals. They put in and left a catheter in for nearly 3 months causing incontinence. Many severe health conditions such as edema of feet and legs. anemia, dehydration and malnutrition have gone untreated, leading to hospitalization for dehydration, open sores on legs, excessive fluid overload and pneumonia.

    They were telling me everything was just fine, no significant change as others were going in and sending me pictures and documenting the true failing condition of my family member. I had to seek an attorney and make complaint to Adult Protective services.

  • Avamere Rehabilitation of Hillsboro Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

    My aunt was there, and even though she was unable to speak, confused, white as a ghost, clammy they refused to call an ambulance. They let her sit there for 24more hours, until her son got there and demanded she be brought to the hospital. Because of them, 1 week later and she still can't speak more then 2-3 words at a time. She went in perfectly normal, with a broken hip and needed only a few weeks of rehab.

  • Bend Transitional Care Bend, Oregon 97701

    The staff seems short handed and are very moody. If you do not stay on top of things yourself , you will not get your MEDS or other care you might need. It does have a few good employees, but a lot of the employees just don't care or know how to do their job. I don't really know how other facilities operate, but I will for sure look into the different ones before I choose next time.

  • Avamere Crestview of Portland Portland, Oregon 97239

    Beware of this lousy place. They take ages to respond to patient. NO HOT WATER in 2 out of 3 bathrooms, had to take patient to another wing to find shower with hot water. Newspapers etc. left in rooms for days. Hand washing precautions not followed, and patient has C-diff! Food is horrible, a prison probably has better.

  • Avamere Crestview of Portland Portland, Oregon 97239

    This place is beyond horrid. My father went there about two weeks ago to recover after a lengthy stay in the hospital for gall bladder surgery. The communication is non existent. Many long periods of neglect. I have never seen a place with so many excuses to justify unacceptable behavior. The time frames for when medicine is needed and required are rarely followed. The place is run down. I would never recommend anybody sending a loved one to this place.